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Welcome to Think AboutIt


For over 17 years Think AboutIt has been helping people to start thinking for themselves. This site started when there was not a lot of alternative information out there, and finding it took many hours, days or months, sometimes years, to locate only the smallest little bits.  This was the time of just a few outspoken persons out there, and having this information could also mean trouble. Big Trouble! Think Aboutit was one of the first to speak about the Underground Bases, Aliens, Alternative Spirituality, UFOs and other weird things to Think About. We shared the Branton papers, works from William Cooper, Bill Hamilton, and many other Truth Walkers. We thank you and the many more who has helped change the web. Some of the info is from websites long gone. Some of it is outdated and dates prophesied have passed but the thread is still there, its all about the thread. Throughout the years, this… Read More

Exploring American Monsters: Delaware


  Delaware, the first state to ratify the United States Constitution, sits on the Delmarva Peninsula, and is bordered by New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. The second smallest state in the Union Delaware is one of the least populous, but it does have a few monsters. Selbyville Swamp Monster Two raccoon hunters trudging through the Great Cypress Swamp of Selbyville, Delaware, one night in the 1920s found something unexpected. The hunters knew something was wrong when their dogs froze, and tucked tail, but they didn’t expect what they encountered next. “They heard something screaming, and this horrible noise started coming toward them,” author Andy Nunez told the newspaper Coastal Point. “Rather than fire on whatever it was, they backed away. Something large and heavy continued to follow them, snapping through the branches as it came.” The hunters encountered the Selbyville Swamp Monster, a large, hairy, hulking beast. An editor of the Delmarva… Read More

The Strange ‘Singing’ Glaciers of Greenland


In the natural history of our world, mysterious sounds have been reported for as long as there have been those to document the oddities that break the normalcy of the everyday. From virtually every continent, sounds ranging from subtle “hums” or rumbling occurring off in the distance, to sudden, explosive “booms” have been widely documented; among the more recent reports of the latter, loud crashes accompanied by bright flashes of light were reported in a flourish of social media posts around Eureka, California, on April 20, 2015. Many claimed, in addition to the bright flashes that were seen with the noises, that the crashes managed to set off car alarms in their neighborhoods as well. In Greenland, one of these eerie “mystery sounds” has been known for decades by the name “Ton der Dove-Bai.” It was documented in August of 1932 by a French Expedition exploring the Scoresby Sound, and was described by the explorers as sound similar to a massive foghorn… Read More

Teggie, the Terror of the Lake


  Deep in the heart of North Wales there exists a large expanse of water called Lake Bala. You may say, well, there’s nothing particularly strange about that. You would be correct. Lake Bala is not out of the ordinary, in the slightest. But what is rumored to dwell in its dark depths most assuredly is out of the ordinary. Lake Bala is – allegedly! – the domain of a violent lake monster called Teggie. Maybe, it’s a giant pike. Or, is the story born out of secret, military experiments? It all very much depends on who you ask. Before we get to Teggie, it’s worth noting that within Lake Bala there lurks a creature called the Gwyniad. It can hardly be termed a monster, as it’s just a small fish. But there is one issue concerning the Gwyniad that does have a bearing upon the matter of Teggie. Gwyniad The… Read More

Strange Creature Sparks Fears of Chinese Water Ghost


The strange creature was reportedly captured recently as it swam in the Shenzhen Reservoir in China’s Sand Bay. It was not a fish but a hairless fierce-looking being that was able to bend the bars of the steel cage it was kept in. Its strange appearance and unusual behavior made some fear it was a mythical water ghost while others thought it was a mutation caused by a recent sewage spill into the reservoir. What is it? A report says workers from the Department of Drainage were called out by witnesses who saw the creature in the reservoir. They placed it in a cage which it quickly began chewing apart. The workers were likely there because sewage had just been discharged into the reservoir and nearby waterways, turning the water “blood red.” Is the creature a water ghost? In Chinese folklore, water ghosts or shui gui are believed to be bodies… Read More

Dead Oarfish May Mean Earthquakes for New Zealand


When a “messenger from the sea god’s palace” shows up dead on a beach, the Japanese listen because it is believed to be a harbinger of earthquakes. That message was delivered to New Zealand’s South Island last week when an oarfish, the mythical Japanese messenger, washed ashore. Is it time for New Zealanders to head for earthquake shelters or higher ground? A three-meter (10-foot) oarfish (Regalecus glesne) was found on the beach at Aramoana on April 16. Unusual-looking even when that size, the oarfish is known to reach up to 11 meters (36 feet) in length and there are rumors of one measuring 17 meters (56 feet), which is why many believe it’s the creature many have seen when they thought they had seen a sea monster. While it’s not a monster, “ryugu no tsukai” does have a reputation for predicting earthquakes. In Japanese folklore, Ryūjin is the dragon god of… Read More

The Bizarre Medusa Lake of Africa


There is a lake in a remote corner of Africa that represents one of the most extreme and inhospitable bodies of water on the continent. With its chemical composition and temperature daunting to most lifeforms, it’s also holds the curious ability to not only lull birds and other creatures into its clutches and to their dooms, but also to slowly turn them into statues. For on the shores of this enigmatic African lake, there are bizarre corpses of various creatures that seem to have the appearance of being made of stone, as if the waters of this stygian lake have petrified them into rock caricatures of what they once were in life; a macabre testament to the wondrous, and often weird powers of nature. Lake Natron lies within the Arusha Region of northern Tanzania, near its border with Kenya. It is a saline and soda lake that is 57 kilometers (35 mi)… Read More

The Man They Could Not Hang


What is luck? Is it some definable, measurable quality like our IQ, height, or shoe size? Is it the influence of some higher power? Or is it merely a series of happy coincidences masquerading as something more? When a person stares death in the face and miraculously comes out unscathed, is this luck, mere happenstance, or perhaps even some sort of divine intervention? There have been countless people who have narrowly avoided death in such a way as to make us ponder such questions, and certainly one that has become well known over the years is the curious case of a man that was sentenced to death by hanging, yet was mysteriously and inexplicably unable to be executed; a series of events that would give him the unshakeable nickname of “The Man They Could Not Hang.” John Henry George Lee, also known more notoriously as John ‘Babbacombe’ Lee, was born in 1864,… Read More

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