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Welcome to Think AboutIt


For over 17 years Think AboutIt has been helping people to start thinking for themselves. This site started when there was not a lot of alternative information out there, and finding it took many hours, days or months, sometimes years, to locate only the smallest little bits.  This was the time of just a few outspoken persons… Read More

Slenderman: The Cannock Chase Controversy


You may have seen the recent publicity given to a story coming out of the U.K. of sightings in and around Britain’s Cannock Chase woods, of something described as looking like the legendary “Slenderman.” It’s a fictional character created in June 2009 by Eric Knudsen (using the alias of “Victor Surge,” at the forum section of the Something… Read More

Haunted Woolworth Mansion Destroyed by Mysterious Fire


A haunted mansion in New York built by the founder of the F.W. Woolworth’s retail chain was gutted this week by a mysterious fire – nearly 100 years after it was built to replace a previous mansion also destroyed by a mysterious fire. Did the ghost of the founder’s daughter have anything to do with… Read More

Lost Underwater Forest of Doggerland Found by Diver


Have you heard of Doggerland? If you think it sounds British, you’re right. If you think it’s a place where people have sex in public, get your mind out of the gutter and into the North Sea because Doggerland is actually a lost land mass sometimes called Britain’s Atlantis because it disappeared 8,000 years ago.… Read More

The Bizarre Anatomical Machines of Italy


The historic and magnificent city of Naples, Italy, has long been home to some of the finest masterpieces of art on earth. Among the quaint streets and museums, one can find a place called The Cappella Sansevero, or the Sansevero Chapel, also called the Chapel of Santa Maria della Pietà. It is a beautifully crafted chapel that… Read More

The Mysterious Ghost Island of Japan


There are places in this world that seem to have been forgotten by mankind and even time itself. These strange, abandoned locations often once thrummed with activity and may have even been vital at one time, yet for one reason or another their legacy has become a faded memory, buried under the inevitable passage of the… Read More

Tomb of Osiris discovered at Luxor


HE was the king of kings, the god of gods. Now archaeologists believe they have found the “tomb” of the Egyptian supreme deity, Osiris. Egyptian media is reporting two new tombs were announced at the weekend, one of which belonged to a previously unknown queen. But it is the ominous blackened ‘tomb’ of Osiris —… Read More

Eggshell World Globe Might be the First to Depict The Americas


So there’s been something of a theme to my work of late; my research notes would have you believe that I’ve become a cartophile – that is, a lover of maps (not to be confused with a lover of baseball cards).  I admit, I do love maps.  Especially antique maps, ancient maps.  But it’s more… Read More