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For over 17 years Think AboutIt has been helping people to start thinking for themselves. This site started when there was not a lot of alternative information out there, and finding it took many hours, days or months, sometimes years, to locate only the smallest little bits.  This was the time of just a few outspoken persons out there, and having this information could also mean trouble. Big Trouble! Think Aboutit was one of the first to speak about the Underground Bases, Aliens, Alternative Spirituality, UFOs and other weird things to Think About. We shared the Branton papers, works from William Cooper, Bill Hamilton, and many other Truth Walkers. We thank you and the many more who has helped change the web. Some of the info is from websites long gone. Some of it is outdated and dates prophesied have passed but the thread is still there, its all about the thread. Throughout the years, this… Read More

The Pervasive Deception To Define Everything Ancestrally Indigenous As Extraterrestrial


Paracas skulls at the National Museum of Achaeology, Anthropology, and History in Lima. (Photo: Jacopo Werther) Calm Down, The Paracas Skulls Are Not From Alien Beings! April 10, 2015 – PERU – Yesterday, I wrote an article about a set of genetic tests done on a sample from one of the famous elongated Paracas skulls, which are 3,000 years old and were found in southern Peru. The basic news was this: some genetic tests had found DNA in the skulls that was reportedly previously “unknown in any human, primate, or animal known so far.” The implication, helped by the distinctly B-movie “alien” appearance of the skulls, was that the skulls must contain extraterrestrial DNA. Scientists and archaeologists generally believe that the skulls’ strange appearance is the result of intentional deformation practiced by the Paracas culture. I saw this story floating around in the paranormal blogosphere for a few days before I decided… Read More

290 million year old human footprint has researchers scratching their heads


Ivan Petricevic Is it possible that we have history all wrong? That the dates that conventional history is giving us regarding mankind are all incorrect? That humans lived on Earth much sooner that science originally thought so? With all of the recent discoveries that are being made, it certainly seems like a possibility. A Possibility that mainstream scholars seem to have a problem with, since that would mean our history book would need to be rewritten? The origin of man and the fundamentals of religions would change a lot, and that is something that mainstream scholars cannot possibly deal with. At first this footprint might not seem like much, as you can probably come across it anywhere on Earth, but this is no ordinary footprint. You can obviously see the anatomy of it, it resembles a modern-day human foot, but the thing is, this footprint is fossilized and embedded into a… Read More

This Aluminum Graphite Battery Could Charge Your Smartphone In 60 Seconds


Stanford researchers are developing an aluminum graphite battery for smartphones that is non-combustible, charges your phone within one minute, and can last up to 7500 charging cycles without losing capacity.  The smartphone could easily be considered one of the greatest triumphs of the modern era. Billions of people currently sport these handy “micro-computers,” giving us instant access to information like no other generation could have ever imagined. Every year, they’re bigger, faster, and more intricate. That being said, there are a few issues that smartphone consumers continually face on a daily basis, the main one being battery life. Indeed, while the issue may serve as a prime example of a “first-world-problem,” this notion doesn’t make the constant and rapid smartphone battery drainage any less of a pain in the butt for consumers. Thankfully though, the good ol’ researchers over at Stanford have been working diligently to solve this issue, proposing an ultra-fast-charging aluminum battery that could be… Read More

7 Signs of a Sacred Clown: Heyoka Wisdom & The Healing Trickster Shaman


  I felt these articles were thought provoking and familial with the many disinfonauts who, from what I can tell, seek to enact change and incite awareness through irony and humor. This is for those of us who’d rather die from laughing than live without ever cracking up. The Path of the Sacred Clown: Where Trickster and Shaman Converge by Gary Z McGee “The main function of a sacred clown is to deflate the ego of power by reminding those in power of their own fallibility, while also reminding those who are not in power that power has the potential to corrupt if not balanced with other forces, namely with humor. But sacred clowns don’t out-rightly derive things. They’re not comedians, per se, though they can be. They are more like tricksters, poking holes in things that people take too seriously. Through acts of satire and showy displays of blasphemy, sacred clowns create… Read More

The Strange Tale of the Woman From Nowhere


History is littered with cases of people who have mysteriously disappeared, but what are less common are the cases that go the other way around. What of people who mysteriously appear, with no known identity and no clues as to where they came from? What do we make of these enigmatic people who emerge from obscurity and into our world without explanation or any hint of who they are, as if they had never existed at all? One case from Norway certainly poses this question; a dead woman with no known background, no known previous history, no known killer, and an identity that has remained shrouded in mystery to this day. On 29 November 1970, in the Isdalen Valley, in Bergen, Norway, also known as Norway’s “Death Valley,” an unidentified woman was found dead. The body was stumbled upon by a professor out for a day of hiking with his two… Read More

The Role of Superior Civilization On The Ancient Stone Head Of Guatemala


A gigantic stone head discovered over 50 years ago quickly attracted attention. Its face with excellent features was directed up at the sky. It has thin lips and large nose with a face demonstrating Caucasian features. Interestingly, the Caucasian features were not consistent with any of the America’s pre-Hispanic races. The discovery first made into the news when Dr. Oscar Rafael Padilla Lara, received the picture of the head in 1987. The photograph includes a description stating that it was taken in the 1950s by the owner of the land where the head was discovered. The location was said to be somewhere in the jungles of Guatemala. The story about the photograph was first featured in a small article in the newsletter Ancient Skies. When explorer and author David Hatcher Childress read about it, he then tried to find Dr. Padilla, who reportedly met the Biener family, the owners of the… Read More

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