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Welcome to Think AboutIt


For over 17 years Think AboutIt has been helping people to start thinking for themselves. This site started when there was not a lot of alternative information out there, and finding it took many hours, days or months, sometimes years, to locate only the smallest little bits.  This was the time of just a few outspoken persons… Read More

New rare dwarf galaxy discovered next to Milky Way


A team of Russian and American scientists have uncovered a new dwarf galaxy next to the Milky Way – the galaxy we live in. Called KKs3, the galaxy is seven million light years away and was discovered in August using the Hubble Space Telescope. It’s being hailed as a rare find. “Finding objects like KKs3 is… Read More

The Haunted Doll of Hokkaido


I don’t care what anyone says, dolls are creepy. Those dead eyes that seem to stare right through you, the features that fall right into the uncanny valley to prick at some part of the mind that tells us something isn’t quite right, the intangible sense of foreboding that seems to exude from them. They… Read More

The Cursed Forest of Transylvania


Forests can be inherently spooky places. The trees with their twisted branches that can block out the sun to cast deep shadows upon the underbrush, the strange, unidentified sounds that sometimes emanate from the surrounding wilderness, the chilling howls echoing from far off in the distance, all of these elements can conspire to create a… Read More

Merging Two Souls: Cellular Memory and Organ Transplants


Modern medicine is a wondrous and complex thing.  As an institution it has its beginnings in pre-history, with herbalists and shamans who treated every ailment, every illness with magic and salves and fireside dancing.  Of course, the state of medicine has advanced 1000 fold since then.  We graduated from superstition, to fledgling theories about the… Read More

A Million Mummies and One is a Giant


We are fairly certain we have over a million burials within this cemetery. It’s large, and it’s dense. That’s what Project Director Kerry Muhlestein, an associate professor in the Department of Ancient Scripture at Brigham Young University, told the Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities Scholars Colloquium, held in Toronto in November, about a… Read More

New Analysis Shows Yeti is Not a Hybrid Polar Bear


Despite what TV cop shows would like you to believe, DNA evidence can be wrong. This is good news for Yetis who were not looking forward to inviting brown bears and polar bears over for the holidays based on DNA tests that pointed to Yeti being a polar bear-brown bear hybrid. It turns out those… Read More

Mystery Illness Puts Kazakhstan Villagers to Sleep for Days


Imagine living in a town where one out of six people sitting in a restaurant or theater suddenly fall asleep. Imagine these people cannot be woken up and stay in this sleep for up to six days. That’s what’s happening in Kalachi, Kazakhstan, where over 100 of the town’s 680 residents have fallen victim to… Read More