There is a never ending controversy, of where does the Bible stand on the reality of other worlds, or planets, or other bodies in space. There is also an ongoing controversy, according to Gods word, if there are other beings, other then Angelic, and humankind, that exist, and that God created.

I am going to write a report here, that sheds new light for many, on the controversy. I have been reading the many reports, as most of you have, on our mail list, as well as probably
from many other source’s for a long time. So just what does Gods word have to say about all this? Is there really anything in the Bible at all, that tells us, that life exists beyond this world?
Well, I have some very astonishing news for you. I am writing this report, based ONLY ON BIBLICAL findings.
Personally, I believe that there are other beings on other worlds, as well as other worlds, that God has created, and I have given at many times, reports of my personal opinions and views of why I believe this. But tonight, as I was reading several old e-mails, in dispute of there being other worlds, stars, etc, I just got to the point of almost exhaustion, and prayed to God, and said to myself, “God, is there anything at all, in your word, that is written, that tells us there is life on other then this world?”
So, what I did, was I got out my 10 pound Strongs EXHAUSTIVE (and it is) Concordance, and I opened the Bible to Genesis, and began to dig deep, for the ORIGINAL INTERPRETATION’S, of many words in the Bible. And guess what? I was shocked at what I
found. I guess I would say, more then shocked. I was perplexed.

So, what I am going to attempt to do, is try to give to you, what God has said, and means, about the reality of other words, and even other beings. Its all in the Bible, right before our
eye’s. Just as clear as a bell. And I want those of you reading this, to know, I am not going to enter in, to my own beliefs, but I will go strictly by the WORD OF GOD, and the ORIGINAL HEBREW. Now, I don’t think, that we could go any further back then the original Hebrew, to get the full meaning and interpretation of Gods word. Unless, there is some other books, written, that we are not aware of.
The only thing that I will do, in my own words, is to break down the several area’s, I want the readers to think about, and see the scripture to back in up, including the interpretation, from the original Hebrew scrolls.
First, lets start with the word firmament. What
does this word mean in the Bible? According to the Original Hebrew
Interpretation, the word “Firmament”, in Hebrew is, “raqiya”
Meaning: apparently visible arch of the sky. Now, lets look at
what the word “HEAVEN” means. Here is the Hebrew word and words for
HEAVEN. Heaven, has many interpretations of the word, depending on
how the word Heaven is used. In Genesis 1:8 “And God called the
FIRMAMENT“, “HEAVEN”. And so the evening and the morning were the
second day (please keep in mind, I am using the New King James Bible,
Along with Strongs Exhaustive Concordance).
The way that the word “HEAVEN” is being used in
this scripture, according the Hebrew, is that Heaven means: “Shama”:
meaning, about celestial bodies (this would obviously mean the sun
and moon, giving light. Light by the moon to the evening, and sun
for the morning or day).
Here is another use of the word “HEAVEN”,
“Shamayin” meaning: speaking about Gods heaven, a specific place.
Gods word in Genesis 1:9 about the waters gathering together, under
the heavens. The use of the word “HEAVEN” in this scripture,
according to the Hebrew interpretation, means that “Heaven”, is sky!
Keep in mind, that Heaven, is also interpretated as “OUTERSPACE, OR
Here is another area of Gods word, that I found
that talks CREATURES, and they are not referred to as soulless
In Revelation 5:14 “Then the four living CREATURES
SAID, “AMEN! (Wow! that says, that there are 4 living creature’s,
who are obviously intelligent, to use words, as AMEN! This tells us,
that these Creature’s, are not animals, but intelligent beings. Now,
I should back up, and start at Revelation 5:13 and show you, where
God speaks about CREATURE’S, on earth, under the earth, and under the
sea! Did you hear that! Rev 5:13 “And every CREATURE which is IN
HEAVEN, and ON the EARTH, and UNDER the EARTH, and such as are IN the
SEA, and all that are IN THEM, I HEARD SAYING! (Again, let me
mention, that these CREATURES were heard saying, as according to this
scripture in the word of God. Meaning, they are intelligent
being’s!) “Blessing and honor and Glory and power Be to HIM (GOD) who
sits on the throne, And to the Lamb, forever and ever!” Then the
four living CREATURES (Remember, these are four living, also
intelligent being’s) said, AMEN! And the twenty four elders fell down
and worshipped HIM (GOD) who live forever.
In the original Hebrew interpretation, the meaning
of CREATURE, as used in this manner in the above scripture, means:
“taam”, refers also to man as a creature. WOW!

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In Genesis 2:4 “This is the history of the HEAVENS and the EARTH when they were CREATED, in the day that the Lord God made the earth and the HEAVENS!
The above scripture, does not use the word HEAVENS, to describe Gods particular domain, or his Heaven, which Heaven, the word is also used. But in this scripture, according the original Hebrew, HEAVENS HAS THIS MEANING: celestial bodies (which in todays terminology, means stars, planets, asteroids, moons, etc.) THERE YOU HAVE IT!
So we know, by this one scripture alone, that Gods word is speaking about outerspace, beyond the FIRMAMENT, (SKY). (Thank you Moses for doing your homework, and listening to the word of God!) And the word HEAVENS, which is plural, means more then one HEAVEN. But again, the way the word Heaven is being used in this scripture, as according to the original Hebrew, means CELESTIAL BODIES IN PLURAL, meaning MANY! Wow! And double Wow!

Please keep in mind, this is not my interpretations.
I reading the interpretations, along with Gods word, AS IT SAYS AND
MEANS! So, I am neither taking one side or the other, in this GREAT
CONTROVERSY, whether there be other worlds or planets, etc, other
then earth! And, whether there be other beings, other than angels,
which the word of God in Revelations 5:13 through 14, that there are
other beings, other than angels. And there are also CREATURES,
scripture, tells us, that these beings, or creature’s, are
intelligent, and respond, and will respond to glorifying God, in
intelligent words. But, the scripture, in Rev 5:14, tells us, that
there are also CREATURES in HEAVEN, as well as EARTH, (and under, and
on top, and in the sea, as I just mentioned). And that according the
Hebrew translation of HEAVEN, as used in this particular scripture,
means CELESTIAL BODIES, or from beyond this world, or in our
terminology, outer space. Ahah! So, this says, there will be
beings praising God, from other Celestial Bodies? Remember, I am
thinking and reading just like you, and going by the word of God and
the interpretation, from the oldest known source of Gods word.
Well, I guess if that is what God mean to tell Moses, and what the
King James version also means, in conjunction with the original
Hebrew, then who am I , to dispute this knowledge and word of God!
I think, that is enough for now. I just want for us
all to think this over, and if you have a KJV Bible, and a Strongs
Exhaustive Concordance, which has the Original Hebrew translation for
the King James, then go to it, and find what I did. Its right there,
for anyone to pick up and read! Its so simple, that when I finished
studying, I sat back and chuckled at myself, and asked God, “why
didn’t I see that before?”. Well, a good answer for that, comes from
Gods own word in the Bible, “Study, to show yourself approved.” and
it is as simple as that.
Wow! This was almost one of those painless Bible studies, you here about! LOL! Seriously folks! The word of God is the word of God. We can alter the Bible in the way we want it to speak to us, or we can read it and see what it really says, and except it. I do often use the original interpretations of the ancient Hebrew. There is no better interpretation to go into, then that. AFter all, that is where it all started with God. I hope, this has shed some light on an extremely controversial subject, and one that has cause unending arguements, especially between Christians and Christian church’s. Yes, God does have a lot to say, about other worlds, which the Bible states, in Genesis, HE CREATED (GOD), as well as other beings, including the angels. Oh! I forgot to mention about the word HOST! In the original Hebrew, the word Host, means a mighty army, battle, prepared for war. But, it is a separate host of beings, other then Gods angels. They may be angels, but the HOSTS, are and were set aside by GOD, as for one purpose, to be GODS ARMY! Wow! I like that! There is a prepared ARMY of God, that is waiting and ready, to FIGHT FOR GOD!
As always, I have always told people, that they can go and check out, any words I say, or what I have preached or taught.
The word of God, tells us, to weigh out what it says, and that we all have the right, to research the word of God. I want to say, if I am wrong, then please show me where, and if I interpreted anything wrong, then show me. But, as I told you all in the beginning of this
report, my findings, came from the Bible, and the original Hebrew. Other then that, please forgive me for my often bad spelling and any typos you may have caught.
Now, lets hear from some of you, what you think
about this report? Let me know, if you have found further
interpretation, that I could have missed. But remember, base it on the
word of God, just as I did.
God Bless
Billy Dee

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