Table of Contents “The Mars Records: Book 2″

Preface by Stephanie Relfe 1 Summary by Michael Relfe 8 Definitions of Healing Therapies Used 10 Clearing 12 A) The Clearing Biofeedback Meter 12 B) Acknowledgements. 13 C) The client is fully conscious throughout the session. 14 More on the Biofeedback Meter 15 The Mind 18 The File Clerk 19 To “As is”: How Negative Thoughts and Emotions are Cleared 20 The Language of the Clearing Biofeedback Meter 21 Tone Arm (TA) 21 READS: Short Falls, Falls and Long […] Read More

Preface: “The Mars Records: Book 2″

This is book Two of the Mars Records. If you have not yet read Book One, please stop reading now and go and download Book One and read it, because Book Two will make little sense unless you have read Book One first. The Mars Records, Book One was published on the internet on 2nd April 2000. This was between Sessions 59 and 60. Book Two was published on April 20 2002. Since publishing Book One we have been […] Read More