Image 43904c

lat. 34.47 – long. 218.64

resolution 5.67 MPP

This image, taken by the Mars Global Surveyor camera shows several geological formations very similar to the Cydonia region. The most striking similarities occur on the small “island” type features. Actually, I’m rather surprised no one on the MTRAC list, or the Mars Update list caught this unusual region.

What can you find?

There are several anomalies within this single frame. But how are they formed? Is this simply “Martian” erosion processes at work, or are we actually looking at the ancient remains of mass civilizations on the surface of Mars? 43904c-detail-3When the information mainstream astronomers, astrobiologists, and planetary geologists are combined with ancient records, the questions begin to snowball. Personally I feel the push needs to be for a concentrated effort on getting to Mars, on all fronts. 

So far I haven’t located a dolphin, but this is a river bed…not an ocean shoreline…so maybe we should be looking for a catfish instead!

43904c-detail-1Face III?

Now come on folks…if Webby’s Face II is enigmatic, this one definitely deserves attention!

43904c-detail-2The highly prolific shadow (I think it looks like Abraham Lincoln), is enough to see this ‘hill’ demonstrates qualities unlike those of Face I or Face II. 

Smoke Stacks?

Missile Launchers? The Titanic?

Or just simple ‘Martian’ geology?

Whatever…this little formation is VERY interesting!

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