[The Sinister Secret Government, Organized Crime, Interference in Medicine, HAARP Project & Mars Satellites]
by Zoosh through Robert Shapiro
November 30, 1996
I’m going to talk about something current. The intentions of those supporters who are here from the light is to spread the light around from the higher dimensions to connect you more thoroughly with your future light-selves and repair some of the damage done to your personalities from conflicts and struggles here on Earth.
Conversely, the sinister secret government, working from the dimmer side of things, is attempting to put as much wealth and power as they can afford into the hands of various individuals from different races and nationalities and in as many neighborhoods, geographic areas and so on as possible, with the intention of creating an artificial attachment to the outcome of things so they can spread their manners, mores and values to as many people as possible.
Thus the secret government is applying a technique that is the polar opposite of that of the beings of light, who are truly your future selves. I mention that because of the struggles in these areas now. I don’t think that even by their “sharing the wealth” that human beings will be seriously attached to this newfound wealth, because it is coming to them in ways that are self-destructive – that which hurts yourself or another.
These Earth beings who might be called gang leaders or organized crime leaders know that what they’re doing for their clientele primarily harms them. Even if they don’t notice the harm to themselves personally, they can see the harm (the overlay or ricochet) that is done to their own blood families. So they are not working in a world of illusion; they recognize that what they’re doing is not ultimately beneficial. If you want to find religious people, go to those who are coming to the end of the natural lives, and you won’t find many atheists there. Everybody wants to talk to God to make some arrangement about what they have done or think they have done.
The intention of the sinister secret government is to create as many pockets of resistance to the light as it can by parceling out bits and pieces of its own wealth and control. It wishes to create lieutenants it can supply with wealth and power and, more importantly, feed on. Because the sinister secret government is functioning from a core of satanic energy, it tends to feed on the discomfort of others and it wants that chain of discomfort to include its own people. So even if the sinister secret government were to give a person wealth and power, it would set it up in such a way that you would always be discomforted, and increasingly so. Thus they feed off your discomfort as well as the discomfort you create when you spread corrupting and harmful influences. Know this.
This is what I’d call a topic of the dim world. By that I mean that they purposely shield themselves from the light because they are attached to power, control and manipulation. This is a short-lived circumstance, but it’s one you must be exposed to because the human beings currently in the sinister secret government are a portion of you in the larger, whole you. They are not outside the Explorer Race; they are the dark side of the Explorer Race, the portion of you that is discovering what would happen were you to become vindictive or angry as a Creator. You need to have the memory, from some portion of yourself that has done so, of what might be the ultimate outcome from even a minor discomforting projection of yourself.
So ultimately they are serving your greater good and are here to challenge you. It is the ultimate intention that you not only transform them but rescue them from their blindness. They are blinded by that dimness.
What You Can Do
I do not expect you to consistently turn the other cheek and suffer for the benefit, but to begin now to function with the light. By this I mean that in your meditations, when you bring the gold and white light or whatever other hues are attractive to you, besides sitting or lying down to meditate, move around (in groups or alone), feeling and broadcasting the light. In this way you will integrate the light more into the physical world. When the light comes to you in your meditation and you are not physically active, it will simply support and sustain you. Even if you broadcast it, it will broadcast at the level that supports and sustains those who seek it.
But if you can, get out, move around (but don’t do things like get a cup of tea or coffee) and use gestures not unlike Tai Chi. Move in graceful movements, as if walking in slow motion, like the way a mime might move. You will be able to maintain your meditative state and you will also be placing the light into the physical energy of physical beings. This brings the light to the level of physicality and makes it more available to physical beings.
Another reason I want you to move around while you are in your meditative state (even if you can’t stand up and move around, move your trunk, legs or arms) is because the people who desperately need the light often do not know they can call on it. as you physicalize it you put the light into the particles that come and go through your body. The particles enter the constantly moving mass of Mother Earth and are cycled through all these other people because a person can’t really screen particles that move into you.
Can you be more specific about this transfer of funds? You’re talking about gangs in the big cities and what else?
I’m not suggesting that anybody who’s wealthy or powerful is connected to the sinister secret government. This is a very minor aspect of wealth and influence (in more enlightened circles; in less enlightened circles, wealth and power).
The sinister secret government realizes it needs more allies that it can directly integrate or draft. But in order to obtain allies that will be devoted and dedicated (even unwittingly) to the dark side, it needs to bring them into a highly organized crime circle. This I might add, has a lot to do with a recent event.
In recent years there has been a lot of activity by individuals to finance seemingly political ends through the intelligence services by running drugs and building up and entire community of drug runners in the black community especially, but also in the Mexican-American and Asian communities. There has been no exclusivity.
Yes, but aimed at the younger people because they are more likely now to be entranced by material wealth; younger people do not always have the experience to know that material wealth is not the ultimate wealth. If you think back (you, the educated or even somewhat enlightened reader) on you life when you were young, things seemed to be very simple – cut and dried, either/or, yes/no. But as you get older things seem a little more vague. That’s when you start asking questions and become interested in philosophy and different ways of looking at life – and occasionally even lend an ear to old Uncle Zoosh.
The reason the sinister secret government reached out and helped to create the gangs all over your country through organized crime, was because they knew their recruiters could go to these young individuals and say, “Look, if you sell drugs, whatever, you’ll get vast amounts of cash, which will buy whatever you want. All you have to do is sell this to whoever wants it and recruit others to buy by doing what business always does – giving away free or cheap samples.”
They didn’t bother to tell them how lethal some of these drugs were – because, believe it or not, not all people who sell drugs are monsters. Some of them are addicted themselves, but the higher-ups in the chain of command are not, because they know that the “product” is intended to be sold to the customers, not consumed by the staff. The average seller is often a consumer as well. This is intended to some degree. But sellers who are consumers do not tend to get very high in that organization.
The SSG Group That Wears Disguises
The best way for the sinister secret government to maintain control was to give as many people as possible as stake in keeping things as they are no matter how much wealth they had to spread about. Corruption developed as a result. It’s true that they targeted the black community. And they used to a great extent an organization of their own that passes itself off as various government organizations. Now, I’m not saying that all people in the CIA are innocent babes in the woods, but about 80 to 85 percent of the people involved in the actual drug running to gain money for projects were not CIA people or CID people or certainly not NSA people. They were not even U.N. people. They were what I call the enforcement arm of the sinister secret government, who love to don the uniforms and guises of legitimate organizations.
As you can see by my figure of 85 percent, I’m suggesting that some individuals within these organizations I’ve named have been unwittingly involved. After all, if somebody orders you to fly a load of stuff (you usually don’t even know what it is) from point A to point B and he is your superior, you’re going to do it. Although there are a few who are involved, mostly these were people who said they were from the CIA or even the U.N. in order to legitimize what they were doing and utilize the prestige of those organizations to create fear and respect in those they were working with.
There are certainly people at the higher levels in these organizations (not appointees) who’ve been there for a while and know some of this. But they also know that if they look into it too deeply or make any effort to expose it, they will very quickly disappear in an unpleasant way. So they too are intimidated.
I want you to know that your organizations are not as corrupt as you think they are. They’re not innocent, but they’re not as awful. A lot of the people are dedicated workers and believe in a higher purpose. The sinister secret government is always looking for ways to tear down your good feelings about your government or any of its offices. That’s whey they’ve worked very hard to support, sustain and encourage the general population – about the President, senators, Congress, lawmakers in general, attorneys, people in government service – the belief that these people cannot be trusted and that the worst can be expected of them. All of that plays into the hands of the sinister secret government. That’s why you have to guard against cynicism.
So the two major thrusts of the secret government are the crime gangs in the cities and the encouragement of drug sales by recruiting runners and …
Understand that the sinister secret government does not recruit gang members; it does not recruit anybody. The sinister secret government is a very small group of people. It simply manipulates and dispatches things. The sinister secret government is what I would call a negative dispatcher. They move things around so different people are exposed to opportunities. They might talk to a few individuals who come to them, and they have many individuals who work for them unwittingly, but they don’t go out and do something on their own. They’re strictly behind the scenes. That’s how they maintain their secret status. We need to make that clear so you can understand that people who do any level of recruiting might believe that they’re a secret agent working for the intelligence forces of the world (not just the CIA) or are being looked upon benignly by some organized crime figure who will make them wealthy and powerful.
If you move things around like a dispatcher, where this batch of cocaine goes unnoticed and is not seized by the legitimate government, trainloads of it, then you can provide lots of material. From their point of view it’s good business to expand.
So the inner circle connects to the outer ring, then their agents and just keeps expanding …
I realize that what you’re saying is that their influence goes to the outer ring. However, the outer ring people usually come to them. But yes, their influence goes out that way.
So the influence eventually reaches the street gangs and drug runners.
Yes. But it’s always indirect so that there is never any way to trace it to them. They do this by moving things about.
But you might be able to trace it to some of the organized crime members, who might not realize that it goes beyond the person they report to.
That’s right. You might even be able to trace it to an outer ring member, but because all of the outer-ring members are very respected in society, people would have a hard time believing that these individuals could in any way be working for the most evil institution on the planet. They have good office and are respected. Sometimes when they’re unwitting outer-ring members, they have no idea that they’re serving some greater evil purpose. They think they’re doing something that’s worth doing and don’t necessarily recognize that other people are feeding off it.
SSC Wants More Things Illegal
For example, there was the resistance in this last election to the idea of doctors providing marijuana to seriously ill patients for the relief of pain of various disease symptoms. A lot of the resistance you heard about was people saying, “This will lead to the legitimization of marijuana, and then children are going to go from marijuana to heroin and that’s that.” and 99 percent really believe it. But there are a few who are (wittingly or unwittingly) campaigning to keep marijuana and all other things illegal at all costs, because when it’s illegal they can sell it for more. If every supermarket could sell its version of marijuana, a pack would eventually cost only about fifty cents more that a pack of regular cigarettes. This would make a lot of money, but not the kind of money they’re making now. So it pays them to keep it illegal.
They do that by funding and falsifying research and putting out disinformation …
They do it by supporting organizations that fight legalization no matter what their political or religious affiliation is. They will see to it that those organizations never run out of money. If it ever looks like they’re going to be exposed, they will drop their support of that group and start supporting another organization doing the same thing. They won’t start organizations, but they’ll see that they are supported.
You could say: “Well, these organizations are not made up of evil beings.” Certainly not, but organizations that seem to hang on past their time are usually getting their money from those who stand to gain by keeping these drugs illegal.
Do they also give money to the political parties to influence them?
Yes. If your election laws weren’t so stringent they would show up with a busload of money and just shovel it off the bus. Although there are pretty good controls on that right now, they’re still able to sneak some money into politics. If you really want to do it, it can be done. Just don’t leave footprints. If it’s not logged in, it can be done anytime. You just pass somebody a suitcase.
But they support both sides to keep the illusion of the two-party system, even though these politicians do not really govern the country.
No, the two parties are more the bureaucratic level that keeps things going. If they didn’t have this influence, the country would be quite a bit different – different better. The sinister secret government has no problems with your government making laws and so on as long as it does not support legalization of anything they want to keep illegal. Generally, the sinister secret government would like any restrictive acts by your government.
For example, at some time in the future there will be more people working secretly to support those individuals who want to commit suicide easily and gently. Suicide, while it has severe religious connotations in your society is not always a terrible thing, especially if people are suffering physically with some terminal illness. In many civilizations, including higher ones, when someone is suffering they either replace their body (which to you would be like suicide), perpetuating their personality, or cure them in some way.
I’m not trying to say that suicide is okay, but that the sinister secret government will build private suicide clinics where they charge a lot of money because it’s illegal. (I’m not in any way referring to the famous doctor who supports people to pass over who are suffering. He is doing this work from his heart because he doesn’t want people to suffer. If there’s no cure and they’re just suffering, he sees no reason for that to be perpetuated.)
So you’re saying that it’s going to become an underground business where people will pay for this help?
The government is taking the position now that you don’t have the right to tell your doctor, “Don’t maintain my life.” Until recently you could say, “Don’t use heroic efforts to maintain my life.”
Yes, in 1989 my mother had instructions not to mechanically prolong her life.
You can tell doctors that, but now the government is taking the position that it’s not okay, and that medical science can take whatever efforts it must to preserve your life no matter what. Even though well-meaning people are involved in this, the sinister secret government thinks that this is really wonderful. I don’t want to scare you, but many hospitals are being purchased by legitimate fronts for organized crime. Organized crime, to become successful in the long run, must become involved in legitimate businesses and run them in a legal fashion, if not a moral one. I’m not saying that all hospitals are run by organized crime, but a significant number are. If you as a patient wanted to leave a certain amount of money to your family and you didn’t want to go on suffering, you might say to your doctor, “Don’t use any heroic efforts to keep me alive; I want to pass over naturally as I might do at home. And I want to leave something behind for my heirs.” But if the government takes the position where that’s not legal for doctors to do, then doctors and hospital administrations will, from a legal position, have to keep you alive no matter how much it costs, draining you of all funds and resources so that there’s nothing left for your heirs – and unintentionally (from the doctors’ perspective) keeping you suffering well past the time you would wish.
I’m not trying to say that physicians are evil – just the opposite. Most physicians are geared toward helping the public, not administering and running their organizations. They would like to have the administration taken care of so they can work with patients. Insurance companies have high rates due to high payouts for malpractice suits, so it’s cheaper for doctors to work for large organizations. These organizations are easy targets for those who buy up these clinics, hospitals and large medical-plan organizations and who keep everything running legally but change the moral bent. You need to keep an eye on your federal government and what it does, because they often respond to those loud, squeaky wheels. They are being lobbied to maintain a position on moral and to some extent legal grounds because there have been some abuses where sometimes people have said they wanted to pass over when they didn’t really want to. Your government might take a position that is truly unnatural: to keep a person alive past the time of the end of their natural cycle.
So doctors, keep and eye on things. Do your business; take care of the people that you want to take care of. But don’t be blind to those who would say they’re doing your work for you but are in fact trying to undermine you. Many doctors are being undermined by some of the more nefariously owned so-called medical organizations that are beginning to harm the people they’re supposed to be helping. Many physicians know this already. I’m putting it out to the general public because I want you to become more politically involved. It’s good to be light workers, but you also have to be grounded, down-to-earth, politically active. You don’t have to run for President or Senator or Congress, but you do need to attend school board meetings. If you can, move around, talk to people, bring the light through you when you’re at meetings – it can only help.
It’s important to understand how insidious it is – that the sinister secret government is not happy manipulating things behind the scenes; they won’t be happy until they are manipulating and controlling everything within their venue. Then they’ll want to go to other planets and do the same thing. There’s no stopping this kind of lust, and there’s never any satisfaction beyond the temporal. You might feel satisfied for a couple of days, but there’s always more to do. This has to be experienced so that as you evolve to become Creator, you will recognize that one step in this direction can become seductive, becoming many steps.
At this time, then, you don’t want to talk about North Africa, Korea, Vietnam and all that.
I think I’m going to skip over that because the present is more important. There’s no question that many of these wars, certainly the Vietnam War, had to do with economics and so on, but I think others have said this pretty well.
The HAARP Project & The Mars Satellite
Was there a connection between the HAARP project, which attempts to control and manipulate thoughts, and this latest satellite that started out for Mars and didn’t get beyond the atmosphere?
This project called HAARP and other focused antenna arrays are able to broadcast a beam of electrical and electronic interference. This works on human beings, but it can also be broadcast into space and topple a satellite or a rocket. Why would the sinister secret government, utilizing through its own techniques the HAARP project, destroy the Russian satellite, several of them, heading towards Mars?
One of the foremost features of the Plan is to introduce extraterrestrials to you as part of your normal space projects. This would involve primarily the Russians and the U.S. It was always intended that when you landed vehicles or pods on Mars, sometimes moving around by usually just sitting there, they would introduce extraterrestrial life to you. This satellite parked on the surface of Mars would sit there for a while and gather data. Then a ship would land nearby in full view of the cameras and beings would get out and conduct business. They would not be human, but they would be pleasant-looking. This was always intended to take place, not just secretly for the scientists, but to be broadcast to the general public to introduce them to the fact that there are friendly ETs out there. This was part of the Plan.
The sinister secret government, of course, is desperate to destroy and interfere in any Mars project, whether launched by the U.S. or Russia, because they are aware of that aspect of the Plan and want everyone on Earth to be afraid of extraterrestrials. They desperately want that because they know that ultimately extraterrestrials will come and meet you. You’ll like them, they’ll like you; it’ll be wonderful. They want to stop that, so they will use any means available even if they have to take serious risks – which they did when they used the HAARP array and another array of antennas to interfere with the Russian Martian project. They had to expose a couple of their people, for whom they then conveniently arranged car accidents. To do this they basically had to sacrifice some people in their organization, people they would rather not have sacrificed.
Was it the same in 1993 when our satellite almost got to Mars?
That’s right. In 1993 there were some things going on in the planet where it was a little too soon to reveal that. Let’s just say that with the sinister secret government interfered, nobody (ETs) made any attempt to save your probe. They could very easily have blocked the energy used to cripple your probe, but no one did because when your probe got closer to Mars it would have photographed things that would have been too soon to show on Earth. It’s really now – around 1995, 1996 – that the Plan intended for these things to be seen. So your sinister secret government is corrupting the Plan a bit, but to put not too fine a point on it, “we’ll be back.”
Who’s Plan is this?
It is the Plan to elevate all humankind to a higher consciousness in the best way for you.
But who wrote it, who instigated?
The Creator, of course.
Oh, I see.
Granted, with a bit of round-table discussion with friends of Creator.
All right. Our own God-selves are coming in on a wave of energy, then? It has nothing to do with the vehicle or the Hale-Bopp comet?
Your God-selves are coming from the future, that’s right.
And they’re doing this as much as possible.
That’s right. That’s why sometimes you’ll reach out and go to them, and sometimes they can come back and come to you. But yes, there’s definitely an attempt to connect more substantively.
Reprinted by kind permission of Sedona Journal of Emergence, South Pacific Edition

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