Grandfather Coyote Visits With His Friends

Many seasons ago.. a long time .. Coyote say to his woman, “I tired of sit around lodge all day. I go visit my friend Beaver.” So Coyote go visit Beaver and Beaver say, “Grandfather Coyote, welcome lodge. What will you have to eat?”

Coyote say, “Whatever you have to offer.” Beaver say, “Hard winter. Not much offer.” And Little Beaver jump up and say, “Grandfather.. You may eat me. But do not gnaw my bones.”

So .. they cook Little Beaver over fire and Grandfather eat Beaver. But as he eat, he gnaw on little bone. After eat .. Beaver take bones and skin of Little Beaver .. bundle together .. Soon Little Beaver come back, live.

Grandfather Coyote say, “Ohh.. this is good.” Beaver say to Little Beaver, “Are you all right my boy?” Little Beaver say, “I am fine father. I am fine Grandfather, but Grandfather bite on second toe.” And that is why today if you look at beaver second toe, it look like it been gnawed on. It is split.

Coyote thank Beaver very much and go home. But after he gone, Beaver find that Grandfather leave tobacco pouch. And Little Beaver and his brothers say, “We will take to Grandfather.” Beaver say, “That is good. But you throw it to him. Do not go in lodge. He very talkative.”

So they go. As they come to Coyote lodge, Grandfather Coyote say, “Who there?” Say Little Beaver, “You leave tobacco pouch. I throw it to you.”

“Oh no, no don’t throw, come closer so I can talk. Come closer.” They come closer and Coyote say to Little Beaver, “Thank you for bringing tobacco pouch. You must tell your father to visit me.”

So Little Beaver go home. Beaver say to Little Beaver, “Did you throw tobacco pouch to Grandfather?” Little Beaver say, “Grandfather say you must come visit him.” And Beaver say, “Oh no .. you did not talk to him. Hmm. Now I must go visit him.”

So Beaver went visit Coyote in his lodge. Coyote say to Beaver, “What will you eat?” And Beaver say, “Whatever you have to eat.”

Coyote say, “Hmm.. like at your lodge .. Hmm..” So he grab one of cub Coyote and start hitting him and say, “You will eat my little cub.” .. and start hitting him. And little cub start crying and yelling and Beaver say, “Stop! Stop! You are hurting him.” and Coyote say, “But you do it .. why cannot I?”

And Beaver say, ” Because little cub is little cub, not Beaver.”

So Beaver go home.

Grandfather say to old woman, “I tired of sitting in lodge. I will go visit my friend Kingfisher.” Goes to Kingfisher’s lodge and Kingfisher says, “What will you have to eat?” and Coyote says, “Whatever you have.”

So Kingfisher dive in lake and bring up fish. Give to Coyote.

Coyote go home .. but leave tobacco pouch. Little Kingfishers say, “Don’t worry father. We take tobacco pouch to Grandfather.” And Kingfisher say to little kingfishers, “You throw tobacco pouch. Don’t go too close to lodge. Grandfather Coyote very talkative.”

So they go to lodge. Grandfather Coyote say, “Who there?” Kingfishers say, “Little Kingfishers. We have tobacco pouch. We throw to you.”

“Oh no, come closer so I can hear. You must tell your father to visit me.”

So little kingfisher to home and Kingfisher say little kingfisher, “You give tobacco pouch .. you throw tobacco pouch?” And little kingfisher say, “Grandfather say you must visit him.” Kingfisher say, “Oh no, you not throw tobacco pouch, you talk to Coyote. I must go visit him.”

So, Kingfisher go to Coyote lodge and Coyote say, “Kingfisher, welcome. What will you eat?” And Kingfisher say, “Whatever you have.”

So, Coyote leave lodge and dive into river. Kingfisher watch. .. Grandfather not come up.

So Kingfisher dive in and pull out Coyote. And Coyote say, “You do that. Why I not do that?”

And Kingfisher say, “Because you not Kingfisher. You Coyote!”

Coyote never learn that he Coyote and not something else.