Channeled by Ingrid Bennett

Thanks to our many Guides and helpers in spirit
I have recorded some of the memories and events of my past life in Atlantis with the special help of my guides: White Cloud and White Eagle.

I see a spacious room in a domed building. The floor is tiled sandstone. A large crystal is inside a domed case on a black pedestal which dominates the room. It is used to energize the city. In my Atlantean life, I had much knowledge and was raised to be a ‘Keeper of the Crystal’, a priestess if you like ( it is the closest explanation which sums up my position). I work in this dome protecting and working with the crystal. I am strong in myself – I know myself and this is an important part of the work I do. The other ‘Keepers’ are also women, except one man, who is very spiritual and wise. He is also our protector.

My hair is long and blonde. It is interwoven with gold braiding, much like in Greek times. It is piled high and flowing down my back in curls. I have my hair done by Hair Artists who are called on. It is part of our daily routine to have our hair done. Part of our philosophy is ‘The body is a Temple for the Soul‘, we must respect it. This means hygiene and dressing are of the highest priority. I wear a white, see-through long dress, crossed over in the front, and tied at the waist with a gold leaf belt. Men wear both long and short skirts, some have tops and some don’t – it is all of the same white see-through material.

It is like our uniform, but at this time, it is not classed as such, rather it is a sense of achievement to wear these robes. A gauge of our maturity and spirituality. There are other colors worn of the same see-through material, but they are the colors worn by people in need of healing. This largely related to the particular chakra that was out of balance, and the required color needed to effect this healing.

I have no husband. In general, they did not have marriages at this time. If you wanted to commit yourself to a certain person, a ceremony of unity was undertaken by the couple. There was no legal binding or enforcement on this arrangement. The union was on a purely spiritual basis. Sexual activity was very active, and it kept us fit and healthy. I chose with whom I would sleep, by their love, spirituality, and magnetism. Sex was an important part of life at this time. It was as important as eating or sleeping.

This was part of the ‘whole being’, and we did not appear to age physically and often lived to 200 years old. Others had sex with animals, or part human – part animal beings, such as a horses body with a man’s head, and a very large penis. It was in these days that they could transplant things successfully and there were many that did this for sexual purposes.

There was a oneness with animals and nature, but some had forgotten this, and their priority was sex. Those spiritually aware knew this would cause an imbalance in our society, and it was a fear that was greatly held but little done about it. This was largely to do with the strong belief, that we have freedom of choice, and one could not interfere with another’s spiritual growth. Those people that choose animals in this way, were out of spiritual balance and were considered immature. I would share my thoughts in meditation, with my friends, and with the Dolphins.

I would go to the Dolphins for advice. They lived in a beautiful place specially built with large canals connecting them to the sea. These canals extended into a large lake area in which they could swim and play during the day. They would return to the sea at night. The Dolphins came and went of their own free will. There were huge steps leading you into the water of the lake area. Pillars were placed on either side of these steps. This was a sign that this was a very special place.

The Dolphins were our confidants and advisors. They were very intelligent, and a source of balance in our society. There were only a few that would listen to the great wisdom of the Dolphins. I would swim with them, stroke them, play with them, and listen to their advice. They would speak to me telepathically. Their energy vitalized and strengthened me. I could travel by thought. For example, if I wanted to be in a field miles away, I would shut my eyes and concentrate on that field. There was a slight buzz and I would open my eyes and be there.

My favorite place was with the Unicorns. They grazed in fields like horses. Yes, they had unicorns!!! Like the Dolphins, we communicated telepathically. However, their minds were very simple in comparison. We would exchange thoughts like, “I would like a ride”. The unicorn would answer “yes”, and we would ride in unison, with our hair flying in the wind. They were incredibly calm, serene and dignified animals. Never hurting anyone, never a bad thought or feeling, even when challenged. I have been told by spirit, that when the world returns to a state of balance and harmony, and man can love and accept one another, the Unicorns will return.

There were large fields of flowers and herbs in the North East Quarter of Atlantis. These fields had subtle aromas that I loved to sit and meditate in. The smells were so gentle. Flowers were widely used and planted. For example, beds of blue and white flowers were planted together. This was not only visually appealing but essential for the vibrational effect. These fields were tended to by highly trained and knowledgeable people. The herbalists took care of the flowers and herbs right from germination of the seed, to picking and extracting the vital essence.

Very few people held low ranking positions in our working environment. No matter how mundane a job may have been, every person was considered vital to our society. Respect and appreciation of another’s ability was a natural part of our integration. The fruiterers, vegetals, and legumaters, also lived in the North East quarter. Many were botanists, nutritionists, and other experts in food. They supplied the whole of our civilization.

The bulk of the men were designated to the physical work, such as gardens and construction. This kept them in good physical condition. There were few men in the spiritual capacity but there again it is dependent on their spiritual growth. It was considered more beneficial for the men to do the physical work, as it provided a balance for them emotionally. Anger and frustration were better directed in a constructive way. Also, men’s bodies are designed for physical work, and their genetics have proved this. As always, there were exceptions to this; i.e.: a feminine male or masculine female, and ultimately it was the Wise Ones who would direct these people to the best areas that they would excel in. It was essential that people fulfilled their spiritual paths and roles to which they came to accomplish.

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The whole of life on Atlantis was an unseen harmonious integration of all the kingdoms – plants, minerals, animals, and vegetables. Everybody played a part, and everyone knew that their contribution was essential for the overall running of our civilization. There was no money system on Atlantis, just trading. We did not carry purses or keys or anything of that nature. There was little greed or jealousy, only the power of the mind. No wonder so many people find it hard to work in this world now. The push in our world today is to be better, to have a nicer house, a bigger car, a job that pays more. It is sad. The importance of being financially abundant has become more important than the satisfaction of our own work, and the appreciation of another’s ability.

We had aircraft not unlike flying saucers. They would take off and land in a circular motion, in conjunction with the air currents generated by the magnetic field energy. These vehicles were generally used for longer journeys. For shorter journeys, a form of scooter that could hold two people was used. This had a hovercraft like engine and also worked on the magnetic energy fields like the space crafts. Commodities such as food, household goods, or any large objects were transported in the same way by large vehicles known as ‘subbers’.

Atlantis was a huge civilization, we use ships of communication that brought news from all areas. A lot of this information was received telepathically by specific Wise Ones. They had special receiving powers, not unlike a satellite receiving station. They were very accurate, and their job was to simply sit and receive incoming information from other Quarters. The large crystal I worked with, was also utilized in this way.


There was no serious sickness in this civilization. The healing methods used encompassed many of the healing methods we use separately today. Crystals, color therapy, music, aromas, and herbs were combined to effect a complete healing method.

The Healing Center was a place of many rooms. As you entered through the door, a color would register on the wall. You were then directed to a particular room for selective healing. In this first room, highly trained assistants with extensive knowledge in many areas of healing would pick up the vibrations in your body.

They would then translate the information found in the healing room. In this room, you would lie down on a slab of granite while other assistants would arrange the appropriate formulas to be used for your healing. The room would then filled with healing music, and the appropriate crystals would be placed above you.

An aroma will lightly scent the room and the color will come in last. You would then be asked to meditate, allowing the healing energy to enter. It was important that all the senses were healed – your eyes with the color, your nose with the aroma of herbs, your ears with beautiful music, and lastly, your mouth with pure water (you had to drink along flute of water when you rose from meditation). The energy was very strong. It felt like a ray up and down your body. Every sense was fulfilled. The healing techniques always incorporated the magnetic and ethereal fields, as well as the physical and mental realms.


The baby in the womb was given sounds of voice, music, and spiritual teachings of our time. This was basic instruction for expecting parents, who were helped and guided by the Wise Ones throughout the pregnancy. From the time of birth, babies were nurtured and loved by their parents in their homes. They would be brought to the nurseries during light hours to listen to music, vibrations of color and stories of positive thoughts and philosophies.

All areas had nurturing centers for children which taught them how to become spiritual beings. To open their minds and allow their bodies to work together as one. The Wise Ones played a strong part in this stage of development, and their occupation was considered one of the highest positions in Atlantean society. This station was generally designated when you reached the age of 60 to 120, depending on your spiritual growth. This was something to aspire to.


From the age of 3, people were taught in all areas of learning. Learning was taught in large buildings. There were no signs to say this, the schools were known by a color rainbow which was on the front of the building. This was effectively the ‘sign’ to say Learning Center. We would mainly listen to audiovisual.

This was done by lying or sitting in comfortable positions so that the spine was not placed under any pressure. Another method involved mediation where the eyes were covered with an eye mask with which colors were projected. This visual method of teaching was very effective when in a meditative state. Subliminal tapes were also played through earphones. With a relaxed body and mind, the knowledge was passed directly to the recording part of the brain.

This was one of the most effective methods of learning, as it illuminated all distractions. The Wise Ones watched over and assessed progress, and in particular guided the children so that their particular talents would emerge. This would ensure that everyone had an equal chance of aspiring to their full potential.

Positive thoughts and vibrations were an important part of this learning. This enabled the soul to reach its highest potential. The higher the vibration of the body and the mind, the higher the vibration of the soul. The more your inner mind is positive, the more it will reflect your outer mind or conscious being. When the two are in tune – this brings a positive world. Those that have not kept to this, have fallen to greed and power. The power to control the minds of others was a barbaric way of life to the Atlantean – which was forbidden.

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In our history books, it was said that we were once insecure. The barbaric qualities of our forebears still genetically effected our society at this time; i.e. choosing to experiment with animals. However, the Spiritual Laws on interfering with another’s life was forbidden. Despite the fact that we knew the dangers that this held, we could not interfere or enforce any punishment because it was each individual’s responsibility for the progress of their own soul. In this society, it was the purpose of the insecure to become secure. This philosophy was good, and stood alone in its time – it was our protection.


At the time of my life, the world of Atlantis as we knew it, was at the end of its era. Some of us knew this, but most chose to ignore it or weren’t interested. The physical elements had become out of balance. The technology was very advanced. For example, the air was purified and the temperature regulated by us.

The technology had got so advanced, that we had begun to change the elements of air and water. This was what eventually caused the eruption of Atlantis. The four elements – air, water, fire, and earth are the most basic and stable foundations of our planet. An attempt to combine or change any of these elements is against Divine Law.

Those in the scientific fields that lived and worked in the West Quarter of Atlantis, conceded to their lower selves and considered ‘control’ over the elements as power and glory. This we know now, as the ultimate downfall. They considered themselves above man and tempted to play GOD by trying to control the basic elements of this earth.

The prophecies of the ‘last day’ were widely known. However its cause was only known by the Wise Ones, and those of us that followed strict spiritual paths. The end of our civilization was caused by the few! It was said in the prophesies that ‘the earth shall rise and gather its people. A new land shall rise again, to begin again the great struggle. Few people will survive, and they shall be scattered among this new land to tell the tales of Atlantis so that we may learn again… learn from the mistakes.’

The Dolphins had told us that the ‘last day’ was approaching and we knew that this time was getting closer as we had not seen them for at least two weeks. They had told us that they were going to a safe place, and they would look after the crystals until the time was right for them to be found again. They told us we could safely travel to the West. Many people left in search of these new lands.

Some traveled as far as Egypt, others left on boats months before the ‘last day’ and safely arrived on new and relatively uncharted lands. These other lands were not part of our civilization, and therefore not under our protection. Many people were distressed to leave our positive and secure environment. Atlantis had very few explorers because of this. However, the few that had traveled to ‘strange’ lands, had returned safely. This gave us at least some secure knowledge of the life and countries that existed beyond Atlantis.

I chose to stay to make sure that the energy crystal remained intact until the end. This was the crystal that powered the cities. It was protected by a transparent bubble of unknown material in the last weeks. Maybe one day it too will be recovered and used again for a good purpose. When it is discovered it will prove the existence of the Atlantean civilization, and shed light on many other mysteries that have haunted us for centuries.

I remember the longest day, the last day, the last minute… The earth folded, there were earthquakes, eruptions, fires. There was an enormous shift of the earth’s plate (astrologists can check this with the line up of particular planets). As the earth gave way, the attitude of the people in the Crystal dome was one of acceptance. We were calm. The shifting of the building seemed to move up and down. It tipped and peaked. I was pulled up on a ledge by a man, and we held on to each other.

I hoped my death would be quick. The sky had gone smoky and I could see the earth erupting and the fire-spouting into the atmosphere. Smoke filled the dome, choking both of us. I blacked out, and the next thing I knew I was floating in bliss, up to the light. I looked down to see the sinking of the land. The water poured in and consumed everything in its sight. Some people ran, only to be engulfed by water or fall into fiery holes in the earth. The screams are with me still. The bubbling of the earth was like a giant pot of boiling water, the earth is engulfed by the sea like a hungry animal devouring its prey.

It is now time for us to understand and learn from this past civilization. To take the knowledge we have learned and apply it to the future. We are heading for the end of these days again.

Have we learned from the past?

Have we gone too far?

What must we do to put this world into balance?

We must find our true selves, and balance our inner and outer being. To become more spiritual, and raise the vibration of our soul. This must be learned if we are to communicate with other civilizations in our Universe and beyond. The need to control and judge others will no longer be important, and we become truly equal with all other beings. When we come to this understanding, we will live in LOVE and in PEACE. When we have harmony within ourselves, we live in harmony with all others. May the light of the Great Spirit shine within you, and this eternal love be your life force.

Copyright 1998 Ingrid Bennett.

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