LAPD Continues To Delay Lawsuit Against Officers Who Kidnapped and Sexually Assaulted Woman Waiting For Cab

  When Kim Nguyen called a cab after a few drinks, she thought she was on the right side of the law. But in spite of her best efforts, the 27-year-old pharmacist explains she was thrown from a police cruiser after Los Angeles police officers kidnapped and sexually assaulted her while she was waiting for that cab. Part of the assault on Nguyen was captured on camera, as the young woman was filmed tumbling from a moving LAPD cruiser after being handcuffed and kidnapped while waiting for the cab she called. Nguyen was just trying to get home in the early morning hours of March 17, 2013, but that’s not where her story ends. More on the latest developments in a minute. First, let’s make sure you understand just how serious her allegations against the LAPD are. Let’s start by taking a look at the video below: Back in 2013, […] Read More

Apple Admits Siri Voice Data is Being Sent to Third Parties

Following controversy last month about Samsung transmitting spoken words to a third party, Apple’s terms of service clearly state that the company is following a similar process by recording and transmitting the voice data of Siri users. In November last year we reported on how Samsung’s global privacy policy advised users of their Smart TV range that “personal or other sensitive information” in the form of spoken words was being captured and transmitted to a third party. The controversy only blew up three months later when Samsung was forced to admit that voice data was being “sent to a server” operated by a third party during the process.. FallenMyst, a Reddit user claimed to had recently started a new job with a company called Walk N’ Talk Technologies, where job profile requires her to listen voice data collected from Apple, Microsoft users and check for incorrect interpretations. “I get […] Read More

Making Babies Scared of Bunnies: The Roots of Fear in Advertising

The long tail of John B. Watson‘s experiments in fear are omnipresent in today’s scare-mongering advertising. The following is the latest in a new series of articles on AlterNet called Fear in America that launched this March. Read the introduction to the series. “Fear is as primal a factor as love in influencing personality,” wrote psychologists John B. Watson and Rosalie Rayner in 1920. “Fear does not gather its potency in any derived manner from love. It belongs to the original and inherited nature of man.” The names of Watson and Rayner may have fallen into obscurity, but Professor Watson’s influence has been profound. He founded the school of psychology known as Behaviorism, which focused on observable expressed behaviors instead of introspective conditions of the mind, and he argued that human behavior was susceptible to training, as with any other mammal. Watson and Rayner’s experiments with manipulating the fear responses of a baby boy remain one of the most infamous […] Read More

9 Industries That Scare You Into Buying Things You Don’t Need

Disaster is lurking and we will save you! Call them the products of fear. Advertisers, like politicians, know it works. If you scare people enough, they are easily sold a bill of goods. Define a problem, even if it really isn’t a problem, then bombard the masses with the solution to the (non) problem. In the introduction to AlterNet’s new series on the politics of fear, Don Hazen wrote, “Americans are endlessly bombarded with media messages that are fearful and deceitful. Almost daily, we are urged to fear exaggerated or fake threats… this media onslaught literally shapes how our brains work and what people believe.” These threats can be huge, like terrorism lurking around the corner, or they can be minor, like the need to protect your baby’s knees from the hazards of crawling. The common denominator is that these aren’t really such huge problems and you are being subjected […] Read More

Arkansas Republican Who Gave Girls to Rapist ‘Regularly’ Performed Exorcisms on Unruly Preschoolers

A former teacher of Justin Harris’ school spoke about bizarre rituals performed on students. The Arkansas Republican who gave his adopted daughters to a man who raped one of them was apparently in the habit of attempting to cast “demons” out of the children in his federally-funded pre-kindergarten. According to KNWA news, a former employee of Justin Harris’ Growing God’s Kingdom — who was also a mother of a student in the school — came forward Wednesday to discuss the bizarre pseudo-religious rituals Harris and his wife Marsha would perform on students as a routine part of daily life at the school. The former teacher — who asked to be identified as “Amber” — said that the Harrises would perform an exorcism ritual when children were acting up. “If they got in too much trouble they would pray on the kids, do a circle around them, put their hands […] Read More

Isn’t It Time To Admit That We Live Under A Criminal Enterprise System Ruled By Sociopaths? (VIDEO)

When the government is gathering information on us which goes beyond the basic census information, then we should be asking a lot of questions along the lines of “When will the surveillance gathering being conducted by the NSA turn into outright persecution”? The Unmistakable Pattern of Tyranny and Oppression Every advancing tyranny has two distinct stages. In the first stage, the “enemies” of the state are identified. Lists are created and distributed among law enforcement. These lists are often leaked to the public to serve as a deterrent against any thoughts of engaging in anti-government behavior. There is typically a prolonged period of demonization followed by formal labeling. History is replete with examples when surveillance gathering turns into labeling followed by outright persecution. In fact, I cannot think of an accurate historical example of when a country engaged in a police state surveillance grid, did not eventually victimize a significant number […] Read More

“Massive Headache”: Rising Dollar Threating Trade and $74 Trillion Derivative Tsunami

This article was graciously contributed by Michael Snyder via his Economic Collapse blog. Editor’s Note: Many have warned that a silent but ongoing global currency war is underway. Call it a reevaluation or shift if you like. The Euro is falling fast, in large part due to Greece’s woes, and is headed towards parity with the dollar and beyond. The stronger dollar means pain for the American export market – some 40% of U.S. business – and creates a difficult, and perhaps impossible, climate for foreign governments to repay debts and other obligations, which become more expensive under a stronger dollar, in which many are denominated. Market pains and suffering could spread pretty rapidly if things got out of control and sequenced towards destruction. Does this create a window for China’s intent to offer the next global currency? That remains to be seen, but China’s intentions are clear enough […] Read More

FBI plans to expand its ‘suspicious activity’ reporting and link to the ‘Sentinel’ system

The FBI’s/ DHS’s network for sharing so-called ‘suspicious activity‘ information within the Bureau and with the Department of Defense is called Guardian. FBI maintains a separate system for state and local law enforcement suspicious activity reports called eGuardian. According to a February 2015 request for information posted on the Federal Business Opportunities website, the FBI plans to expand its Guardian system in 2015 to include ‘Top Secret’ information, and integrate its case management system (called ‘Sentinel‘) with the Guardian applications. The integration of a non-criminal intelligence information database, Guardian, with the records in Sentinel, which contains the FBI’s predicated investigations, could spell trouble for civil liberties and public safety. Don’t forget this is the very same B.S. program that considers photography a suspicious activity. Click here to read more. Suspicious activity reports have repeatedly been shown to largely contain useless, often racially or religiously biased information. Not once has information […] Read More

Video: Cops Attack Student At School: Boy Fought Back Because He Was “Choking To Death”

Video has emerged of school security officers in Oakland, California, attacking a student, seemingly for no reason. School officials attempted to cover up the incident, according to reports, until the footage was released. The footage shows the security officers dragging and tussling with a 15-year-old Fremont High student across the hallway. When the student attempted to break free from a choke hold, the officers allegedly punched and beat him. While the incident happened over a year ago, the footage has only just emerged. Police, security and school officials had denied that the fracas ever took place, but now the security officers have been suspended pending a criminal investigation. The student’s ‘crime’ appears to have been hanging around in the hallway and not moving when asked. The student was waiting for a meeting with an administrator. “In this case, I don’t see him doing anything but standing at the threshold […] Read More

Guess Who Wasn’t Invited to the CIA’s Hacker Jamboree?

Apple, that’s who. Or Microsoft, or any of the other vendors whose products US government contractors have successfully exploited according to a recent report in the Intercept. While we’re not surprised that the Intelligence Community is actively attempting to develop new spycraft tools and capabilities—that’s their job—we expect them to follow the administration’s rules of engagement. Those rules require an evaluation under what’s known as the “Vulnerabilities Equities Process.” In the White House’s own words , the process should usually result in disclosing software vulnerabilities to vendors, because “in the majority of cases, responsibly disclosing a newly discovered vulnerability is clearly in the national interest.” Nevertheless, the Intercept article describes an annual CIA conference known as the Trusted Computing Base (TCB) Jamboree 1 at which members of the intelligence community present extensively on software vulnerabilities and exploits to be used in spying operations. At the 2012 TCB Jamboree, presenters […] Read More

Exploring American Monsters: Arizona

 Jason Offutt The last of the contiguous states to join the Union (Valentine’s Day 1912), Arizona is known for its deserts, high heat, and the mile-deep Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World. But Arizona isn’t just desert and canyons; the northern part of the state is filled with mountains, ski resorts, forests, and monsters. Mogollon Monster The Mogollon Rim is an almost 2,000-foot escarpment that runs through the central part of Arizona. Covered in Ponderosa Pine forests, it’s the perfect hiding place for the Mogollon Monster. First reported in The Arizona Republican in 1903, I.W. Stevens encountered the bipedal Mogollon Monster close to the Grand Canyon; it was drinking the blood of mountain lions. This human-looking creature with long white hair and beard that “reached to his knees,” sported two-inch claws on its fingers. When the monster noticed Stevens it threatened him with a […] Read More

Gov Report Says There Is No Inflation: “It’s Pure and Utter Bullsh*t”

Editor’s Note: Earlier today Michael Snyder pointed out that the purported 5.5% official unemployment rate is a massive lie based on skewed numbers. Nonetheless, Wall Street and a good portion of the American public have fallen for the sham hook, line and sinker. But the conjecture doesn’t stop there. It seems that everything the government has been disseminating to the public is loaded with half-truths or outright fiction. The latest example comes to us from James Quinn of The Burning Platform, who highlights the government’s claims that prices for essential goods and services are falling. As usual, Quinn succinctly dissects the reality of the situation and proves that regardless of the “official” numbers, Americans’ wallets are getting hammered at every turn.  How’s that deflation working out for you? By James Quinn The BLS put out their monthly CPI lie last week. They issued the proclamation that inflation is dead. […] Read More

Operation Vigilant Guard being used to acclimatize citizens into accepting the police state

On March 7, 2015, the state-wide drill, entitled Operation Vigilant Guard, took place under the pretext of preparation for the inevitable destruction a hurricane would bring to South Carolina. According to reports in the local media, the drills were based on the premise of the landfall of a Category 4 hurricane and “how they’d respond to get citizens help” in such an event. National Guard, working with police in MRAP‘s, dressed in military gear, carrying assault rifles, WHY? These drills and training operations are being used to acclimatize the public into accepting the American police state.  The National Guard describes the importance of the exercise in building “synchronization” between local and federal authorities. “We are testing an unbelievable amount of effort and synchronization,” said Army Maj. Gen. Thomas H. Katkus, adjutant general for the Alaska National Guard. “Every one of them is a little bit different in what we’re trying to […] Read More