PTAAH: “An Act of Faith”

A Brief Review of “An Act of Faith -Transmissions From the Pleiades”

Who you are is wondrous. Who you are is beauty beyond measure.
Who you are is the Source expressing in this density of reality.
Soon you will know that you are the GOD I AM. It is called coming home.

Channeled by Jani King

At the back of the book is a photo of Jani King. The bio says contact was first made with P’taah in NZ in 1949. In 1988 another channeled entity called Saint Germaine strengthened the link.

Jani King and her friends are not the type of people to themselves fabricate this sort of thing. The story they tell correlates with the experiences of others throughout history, both ancient, mediaeval and contemporary. Occam himself would have to agree the simplest explanation is that an unseen sentient being can take control of a human being and in this case can do so in a replicable way. The book is recommended.

By one account at one meeting Jani King was seen to go into a relaxed state, then come awake with the mannerisms and the attitudes of another person. This personality is that of a confident and friendly being called P’taah.

Whoever P’taah is, this manifestation of chronic messianitis provides ample tucker for thought for Ptaah has a lot to say and it is thought-provoking stuff. It is certainly the antithesis of the insightfully depicted nightmare of “Drunkard’s Walk” (Frederick Pohl)

P’taah’s oracular advice was captured on tape and is published as:
“An Act of Faith” ISBN 0 646 07469 5
Triad Publishers (1991)
Box 731 CAIRNS 4870 Australia.
In his foreword Peter Erbe says: “At a time of a humanity stressed as never before from the harsh effects of an unremitting fear-based consciousness, the denial of the God within, P’taah’s communications could not have been timed more appropriately.” Jani King says: “…at the time I was a very little girl and I went wandering from our house into the forest and I remember very clearly going into the forest and then something occurred. I had no idea what it was. I had gone… had been for many hours….

St Germain said: “You were taken aboard a craft. There was a medical procedure performed to put in place certain knowledge and memory that will come to the surface in the next `now’ moment of time.””

Jani King continues: “I also asked him about a visit I had from another being, and I am not talking about an apparition but about physical reality. It was in 1961 and it was P’taah who came in physical reality. it has left me still with a residue of grief….

“…sometimes it is sort of as if I am about here – not very far away. (Jani points to the right and back of her head.) Sometimes I have a sense of what has been going on, sometimes I have a recall of some things that he has said, yet I do not have any recall of what anybody else has said….

“….first time it happened it was not as if I’d gone anywhere, it was that I heard this voice that sounded as if was coming out of a cave, coming out of my mouth. I said “‘Oh shit. What is happening?” But I understood very quickly what was going on. The other thing is that P’taah does ‘pop’ in. I know that he is there, and it is never, ever without my permission, so to speak, that he comes in…..

“…I do not go through all the mumbo jumbo to get out – if I’m very relaxed, if I am having a good time, especially if I have had a couple of glasses of wine and feel really laid back. The next minute, “wacko” here he comes. Usually because he wants a glass of wine too….:)

“…it was a light body, but a physical body. Not as dense as ours. A humanoid form. He was very beautiful, very large eyes. That was the most incredible thing. I can’t really tell you too much about it, because what was happening, was like being programmed. Like a computer receiving all sorts of data. But the other thing concerned my heart. I was being inundated with this most incredible love. Unlike anything else….after a session I feel very energized and that energy lasts for hours…

“He (P’taah) says there have been many times over the last thirty years when we have been together – when we have been off-world, been to the Pleiades. I have to tell you though, I have no conscious memory of it, although I have memory of being on a craft, apart from when I was a child….he keeps saying when the time is right I shall have full memory of everything. He says the time is coming soon, although what “soon” means as far as they are concerned, God knows….I get this intense yearning….I trust P’taah and my own soul integrity in the knowing that whatever and however it all happens, it will be for my own highest good….but…when you come down to it….there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing than living right here and now. I guess I’d have to say I am one helluva happy person, most of the time.


P’taah speaks

“Greetings dear ones.

“That which is humanity is indeed star-seeded…..before the time of your history, the star people have seeded your planet….in these thousands upon thousands of years there have been many comings and goings….there is much writing…mythology – about these grand meetings with that which was human of that time and the star people, who were elevated to Godhood. Indeed the star people are not God-hood any more than you are….the star people…know that they are expressions of divinity and humanity has forgotten. The humanity of this planet lives in what is called separation of Self from SELF.

“….the wheel of life…is indeed rather like a wheel…there is that which is called soul energy and the soul energy is indeed part of the knowing of its own divinity and with each incarnation, with each lifetime aspects of the persona – if you like – goes back to the Source and the thread continues on to the next lifetime…. the truth is, you have been everything…humans are very happy when somebody would tell them that they have been Cleopatra….there are probably thousands, who are part of the soul energy of the entity known as Cleopatra…. The aspects return to the source and as they come forth again, so it is dispersed and as the wheel continues, so there are more and more and ultimately, dear ones, all are part of One.

“There is no separation. You are everything that has ever existed, that is what you are…..

“…there is not merely one Earth……there are virtually as many dimensions as there are people, and each one of you is the central sun of your own universe, indeed co-create with those you draw into your life and you may have everything, there is abundance for all upon your planet, there is everything you could possibly desire there for you….You can create abundance…joy…there are only two expressions truly upon your plane. One is love and all that wondrousness that goes with it and everything which is not an expression of love is indeed an expression of fear…always, always you may choose.


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