Strange slimes – some green and some black – are growing in the world’s most pristine lake. Mysterious slimes are growing in a lake some believe to have aliens and UFOs in it. Unexplained slimes are affecting a lake that received a direct hit from a meteor just a few weeks ago. Those three slime-covered lakes are actually one – Lake Baikal in Siberia – and it may be time to say, “Uh-oh.”


Researchers such as Dr. Oleg Timoshkin from the Limnology Institute of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences have been sounding the alarm about the various forms of slime on the once crystal-clear lake. Dead and dying sponges, which form a black slime, are covering the lake’s shores. Massive amounts of a green slime are covering southern parts of Lake Baikal. The slime isn’t limited to the surface either. Many areas of the bottom of the lake are covered in carpets of green growth.underwater-570x436

Green slime covering the bed of Lake Baikal

A recent study determined that some of the green slimes are algae growths. While algae has been seen previously on Lake Baikal, the recent quantities of it are alarming, as is the fact that one dangerous species – Spirogyra fluviatilis – has never been seen there before but is now growing at an fast rate. Some researchers believe the diseased sponges were affected by something in the water and the green algae slime is then feeding on them.


What is killing the sponges and promoting the slimes? Humans, says Dr. Timoshkin. The slimes are growing near urban areas which are polluting the lake faster than filtration plants – some of which have been having problems for years – can handle it.

Baikal can’t swallow it all. The lake is no longer the cleanest lake on the Earth … And all this filth gets into Baikal. It is not even possible to drink water of the rivers running through the local villages. [In one area], Baikal is dead there.

So the strange slimes growing on Lake Baikal aren’t so strange after all … or are they? The filtration plants have been functioning improperly without repairs for over three years. Could someone (the government perhaps?) be trying to kill the aliens believed to be living in Lake Baikal … or at least drive them out … with pollution? Or are aliens creating the slimes and killing the lake to get rid of humans? Are the slimes a result of UFOs or the recent meteor?

Meanwhile, the black and green slimes continue to grow on and beneath Lake Baikal. Are they human-caused, alien-created … or something else?


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