Dragon and Griffin Megaliths Dating Back 12,000 Years to End of Ice Age, or Earlier

By The Siberian Times reporter Unknown ancient people left the newly discovered fantastical creatures hewn of granite in Altai Mountains. This dragon drawn on a rock weighing a staggering 120 tons is believed to be exceptionally old, a megalith designed by a mysterious ancient population about whom we know nothing.   The unique megaliths were located at Mokhnataya mountain in Altai region, some 20 kilometres from the resort town of Belokurikha. Archeological researchers who found the granite monuments believe they date back deep into ancient history, and were put into position by prehistoric people, yet how they did so, and why, currently defies understanding. The heavyweight dragon seems to be the oldest known image of this mythical creature in Russia. It does not appear to be related to the Chinese style of portraying the mythical creature, but a unique Siberian depiction. The Hermitage museum in St Petersburg has been informed […] Read More

The Russian Island of Cannibals

With all of our civilization, intellect, and culture, it’s easy for us humans to fall into the sense that we are somehow superior to all around us. We like to think that it is these qualities, as well as all of our technology and sophistication that sets us apart from beasts, and with all of this self assurance of our higher place in the world it is easy to forget that we ourselves are animals. In our comfortable civilized society it is easy to lose sight of the fact that beneath all of our higher learning and intelligence there resides the primal, bestial drive to survive by any means, and base instincts no different than the fiercest animals that share this world with us. How much or how little would it take to strip us of our societal rules and calm mask of civilization, only to reveal the vicious […] Read More

7 Facts About Mummies That Are Seemingly Insane, But True

Image source Intriguing things, these mummies. Imagine people taking immaculate care to make corpses last for thousands of years; providing them with every means of luxury that a person might need to lead an extravagant life – from personal servants to do biddings to their favourite pets, along with ample amount of food, drink, and clothes. They also provided them with protection, of curses, of mazes, of hidden entrances, hoping that one day these corpses will rise from the dead. Now, though much of the things surrounding mummies are superstitions and speculations, there are also some actual things that are very weird about these mummies… 1. The mummy of king Ramesses II was issued an Egyptian passport The passport listed his occupation as “King (deceased)”. The mummy was received at Le Bourget airport outside Paris, with the full military honours to befit a king. Fact Source 2. Scientists have discovered two […] Read More

Dozens of new craters appear in Siberia

Siberia found itself at the center of one of last year’s biggest mysteries when a number of large holes started to appear in remote areas of the country back in July. Researchers spent months investigating the phenomenon and determined that the release of gas hydrates brought about by rising temperatures was the most likely explanation. Now however it turns out that the craters may be a lot more widespread in the region than had been previously believed. “We know now of seven craters in the Arctic area,” said Professor Vasily Bogoyavlensky. “Five are directly on the Yamal peninsula, one in Yamal Autonomous district, and one is on the north of the Krasnoyarsk region, near the Taimyr peninsula.” Scientists have speculated that there could be several dozen more craters spread across Siberia. “I would compare this with mushrooms: when you find one mushroom, be sure there are few more around,” […] Read More

We Now Know Why This 2,500 Year Old Princess Died – Perhaps It’s Why She Was Buried With Cannabis

The mummified remains of a 2,500-year-old Siberian princess were extracted from the Altai Mountains in Russia in 1993. The finding of the so-called Princess Ukok in a permafrost subterranean tomb in the Altai Mountains, somewhere near the borders of Kazakhstan, China, and Mongolia, is considered one of the most important Russian archaeological discoveries of the late 20th century. It was believed to be part of the Pazyryk nomadic tribe mentioned in 5th century BC by Greek historian Herodotus. New MRI (magnetic resonance image) scans have revealed that the ancient Pazyryk princess died after suffering from acute breast cancer. Scientists believe the 25 year old woman could have used cannabis to ease the pain. The body of the Siberian mummy was covered with tattoos that were observable on her well-preserved skin. The princess was found in her tomb, buried with meat, ornate clothing, jewellery, a headdresses and other accessories. She was surrounded […] Read More