Mysterious Spider Creates Stonehenge of Silk

We just passed another winter solstice, which means there were plenty of people gathered at Stonehenge on December 21st watching the sunrise and trying to figure out what it all means. Perhaps they should ask a spider. Specifically, a mysterious spider that spins tiny Stonehenge-like structures out of silk. Does it line them up with the sun? The first “Silkhenge” was discovered in 2013 in the Tambopata National Reserve in southeastern Peru by Georgia Institute of Technology graduate student […] Read More

Researchers Discover a 99 Million-Year-Old Erection

Before you ask … yes, it’s THAT kind of an erection. Researchers in Myanmar studying a spider inside in a 99 million-year-old piece of Burmese amber discovered that the poor arachnid was trapped with an erect penis. Not only that, it’s believed to be the first time an arachnid’s penis has ever been preserved while fully extended (who keeps track of these things?). The unlucky spider is a harvestman (Halitherses grimaldii) and was discovered in 2005. The erection eventually […] Read More