Exploring American Monsters: Texas

 Jason Offutt Texas is the second largest state in the U.S. It’s big. Really big. Texas’ one-time tourism slogan, “Texas – It’s Like A Whole Other Country,” is apt. At 268,580 square miles, the state is slightly bigger (and more polite) than the entire country of France. It boasts four city areas (Dallas-Fort Worth counts as one) that rank in the top ten most populous cities in America. There are still cowboys in Texas, as well as oilmen, and […] Read More

The Legend Of The Big Bird

Chippewa Indian Lore: Dene Suline/Soline (Chippewa) Indians were known caribou eaters as early as 1600, coming down from northern Canada as far south as Lake Superior and Minnesota. They spread into numerous tribes, separated mainly by physical boundaries, such as lakes, rivers, and mountains. Their distinctive language of the Athapascan family is heard far and wide between the West and East Coasts, and even southward among the Apaches and Navaho. Dene Suline/Soline (Chippewa) are an extremely imaginative people, and […] Read More