Strange Disappearances on the Highway of Death

Meandering straight across the continental United states, from San Francisco, California, to Teaneck, New Jersey is the vast Interstate 80, also called simply I-80. Constructed between the years of 1956 to 1986, and sprawled out over 2,902 miles of historic travel routes, I-80 is one of the most ambitious highway projects ever attempted in the country. It is also perhaps one of the most vital, an artery through the country along which countless travelers and truckers surge day in […] Read More

Two People Spot ‘Thunderbird’ in California

Calif. — A man in Sacramento County on Friday said he saw an unidentified winged creature. 74-year-old D.R. told Cryptozoology News he was driving on State Route 16 near Rancho Murieta when the incident took place the night of July 15. “It was around 11:45 p.m.,” said the piano technician. “I was driving home from a performance in Fiddletown, near Plymouth,” he added. The Californian claims that he was driving at around 65 mph when the “huge bird” showed up. […] Read More

The Mysterious Giants of Catalina Island

Catalina Island, California Throughout cultures all over the world there have long been legends of giants living amongst us, colossal beings that our ancestors saw and even worshipped, but these creatures seem to have been lost to time and regulated to pure myth. Yet is there any chance that true giants really did exist at some point? There have been many theories of this and even supposed evidence dug up from time to time in the form of bones […] Read More

The Stinson Beach Serpent: A California Sea Monster, Reconsidered

The California coastline has a long history of visits by alleged “sea monsters,” dating back more than a century. The famous “San Clemente Monster” was one such creature, which began to appear in the early 1900s. Later in 1925, a bizarre animal carcass that washed ashore near Moore’s Beach in Santa Cruz further stoked the fires beneath legends of “monsters,” though today it is understood that this mystery beast had, in fact, been a variety of beaked whale. Reports of […] Read More

Did Giants Once Live On Catalina Island?

Its been a little while since I covered a good story about giants. And we all know how much this channel loves the ancient and modern-day giant mystery. This next case began when a 15-year-old Ralph Glidden moved to Catalina Island in 1896. Catalina Island is located just west of L.A. If you took a boat from long beach to Catalina Island the trip would only take about an hour or so. And there are also a few other […] Read More

A Spooky Tour Through Haunted Disneyland

In the world of strange hauntings and say places there is sometimes a place that seems like it couldn’t be more different from what one might imagine such a place should be. Perhaps nowhere else could be further from the typical impression of a haunted place than the world famous Disneyland, in Anaheim, Florida. This is a place of good times, bright characters, and happy, smiling people. How could it possibly be haunted? However, it seems that beyond the […] Read More

The Vanishing Children

In 1938 a 4 year old boy named a Alfred was camping with his family in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park. And as the boy was walking with his family he disappeared. He was there one minute and the next he was gone. The authorities were convinced that he must have fallen into the river as they were walking pretty close to it. And that theory could explain why Alfred didn’t answer any of his parents calls as maybe […] Read More

The Most Bizarre Cases of Mysterious Phantom Attackers

The shadows and dark corners of our surroundings have always provoked fear and caused our imaginations to go wild. What might lurk within those blackened recesses hidden from our vision? What might be watching us from that inky soup of dark? In most instances this is simply what it is; the ramblings of a frightened mind. Yet, throughout history there have been strange phantoms that have called these shadows home and which have sprung forth to lash out at […] Read More

These Early Reports of Sasquatch in Cascadia Offer Eerie Details of “Men Stealers”

Sasquatch, or “Bigfoot” as it is more commonly known today, is as elusive a mystery as any afforded us in North America. While the creature’s alleged existence in popular media really only sprang into the public consciousness during the 1950s, plenty of earlier stories exist, which dealt with “giants” in the mountains of Washington State and other remote regions of Cascadia. One early report that goes as far back as the 1840s appears in the diary of Elkanah Walker, […] Read More

Mount Shasta: Mysterious Mountain of California

Mount Shasta, located near the Oregon border in northern California, holds the distinction of being one of the world’s preeminent sacred mountains. It is recognized as an eligible Native American cultural and cosmological property on the National Register of Historic Places. Artifacts found in the surrounding area conservatively suggest at least 11,000 years of human habitation, designating this region as one of the longest-occupied areas of North America. On a clear day, Mount Shasta can be seen from over […] Read More

Mexican Mafia Connections To Santa Barbara

by Robert Eringer, The Investigator Why do Eastside gang-bangers want to rumble with Westside gang-bangers – and vice versa? It’s a lot like asking, why did the chicken cross the road? So one must delve deeper to understand that we in Santa Barbara are witnessing only a piece of a larger puzzle. While everyone deliberates a simplistic credo that State Street is a boundary for chicken crossing, a higher (dis) order is influencing and manipulating both-side Hispanic gangs. The […] Read More

The Most Dangerous Police Force in America

The Fresno PD is under investigation and speculation within a vast majority of independent sources. An activist by the name of John Lang predicted his own death for speaking out against the corruption of the police force here in Fresno county. His murder is shrined in mystery to the utmost severity. Drawing international recognition by the strongest hacker force to ever exist titled Anonymous, in which they publicly target Fresno Cities Representatives in claiming they would take down their […] Read More

The Ghosts of Golden Gate Park

Tales of ghostly phenomena are far from being confined to remote, isolated places in the dark old houses and crumbling buildings of the world. Indeed, there are alleged ghosts and specters that don’t seem to mind at all a little company, or even a lot, for some of the more famous eerie stories of hauntings come to us from locations that attract droves of people, changing our image of just where we can expect to experience these spooky phenomena. […] Read More