Dragon and Griffin Megaliths Dating Back 12,000 Years to End of Ice Age, or Earlier

By The Siberian Times reporter Unknown ancient people left the newly discovered fantastical creatures hewn of granite in Altai Mountains. This dragon drawn on a rock weighing a staggering 120 tons is believed to be exceptionally old, a megalith designed by a mysterious ancient population about whom we know nothing.   The unique megaliths were located at Mokhnataya mountain in Altai region, some 20 kilometres from the resort town of Belokurikha. Archeological researchers who found the granite monuments believe they date back deep into ancient history, and were put into position by prehistoric people, yet how they did so, and why, currently defies understanding. The heavyweight dragon seems to be the oldest known image of this mythical creature in Russia. It does not appear to be related to the Chinese style of portraying the mythical creature, but a unique Siberian depiction. The Hermitage museum in St Petersburg has been informed […] Read More

Exploring American Monsters: Missouri

Once a territory of France, Missouri is dotted with French names we consistently mispronounce, like the city of Versailles. Yes, it’s pronounced Ver-Sales, not ver-sahy. I’m from Missouri and even I have a hard time with this. Missouri is known for jazz, barbecue, cattle, baseball, and outlaw Jesse James. It’s a mid-sized state, and has the eighteenth densest population. Famous residents include President Harry Truman, journalist Walter Cronkite, actors Don Cheadle and Brad Pitt, musician Chuck Berry, baseball great Yogi Berra, Casey Jones (yeah, the railroad guy), General John “Blackjack” Pershing, botanist George Washington Carver, astronomer Edwin Hubble, and authors T.S. Eliot, and Mark freaking Twain. Covered by plains, hills, forests, and river bottoms, Missouri is as diverse with its geography as it is with culture. From the arts in Kansas City (yes, it’s in Missouri) to the food in St. Louis, and all the rural tractor shows in […] Read More

2009: Sky Serpents

The flying snakes that terrorized America! Text: Jerome Clark      July 2009  One day in early 1833, a native chief approached two Western missionaries working on the Indonesian island of Sumatra to relate a bizarre experience. The chief, Tam Basar by name, swore that he and a companion had seen a snake flying through the air. Fearing that it was danger­ous, they killed it when it landed near them. When the missionaries expressed incredulity, the chief insisted that he was telling the truth. He added that the snake, 4ft (1.2m) long, had no wings, which to the listeners only made the story more far-fetched. A year later, in January 1834, one of those missionaries, NM Ward, happened to be walking through a forest near the Pedang-Bessie River, a mile or so (1.6km) from the location where the flying snake had allegedly appeared. He and a companion stopped to study […] Read More

Atlantis: Secret Star Mappers of A Lost World

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