Creepy and Unexplained Enigmatic Codes on the Internet

We live in a digital world now, our planet connected by this vast wilderness we know as the Internet. It is one of the most powerful creations that we have managed to come up with, connecting us across vast distances no matter where we are and changing our lives in a myriad of ways. Yet it has also brought with it its fair share of strange mysterious and creepy enigmas….

Here’s How to Delete Yourself from the Internet – at the Click of a Button

In our smartphone-obsessed digital age, we effectively live our entire lives online, which makes us increasingly vulnerable to unseen threats.  Cyber crime, fraud and identity theft are exponentially growing concerns. Our personal lives, locations, and increasingly our passwords are made public online for anyone to find. If the highly invasive Investigatory Powers Bill (AKA the Snooper’s Charter) isn’t blocked, then every single digital move you make will be recorded for up to 12 months. Also, infinite junk mails….

Is the Internet Making Us Less Religious?

If you’re a sociologist of religion, one of the biggest stories of 2014 has been the decline in religious affiliation in the United States. Both the Pew Forum and the University of Chicago found that the number of unaffiliated Americans has more than doubled in recent years, to the point where roughly 1 in 5 Americans identifies as non-religious. There are a wide range of theories as to why this happened,…