Mystery Hole on Mars’ South Pole

When reports of strange landscape features spotted on the Martian landscape come in, they usually come from the same old YouTube-based armchair sleuths. Now that Google Mars lets anyone with an internet connection pore over the Martian surface for rocks that look like ancient buildings, rocks that look like alien spacecraft, or rocks that look like weird rocks. This week, however, NASA’s own Jet Propulsion Laboratories have published images taken near Mars’ South Pole which show a strange, perfectly […] Read More

New Study Claims Life on Mars Discovered in 1976 by Viking 1

While most of the space world is waiting (as of this writing) for word whether the European Space Agency’s Schiaparelli EDM lander successfully landed on Mars, a new paper claims that the first probe to land on Mars way back in 1976 found conclusive evidence of life on the Red Planet. Is this a matter of technology finally catching up with the data or evidence of a cover-up? On July 20, 1976, Viking 1 became the first spacecraft to […] Read More

‘Dyson Sphere’ Star Mysteriously and Dramatically Dimming

The mysterious star with the catchy nickname that refuses to explain itself just got a little more mysterious … and a lot dimmer. Data on KIC 8462852 – aka Tabby’s Star, aka the star that might be surrounded by a Dyson sphere – was analyzed by another set of astronomers and they noticed a 200-day period where it dimmed drastically in comparison to other times. Did the aliens sucking power from the star via the sphere need an emergency […] Read More

Very Odd Binary Systems Spit 45,000 Miles per Second Winds

Researchers at Cambridge University have observed two “very odd” binary systems in a nearby galaxies that are emitting winds at a quarter of the speed of light–around 45,000 miles per second. The binary systems are believed to be ‘ultra-luminous x-ray sources,’ that are devouring their companion stars at a rate that exceeds previously understood limits, and spitting out the remnants at incredible speed. When observing the universe at the x-ray wavelength, there are two predominant types of astronomical objects; […] Read More

Earth is Made Up of Two Planets Fused Together

21st Century Wire says… This will completely change our understanding of our origins. Watch a video of this report here: Previously, scientists proposed that Theia, a planetary embryo, simply side-swiped Earth, blasting the Moon into orbit and then continued off into space. Now, new research from the University of California at Los Angeles suggests that instead of a side-swiping, a head-on collision occurred between Earth and Theia, which made the planetary embryo a part of our own planet. Science […] Read More

Astronomers Find Alien ‘Megastructures’ Orbiting Star Near Milky Way

What else is out there in the stars waiting to be found? (Photo Credit: ESO/Y) 21st Century Wire says… If correct this would put that alien civilisation thousands, if not millions, of years ahead of our own development. Watch a video of this report here: Jason Wright, an astronomer at Penn State University, is set to publish a report on a ‘swarm of megastructures‘ that have been found orbiting a star just outside of the Milky Way Galaxy. The anomaly was […] Read More

Private Rocketeers Fundraise to Send Tiny Payload to Moon

How much do you think it would cost to send a paperclip to the surface of the Moon? Do you think a private space company could do it for less than NASA? We’re about to find out as a group of private rocket engineers has launched a 30-day fundraising campaign to send a 1 gram payload (that’s the weight of a large paperclip) to the lunar surface. Moonspike co-founders Kristian von Bengtson (a Danish spaceflight architect) and entrepreneur Chris […] Read More

Does This Prove There Was Ancient Life On Mars?

21st Century Wire says… The red planet has always sparked human fascination, and this discovery may mean that we were right to be intrigued. Watch a video of this report here: Readings from Martian rovers have found that the red planet’s crust contains traces of the gemstone opal, which have now been confirmed by the stone’s presence in a Martian meteorite which landed in Egypt over a century ago in 1911. Opal is created when water interacts with silica, […] Read More

Pilot Claims India Invented Airplane 7,000 Years Ago

Forget the Wright Brothers and the Apollo program. A paper presented this week at the Indian Science Conference by retired pilot Captain Anand Bodas claims that India invented airplanes 7,000 years ago and they could not only fly but stop in mid-air, move in any direction and travel to other planets. Bodas, a retired pilot, trainer and one of the two authors of the paper “Ancient Indian Aviation Technology,” attributes the first aircraft to the Maharshi Bharadwaj. Here’s his […] Read More

2014: NASA Builds Design For The First Faster Than Light Speed Spacecraft

A few weeks ago, scientists from the SETI Institute (Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence) told the United  States Congress that extraterrestrial life most certainly exists. Now, we might not be too far from seeing it for ourselves. A NASA scientist and well known graphic artist have come together to design a vessel that (one day) could be used to allow us to travel throughout the universe and beyond in a light speed warp drive spacecraft. (source) The Science & How […] Read More

Cydonia II…?

MGS Image 43904c lat. 34.47 – lon. 218.64 resolution 5.67 mpp This image, taken by the Mars Global Surveyor camera shows several geological formations very similar to the Cydonia region. The most striking similarities occur on the small “island” type features. Actually, I’m rather surprised no one on the MTRAC list, or the Mars Update list caught this unusual region. What can you find? There are several anomalies within this single frame. But how are they formed? Is this simply “Martian” […] Read More

John Winston Collection 1

Collection 1 Contents: Re: UFOs and Newage Space People Zap Hubble Telescope. Space People Zap Hubble Telescope. Time Travel. Swami Johnny. Ear Candles. Part 2. The UFO And The Balloon Race In Italy. The US Has 30 UFOs. They Are Not Tuning In Mars. Past Lives On Other Planets. Mt. Shasta. The Good Guys. Radion Show About UFOs. Scallion, Earth Changes and UFOs. Re: Scallion, Earth Changes and UFOs. Part 1. Re: UFOs and Newage (Mon, 22 Mar 93 […] Read More

Moon Anomalies: MN0000

ID ANOMALIES: MN0000 PLANET: MOON COORDINATE: [8°,10°] E / [8°,10°] N REGION: Hyginus, Rima Hyginus, Boskovich TYPE: BUILDING STRUCTURE INS DATE: FEBRUARY 2008 SENDER: STEVEN GLYNN DESCRIPTION Building-like object similar to a castle has been evident in the past on the NASA image AS10-32-4822 . From the official NASA web-archive, it seems to be no anymore evident the presence of this strange building. It is located in the lunar region between Rima Hyginus and Boskovic. The MN0000 shows a […] Read More