The Case of the Vanishing Lieutenant

To paraphrase Gilbert & Sullivan, Paul Byron Whipkey was the very model of a modern Army First Lieutenant. The 26-year-old was smart, brave, serious and disciplined, described as “an all-American young man and a superior officer.” He was, in short, one of the last people you could imagine being enveloped by The Weird. However, since he is featured on this blog, you have probably already guessed that this is exactly what happened. The young aviator and company commander was […] Read More

Weird Cases of Sudden Bizarre Behavior That Led to Mysterious Vanishings and Deaths

Some mysterious disappearances and deaths seem to be surrounded by more bizarre clues than others. Whereas there are people who have died under baffling circumstances or stepped off the face of the earth without warning, in other cases there has shown to be demonstrated a series of weird, uncharacteristic and perplexing behavior and actions directly leading up to these instances that are every bit as puzzling as the crimes they link in to. What sort of clues does this […] Read More

Destination Nowhere: Mysterious Travelers Who Vanished Into Thin Air

At times the stresses of modern life can get to us and we seek to get away from it all and escape the burdens and responsibilities that bog us down. We embark on journeys out into the world to seek a life that eludes us in our everyday toil. Perhaps it is to visit friends, or maybe it is to fulfill our dream to journey to some faraway land that we perceive to be exotic and welcoming. Very few […] Read More

The Weird World of Vanishing and Teleporting Objects

Have you ever lost something that you had just a moment before and could not find no matter where you looked? Have you ever had a lost object turn up in a place where it had no business being? Indeed, have you ever had something just suddenly show up that you do not remember having or buying? Most of us have had this happen to us on numerous occasions, and although we typically write it off as just absent […] Read More

Strange People Who Shifted to Other Dimensions

Do other realities brush up against our own? Are there parallel dimensions lying just beyond through some thin, untraceable veil separating us? The idea of parallel realities beyond our own is not new, yet what if this phenomenon were to come bursting forth from the realm of theory and speculation and come crashing down into the now? Are there perhaps some people who have stepped over that barrier into domains we have not yet to see and which we […] Read More

Into Thin Air: The Strange Vanishing of Keith Reinhard

Some mysterious disappearances have a particular knack for drawing to themsleves an air of weirdness. These are the cases that seem to stump and baffle those who would seek to find answers, and cloak themselves in a veil of shadows and mystery. One such case involves a man who went off to seek a new life in a rural locale, only to become obsessed with a strange disappearance, start writing a book about it, and go on to himself […] Read More