In 1938 a 4 year old boy named a Alfred was camping with his family in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park. And as the boy was walking with his family he disappeared. He was there one minute and the next he was gone. The authorities were convinced that he must have fallen into the river as they were walking pretty close to it. And that theory could explain why Alfred didn’t answer any of his parents calls as maybe he drowned or just got swept away by the river. But Alfred parents insisted that this was not the case, and they kept telling the authorities that he had just vanished. And that day a massive search was launched and they searched up and down the river and all through out the national park for 5 days. But there was just no sign or any evidence of Alfred anywhere, so they called off the search. But something interesting did happen on the first day of the search when bloodhounds were called in. The bloodhounds picked up the young boys sent right away but they mysteriously stopped at the exact location were Alfred disappeared. And the dogs did show some very strange behavior.

Now this disappearance was all over the news and the police got a rather strange call from a couple who claimed that they had seen Alfred while they were hiking at the National Park. The couple told the cops and the park rangers that while they were hiking at about 3000 feet higher than were Alfred went missing they saw a boy perched on a very high ridge known as the devils nest. And the couple were  just looking at this boy in total awe as they were extremely curious how a boy that young could get up there as even experienced hikers have a hard time getting to that ridge. Then they saw someone or something jerking the boy back out of their view. And that very night they saw Alfred’s face on the news and they were convinced that this was the same boy. So a search and rescue team was dispatched to this location but there was no sign of Alfred. And the park rangers told the boys parents that there was just no way that their son could have climbed up that ridge all alone, or with help, or reached that destination within that time period. Now despite years of searching not one bit of evidence of Alfred has ever been found. And what makes this case so mysterious is how the bloodhounds just stopped right at the location were Alfred disappeared, as well as the couple’s story as they were convinced that they saw Alfred. Now some believe that this could have been the work of some unknown big bird such as we have discussed in some of my previous videos and some believe that something more sinister is to blame.

Another very interesting case happened in 1999 when a 3 year old named Jaryd was staying with his father at a Christian camp in Colorado. And Jaryd and 12 other Christian group members were hiking on the Big South Trail when Jaryd somehow managed to stray from the group. And some fisherman told the authorities that they had seen Jaryd, and this little 3 year old boy asked them if they had seen any bears around. Now these fisherman told this young lad that he should get back to his group. And it’s a shame that they didn’t escort him back as they were the last people to see young Jaryd alive. And everybody was searching for him but there was just no trace of Jaryd anywhere. The bloodhounds couldn’t pick up his sent, the helicopters couldn’t find him and nobody could find any clues or any tracks. So the ones in charge of the investigation believed that Jaryd must have fell and drowned in the river, just like Alfred. And a couple of days later the search was called off. But 4 years later they did find his body. Jaryd remains were found in a very remote and difficult area to get to. And his body was found really close to the trail were he was last seen. But it was about 500 feet above the trail and there was just no way that Jayred could have walked up there all by himself or with help. And when experts examined the body they did find scratch marks on his cranium. Making them believe at that time that he was attacked by a mountain lion. But many disagreed with that statement as this didn’t fit a mountain lion attack and a mountain lion or any other land predator wouldn’t have been able to drag Jaryd’s body to that location. Now after further examination they concluded that these scratch marks didn’t match any known animal, and that but that statement did come from one of the experts who was assigned to the case, according to missing 411. Now what was even more strange is the boys clothes were turned inside out and his clothes and shoes were surprisingly fresh and clean. It’s as if Jaryd had only been lying there for a couple of weeks or days, well at least in regards to his clothes. Making this another very sad but very mysterious case.

Then In 1992 a 12 year old Kenny Miller went missing in Yosemite National Park while hiking with his family on the Pacific Crest Trail. Now Kenny was a special boy and he was last seen throwing pebbles into a creek. And his parents were very close by and they only took their eyes off of Kenny for a minute or so before they realized that he was gone. And after a long search they couldn’t find any trace of the young man anywhere. But about a month later some hikers did find Kenny’s body on a very difficult to get to ridge, about fifteen hundred feet higher than were he was last seen. And yet again there was just no way that Kenny a mentally challenged young man could have got there on his own. And the cause of his death was official stated as exposure but many believe that something else must have happened to Kenny. Then in Oregon a 2 year old boy went missing in the forest. And this boy was found 19 hours later and about 12 miles away. And the interesting thing about this case is there was just no way that a 2 year old could have covered that terrain, as it would have been extremely difficult for an adult. So the obvious suspect was an animal or predator but there were just no signs of any real distress on the boy’s body ruling that theory out. So how the heck did he get there.

Another very strange disappearances happened in Arizona when a 7 year old boy went missing and bloodhounds were quickly on the case. But the dogs were unable to pick up any sent. Which is very unusual for bloodhounds. But thankfully this case has a happy ending as he was found 2 days later, about 20 miles away and right in the middle of the desert. Now this 7 year old was very dazed and confused but in remarkable great condition. He showed no signs of any dehydration, and no negative effects whatsoever. Which in reality is impossible, as 1 hour in the desert you would be extremely dehydrated. And also during that time the night time temperature was below freezing. So how could this young man be completely unfazed by the scorching desert and the below freezing nights. And above all why couldn’t he remember anything. Now Something unknown has to be going on here and in most of these cases and I would not say for 100 percent certainty, but it does seems like these children were taking from the air. But the last case might suggest something else. And my good buddy Scott reminded me that most of these children were wearing very bright clothing. Now whatever the case maybe this is one of the worlds greatest mysteries as there are just so many young children and people who go missing throughout the world. And in these type of unusual or supernatural like cases it doesn’t seem to be caused by man or any known animal. And it also seems that the government knows what is going on, or at least that they know something. But for whatever reasons they are not telling us. Only making us more scared and also making us believe that something unknown, something paranormal must be going on here.


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