For years we have been fascinated by dreams and dream symbols. 

Most of the time, we don’t remember our dreams at all. Often enough, we wake up in the morning having absolutely no recollection of what we dreamed about through the night. Just because we don’t remember them, that does not mean that they didn’t happen. In fact, there are many theories on why we dream and what it does to us. Many believe that it is our way of understanding the world and making sense of the things that happen to us on a day to day basis.

Still, it can be kind of frightening when you keep having the same recurring dream. All too often, people struggle when it comes to their dreams. They find that there is one ongoing scenario that plagues them time and time again. Does that sound familiar to you?

In order to analyze the dreams we must also study how we participate in our daily activities. Are dreams a replay on the visual stimuli of what we perceive in waking hours or messages of guidance from beyond? What do these dream symbols mean? How do we interpret them and analyze them to give us messages?

Here are 10 dream symbols you should never ignore:

1. Flying

This is a dream that people have all too often. Dreams of flying often indicate the need to reach ambition. When you dream that you are flying, it’s all about power and control. If you are flying well, it means that you are ready to make some big decisions in your life. It shows that you are in control of things and can do whatever you want. Beware, though, as this dream can often turn into a falling dream.

2. Falling

This is probably one of the most common dream signals, and yet most people tend to ignore it when it happens to them. If you have a dream about falling, it can signify a couple of things. First of all, it can be about control. We all go through periods when we feel that we have lost a sense of control in our lives. You might have lost your job or broken up with someone. These things make us feel powerless, especially if they were out of our hands.

This dream signifies that you need to regain your power in some way. The second thing it points to is fear. When we are scared of things in life, we often worry about them in our unconscious – hence the falling dream.

3. Water Dreams

The elements tend to feature quite prominently in people’s dreams from time to time. If you see water as a central feature in your dream, it tells you a whole lot about your emotional state of mind.

If the water is still and calm, it says that you feel the same way. On the flip side of that, if you see water that is swirling or angry looking, that means that you have emotional issues that you need to approach. To dream of waterfalls is a great omen. This represents new beginnings as the old is washed out.

If you see waterfalls in your dreams, ask yourself these questions: Is the waterfall a small one or a large one? How are you perceiving your obstacles?

4. Insects Or Bugs

When you find that there are loads of insects or bugs in your dreams, the reason is as clear as day. Often people don’t get why these things happen to appear, but there is a very good reason. Basically, insects tend to annoy us – they are symbolic of our problems. Have you been ignoring some of your duties in your day to day life? That is what this dream is trying to tell you. You must not ignore it.

5. Losing Your Teeth

Dreams with teeth are very common. Have you ever dreamed that your teeth are falling out one by one? Worse still, you may dream that you see them crumbling and falling away. If that is the case, you may find that you have lost some form of power in your life. For example, you may feel that you are losing control of a certain situation or that you are losing your confidence.

If you see teeth in your dreams, ask yourself these questions: How do you feel about your teeth? We use our teeth to nourish the body. How are we nourishing our lives?

6. Death

Dreaming with death is more common than most people admit. As morbid as it feels, to dream of death usually symbolizes the ending of something. Death is the termination of ego parts. There is the death of anxiety and anger. The death of a situation. There is the death of an idea allowing for the birth of another. Dreaming of death or dying can be a psychological aspect of working tremendous changes in emotions.

If you see death in your dreams, ask yourself these questions: Where you the one who died? Was it a loved one? These dreams can also be guidance from a departed loved one trying to give comfort.

7. Being Pregnant

Dreaming of being pregnant symbolizes a major growth and development. It can be geared to future projects and desires.

If you visualize pregnancy in your dreams, ask yourself these questions: What are you trying to create? What transformation are you encountering in your waking life? Are you pregnant with possibilities? Pregnant dreams can bring fruitful ideas for a job or relationship.

 8. Someone Chasing You

You might not be aware of their intentions, but having someone chase you in a dream is never a good thing. Basically, this person is symbolic of your fears and problems. If you are figuratively running from something in your life, this is a sign that it’s time to face it sooner rather than later. Often, this dream can feel very intimidating. That’s because it shows you how you feel in the inside right now.

9. Fire

Fire dreams can have several meanings depending on the context of the dream. Seeing fire in a distance symbolizes desire and transformation while playing with fire can be a warning of risky activities. If you dream of starting a fire it symbolizes anger that is being repressed.

Ask yourself these questions: Do you avoid risky situations? Do you spend your day putting out fires?

10. Being Naked

We’ve all had that dream when we’re doing something completely normal and then we look down to see that we are naked. It can be terrifying, to say the least, but what on earth does it mean? Well, dream experts suggest that this could be a sign of insecurity. If you’re lacking confidence in your waking life, it may manifest in this way when you dream. Think about it – there is nothing scarier than being naked, especially in public. That is a sign of how you feel in your daily life… scared.

It can also mean the loss of respect. Nakedness is about accepting flaws and imperfections. Just like in waking moments it is about how much is exposed to the world of the self.

If you are naked in a dream, ask yourself: Are you afraid of being seen for who you are? Are you overexposing yourself?

Dreams represent episodes of our lives that can be analyzed in millions of ways, and the dreamer is the only one who can figure out the true emotional state of the dream. These are only a few suggestions into the world of night visions; the mind, body, and spirit are intertwined and how we perceive the self plays over and over during our sleep.

 “In dreams we are plunged into darkness to help us find our way to the light. ” – Nancy Wagaman

Source: AuntyAcid

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