By Whitneay T. Vanwells

Rule #1.  ‘Everybody is rich, but poor me’ … Or, ‘I am a money victim’ …

You came into this life with past experiences from other times.  In those times you were rich, you were poor, and you sometimes starved to death.  Those past life experiences gave you a subconscious belief that you were poor, and that life must always be a struggle.  As an adult, you may continue to believe this, and also take great subconscious effort in re-creating and manifesting WRONG BELIEFS.  This is at the heart of the prosperity problem.  What you believe, you will see in your life.  It is Spiritual Law, – As Above, So Below.  Above meaning the higher level of your mind.  Below meaning, your physical life, and what you manifest in it.  Challenge your beliefs, that ‘everybody is rich, but me’.  And, start doing it now.

Rule #2.  ‘What you put into your body, affects your life, and your – CASH FLOW’ …

Manifesting a prosperous life, has to do with taking care of yourself.  If you eat junk, your mind thinks ‘junk’.  If you eat well, you give your body and consciousness a healthy springboard, so that you can go out into life, and to create at will what you want.  Your mother isn’t with you any more to take care of you.  Now, you must parent yourself, and take care of yourself.  You may have bad examples from your parents, on what a good diet is, or what exercise is.  Challenge these old fashioned, wrong beliefs in eating, exercise, and life style.  If you eat right, you feel right, and you attract, yes, you guessed it, right things into your life.

Rule #3. ‘Exercise or lack of it, either builds income, or destroys it’ 

If you exercise, you give yourself the POWER to create a better life.  Exercise is the afterburner, to help your check book cook with new cash.  Did you know that age is determined by exercise, not how old you are.  That means someone in their 50’s who has a good exercise routine, could be physically younger, then someone in their 20’s who is a couch potato.  How does this relate to manifesting? If you take care of your body and exercise, in almost any form, you feel better about yourself.  If you feel better about yourself, you will attract more of the positive to you.

Rule #4. ‘The Rule of life style’ …

If you spend your evenings watching TV, you are throwing money down the drain.

… WHAT THE HECK DOES THAT MEAN???  When you watch the average evening selection on your TV, which is what most people watch, you loose energy.  You do not relax very well if someone is shooting the crap out of a villain in a movie you are watching.  Be selective about what you watch.  If it has blood, gore, or fear in it, you are feeding this to your mind. Bad TV, affects your sleep.  If you don’t sleep, you won’t have the energy that you need the next day to create a more prosperous life for yourself.

Rule #5. ‘Create a plan of action’ …

Most people are blown around by the winds of life. They just accept what happens and do not take charge of their direction, or set goals.  If you do not have a life plan for creating what you want in this life, you will get just about anything.  But, if you create a life plan, a ‘Wheel Of Fortune’, that includes your dreams and hopes, you give yourself permission to create these new and wonderful plans as a reality in your life.  If you want to create more prosperity in your life.  Take action!  And, create a plan of your dreams, and how you can manifest them.  If you are seeking a new career path, do not put any limits on it.  ‘Well, I want to be a lawyer, but I don’t want to go to school’.  Well, if you want to be a lawyer, go to school.  If you are a lawyer who wants to create wood sculptures for a living, and that is your dream, then create a plan, and go do it.  If you want a new car, ask yourself what kind of car.  What color is the car, is it convertible, 4 door, how do you feel if you sit in your new car?  Put yourself in the driver’s seat of your life.  Get a piece of paper and a pen, and write out what you really, really want in life.  Take a chance, because you can live your dreams.

Rule #6.  ‘What you think and feel, you get’

This is one of the most important prosperity rules, so read each word carefully.  What you think about you might get, but what you think and feel, you WILL get.  Thoughts are not enough to help you to manifest greater prosperity.  The thoughts must be heavily laced with your feelings.  The feelings are the motor of creation. Without feeling, you cannot attract what you want.  Ask yourself, ‘How do I feel in my new job, new car, new house?’… ‘I see myself putting my huge check into my account at the bank. I see myself with all of the benefits of a greater income… I think, and I see, and I FEEL, all of those things as though THEY ARE ALREADY HERE NOW!!!  Pretend that you do, and pretty soon, you will.

Rule #7. ‘What you talk about collapses time’

What you think and feel helps you to manifest more goodies into your life.  But, what you talk about shortens the time that it takes to manifest those changes. Have you ever noticed that when you gossip about someone else, how very fast it comes back to you, and it is rarely pleasant. That is because you are working within Rule #7, talking collapses time.  This can work either for you, or against you. Talking about a plan or goal, can make it happen faster.  But, talking about your new goals, can also be ammunition for those who would take your goals away from you.

Rule #8 – Create a goal setting plan for manifesting and DON’T TELL ANYONE!…

If you tell someone about a really wonderful plan, they can take it from you. This is especially true of family members.  This take notice of Rule #8.  It is a very important prosperity rule.  When you were a child, you may have put Rule #8 into jeopardy, when you told your mother or father about some really neat idea, or plan that you had.  They said “Do you think you should?”  And, that was the end of your dream.  Keep your dreams private, and keep your goal setting materials where others will not see them, or know about them.  Even your best friend, because you care about them, could destroy your prosperity plan.  Be the 007 that you can be, and keep your plan protected.

Rule #9 – ‘Create an outflow and help others’

The Rockefellers knew what they were doing, when they made HUGE, yearly, donations to benefit those less fortunate.  They created a spiritual OUTFLOW.  It is important to have an outflow for 2 reasons.  First, it opens up the dam of prosperity, and allows it to move into your life. If you give, it is with the belief that more will come your way.  It also tells Spirit, ‘Hey, I have a void here, can you fill it with more?’  Nature, and Spirit will not have a void.  If there is a void, Spirit will fill it with someone.  So, if you give, you create a little void, and low and behold, more stuff shows up.  Did you ever give old clothes away, and then more new stuff showed up?  Having an outflow is also based on spiritual law; WHAT YOU GIVE, YOU GET.

Rule #10 – ‘Money is a form of Spirit’

Many people with very good ethics and high morals, believe that money is not clean.  For some reason, they put spirituality, and poverty, together.  They might feel that if they have money, they are not spiritual, or God like, because they have more then others.  This is a WRONG MISCONCEPTION.  Money is really a form of Spirit.  If it is not for the spiritual people, the good people, and the caring people, then WHO IS IT FOR? I must explain this further, because this is a very important point.  Many of you are high Souls, who came into this life, with perhaps thousands of priest lives in your history.  In most of those priest lives, you were asked to take vows of poverty.  These ancient vows are very powerful, and can cause you to believe that it is impure to have money. In those past lives, this really was a control method that was used by the priesthood, to control the priests.  And, it was also a very old, poorly thought out, philosophy with no foundation in reality.  You must work very hard to get rid of these old vows, because they are laced with emotion.  That means that if you broke these vows, you were punished, and so their is fear holding this old programming into place.  But, regardless of where the old negative beliefs about money came from, they do not belong, and you will need to work on them. To see more information on priest vows – Click

Rule #11. ‘I can’t have more money then my parents did’

If you have this belief in place, you will always only get to a certain level in terms of your prosperity, and fall back again.  This subconscious program is another one that comes from your childhood.  If you were competed with as a child, you most likely will have this belief in your consciousness.  If you were told you were a loser, and that you would never amount to anything, this is part of your beliefs. How do you break through this belief if you have it?  First, watch your thoughts, and see if you do have this programming in your thoughts.  How to you feel about your accomplishments?  Do some Soul searching, and talk to friends and see if they see a pattern in your life.  If you show a pattern of only getting so far, and then falling back, it may very well be due to parental programming.

Rule #12. ‘I feel worthy to receive Now

Self love and prosperity go together.  In order to create your goals, and to achieve them, you must find ways to love and nourish your heart and Soul. Start with the statement above ‘I FEEL WORTHY TO RECEIVE’.  You might find it painful to work with this statement, as it may bring up old hurts.  That is O.K. Work with it anyway.  That which stays buried, you keep. That which you allow to surface can be naturally cast off, and cleared.  Nurturing your heart, also nurtures your ability to create greater prosperity.  If you feel that you deserve more in life, and feel worthy to receive it, it will show up.  But, it has 2 parts to it.  It is ‘I feel worthy to receive’, and it also has within it, ‘They are also worthy to receive’.  That means, you care about what others get in life, as well as yourself.  It puts worthiness into a very caring category in your heart and mind.  And, it says, ‘I allow myself to receive the good in life, and I allow others the joy of doing the same thing’.  NOW, what does now, really mean.  NOW, is not your past, or your Future.  Now means believing that you have what you need right now, in your possession now.  The Future never comes.  If you try to see yourself in your future with: money, new career, or possessions, it is like chasing a butterfly that you can never, ever, catch.  The Future does not exist. NOW exists, and you here, NOW, in your daily life. So, to create and manifest learn to think and feel in the Now, acting AS IF you already have what you want now.

If you could place all of these Rules into one belief system, it would talk about self love, and the love of others.  It would talk about caring enough about yourself to feel worthy to receive from the Universe.  What a good person receives, they naturally want to share.  Wanting to share with others is a very real part of who you are.  What is given to you, is all about Spirit loving you, and about you loving yourself enough to receive it.

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