A lot of interesting information has been surfacing over the past few months. Added together they have helped us to better understand why there are plans for the formation of a New World Order and why the government is hiding the truth. Some light has been shed on some of the secret plans which are being funded through the illegal actions and deeds of the elite and the potential ramifications of certain upcoming events.

If you want to understand what’s really afoot we highly recommend you read The 12th Planet by Zecharia Sitchin (available for $5.99 + 1.50 postage through Avon Books, Dept. BP, Box 767, Rte. 2, Dresden, TN 38225, 1-800-762-0779).

This book, which is the first of five in The Earth Chronicles series, puts the topics of ETs and UFOs into perspective through the analysis of ancient Sumerian cuneiform texts. In addition, information which has been revealed through Richard Hoagland‘s study of recently disclosed pictures of the Moon substantiates a lot within this book. There are a lot of interstellar and Earth politics going on and all of us are involved, in one way or another, in the events which are unfolding. Every action, positive or negative, is being monitored.

A list of mounting charges against the beings involved in Earth’s woes will be used to hold them accountable in the very near future. A few years ago an anonymous, one page letter stated the purpose of the original group left on Earth by our ancestors, the Nefilim. These directives have not been accomplished; instead things have been so corrupted by this bunch that it has led to our present planetary situation. The letter went on to say that this sad state of affairs was known and the individuals involved will not go unpunished – they will be dragged back to Marduk in chains to face the tribunal there. The 12th planet, Marduk, and the Nefilim will be here by 1997.

Will this lead to setting Earth and all her life forms free from the influence of evil control once and for all? The present day conflict by the corrupters of Earth is a last ditch effort to repel the return of the Nefilim. This conflict will initiate a tough, bumpy road for those caught in between. Every plan, every attempt to waylay this taking place is known. Lies and deceit will soon give way and everyone will know the truth about the oppressor. This will open the way for a turn around of events and will create a planet of Light and Love.

Remember, LOVE WILL SERVE YOU WELL. Make this the basis for every action and deed of your special contribution in the days, weeks and years ahead. It’s no secret the plans of the elite are collapsing. It’s also no secret that the enforcer side to their plans is having some misgivings about leadership. The power structure on Earth is being redefined. Cracks are appearing in the best of their plans and small fractures are creating larger rifts that will increase in the future. For instance, they are starting to see that the building of underground cities, etc. may not be the best plan.

Plans to escape into space have been rendered useless because the benevolent side has given little support to this as a future reality. Star Wars is looking less the system they thought it would be as events creep ever closer to the actual test of it preventing the Nefilim from coming in. Let’s face facts folks. If the Nefilim had rocket and space travel 400,000 or so years ago plus weapons beyond what we have today, have we caught up? We doubt it and in the time left we suspect that every plan is already deemed unworkable since monitoring known technology, direction of intent on Earth and the thoughts behind them were never concealable. The only solution left for the rebellious ones is to express a desire for and rapidly instigate correct changes.

The deal with the Nefilim is that they get the gold, silver and platinum and man gets everything else on Earth. The Joint Chiefs of Staff have now seen to it that the wealth of the Trilateralists was confiscated and put back into the coffers of our Treasury. Could this action be proof that not everyone is in agreement with the plans and directives of the elite? There was a warning in the letter referred to above that there is no place to hide when the Nefilim come to take the rebellious ones back to Marduk. If Marduk is the 12th planet in our Solar system in an orbit which takes 3,600 years to once again become visible, wouldn’t it make sense they are also a part of the Confederation of Planets? Man was created by the Nefilim and there is now a concerted effort for corrective action before our ancestors return to put things back into balance. Is it any wonder this planet is drawing the attention of the rest of the universe which is aware that the Nefilim will return?

This is the Grand Event folks and the best show around to watch and observe. It is the hit of the Intergalactic drive-in movie. There are ambassadors of Light present on this planet. SUPPORT their efforts and forge ahead in that love as an extension of this group. Help them to create Heaven On Earth, the original plan of the gardeners of creation in the Divine Plan. Accept no other course of action eternal Spirits.

We shall overcome and prevail.

Peace and Love,

Kortron and Solinus

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