Zoosh through Robert Shapiro

November 26, 1996

Where are we with respect to these beings from the alternate negative future who control the sinister secret government?

You’re at a point now where you’re starting to get help from beyond. The angelicas are closer to you now than they have ever been, and consciousness itself is raising on the planet. Although once upon a time angels were considered something vaguely religious and basically for children, now they are becoming more accepted. That helps. Because you are at 3.47, there’s enough distance from 3.0 that the energy coming from the alternative negative future (which is really directed toward 3.0 dimension)…

Oh, I didn’t know that.

Yes, it’s directed to 3.0 and it has to come to where you are, so it basically rebounds. It first comes to 3.0, then reaches up to where you are and tries to hang on, that gives you an advantage, because they have more power coming back in a straight line to 3.0 than they do on the rebound.

Then there is that vehicle coming in with the comet Hale-Bopp. Although it is not in any way interfering, it is going out of its way to be seen. A vehicle coming in like that and being seen raises a lot of hopes, and that’s good.

The threat of this alternate negative future happening is still very real, but not so real that it is a matter of life and death. It does take, however, people believing in good things, people acting on faith. It will take acts by the average person. For instance, let’s say that in an average inner-city high school someone hurls an insult into the air, but it is not a personal insult directed at somebody. Now and in the recent past you might find people getting in a fight over it. But insulting remarks do not have to be taken personally unless they are directed at you. Ignoring it would be a positive act. I’m trying to give examples of something that actually fits into life, rather than something like sitting around in circles and holding the thought of love. That’s fine for some communities, but this must also be directed to places where there is the most difficulty and struggle.

Technique for Releasing Anxiety.

Here’s another example. You’re walking through a city park and there are two or three people approaching. On your first sight of them there’s no reason to believe they mean you any harm, but because it is several people, your anxiety builds. I want to suggest something else. As you exhale, each time imagine yourself beaming gold light in their direction. This cannot harm them in any way, and it gives you something to do that will increase your confidence and do good for both of you.

I’m not saying that this is a panacea, but that there are things you can do beyond hitting the panic button. Those of you who are in groups, continue your good works. Those of you who are individually radiating good energy, continue. But also, those of you who are in situations where you’re exposed to threats, start taking positive actions such as beaming gold light – even if you must turn and walk on the other side of the park. (That’s okay, too; don’t do anything foolish.) On the exhale, breathe out that gold light and feel free to blow it out [blows out through his mouth to illustrate]. You don’t have to blow it right at the people; they’re going to wonder what you’re doing. You can just blow it out without really looking at them, see?

What I’m saying is, make even a small gesture in order to perpetuate your safety, one that does not harm others, and do what you need to do to get along. We need to create a common link between people without aggravating any more tensions.

If this was an organizational chart, what would it look like? How many beings are we talking about?

That are coming from the future?

From the alternate negative future. Who are they directly impacting, and how does it flow out to the point where they have the power to start removing people and killing the people in Africa?

About every three and a half minutes, two beings from the alternate negative future (ANF) will come back. As they were approaching your time (they tried this for a while, by the way), they attempted to dump some negativity, but they found out they were dumping it in the wrong place, so now they don’t do that anymore. They just come back to 3.0 and they have to stay there for a while. They have others here at 3.47 (getting the first beings here was a struggle, but that’s another story), and the ones who are coming back now to 3.0 will focus on them.
Their beings?

Their people, yes. They will concentrate on an oath of allegiance they take. There are no other beings hanging around 3.0; they’re not interested in the beings coming from Sirius manifesting at 3.0 now.

They’re trying to get here, and when they get a response at 3.47, they can then be pulled here. But at latest count I’d say they’re losing right around 13% of their negative energy as they make the rebound from 3.0 to 3.47. So when they make that move dimensionally and lose that percentage of negativity, they actually become less negative than they’ve ever been; that’s an important point.

So 3.47 is a strange feeling to them. On the one hand, they get frightened because they feel like they’re less in control (they’re warned that they will have these feelings); on the other hand, it gives them at least a minute exposure to what it might be like to have less negative energy. They can’t travel on light rays for obvious reasons, but when they are refocused in 3.47 utilizing a sound technique, they can stay here for only a short time. They’re not in their natural environment; they are imaging, and they can image in and out of physicality. They can hold physicality for some time, then they go into an alternate state. They cannot be here for more than three years, at which time they die – so this is a sacrificial mission. They come here either because they believe in what they’re doing or they’ve been coerced to do it (which is more often than not the case), and that’s it. At the end of their mission, they’re done.

How would you describe their mission? What do they do when they get here?

The first thing they do is pass on instructions from their higher-ups, because they have to hold those instructions and it’s a struggle for them. Next they are reimaged to the “natural” level of negativity they hold in their “normal” environment. As a result, that 12.5 to 13% of negative energy they’ve lost is replaced. But they did have the experience, and that’s important for their souls.

After that they are available to any beings attempting to utilize their “skills” for consultation. They cannot come to the surface because there is light energy and because of all of the good things that spiritual people are doing here (including many religions, though not all). They can function in a capacity of liaison with the sinister secret government. They have been trying in recent years to manifest in some way, working with what I sometimes call hobbyist satanic groups on the Earth’s surface. These groups are invariably calling for this or that being to manifest in some way that they can see – even these groups want physical evidence. They’ve been trying, but it’s not working very well. The best these negative future beings have been able to do (from their perspective) is to exude or radiate a blast of negative energy to one of these groups, such that the people standing around the circle performing some kind of ritual will suddenly have a letdown in energy. When that energy arrives, it immediately goes to the most powerful member of the group and pulls on energy from all the other members. Thus most of them experience a loss of energy and an ominous feeling. Some of the satanic groups have come to recognize this as a presence. That’s as much as they’ve been able to do for the surface groups. They really can’t break through the way they’d like to; that’s a plus.
How many of them are here at a given time?

Most of them are in very protected environments under the surface, in underground chambers that have walls at least six to twelve feet thick, lead-lined reinforced concrete bunkers. At the height of their influence…a moment; [breathes deeply] a little interference there…there have been perhaps 1300 of them here. Right now there are some 700 or so. They would like to get 70,000 here, but I don’t think it’s possible.

What dimension are they in the future?

About 2.5 to 2.8, but do not assume that this means that lower-vibrational dimensions (as you call them on the dimensional scale, such as it is) means that beings are more dense or more unenlightened; that is not necessarily the case. They occupy this dimension because it is easier for them to hold and because they are in an unnatural state of being. The more expansive dimensions are more difficult for them to hold, so they would perhaps be comfortable (within the range of their ability to be comfortable) from 2.1 to 2.15, but they’ve stretched to the point where they can hold their reality in 2.8. They come back to the 3.0, but if they were to stay there they wouldn’t survive very long, because their negative energy is literally in their face. Negative things happen to them, because 3.0 dimension is a testing ground, a school. Things happen to you based upon what you’re feeling and so on, and they can’t survive in that. So when they come here, the sinister secret government attempts to maintain them to some degree to keep them from being affected by what the sinister secret government might call outside interests (meaning anything benevolent).
Are they physical?
They are not what I’d call exactly physical. They can at times maintain; they can summon a certain physicality, as it were, and the sinister secret government has a device that helps them to do so. They summon it not through magical powers, but through absolute concentration and what they would call will. They use their will and, helped a little by a dark crystalline device (which didn’t start out as a dark crystal, but that’s another story), they can hold something akin to physicality, but not the kind of physicality where you would eat food that would pass through you. It is more like an opaque physicality, meaning that if you were to see them you could touch them, but they would not be solidly physical; there would be something like a membrane of physicality. If you were to touch them lightly, they would feel physical, but if you were to shake their hand hard, your hand would go through theirs.
So there are 700 of them here. Now, define what you’re calling the sinister secret government. Are they humans?
[He takes a couple of deep breaths and blows out.] A moment… The beings we’re talking about – the sinister secret government – are physical. They are human beings, yes. They don’t at this time have much activity on the surface, but they could go to the surface.
These are not the thirteen families that we’ve talked about for years now; this is another group of humans?
I have to tread carefully here, but let’s just say that their lineage is connected to those original thirteen families – some of which, by the way, have “fallen from grace,” as it were. They are descendants, connected on the bloodline.
But then again, the thirteen families have had the future negative beings come back through the bloodlines and sort of take them over. Is that accurate?
Yes, it is accurate. They have come back and influenced the head of a family (that was easier to do in the past when families were more formal), enough to get him to pledge a son to this cause. The child would be raised to the point where he could survive on his own, and then his training would be with this group. They are basically taught survival skills, but are kept away from anything that could be called warm human contact.
And are these trainees the ones who are now in charge?
Yes. These people are continuing to go back and try to uncreate worthwhile things in the past. Ultimately they’re trying to get back to the Founding Fathers of this country and pull people out of those families. They have the idea that if they can corrupt the original mystical intentions of the Constitution and to some extent even the Bill of Rights – certainly the covenants that came together to form the foundations of this country – they will be in a position of greater power. What they want to do is run their roots into the past as far as possible, because obviously they want to change the outcome of events that have come and gone.
For example, they want to change the outcome of World War II, where instead of the Axis powers being defeated, the free world would create a pact with them, enabling the Axis to rebuild themselves militarily and industrially for twenty-five years. Then with those weapons in hand, they would go to the rest of the world and say, “We will destroy you if you do not allow us to take over.” That is ultimately their goal. You might ask, “Why just our history; why not world history?” Because when the United States came into the war, that turned the tide. That’s why you’re the target.
If they can put in roots and influence you back far enough, they hope primarily to keep the U.S. out of the war. If the U.S. had never entered the war, things would have been significantly different. (This isn’t to say that the French and the English and all the other Allied powers weren’t brave soldiers, but that the U.S. contributed mightily to the war effort, not only in men but materials.) The sinister secret governments’ ultimate hope is to bring the U.S. into the war on the side of the Axis powers, at least in terms of providing military material. That’s what they’d like to do. During World War II and in the years that preceded it there were groups in the U.S. that were draping themselves in the flag and calling themselves patriotic organizations that were basically spies for the Axis powers. Even though Japanese-Americans were blamed for doing this, it was much more the sympathizers toward Germany. The Bund and the Brown Shirts and so on tried to make inroads here, but fortunately it didn’t work out. They didn’t disband but they went underground.
Okay, in this alternate future reality, who is the general, the guy in charge, the one making decisions, the one sending the messages?
Do you mean what is the governmental hierarchy?
I mean who the beings are, how they live, anything about them…
Yes; you’d think they would sound like beings who might have a military order, but they don’t because a lot of what is in the military represents some of the higher qualities. What I am saying is that courage, self-sacrifice for the betterment of your troops and so on- they couldn’t do that. They’re not in a military situation, but more in a political, antireligious format. It’s loosely based upon the idea of the satanic symbol, but they are not what I would call Luciferians. They’re more associated with an emotion that you can all identify with and that can be easily summoned within most, if not all, human beings – control. So the emotion, physical action and will associated with control is their number one focus. And this occurs within the initiation of life, if that term can apply to their society; birth occurs there the way it does here. I’m going to give you more intimate details so you can see how insidious it is.
Instead of praising children when they do something the family considers upstanding or worthwhile, they are praised when they do something degrading or unpleasant, provided it follows the party line. For instance, if a child is cruel to an animal, it is praised for exerting its will upon that animal – the antithesis of your society’s point of view.
But they are humanoid, they have families?
I’m interpreting this as if they were just like you, but they’re not exactly like you. I’m utilizing the examples where they are enough like you that you can identify with it, you understand?
Another example might be in making friends. Any parent would want their child to make friends with a child who’s at lease a good influence, or at the very least not a bad influence. But one of these children might be praised because he’s in control of his group or because he’s in charge or looked up to – regardless what the group does. The parent would bask in his reflected glory. This idea would be perpetuated on up the line.
When a marriage takes place, it’s not a sacred ceremony such as you have; it is more like a binding. When powerful individuals see somebody they want, they either take that person – exert their will – or, if that person comes from an influential group, they negotiate. But there is no love. It is very much of a manipulated, mechanized society in terms of its structure. It is the antithesis of anything anyone today would want to experience.
If we look at these alternate negative future beings, do they look humanoid?
They look humanoid, yes. If you could be there in a protected vessel, you would see almost a haze in the air. You might think it’s smog or fog or something, but it isn’t. The haze you would see in the air – because of your ability to see a fairly broad spectrum of colors (they don’t see in color) – is really the energy of fear. You wouldn’t be able to see them clearly, but if you saw them they would appear humanoid. Their features are perhaps more coarse than your own.
Is there a percentage of negativity that they live with?
Yes, I’d say it’s right around 75%, plus or minus 1 or 2% at any given time. They have found, much to their surprise, that when they’re able to get negativity to beyond 80%, they die. So they get it as close as they can, even though they realize that 75% negativity (or even 73%) will shorten their life span by anywhere from one-third to two-thirds.
If you could just take all the negativity out of their bodies (and could survive in your atmosphere) and transfer them to your society in their physical forms, they could live to be perhaps fifty-five or sixty years old. This tells you that their life span under those conditions, compared to your experiential years, is anywhere from twenty-five to twenty-eight years. You might have street wisdom at this point, but nobody lives long enough to develop real wisdom.
They live on a planet that goes around the Sun like a regular planet?
It is fairly distant from the Sun. Their system is different, but their orbit would be somewhere between the fourth and fifth planet. They generally do not occupy the surface of their planet; they live underground. So when they come here to the sinister secret government and they’re in those underground shelters, it’s not a struggle for them. They’re used to that.
If they’re exposed to any sunlight when they make their transfer here, they immediately die. Why? It’s the light spectrum that kills them, not the heat. It’s the range, the measurable frequency of the light that kills them. If they were to go anyplace it would have to be pitch dark for them to survive, though they can exist with perhaps very dim, dark-colored light. They wouldn’t need it because they can see in what you consider the dark by utilizing sound, basically. They cannot survive in anything that resembles what you call light – not even an electrical one. In this room right now, these lights would destroy them within about twenty seconds.
They’re ensouled, right?
Yes, they are. They’re ensouled like all beings. Of course, the soul can’t handle it very long; it barely hangs on to maintain existence.
What is their history?
Their history is based on an alternate possibility; that’s why they’re constantly, frantically trying to entrench themselves, realizing that they exist basically as a potential. That’s why I can’t talk to you about their culture, their schools, their industries – they exist as a potential. They’re a maybe, and they know it. At the higher levels (meaning their authority, their governmental power) they know they’re a maybe for your future. They are making a desperate attempt to survive, because they do not have what you would call the light there; they don’t even have prayer as you know it. They have no way of consciously knowing that they will survive, go on, have lives at higher levels; they don’t know any of that stuff. They just have a desperate attempt to exist, a cornered rat kind of an idea.
When they get here they bring a message, but what other functions?
They don’t always bring a message; they might bring a message.
Okay, so what other function do they have? What is their purpose for coming here?
Generally to feed (and this is a bit gross; but I will clean it up as best I can) the members of either the sinister secret government or their immediate toadies, who are with them underground in these protected places. When I say “feed”, it is really true; they bring with them (and exude this to some extent) a dense form of negative energy that these people basically consume. It’s not the bread of life, but it keeps them focused within density (as we are calling it here). It is not a pretty sight to see this feeding going on. I suppose I could easily use the term “horrific.” It is not something that happens by osmosis; they actually have to consume it as one might eat cotton candy. It has the same thickness and is similar to cotton candy, without the glasslike effect. You feel like you’re consuming something, but it doesn’t have the solid feeling of an apple, for instance. It is a nasty business.
It’s very easy to get mad at them and want the worst for them, but the interesting thing is, getting mad at these beings actually feeds them. If you don’t do anything else, for the sake of your protection you need to project gold light at them, and you need to do it physically. That’s why I mentioned blowing; if you do it physically, it’s ten times more powerful than imagining gold light going to them. So even if you’re doing a meditation to send gold light to these people, in the course of the meditation [he blows to illustrate] blow the gold light toward them. It’s much more powerful, easily penetrating the lead. If you just imagine it going to them, it might not get through the lead in the bunker. If you blow, it will get through.
Okay. Are they coming on what we would call a vehicle, or are they coming only in bodies?
They’re coming in their bodies, and the travel is so torturous that only a minor number of beings actually survive. Out of a hundred, perhaps two or three make it. But look at it this way; While it sounds awful that 97 or 98 people die, they thereby slough off that negative energy and go to the place where all souls go. They go through the veils like you do, so it’s actually a liberation for them. So don’t think of their death as being a bad thing; it’s actually a relief. Unfortunately, that is so.
SSG’s Influence on Mass Media
Are the soul branches an alternate being of the Explorer Race here on Earth? Are they our alternate…
They are not your direct alternate. I’m glad you asked that question. They are not your direct alternate, but a potential alternate. They know this, and that is part of the reason they are doing anything they can to stimulate and encourage whatever could cause you to become more fearful or anxious. For example, the current fad of movie producers to put out horror films or scary television shows – and I’m not talking about “boo” as being scary; I’m talking about unnecessarily graphic violence or creepy stuff, you know – really serves them very nicely because it gives people nightmares and causes you to feel irrationally frightened or anxious. Nevertheless, it’s a real thing. So they’re happy; they hope this fad lasts a long time.
Are they influencing it?
Well, let’s just say that to the extent the sinister secret government controls funds, it is a little easier to get money for these kinds of shows.
If you were considering two scripts and one was about angelic influence on children and the good deeds they do to uplift their fellow children in their community – you’re trying to get money for that, whether it be a comedy, drama, whatever – and the other had to do with machine-gun-weilding drug importers battling some hero who borders on being an antihero…need I say more? Which picture is more likely to be funded?
Notice how in recent years some of the heroes have become something very close to antiheroes – not the sort of hero you’d want to have around or marry your sister (if I might use that joke).
If they go to the same place we do when they die, why would a soul ever want to return to that alternate future?
They don’t want to, but if this is something they volunteer to do…remember, it’s not exactly a soul, as you understand it; it’s an alternative potential soul. I’ll give you an example. Say you’re having a fantasy and you’re seeing figures. You’re in the picture, but you don’t see yourself there. You’re in the fantasy, understand? Even for a fantasy like this, there is an alternative potential soul that ensouls these fantasy beings. That’s right! That’s why you have to be a little careful when you have fantasies. It’s kind of nice to say to the players afterward, “Thank you very much, I enjoyed that. You’re excused; return to wherever you need to go,” because that acknowledges the life in these things.
These souls would be akin to that; they’re real, but from your perspective they would be a fantasy – they wouldn’t have the light or the brilliance or the luminosity of one of your souls, for example. But they would be very susceptible to the will of others, and anybody who has a fantasy is basically moving beings around at their will. And these beings are easily influenced. (That’s a little suggestion in the responsibilities of the Explorer Race.)
Competition, the Origin of Hostility
That puts us where we are now. That gives an understanding of what we’re facing. The issue here is control. Where did this start? This is the end of resolving something that is ancient, this particular control issue.
That’s right.
So I’d like to go back – we’re talking Mars, Maldek, Orion. I don’t know what went before that. Where would you want to start to bring it forward?
When your Creator arrived at this space, Creator Itself did not have any negative energy. But Creator picked up a being along the way who could have access to that – the Master of Discomfort. [See the chapter by that name in Creator, His Friends and the Explorer Race, not yet published.]
You could ask, as you have, “Where did this internal conflict come from?” It would seem to have been brought in by the Master of Discomfort, who needed to find a certain amount of redemption for itself, you understand? This was done and accomplished – or will be accomplished, in any event.
The origin of what I would call the current level of hostilities goes back to the inception of applied competition. I’m taking it to that level because that’s something you can identify with right now. There are many things you could say about competition that are valuable – that it brings out the best, that you have to go beyond what you can do. I grant you that there are some good things about competition. But we must always recognize that in competition between two teams, one team, no matter how great they are or how wonderful they’ve been in the past, has to face the inevitable ghastly realization at the end of the game – that they lost, being resentful while they’re watching the other team celebrate. Even if in their highest abilities they’re able to say, “Well, they played better than we did, more power to them; we hope they have a good life,” invariably they’re also going to say, “Those dirty rats!”
Since competition was the nucleus of the beginning of hostilities, we have to go way back before Orion; we’re not talking about Orion present but about Orion from the distant past, where there were groups that ruled their general society. There was a ruling class and a warrior class and so on. The warrior class was basically the enforcer; they were the elite, but they did not run the show. The principles upon which the Orion warrior class was founded were based on an inspired influence that was called, in what actually turned out to be the inception of the warrior society.
Originally the ruling class that existed on Orion at that time had soldiers and so on; that wasn’t the problem. But they recognized that they needed a warrior elite because the soldiers didn’t want to remain soldiers. There wasn’t anything driving them on; they didn’t feel like they were serving a higher purpose. They were basically mercenaries. They were paid to do what they did, and that was that. There wasn’t any higher purpose; they weren’t serving anything.
No glory.
No glory, no “for the betterment of the king” or anything like that. So a group of these people who were of the ruling class got together in a circle as follows. [He draws Figure 1.] This is a circle with an equal-armed cross in the center.
The person who was the receiver was in the middle and four individuals sat outside the circle. It was an actual circle that resembled a parchment cloth. The people sitting on the outside of the circle faced the person in the center, basically radiating power and authority toward that person. They were sharing their energy, from their perspective, with that person in the center. But because they were from the ruling class, they were sending or radiating toward that person all that they represented. The person in the center, who could spin around (one of those twirling stools) and face any direction, was asking for inspiration to evolve the soldiers into a group that would have its own purpose but would continue to serve the purpose of the ruling class. They were basically asking for inspiration, but inspiration that was involved in control. They weren’t asking for what you would call spiritual inspiration or angelic intervention, but to be guided by an intelligence beyond their own.
They did this as a group hobby, as a social thing. They had their social activities and then they would do this on and off. This continued for a period of about three of your experiential years. By the time it reached the third year they were thinking, “Should we bother with this for another couple of years?” On that occasion the person in the center said, “I am hearing words.” The others said, “Well, what are they?” (This was not what I’d call channeling so much as telepathy.) They had someone there who functioned as a scribe (not a member of the inner circle), someone who would take down what was being said.
The Lord of Competition
This is when they first began to hear from the being who represented himself as the Lord of Competition. One of the first things the Lord of Competition said was, “These soldiers, your centurions” (which doesn’t really apply, but does suggest an elite) “need to have something by which they can compete with each other so they can feel that there is at least one amongst them who is their master – not just that you are their master because you pay them, but that they have their own hierarchy. Through competition they will discover a hierarchy; they will also establish within their own kind a grading level, perhaps through ribbons or honors, laurels of some sort that will allow them to move up in rank as their competitive skills improve. This will give them a higher level within their own organization to which they can aspire and feel good about. You will also provide for them certain rules they will hold dear, their credo. When they have finished competing you will also include the most worthy of the centurions as a direct consultant to your inner council meetings.”
Well, they shrunk back from that one: “Oh, our inner council meetings are very private!” And the Lord of Competition said, “That’s all right. You make this person a special person; you initiate him into the inner council, give him titles, land holdings, whatever – the power of a council member, but not a voting member, someone who just is there. In that way you will give him a special status within the group.” That’s how it started.
Now, you might reasonably ask, “Who is the Lord of Competition?” The Lord of Competition at that time was not a past-oriented but a future-oriented being. This being didn’t really exist in your part of the galaxy, but in a distant galaxy where alternate futures are all accessible. There is a place in your galaxy where people like me generally go to look at these things and study alternate potential futures. You can consciously hold a planet in the center of this “device” and look at all the alternate futures of Earth. You can take it right down to the miniscule; you can even put a person in the center and study all the alternate futures of that person.
One of the alternate futures of Orion was at that time a place where competition had been turned into everything from a public service system (such as a government) to arts, to professions, to trades, to industry – everything. The idea of competition had been taken to its zenith, and the being responsible for that, who had essentially created this alternate possible future for Orion, was the Lord of Competition. Thus they tapped into what was basically a potential future for Orion. That’s how this all started.
Because we’re doing these Explorer Race books you might think that all of these incredible things are happening around the Explorer Race, but it’s interesting to note that other civilizations also have their histories, alternate histories and potentials and possibilities. It can go on indefinitely, you know, with all these different civilizations. I’m mentioning this so you won’t feel that you are alone as the Explorer Race have been singled out for perpetuating schools!
All right. So this competition on Orion began, and…
And that is what established the warrior class. It took a while for it to catch on. Because there was privilege and title associated with it, the soldiers were motivated to compete with each other in the skills they utilized.
They had the same motivations that any mercenary might have: wealth, power, influence and so on. Eventually it took on mystical tones, because the eventual visitations to the warrior league by the daughter of God and her assistants converted the then-warrior class to something much more mystical. Even today on Orion, which is a very benign place, there are still vestiges of the credo of the warrior class, although it is expressed in a very elevated way. The mystical elements of the credo are very high, such as “I will do my utmost to serve my brothers and sisters in my clan; even if I am tired, even if I am sick, even if I am at a distance, I will still do my utmost to serve them.” Now, that’s a good thing.
So we didn’t come to competition from the present, but from the warrior league protecting the Empire from the Black League. Are we looking at those elements coming forward?
We’re looking at that idea because it is something that has influenced you, yes.
Ramifications of Competition
The Second World War seems to be a pivotal point, right?
It really is, because the First World War represented innocence lost, and there was still formality in the fighting – not for the civilians, but for the soldiers, who had a military credo. Certain things weren’t done on either side, at least by certain branches of the service. All of that broke down in World War II, which was sort of a nasty antithesis of many of the aspects of World War I. I’m not saying World War I was a valiant cause or that those who started it were valiant, but there were certain niceties recognized and observed in World War I that certainly were not in World War II.
How can we help people understand that this competitiveness in the warrior league on Orion had unresolved elements brought forward that we’re dealing with at this moment?
Understand that as the Explorer Race, you’ve moved around. You’ve always been interested in drama and excitement, so naturally many of you incarnated on Orion then because there was plenty of drama, plenty of excitement. Granted, you all didn’t, but enough of you were there that you represent a significant influence in your now time. There are plenty of individuals who now exist on Earth who could say that you had lives during the years of the warrior league on Orion, or at least went through Orion and were influenced by it. As a result, you have things to work our here.
For example, not too many years ago in this country competition was based upon a credo, how you played the game – winning it fair and square and all that kind of stuff. Where has that gone? A lot of organized sports are still like that on some levels, but there are some levels where they’re like almost unbridled warfare: “Me first and everybody else follows.” This is a great downgrading of that credo.
But you said that the basic issue is control in this alternate negative future.
Yes. Their whole experience stems originally from competition. Competition is ultimately intended to create a winner, and anything like that requires the participation of those who lose. This has gradually evolved into (as someone might say in that alternate negative future), “How can I maintain what I’ve won? If I cannot maintain this through my own skills, perhaps I can maintain it through control by any means necessary.” So you go from what you now have in your now time here (such as the ins and the outs) to whatever is “in,” politically speaking. They’ve got more power, control, influence, very often more finances; whoever’s out wants to be in. This permeates a lot of levels, including children. People want to be in the “in” crowd.
Well, in that alternate negative future certain individuals have fought and scratched their way to the top, and when they get there they use any means necessary to maintain it. It’s what I would call a polarized negative verson of competition – win by any means necessary and then maintain your position at the top of the heap by any means necessary. Even though we can trace it back to something that was intended to be a benevolent influence, it is the opposite as it plays out in that alternate negative future. Understand that its very description – the alternate negative future – suggests that anything and everything is going to be the polarization of any high cause or purpose – the opposite polarization, of course.
So the name we’ve given the place tends to be self-defining.
Hitler and the Nazis
And those are the beings, although they weren’t that solid yet, who Hitler and Himmler…
…were influenced by, because they were trying to summon someone to give them power, influence, wealth and (perhaps most important to them at that time) recognition. In those days in German society, recognition very often led to influence, and that’s what they wanted.
And by doing these satanic practices they gained this power. I’ve read that Hitler had the power to control and influence hundreds of thousands of people.
Yes. This was not what I would call Hitler’s day-to-day personality. Scholars and others can read about the man’s normal personality, which seems to be at odds with the man who gave speeches. People would often say, “Well, he was nice to me. He patted me on the head.” Some person will remember their experience with him as a child, or “I met him at a party; he was very charming” and so on. When he gave speeches he called upon that inner circle and was inspired through that negative inspiration. He spoke with his own energy (he had his own personality), but he was tainted by that negative force, that power that did not hold Hitler’s or anyone else’s best interest in mind. It was just “what can we do to get what we want as soon as possible?” His speeches were a form of what I would call negatively inspired telepathic oratory.
When did he start making speeches to vast amounts of people?
I’d say after 1933. Thousands of people maybe before that, but not hundreds of thousands. By the time he became chancellor, we’re talking hundreds of thousands of people, not counting his radio audiences.
So when he started influencing vast numbers of people, at that moment he was being used consciously by these beings from the alternate future. They were using him for their own purposes, so then even he was a puppet or pawn, right?
Yes, he was being manipulated.
He didn’t know?
He knew that something happened when he would speak like that. He believed it was the power he was getting from that inner circle as well as the energy they would get from the summoning – they might call it that, “the summoning.” I’d have to say, knowing the person, if he had known that he was being manipulated by beings from an alternate negative future for their purposes, I don’t think he would have gone along with it. He wasn’t that kind of person. More than anything in the world he hated being controlled by somebody else, so I don’t think he would have gone along with it even if it had gotten him the power.
So he thought these beings were helping gain control.
Yes, that’s right.
Nazi Technology
You talked about weapons from the future. At what point did he start getting physical, material help?
In the early days he was getting more words; then as their inner circle grew a little bit and they started including people who were mechanically minded, the inner circle itself was being instructed. They would have an ideal: “We’d like to do such and such.” As any engineer knows, you extrapolate from what you already have. They were influenced by the thinkers of their time, so atomic energy was something they thought of.
They were working on devices that could be radiated at people and influence them, even the death-ray idea, which has long existed in science fiction (and which many defense or offense-oriented industries have salivated about). When they started getting this negative inspiration, it was not based on what they already had, but on something that was a potential they hadn’t even though about. One of the things they were working on toward the end of their downfall, which didn’t really come out into the public eye very much, was high-frequency sound-generation weapons. I can’t give too many examples because I don’t want to give anybody ideas.
I’ll use an example of something that has been explored by your own people in your own times: They were trying to create a beam not unlike a laser, but it was condensed sound that they could aim at anyone or anything to either destroy it or at least influence it. It wasn’t as successful as they would have liked; even today it still isn’t “successful,” because they discovered its effect was too wide. You could mount the device and aim it toward something, but something else would also be destroyed downrange or (more imporatntly) on your flanks that you weren’t aiming at. Much that was being worked on went to the Allied powers aftrerward in the great hunt for Nazi plunder, which mainly had to do with science.
But they had craft, they had…
They did have that; they managed to hide it. They still have one, but it’s not very effective anymore, because (fortunately) its fueling ability has run out. They’ve got it parked somewhere, but they can’t really fly it anywhere. That one they still have.
But they gained the ability to build it from the inspiration they got in the circle. I always thought that ETs came and gave them something, but they built it themselves from the inspiration from this alternate future.
That’s right. They built it themselves. The advantage of that, from a broader perspective, was because they’d use Earth materials, which would be very dense. The vehicle couldn’t get very far, so it couldn’t do much mischief beyond your own planet.
The Recordkeeper told us they got to the point where the only way the Allies won was with the help from…what would you call it, the Hierarchy, the benevolent guides to Earth?
Yes, it was necessary to have a minor interference there. To some extent the German power self-destructed toward the end because they kept sacrificing. That was the trouble for them, but the advantage for everybody else – the more they kept sacrificing their own troops and the more efficient the Allies got, the more strung out their supply lines were. Every time they lost a large number of troops, they’d say, “This is great, because we made a sacrifice.” Their situation was self-destructive.
But they also had weapons of mass destruction – the V2 rockets – and they were developing an intercontinental ballistic missile. If Germany had not been overrun and the war had gone on for another six to eight months with certain places relatively intact, they might have been able to develop missile-delivery techniques. Had that occurred, they might well have been able to develop two or three atomic bombs, one of which they would have deployed immediately with a V2 rocket over London – bang, no more London! The only reason they attempted to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) was to send it to the United States. They didn’t need to develop an ICBM to affect England; they had the rocket to do that already!
They created an atomic bomb before the United States did?
No; if the war had gone on an extra six to eight months, they would have done so. Thus there had to be a little bit of influence toward the end there. I’m not taking anything away from the heroic individuals who sacrificed their lives to destroy the Nazi bomb capacity and all of that. But there had to be enough influence to cause Nazis and their scientists to forget, to go blank in their minds and interrupt their scientific experiments that were gathering the materials together to produce a very lethal bomb. In terms of the radioactive cloud you had in early versions of the atomic bomb, it would have been about three times dirtier, so that radiation cloud would have had terribly lethal effects. To show that they didn’t really think about it too much, the cloud could have easily been blown back toward their own country. But they weren’t thinking about that then.
So you’re saying that the victory was due not only to the aid to the Allies, but that the actual minds of the German scientists were clouded by…by whom?
Angelic Assistance in World War II
I’d say that they were basically interfered with. For the sake of simplicity you could say angelic forces, but they were interfered with in such a way that they could think something, but they couldn’t speak it or write it down. It was like cancelling out their motor function. Although they were still walking and talking, seeming to be absolutely normal, their thoughts couldn’t get onto paper, so they couldn’t calculate anymore. It would be like someone who understands calculus but can’t even add two and two anymore; they were blank.
This was for a period of six months?
No, it was really for only a period of about a few weeks, but it was at critical moments. That was the interference. Those who exerted that energy on them were not physical beings.
Is it because people prayed for their help?
To some extent that’s true, because a lot of prayers went out. If you remember, the reporting of the time was more humanistic. The reporters were famous (Ed Morrow, for one), talking about how the people in England were suffering and so on. People in the United States and all over the world, not only those who were suffering terribly such as Poland, were praying fervently for an end to the war and for the right side to win. They prayed not just for the war to stop, but that the Nazi power be eradicated. It wasn’t so much for vengeance, but because of the knowledge of what the Nazis were doing. Even though the Allied powers realized the incredible evil of the Nazi practices, your societies were largely shielded from that. There were enough people who knew about it and talked about it that the word got out, even though not everybody believed it. People were more naive in those days. They couldn’t believe that human beings would do such terrible things.
By exterminating…
Yes, the concentration camps and so on; most people just couldn’t believe that human beings could do such a thing. But some people could believe it, and that helped fuel the prayers. There were also certain individuals who are no longer physically alive who utilized a form of ancient magic based on cabalistic principles who summoned an angel from God (which would have been their perspective – it was a lightbeing). They asked the lightbeing only to encourage the people to pray for a benevolent ending to the war, which would cause the practices of the Nazis to be stopped. Basically that’s it. I don’t care to give the actual words they used (which could easily be said in twenty seconds), because if I did, that would really be interference. You’d have groups of individuals forming all over the world and they’d say those words and [snaps fingers]…
But these were humans; they weren’t what we call the Hierarchy, right?
These were people, human beings who lived in the United States. But they used cabalistic principles.
What about the Creator and the friends of the Creator? If everybody’s looking on, what were the comments from them at that time?
Aside from “tut-tut” and so on? Aside from the obvious…we all know you’re immortal, but we want you to change things for the better, so…
It looked pretty bad there for a while.
It looked as if it might go downhill. You might ask what we could have done. We can’t interfere, we can just hope for the best. But if you ask if we were wringing our hands, we weren’t – but we were cheering you on.
So we have a channeling that Hitler took his little time machine and went to Bosnia to stir up trouble there. [See the February and March 1993 issues of the Sedona Journal, also Shining the Light IV.] So tell us what happened to the rest of the Nazis, because that has an influence on the attitude of the world right now. They went forward and they’re still here, they’re still functioning.
It’s basically sort of a negative secret society still in existence. I’m not going to name names here because some of them are either still alive today or have families who are alive. But I will say that some of the beings went to form other groups that became influential; this is historical fact. A lot of them simply went to other countries and continued, when they felt safe, to perpetuate their ideals and their beliefs, at least on an underground level. As all political movements do, they attempted to influence the young to perpetuate those ideals. As you know, the young are more easily influenced because to them things tend to be either yes or no. The gray areas are not obvious because they don’t have enough experience yet. Thus they put most of their focus on the next generation and started a lot of front organizations to perpetuate their ideas or ideals. They attempted to be influential.
Some went to South America, but didn’t most of them come to the United States?
No, I’d say that most of them went to other countries. South America was a place that was willing to take refugees. It didn’t put out the word “calling all Nazis.” They were just willing to take refugees from this part of the world. There was an underground system of that organization, and they had active groups in places in South America that took a lot of people. Many people who weren’t Nazis also went to South America; in fact, the majority of immigrants to South America weren’t Nazi and are raising families there today. But a lot of Nazis did manage to sneak away to South America in the wave of immigrants going there. Not too many came to the U.S. because they felt that you had a well-organized law-enforcement system that might find them in time; and you also had an influential Jewish population. They knew that they’d be looked for, so they had to go places where they’d be safest, as anyone would want to do.
Cynicism and the SSG
In the fifty years after World War Ii we have arrived at a kind of cynicism we’re living in now, so I thought a lot of the Nazis came here.
Understand that I am not referring the to average German soldier fighting in the field as a Nazi; they might have taken an oath, but they were soldiers like other soldiers. I include as Nazis the guards at prison camps and people who took a serious oath (such as the SS), but I’m not talking about the average soldier. Some of these individuals came to the U.S., but in terms of numbers – I’ve got to be careful now, because we’re dealing with people who are alive – from a little bit before the war to seven years after, perhaps 1300 actual Nazis came here to stay. Since then you’ve had a natural die-off, so I’d say that today you would have fewer than 300 still alive.
I’m trying to leap across the abyss to connect this evil Nazi satanic…
…with the idea of mass cynicism?
…and with the secret government. They are now satanic, but they weren’t before. Are you saying they are now?
What, the sinister secret government? I’d say they are now satanic, yes, though they didn’t start out that way. They would have to be satanic to hold their power, as they see it. This tells you something – that they are ready to make sacrifices, whether those who are being sacrificed are willing or not. We can’t say that the Nazi inner circle is the beginning of the sinister secret government, but we can say that they contributed members to it.
The alternate negative future came back to the Nazis. Then those beings from the future said, “Where can we go to find beings who are most like us and we can influence the most?” They go right back to the inner circle Nazis.
They eventually see that the world’s not going their way (from their perspective), so they wondered what they could do to perpetuate these individuals. The idea was (and this is actually one of their signs): “We have to spread them out all over the world and to the best of our ability funnel power, wealth and influence to them so they can gain control and utilize the unofficial influencers of negativity, organized crime.”

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They used this symbol [draws Figure 2]. This is a sort of distorted spider – because a spider is actually a symbol for beauty and balance; a spiderweb is a beautiful thing. They used the twisted spider, or what from their perspective would be the octopus. (These are all beautiful creatures, by the way; don’t feel negative toward them.) That symbol carries the idea of spreading out all over the world to maintain influence and power. One of the places people were encouraged to go was South America, because South America has at its heart welcoming people, nice people: “oh, come be here; it’s fine.” At that time people were more innocent, trusting, easily influenced and perhaps easily manipulated.
They went to other places, but we’re using South America as an example because that was one of the initial underground sinister secret government bases where they were able to grab power. In South America there were also a lot of tribal people who had no real power beyond their own clan and who could be eliminated without repercussions if this newly forming sinister secret government wanted them out of the way. They basically used the power and influence that wealth could generate. Don’t forget that the Nazis did a lot of damage as well as rounded up wealth, power and influence.

They took the wealth of Europe.

That’s right, they stole everything they could get their hands on, including the gold out of people’s mouths, They managed to get some of it shipped to South America – not all, but a surprisingly large amount – and they dispersed it throughout the world to places where they felt secure. And they continued to acquire things. The main thing is, they went to places where they could most easily survive, be accepted and not be in any way persecuted – and most importantly, be relatively invisible. You know, take on new identities and be the wealthy guy who lives up the street, as it were, laying low for a while. All the while they were pulling in members, having secret meetings and so on, and attempting….
They continued their practices.
They continued their practices and attempted to control through wealth, power and influence. By paying off various criminal families, buying their influence and becoming essentially “highly organized crime” (as I’ve called them), they utilized organized crime.
The Nazis, Organized Crime and the SSG
Organized crime to sinister secret government, that’s the sequence…
It’s not that simplistic, because it was more like the alternate negative future people came back to the Nazis to influence them and do what they could to perpetuate them because the Nazis basically held the same ideals. So they influenced and directed them toward any means by which they could obtain and maintain influence. They needed wealth because wealth tends to generate its own power. Remember the times; the influence that went right across national boundaries in post-World War II was organized crime.

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So the people they could count on the most to do things, even in places where there weren’t Nazis, were in organized crime, because its web reached many places where they wanted to exert influence. So let’s not say that the sequence was alternate negative future to Nazis to organized crime to sinister secret government; it wasn’t. It was alternate negative future to Nazis to underground Nazis. Even organized crime was manipulated and used by them – to organized crime’s detriment, not immediately, but later. So let’s make organized crime a pawn here, not a willing participant who said, “Yes, we’ll take your money and do your bidding, but at a big profit.” This was not a good move on organized crime’s part, but they didn’t know that.

Many members of organized crime, had they known they were dealing with Nazis, would certainly have either turned them over to the Allies or…they had their perspective, too.

Their principles.

Yes, to some extent. They had their credo. They wouldn’t necessarily have supported the Nazis. You cannot draw a direct arrangement between organized crime of the time and the Nazis; it’s not there.

The Drive of Science

What about the German Scientists?

They might have been involved, but I’m not ready to say that most were Nazis. There might have been a few. Mostly they were scientists who were given a task, a problem they wanted to solve. You had people in this country who developed the atomic bomb. It was a challenge, the leading edge of science. It was exciting; it was wonderful. Certainly many of them, after they saw the bomb go off, said, “What have we done?” On one hand they said, “This is a great tool for the war effort,” but as the years went on they said, “I sure wish I hadn’t been involved in that.” Remember that science is still searching for a god, and for a while it latched onto a negative god. But science is beginning to pull itself up by its bootstraps and eventually it will discover its sacred god. Sacred science is coming, but is not fully here yet.

You say the scientists who came to the United States from Germany came for reasons of survival and to continue in their scientific careers?

That’s right. If someone comes along and bursts into your room with guns, saying, “You have a choice. You can either come with us or we’ll shoot you right now.” You’d say, “Oh! Well, I’ll come with you. Wonderful!” What are you going to say when someone puts a gun to your head?

That’s how many of them came?

Initially they came under the power of the gun, but also some of them came because they were told, “We want you. Come over and we’ll give you a place to live. It won’t be wonderful, but it will be better than what you’ve got here. If you demonstrate your value and take an oath as an American citizen and follow the rules of our country, we’ll let you live there.” It looks a lot better than a bullet in the brain.

Overcoming Cynicism

I’ll simply say this: We’re pursuing this topic not so much because we want to expose this person or that person, doing this or that in World War II and so on. We’re pursuing it because I want you to remember why you’re doing what you’re doing now that is negatively impacting you – such as cynicism. You can’t afford to be cynical. We’re not expecting you to be Pollyanna, but you can’t afford to be cynical, because it feeds the negative powers and the sinister secret government and their forces. If you expect the worst, you’re not necessarily disappointed when it happens even though you’d prefer it to be better.

Fighting amongst each other also perpetuates that negative status quo. I’m not saying you should fight the sinister secret government; that’s too vague. Well, who are you going to fight?

You need to constantly try to remember, “How am I like this other person? How are we alike?” Because that’s the bottom line. Granted, it’s challenging, in some countries more so than others. But even in countries where everybody has a common language and looks basically the same – a common skin color – there’s still a caste system, the ins and the outs. You’ve got to look at the outs – especially those of you who are ins and ask, “How are we alike?” You ins are in positions of influence, and how you think and what you do, other people want to know about because you’re the ins and they want to be you. (I’m being simplistic here.) Be aware of what you say in public, I’m not trying to say that you can’t be a human being and make mistakes, but try and be aware of what you say, because so many of those who want to be where you are will model themselves after you. If you can, from time to time say something good about the outs: “We’re more like them than anybody” and “Everybody’s very much alike.”

And it’s really true; you’re so much more alike than you are different, it’s ridiculous. Ridiculous or not, you are making progress. And as I’ve said before, I have every faith that you will get by this hurdle in your growth and do worthy things in the future as well as in the present.
Reprinted with the kind permission of SEDONA Journal of EMERGENCE, South Pacific Edition and NewAge On-Line Australia [www.newage.com.au]

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