The following information was received between October 15-17, 1995, in a council with the Ascended Masters. In this council Wolf asked for clarity and guidance for this time. Present at this council were Kuthumi, Kuan Yin, Hilarian, Deganawida, Serapis Bay, and The White Calf Woman. There were other entities present as well, including those from the other dimensional realities and the worlds beyond our sun. Those beings who shared information in this meeting did so because they wished to contribute to the body of knowledge that will help hold the space for the preservation of human consciousness in the Universe, thus allowing for our ascension, or graduation into the higher octave of the Christos.

The specific personalities of the individual beings present and their personal thoughts and visions through the Holographic time/space continuum are irrelevant. This body of information represents, rather, the collective thoughts of all those present in this conclave (as it was seen in the moment) in the higher octaves which the merge with the Christ Consciousness.


This is a very different time, unlike any time that has ever existed on this plane before. For most of you, there is the tendency to see nothing, no future and no past. As a result, many see this time we are living in now as a time of confusion and suffering, a time of hopelessness. But this is not the essence of this time, nor is it the purpose of this experience.

May the people of the Earth hear this message of information and hope. May they again reach inside and touch the love that has always been there for them from the union of the Father and the Mother

To the undiscerning mind, this can be seen as a time of the greatest conflict that ever existed within the souls of mankind. We would ask you then to consider, “Where is your heart commitment? What does your inner guidance tell you?” You must believe in yourself, in your own Divinity. If you do not believe in yourself, how can you put faith in the concept that some Heavenly Host would even consider taking you up in a great ship or through the experience of Divine Rapture. These are children’s fairy tales, created to manufacture false hope in the hopeless.

As we look upon the peoples of the Earth, we see that there is much conflict throughout your global society. Your story, the story of Earth, has become a tale of belief against belief. Culture against culture. Race against race. Gender against gender.

These concepts are all based on illusions. They are all manifestations of manipulated distortions of Divine truths. For eons you have indulged yourselves in manipulating your will over others. It has been a game of domination of one species over another, one concept over the other. Now you have reached the end of the playing field, so to speak. Your old methods no longer apply. Power over one another will prove utterly useless in the days that are unfolding upon you and your kind, for we have entered the time of Truth or Consequences.

There has already been too much misinformation manipulated by those who would perpetuate fear to control the emotional growth of mankind. Therefore, we will not dwell on geophysical changes during this council.

It is possible to see the probability of your future events. We will, therefore, tell you certain of them. The intensity with which any of these events occurs will be determined entirely upon the level of awareness of humanity as a whole. There has been much evidence of mankind’s awakening. However, it is, we are afraid, much slower than expected. Already natural events are occurring that can no longer be slowed down. Nor can there be any further intervention so as to encapsulate mankind’s consciousness to prevent its self-destructive tendencies.

What is occurring at this time is no more than the turning of the Galactic Seasons. Humanity is entering a period of growth. Your surprised reactions, the tendency to regard natural events as “mysteries” and the pressures of what humanity is now going through, are no more than humanity’s resistance to the natural unfolding of the dream of their own existence. Once upon your plane, there were Great Halls that taught of these seasons and much more. They were established to help mankind remember their Divine origins. They have, unfortunately, been destroyed through ignorance and fear.

The knowledge once taught freely through the Great Temples and schools established by your elder brothers still exist within your world. The last of the great halls of records was gathered into the libraries of Alexandria. Some of these records were taken to Rome by Caesar; the balance was taken into the keeping of the Church of Rome, where they still exist in the catacombs beneath the Vatican. They were never destroyed by fire. That story was a diabolical conspiracy intended to conceal knowledge of your Divine Origins. These thieves of knowledge were tyrants who sought to rule over the masses and possess and cloister the halls of records which they knew held the secrets of your beginnings, as well as the doorways to your possible future experiences.

Those who removed these records, however, were not trained in the ancient laws, or in the use of such knowledge. They did not possess the knowledge to access the hidden doorways that could only be opened through awakened consciousness. Therefore, they continued to dominate of the masses by keeping them in a state of controlled ignorance, employing reigns of terror and savagery.

Specific codes and formulas are the only access to these doors of higher knowledge. In time, these codes will again be brought out from their hidden locations so that mankind will have access to its hidden heritage. Mankind is truly Divine in concept and possesses the abilities to command the natural forces of the universe. You are the Children of the Sun; Gods in amnesia. You have not been forgotten; you have simply forgotten yourselves. It is necessary, at this time, for humanity to realize the full significance of Earth’s entrance into the Photon Belt. This event is pressing very near now, and it will soon be upon you. The ancient ones, from whom you are descended, held the knowledge of this event so sacred that they carved it on living stone so that future generations would have access to this information. They were aware that the spell of mortality would take deeper and even deeper hold over humanity, causing them to experience an almost complete state of amnesia. We will attempt to touch on points with you that, when translated to the written word, will still hold a degree of understanding that is understandable for those who are experiencing life in the lower vibratory fields. This is very difficult to accomplish, as we know true language is felt and not heard. Thought, received and translated through the brain, is greatly filtered by the altered ego, allowing for very little recall of the actual experience of thought communication.

It is recommended that once you have experienced these words, you go out and affirm these truths through documentation. In other words, the proof of what we say is available to those who are willing to search. If it is important enough for you to have proof, you must use your personal will to find the evidence.

We are already emerging into the Photon Belt, even as this message is being rendered, although this is not openly acknowledged by your scientists because they do not yet understand the impact on human existence. Therefore, this is not a possible future event, but an occurrence presently happening. By and large, people are feeling the effect of this entry and not seeing it, and, as a result, they are attributing their feelings to anomalies within their limited ability to access information and thought.

Movement through the Photon Belt has occurred many times in your evolutionary experience upon Planet Earth. It has occurred even before the first civilizations developed on Earth. Earth is the remnant of a previous world destroyed by greed and competition. This is where the Lucifer Rebellion had its beginnings.

Prior to your entry into the actual Photon Belt, Earth will pass through what is being referred to as the “Null Zone.” In many ways this will act as a preparatory adjustment for your planet, allowing for a relatively mild transition as much higher octaves of vibratory reality merge with the archaic consciousness, presently solidifying. Your atmosphere needs constant manipulation to keep it from, quite literally, crystallizing.

You are being made ready to adjust to existence within the realms of the full light spectrum. You are actually transmuting, to allow the final emergence. This is quite natural, even those who express upon your plane as the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom are experiencing the effects. It really takes very little thought to know if the sun is shining. What is important here is your ability to function within the expanded light spectrum, for as your evolution is accelerated, you will come closer to the goal of reuniting with the higher octaves.

Simply said, you are completing the dream. You are waking up. With our help, your brothers and sisters who have gone beyond limited reality, you will have the option of retaining full memory. This is your sovereign choice.

There is an Armageddon, of sorts, that is already occurring in your heavens. The results of this has yet to filter down through the lower octaves, where you, the Children of the Sun, the Children of Light, are working on your end of the project. You knew all about these events and all the probabilities prior to entering this physical expression on the Earth plane. In a manner of speaking, you are like migratory birds, following an inner instinct, a flight path, yet you do not consciously know why.

The following points should be realized before we continue. The individuals who are uncomfortable with the term Ascended Masters can corroborate this information with the prophecies of the Mayan people. Their prophecies are quite accurate, and their knowledge of your solar system and its relationship to the universe is very advanced. You would also be well advised to study the prophecies of the Hopi, the works of Zacharia Sitchen and Nikola Tesla’s work with energies. Compare these with the realizations about to be announced in your media. Thought is the cause and creation of all manifestation upon your plane. Action always follows the thought when the thought is embraced with emotion. The outward or physical realities you experience are merely the final result, equal to the intensity, intent, and degree of completion of the thought through its process. You create the thought; you create the reality

The more you are caught within the confines of social consciousness, the more you are trapped in the spider’s web, hence, the more impossible it becomes to untangle and see the true outcome of events. For when caught in the web, the outcome is governed by the thoughts of the masses, rather than the Divine Reason within, the Source, the Father that is in all things.

All social structure, as it presently exists, must and will crumble, even structure which you consider good. They are all based on the old paradigm which is fast outgrowing its usefulness. The very nature of reality is advancing into the new dimension. As you approach the Photon Belt, all physics and all mathematics, which is currently based on the concept of cause and effect and the magnetic planes, will alter.

You will be pressed to seek new ways of expressing your need to live in community and relationship. This means that all concepts that presently reference human relationships must be altered to merge with a new unlimited existence. This is the merging of mankind with your Divine inner nature, the Christ.

The harder you hold on to the archaic ways, the faster they will seem to crumble within your grasp. This will be very disconcerting for some, to say the least. But humanity is inevitably aligning with Christ Consciousness, the Mind of the Father. Expect your present governments, municipalities, communities, and even your own families, to split apart for no apparent reason. It is quite evident that a fracturing is occurring throughout your entire global society.

Thought Creates Reality. This will be expressed to you, over and over. You must accept the simple truth that you draw your own experiences to you. When thought is embraced with emotion, it creates! If we passionately express a thought in chaos, it will bring chaos. Like draws like. The external manifestations in your life are the sum and total of the human drama you are presently experiencing.

In the coming days, some of you will feel like puppets being manipulated by higher forces. Many will feel possessed. This sense will affect those who continue in patterns that place the responsibility for their actions upon external forces. External reality is just their essence connecting with the greater consciousness from which it comes, forcing them to realize, through experience, their own reality and position in the Divine Order.

The result will be an expanded theatrical display of human drama. Human drama is what was meant by the world being consumed by fire. This is the fire of unresolved, thoughtless human emotion. Some people will experience the manifestation of their thoughts almost instantaneously as the artificial time/space matrix continues to collapse.

Mankind has experimented with the time/space continuum many times prior to the 1940’s and the occurrences that transpired on the USS Eldridge. This experimentation goes back to the pre-Atlantean times. There will be some confusion, from time to time, as several of these artificial time/space continuums merge during the frequency adjustments.

Currently there are Seven Great Seals located within your physical bodies. Their number will expand to twelve to accommodate the greater frequency that you will need to facilitate your light bodies.

Your chromosomes are being adjusted to accommodate the incoming Christ Consciousness. This is being done slowly, over the millennium. Not all manipulations of your genetics are done with intent to harm, particularly those attributed to the Sirian influences upon your cultures.

There will be complete transformation of your present DNA structure, which is already occurring. The present number of chromosomes within the human cell will expand six to ten times. This is necessary to accommodate the magnitude of the Christ Consciousness.

The effect of the Manasic Radiation Belt has been kept hidden from you by your world governments. This belt encompasses the whole Earth and is now merging with a radiation belt that already exists, one that is the result of the accumulation of nuclear experimentation and explosions on Earth over the past fifty years. This belt is extremely toxic and volatile, and it poses a very present danger to all life forms on Earth.

This Radiation Belt is a major cause of the global warming that is occurring, certain forms of cancer and the death of certain life forms within the other kingdoms of your plane. These life forms are essential for the balance of life on this plane. As a result of this destruction, many of the life forms which presently exist upon your plane will not continue after the transformation of the planet is completed.

The Manasic Radiation Belt is presently descending into Earth’s atmosphere and merging with your stratosphere at an extremely rapid rate. Just a few short years ago it was over 750 miles from the planet’s atmosphere. Now, due mainly to the openings in the ozone layer, in some places it is already merging with the air you breath. Hopefully, the full effects can be stalled until your brothers from beyond the sun are allowed to successfully dematerialize it without causing harm to life forms here upon the Earth.

There are many mutated reactions beginning to surface within the social consciousness of the human societies of the world and these are a direct result of the Manasic Radiation Belt. This is causing mutations in the forming of the Protet, or Prana, which is the universal building block of all life forms within the Earth Plane.

ALL YOUR STUFF WILL COME UP. You are being shaken to the very core by the higher octaves entering your plane of perception. These are raising the level of consciousness on the planet at this time so you can merge with the fifth and even sixth dimensional realities. Uncontrolled emotions and behavioral patterns, some of which have been suppressed for many life times are rising up. They must be released to enable you to merge with the incoming consciousness.

There is an overwhelming sense of malaise permeating the consciousness of many of the Earth’s peoples. For instance, there are overwhelming feelings of friction and agony being expressed from the female of your species against centuries of male dominance and patriarchal tyranny. Many of the males are already losing their sense of self-identity. Among others, there is a dark, foreboding fear that the world is about to end, which is exacerbated as they see the social structures and roles they have played out for so long aligning to the new energies and no longer holding traditional substance and order. Many of the your youth are becoming increasingly violent, committing self-destructive acts with no thought to the future consequences, further indications that the human dream, as it is presently being expressed, has reached a point where it will go through a jump, a critical mass. Critical mass causes the jump.

Your thought absolutely creates. Your thoughts create, absolutely. Absolutely, your thoughts create. How many ways can we say it? Every single thought ever created is still woven within the framework of human consciousness. This is what composes the Social Conscious Grid that ultimately defines the limitations of your perception. Every individual personality is going to be revealed. You are experiencing isolated, seemingly real events in the unified field of reality in which everything is occurring at the same time. Your life is simply an event in your own time/space continuum, which is a part of the much larger whole. Likewise, the universe is undefined and limitless, so is it infinitesimal and unique. As above, so below. As with the universe, so with you.

All the pain that was experienced during the destruction of Atlantis–which occurred over a 150 to 200 year period–is currently being released and felt by every human being that had an experience there. The emotional response to this frequency is affecting everyone and everything around them. This means it also affects the bodies of land which still, to this day, carry the emotional vibration of that experience.

All of this is being released on a global level. With every breath you take, you are exchanging cells (one to the power of twenty) with all of those who are now or have ever occupied this plane. That is over one million cells per breath. Perhaps this can begin to explain where all those strange thoughts are coming from about past lives. It is not madness; it is the universal human memory unfolding at an amazing rate of speed.

Currently, the feminine energy is raising on the planet. The social implication can be witnessed everywhere in your daily lives. The understanding of this experience cannot be fully realized until humanity, as a group, can differentiate the difference between male and female energies, and the physicality of the Male body and the Womb of Man’s body–Woman. They are two completely different concepts. Physicality is tied to your sexuality; the energy aspect is connected to your Spirit, your God, your very essence, which is constantly pouring forth from the Source of all Life.

As human beings you possess the qualities of both male and female energies. You must balance these if you hope to attain Christ Consciousness. This place of balance is too often mistakenly expressed as androgyny. This is a misinterpretation and incorrect language. One may still express through the embodiment of the Man and Womb of Man without distorting the perception of these energies through the limited understanding of the body physical. Both genders are, in the Divine sense, one and the same. Male and female are just two sides of one reflection. They each possess the same capacity for lust, domination, competition and fear. Social consciousness has simply trained you to dramatize it differently.

We are discussing energy, not physical gender. Despite where you come from or where you are going after you no longer express in the physical body, you are neither male nor female; yet you are both. You come from eternal Isness and you return to eternal Isness, which is God.

We are dealing with energy here; and that is what must be dealt with, if you are to understand the deeper truths of your own being. There is a dire need to end the conflict between male and female energies, now. Once that is achieved, the human drama will play itself out in natural alignment, without conflict. Your nature is Divine; conflict is not necessary.

There is too much emphasis on sensuality in your society, and not enough on spirituality. You must cease all inner conflict. As it is now, you as an individual, and society as a whole, are a house divided.

To open to the love of Creator, God I AM, you must first know yourself and love yourself. God I AM dwells within the creation of the body, while you are in a body. God is neither male nor female. God merely Is. Love what you are. That makes it a lot easier to know what you are. When you know what you are, then you can know what God Is. Live the ideal in your everyday walk and you will have accomplished what the Master Jesus came to teach you in his time upon your plane.

Feminine energy will continue to increase upon your plane, and match the resistance of the male energy exerted to contain it. This will be part of your individual experience until these energies equalize. God is in the Neutral Zone, not in the friction.

What is occurring in your emotional experiences, is happening for your own benefit. It is allowing you to release what has been blocking you for many, many life times. You have been dancing around this wheel for seven and one half million years. It is time to let it go!

Observe what is occurring in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. These areas are notorious for the prevailing dominant male patriarchal consciousness that is presently ripping humanity apart emotionally. The nature of the destruction in these areas reflects some of the worst violations to human rights that have ever occurred in the history of your plane.

It should be remembered that this geographical area was formerly the Persian Empire, home of the Philistines. Look to the Bible, if you have no other source, for even there the records of the distortion of humanity is evident, for these were the lands of Sodom and Gomorrah.

You are witnessing the human psycho drama being played out at the most base level–through war! The lessons in these areas will be hard, and will reach a level over the next three to four years where their drama will threaten the whole of the known world.

As it is seen now, it is inevitable that in this area there will be the eruption of a major war, as the human conflicts rage once again and the fighting is renewed. The higher consciousness is almost completely closed down. Simultaneously fantastic phenomenon having major global impact will also occur.

This area has huge warehouses of devices that include germ and chemical warfare substances. These are very unstable and are stored in mass quantities. An accident could surely cause the end of all life within these areas. It would also disrupt the continuation of the rest of humanity, which is well on the road to Christ Consciousness.

There are three possibilities for this region. First, if the balance of the principles of male and feminine energies are accepted, then the situation will, of course, diffuse of its own accord. Presently, this outcome is a highly unlikely.

Secondly, a holographic projection will appear in the skies of whichever deity is held most dear in the hearts of the people. In other words, Mohammed will appear for the Muslims, Jesus will appear for the Christians, and so on, and so forth. This hologram will be manipulated so that the whole world will stand witness. A fiat will then be issued to cease and desist. All of mankind will be able to view this moment, frozen in time through the media.

Thirdly, this entire experience, including the life forms that created this drama, will appear to dematerialize. Nuclear destruction of Earth or multitudes of people will never be allowed. Many of the plagues now on the Earth are the result of experimentation done by the so called secret world governments. Many of your new strains of viruses are the result of the war game you have called Desert Storm, where billions of particles of death were released into your atmosphere to wreak global destruction on innocent people.

There is another possibility however, and that has to do with the Photon Belt. When Earth comes close enough to the Photon Belt, the effects will neutralize your present technology. All we can do is watch the unfolding of events and allow enough time for mankind to awaken and choose another course. If that awakening does not occur, there will be an intervention. This much of the Great Plan can be revealed to the world at this time. It is hoped that it is understood, this prophecy is shared with love and is not construed to further oppress the peoples of Earth.

Earth’s vibratory level will rise slowly, although for some the tension of the increased velocity is already causing pressure. Individuals with locked consciousness are already feeling their reality tear on emotional levels. You will experience this emotional turmoil through the break-up of relationships, the sudden impulse to move to another career, or even the desire to just pick up and move to a totally new location, leaving behind jobs, family and dreams. These are all actions taken by the God of your being. It is the I AM within you that will not allow you to live in an environment which is not in harmony with your inner being.

As it has been said in the Bible by the Lord Sananda (Jesus), “With my coming shall the wheat be separated from the tares.” This statement is taken out of context from a brilliant prophet addressing the potential occurrences of this time, and it has been abusively misused to cause separation amongst the people. Fortunately, some of you understand that the second coming of the Christ is the raising of the Christ within each and everyone of you, and not the materialization of a single Messiah.

All social structures will fracture from within as the Earth’s vibratory level raises, every single one of them, for there is not one of them that carries forward the whole truth. The ability of institutions to be flexible, open, and honest will determine their future. Those organizations that are rigid and refuse to stretch, grow and take responsibility for his-story, are dissolving overnight. This is happening within your state and federal governments, within your world banking institutions, and within your religious organizations. Eventually, it will filter down to your local municipalities and even your own families.

Institutions, structures of all forms, and all governments based on patriarchal tyranny have fostered thought forms upon the Earth plane that are archaic and dysfunctional, leading humanity towards an inevitable path of self-destruction. You must be aware that there are those heavenly hosts of beings who had a hand in your creation and, at this moment, are laying claim to their property, both real estate and human. This archaic consciousness which has dominated your world for over ten thousand years has served its purpose! Its time is done.

There are some courageous souls who hold the space between self-destruction and self-realization, but social attitude and the addiction to fear is fast reaching a level where most of these voices will need to seek refuge in the mountains of your world. There is still time before the windows close. When these voices go to the mountain, it will be to hole up for a brief but turbulent period of your experience.

To you romantics, you may hold onto love, but also grow in your understanding. It is but a brief time before the prophets of old see the coming of the Golden Age. We hope that those of you who read this information will be among those who persevere.

Many of you meet someone, merge into a relationship with them and find in a matter of a few months, or in some instances weeks, you have experienced an entire life time. One or both of you will be left in the unfamiliar position of having outgrown the relationship in short order. Learn to pass through these dramas without becoming attached to the outcomes. Many of these experiences are being called forth so that you may release the residue of resentments harbored for lifetimes. You are in the plane of action. The human drama must either be totally accepted within each of you or it will play itself out in the physical realm.

Again, the old paradigms are dispersing. You are experiencing the growing pangs of a new consciousness, similar to birthing pains when a woman is in labor. The new life form is taking its own identity and space in forming its reality within the womb. It possesses its God essence. The two of you are simply momentarily sharing the same body.

Remember, the true understanding of the balance of the male/female energies can, and must, be experienced within. Only then can they be expressed in the outer manifestation you identify as your life. It all has to do with energy, not gender. Gender is only third dimensional expression.

You must understand that what is occurring throughout your world, on yet another level, is occurring to the whole of the embodiment of the galaxies. It is by no means restricted to just this little planet.

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Your connectedness to ALL is difficult for you to assimilate because of your limited view that Mother Earth is, a thing, a chunk of dirt and rock. Humanity has lost its objectivity and its ability to see the whole picture because of the state of amnesia that exists within your consciousness. The consciousness of humanity is ill. It is out of focus. It has been derived of the nurturing truth it desperately needs.

Mother Earth is a sovereign being, possessing both her own vision and emotion. She has a galactic family of her own. The meteor experience with Jupiter in 1994 was much more than it appeared. It was impregnation! Jupiter accepted the Divine sparks for the new solar system which will replace this present one when this solar system shifts into a new experience. Jupiter is destined to become the new sun for this region, and will remain within the confines of third dimensional reality.

Several of your prophets have spoken of the appearance of two suns in your solar system. Look to your ancient writings. Some of the remnants of these teachings exist to this day. They are hidden beneath the Great Pyramid in Egypt. They can, and have been, accessed. The Mayan and the Hopi people also possess a knowledge of these ancient teachings.

The turmoil that mankind is presently experiencing is necessary so that you will know, beyond doubt, that life is a continuum, not an isolated event. There are many professing to hold the Christian teachings of the Master Jesus. Many of these people would have you believe that after a handful of years, and within one single lifetime, your soul is ready for judgment, into either eternal bliss or damnation. How is it that such folly and ignorance remains uncontested in a civilized world?

The teachings of the Master Jesus, Sananda, were about the Christing of humanity. They were designed and delivered to give hope to the western culture, so that you would understand there is, indeed, life after death. You were to have learned from Him that death is not the ending, that the Kingdom of Heaven is within, and that God the Father dwells within all of mankind.

In your desperation to justify your dogmas and petty existences, you have imprisoned yourselves within the walls of limitation, remembering almost no trace of your Divine origin.

Those who have auric vision often see human beings as a luminous egg. This is a good image because, for the most part, you have yet to be born! You are about to experience this birth phenomenon on a global level.

You have fallen asleep at the wheel. You are immersed deep within the spell of mortality, dreaming the separation between time/space events within the universal field of potential realities, as if these moments were all there was.

The vibratory reality of the emerging Photon Belt is forcing us to birth by breaking the shell of our limitation. You are being freed from your imprisonment of limited existence. You cannot stop the birthing process; you can only live in denial of Life itself.

Humanity is rather like a wild seed carried by a migratory bird that gets dropped in the sand on an isolated beach. The sand and wind and water thrash at it, but it remains hidden among the grasses that camouflage it from predators. Battered by the wind, some seeds are lost to the relentless rays the sun. The survivors germinate. The winds of change are upon us and birthing time is here.

As you break out of your shell of limitation, you will notice a wonderful new world around you. Your wings will dry in the winds. The skies above you are filled with hues and fragrances you have yet to appreciate. It will be new and different for you, it will also feel familiar.

Driven by some unseen motivation, you will look to the heavens and dream of flying. Then you notice that most of the other seeds on the beach have not sprouted. For a brief moment, you will feel compassion, gazing on the surreal landscape of faceless forms, vacantly left behind. Sorrow will dissipate quickly however, and your Divine essence will be warmed by the nurturing rays of the Great Central Sun, Alcyone. And you remember that life can never know death, and you will feel no relationship to the empty shells strewn about the landscape.

You will feel the urge to flap your new wings and lift off into the thermals, seeking your foreverness, as your memory returns with each moment, as you remember you are a Child of the Sun. The physics of the Photon Belt dictates that the photon field has no weight, or structure; it is rather, pure white light. A photon is a particum of light. In its reality, it knows only velocity and vibration. It can however have tone, for the movement of light causes sound which produces color. The entry of the Earth into the Photon Belt will cause the metabolic rate of the entire planet to radically increase. The experience of unusual phenomena will become common place.

Your solar system is already speeding up its rotation and velocity of orbit through the universe. A few years ago, Earth was traveling through space at a speed of approximately 8,000 miles per hour. By 2110, your solar system, at the present rate of increased velocity, will be hurling through space at approximately 234,000 miles per hour. This rough illustration might help you understand the speeding up of the time matrix on your planet at this time.

When Earth enters the Photon Belt, there is a point where Earth will leap into light speed. Know that there are those from the higher octaves of reality who will assist those who choose to get through this energy shift. When the actual shift, the jump, occurs, those who hold to Christ Consciousness, living in love and light, not imprisoned by dogma, will experience a slight shifting of realities, almost as if they were waking from a conscious daydream.

There are many prophecies relating to the Days of Light and/or the Days of Darkness. You have been given little information that is accurate and does not impose fear. This event is being used by the preachers of doom and gloom to instill fear into the masses. That is because the orthodox deliverers of this prophecy have little understanding of the physics of the higher octaves and are caught in their addiction to superstition and religious dogma.

Prophecy is information delivered about possible/probably future events. Whether a prophecy is possible or probable is up to you! Prophecy is not the foreboding warning of an existential occurrence. The prophecy that fulfills itself is a failed prophecy. It is a failed prophecy because those that heard it did not heed the message. Returning again to the effects of the Photon Belt, there will be either days of light or darkness, depending upon whether the sun or the Earth enters the Photon Belt first. If its the sun, its expanding molecular structure will turn into pure light, a moment of brilliant light, many times its present light. As a result, your planet will be in a nebula, and the sun will change its structure. This experience will last, in your current perception of time, approximately 110 of your hours. If, on the other hand, the Earth should move into the Photon Belt first, the entire consciousness grid of the planet will experience the pure darkness of the great void for approximately the same period of time.

During either of these scenarios the expansion of consciousness will occur so rapidly that human consciousness will be, momentarily, unable to assimilate the influx of knowledge and you will pass out. The Earth is actually slowing in its rotation. Eventually, Earth will seek to return to its original and natural rotation–counter clockwise. This fact is evidenced in many of the ancient temples. During the time of what is called, the Age of the Pharaohs in Egypt, your Earth was still rotating in this counter-clockwise manner. The reason for the altered rotation is due both to manipulation by extraterrestrial forces and cataclysmic occurrences resulting from experiments by the then ruling civilization, the one we call Atlantis.

It is not certain exactly when this rotation reversal will occur, we know only that it is eminent. When this event happens, for a brief period of time, your Earth will actually stop rotating momentarily. This could happen as Jupiter is being birthed, which would result in intense light, much brighter than the present sun is capable of emitting.

While it is hard to determine from where we are, it appears that you will emerge fully into the Photon Belt near the year 2009. The reactions within your emotional field will be extreme. The human drama will intensify and you will find that gaining control over your emotions will be of utmost importance while you will play out the effects in your personal psycho drama. There is no longer a leisurely road to enlightenment.

Your dreams and thoughts are more real than the cold steel of a sword. There is a reality beyond your present logic and your pictures of reason. You cannot reason the occurrences of this time with the intellect. In the higher understanding, thoughts of the Divine and thoughts of a lesser nature are felt. Feeling will become your new-found wisdom.

The true language of the God I AM within you is experienced through your emotions, for emotions are the language through which you feel and Source expresses. This is the language of the Angels. You have neglected these regions for a very long time. The use of intellect alone is as archaic as the steam engine. Linear thought does not exist in the higher octaves.

What you are experiencing upon Mother Earth at this point is a result of your thoughts and desires. You must rise above the tendency to destroy and avenge. These are base impulses, and have no place in the higher octaves. Mankind is destined to go far beyond even those galactic entities who presently seek to dominate it. Each of you possesses the potential for Christhood.

The Dark Forces are losing ground and they are aware of that fact. It is imperative to their objective that limited perception continue, for their kingdom resides in third dimensional reality and they know they will descend, so to speak, when the shift occurs.

The Dark Forces feed upon your negativity. They need your fears, your anger, your passions and obsessions for sensuality and self-destruction. They need these emotional reactions. Your negative emotional reactions are the grist in their mills. They use those emotions to perpetuate the spell of mortality in which you are all enmeshed. This concept of mortality has been twisted by organized religions like a vise which crushes you. These Dark Forces are not real in the higher sense; however they are a real manifestation of mankind’s altered-ego, and a manipulation of reality. Therefore, those souls experiencing existence within the confines of the human reality, can experience their effects. These are thought forms that have been given life, so to speak, by your great attention put upon them, your focus of energy that fuels their reality in your plane. Their nature is that of a collective consciousness creating an illusion. They possess no form, nor individual life essence. They are an aspect of mankind’s unbalanced consciousness. As you approach the Photon Belt these thought forms will dissipate. However, there are many who hold onto this form of negativity as a source of justifying their limited reality. Let us use the example of an insane person suffering severe hallucinations. These visions are very real to them, though those around them can see nothing and consider them the ravings of madness.

The choice is yours whether to hold pure mind or altered-ego. An important distinction must be made here. Pure Ego is the God Force, altered Ego is the man-u-factured force. You must qualify and quantify your thoughts, more now than ever before in your experiences upon your plane of reality. In some ways, the energy of the dark forces is more real, more infinite, than your physical bodies–because you have given them your power through your belief in them.

Remember the principle of the Universal Law, like draws like, the Laws of Attraction. What you express through your thoughts, what you declare through the emotional experience, what you judge, so shall you become. The universe is simply affirming your declarations. For even though in your present state you are not in full awareness, you are still powerful Gods. The essence that is within you, the one having the experience, is pure GOD I AM.

There is a new Earth being formed at this moment. Presently it is existing within the confines of the fourth dimension. In this time, a separation of the wheat and the tares will occur. Those who choose not to move forward with their natural evolution, clinging, instead, to the old forms of limited thought of tyranny and oppression will stay behind. Those who will not move beyond the imprisonment of their own creation, by their own choice, will stay behind and begin anew. Perhaps they will join the rest of you once they have completed the cycle again, growing in their awareness, into full ownership of their Godhead after the next cycle.

In your present counting, this period will last approximately 10,560 years. So that you might better understand their evolutionary process, the distorted thought forms of the world previously created will be wiped clean by their own I AM, for the present existing forms of darkness that man has created need to be vanquished. It is not a matter of good against evil; rather, it is life seeking itself. These old forms of thought are no longer of any value to the ongoingness of God I AM.

The new energies coming into the Earth plane will allow for many to be able to read each other’s thoughts. This is already beginning to occur. Clairvoyance and prophetic thoughts are beginning to become a common reality. You, like your brothers from beyond the sun, will have little need for spoken language. Language will become something you experienced in the limited world of your past. What you think, so you are. You will no longer be able to hide behind the many guises you have created in this past experience, nor will there be a need to do so. Over the next five years, you will become more aware of the fact that time is an illusion. The artificial time/space matrix created during the last holocaust, when Atlantis sank beneath the oceans, was created to enable mankind to hold onto some semblance of consciousness. The final days of the destruction of Atlantis was of such magnitude that there was little hope that anything would survive on the surface world.

After the sinking of Atlantis, there were many years of nuclear devastation. It was during this time that you remember the Inner Earth and your sojourn there. That period lasted some 580 years. After that time, you emerged into this world, the Fourth World.

Confusion will reign during this time. All over the globe, people will rise up against tyranny. Souls even within the most primitive of cultures are realizing that no matter what their color or degree of technical knowledge, they are GOD I AM.

The rise in vibratory level among people will cause the final downfall of the tyrants as they struggle to hold onto the control they have exerted over the world. But the One World Government will be short-lived, for the control will slip away from the tyrants quickly. The worst thrust will occur during the formation of the One World Order, the chaos after the fall, but the combination of galactic intervention and the Earth Changes will bring about the end of the tyrants.

Great polarities will become more and more apparent, as the world observes, through the eyes of the media, the crumbling of social structures, religious groups, and sciences. Only natural states of reality will prevail. ALL manifested forms of illusion created by the altered-Ego will crumble within the next decade. All synthesized items that are a part of this altered consciousness will actually vanish from this plane.

The Hopi have told their children, “Close the doors and windows. And under no circumstances look upon the outside world until the shift passes.” The collapsing of the artificially created time/space matrix will truly be a sci-fi experience.

As fear spreads throughout social consciousness most will be drawn to their addictions. Those needing intense involvement with people and conveniences will be drawn to the cities. Those in the spell of the fear of total collapse of the global society will seek refuge in the rural areas, where adjustments are hard to make. Coming to terms with your obsessions can be very uncomfortable, but it is necessary at this time. Vast numbers of humanity have become strangers in their own world, let alone their own beingness.

As the current world religions continue to bred separatism, there will be a great fracturing of spiritual beliefs, not only from others who hold a different view of God, but those separated from God. He is out there someplace, hiding in a piece of real estate called Heaven, designed for a very special elite group… Quite a preposterous point of view. Nevertheless, this belief has spilled over into your perceptions, leaving you feeling separate from one another, the chosen and the not chosen.

Many racial conflicts will arise in America, and your media will feed this drama. This mistrust and separation will turn into religious madness, reminiscent of the Salem witch hunts and the insanity of the Medieval Inquisition. Most of the truly awakened spiritual people are already aware of this. They are getting prepared to go underground, and they will be hard to find. They will find a safe place in the mountains and just be.

Inner city social structure will return to the gang and War Lord system comprised of social outcasts and marauders. This aspect of Orwell’s book, 1984, will become a reality. The cities will become virtual confinement areas for these less desirables. Very shortly cities will be quarantined. You will be told that this is in the interest of national health and to protect good people from the undesirables. The people will buy into it.

Those in positions of power are already creating communities in rural areas where they plan to retreat. This will become apparent in about 1997. They will attempt to control your sources of water and woodland game-filled areas. You are already being monitored by those little devices that enable you to communicate through your cellular phones, their version of little orange orbs (1984). The farm lands will offer little shelter as they are already heavily monitored and under corporate domination.

International borders will break up and the American military will create situations that will support their need for unobstructed power. Soon it will become impossible to travel from state to state without the National ID card, which will soon replace the existing debit system.

A National ID Card, called “The MARC” is already in use by your military. This is to evolve into an international card prescribed by the New World Order, all of which is manipulated by world bankers. This MARC will also become the means of exchange. America will be a cashless society before the end of 1998. By the end of the year 2000, this will be a global situation.

As the dimensions merge and the time/space matrix collapses, many will question their sanity. Many who think they have had an abduction experience have actually simply experienced this collapsing and merging and don’t know what it is. As these experiences multiply, it will be impossible to suppress public knowledge of them. The artificial reality created for purposes of control, left behind by the extra terrestrials from the Wormwood Planet, is breaking down. It was their intrusion into our natural evolution that genetically altered our path so gravely. The beings from the Wormwood Planet regard you as they would cattle (which, by the way, is a genetically created breed of being). Your government leaders are preparing you for the release of information concerning the Wormwood Planet now approaching your solar system.

The breakdown of this artificial reality will leave you feeling weak and vulnerable. The sanctioned religions will not have the answers for you. This is where the indigenous people will help. In their genetic memory they hold the knowledge of the original teachings. The Cogi in South America, the Hopi of the Southwest and other nations that were here before the tragic intrusion of Columbus, still remember and can teach you.

The corrupted order of the Jesuits of the Catholic Church in Rome, above all other sects, have access to the thousands of artifacts and writings that were the booty from their pillaging of the indigenous people of this land.

In America, over a five hundred year period, over fifty million people vanished from the face of the Earth in one of the most senseless displays of barbarity in the history of mankind. Some genetic strains were forever erased from the physical plane during this invasion.

The responsibility for these violations will eventually wreak havoc for those offenders, and it will inevitably become apparent that many of you played a role in that time. Mankind has been fumbling with the natural order and has thrown its consciousness out of balance. As the Hopi say, Kiano Squatsi, a world out of balance. Mother Nature herself has created an alternative plan. She would not allow the total demise of indigenous people from the genetic pool of the Earth.

The breakdown of social structure will be complete, total. No leaf will be left unturned. But the indigenous people who carry the genes of mixed blood will be charged with the influx of energies of the Christ and they will awaken to the ancient truths that are buried deep within their genetic memory.

In America these mixed-bloods are called Metis. In this particular blend of genetic consciousness, you have Cro-Magnon (the original species before the genetic tampering) and Homo-Sapiens (which should really be labeled Homo-Sirian or Homo-Pleiadian, since the lot of you possess extra-terrestrial genes).

The gene of the Metis will be in natural alignment with the natural vibratory rate of the Earth and many of the ancient wisdoms will be awakened within people with this blood. The weed is always stronger than the hybrid. It has not lost its natural ability to adapt to new environments or harsh conditions.

The Great Iroquois Master, Deganawida, spoke prophetically about these times during his sojourn upon the Earth. The Iroquois People have carried the verbatim accounts of his teachings, and delivered them orally, word-for-word, every year. We would advise you to seek inner guidance from these words and consider their wisdom for your life. Within these teachings are the maps, so to speak, that will guide your inner being to a place where you can be in alignment during these times. There are literally millions of people on the Earth today of mixed Native blood. These people carry the original gene pools.

The Master Deganawida was also known as the Pale Prophet, The Lord of the Wind. This is the one Western Civilization calls the Christ. It is indeed the Master Sananda. He brought about the spiritual uplifting of the consciousness of the woodland people throughout the northeastern United States. Eventually, warring tribes banded together under his guidance and formed a confederation of the tribes. These people lived in harmony and abundance for hundreds of years before the coming of the Europeans.

These people call themselves the Hodenosaunee. Later, the Europeans would call them the Iroquois People, consisting of five original tribes. It was their governmental system, designed by Deganawida that formed the basis of the United States Constitution. It was Deganawida’s system of wisdom and social order, based on a matriarchy, that gave our founding fathers the basis for the system. The U.S. system of government was the crown jewel of the Master Comte de St. Germain’s endeavors upon the Earth plane.

It is through the mixture of the cultures and races in America that doors will open for a blending of consciousness. Through the gradual assimilation of blood, a new race of man will inhabit your planet after the transition.

The puppet governments of South America will cease with the collapse of the world banking system. This will allow for a change in social conditions and many will return to the natural ways of their ancestors. This will not be a hardship since more than 95% of the people currently living in the areas impacted by this change now live far below the poverty level. Events will assist the Seventh Manu, or the new strain of human, to come into full development. The ancient Earth energies are fairly intact in these South American areas, although there is a potential danger in the cutting down of the old growth forests that have kept the consciousness of nature in balance. The climate and the consciousness in the mountain regions there have been held intact since the existence of the ancient civilizations.

The magnetic poles will shift. Many beings from the planet Sirius are already working on this problem, trying to slow down the effects. In the past, the pole shifts have been manipulated by those tyrants from the Wormwood Planet. The Wormwood Planet has also been called Mardock, or Marduke, Neberu, Nebernal, and Phaeton. This manipulation of the shifts has not allowed Earth to return to its natural rotation, which has contributed to the state of unconsciousness that exists today. The result is that you have been kept in a state of amnesia.

At best, humanity has reached the stage comparable to adolescence in consciousness, not quite over the final hurdle which would enable full consciousness to bloom and full memory to return. Previously, when a civilization reaches this point, a self-destructive mechanism automatically kicks in, so to speak, and the pattern of growth halts. Previous civilizations decayed from within at this point and destroyed themselves. Since the time of Atlantis, it has been the fate of each civilization to bloom but for a brief moment, and then decline after only a few years of great achievement.

Perhaps you are already aware that the level of consciousness of previous civilizations far exceeds the current level on this plane today. We have not achieved the level of technology of past civilizations. We have not surpassed the art of the ancient Greeks, nor are we capable of the architectural feats created in ancient Egypt. We cannot travel on laser ships like the ancient Mayans did. These comparisons illustrate our relatively limited achievements. In the past, those of the Wormwood Planet have kept your planet under control through force. This has been accomplished by switching the natural direction of your planet’s rotation. The natural direction of your planet is counter sunwise (counter clockwise), rather than sunwise, or clockwise. The current sunwise rotation of Earth is unique in your universe, as your scientists are now finding out. Earth develops a natural tendency to correct itself every 3500 to 3600 years in your counting. This is, essentially, how long it takes for your solar system to totally reproduce itself through physical matter, much the same way your body does through the process of cellular regeneration.

This total regeneration correlates with the reappearance of the Wormwood Planet, whose inhabitants are quite like farmers coming to check their crops. But guess what the crops are? The human race!

In the past, the manipulation of the magnetic poles often caused severe geophysical changes. Frequently, humanity was totally annihilated as a result of the extreme changes in frequency. If there were survivors, there was also much chaos and consciousness suffered radical shifts as a result. This is the reason why some civilizations appeared mysteriously out of nowhere, and why others disappeared without a trace.

Consider the new information from the Sumarian Records and you will see documentation of such occurrences. Search the petroglyphs of early America, and you will find evidence of some of the early people and even drawings depicting the great wars between the brave ones who stood in defiance of the Lord God Jehovah and his reigns of terror and exploitation here upon your planet. Even the severely edited and altered Bible still speaks of the Nephilim, who were in league with Jehovah’s tyranny upon your plane. They are, indeed, much taller than your present manifested form.

Did you know that your Dead Sea was once a beautiful region? Its shores were inhabited by a great people who remembered their origins and stood in defiance of the Lord God Jehovah. There were many, in those times, who still possessed the memory of their Divine origins and knew well the nature of the grand experiment that was being conducted upon the Earth plane, the Cradle of Christhood.

When the initial wars with Jehovah were over, renegade parties returned with the Ark of the Covenant. It was the most terrible weapon ever devised, possessing inexplicable capabilities of destruction. It was buried on the Plain of Sharon and will be discovered again, but not before the consciousness of the planet is fully awakened. At which time the weapon will be dismantled once and for all, forever.

Those who had the courage to stand against the God Jehovah were destroyed in a flash of laser-like rays that could, and did, melt entire cities into living stone. The destruction was so complete that, even to this day, many of these places are, for all intents and purposes, devoid of life-supporting energy. This happened over three million years ago!

There was a second destruction upon your plane during the Atlantean experience. This concluded in a nuclear explosion that left the surface of your Earth devoid of life for a period of almost six hundred years. Only those life forms which could seek shelter within the confines of the Inner Earth were spared total annihilation.

This was when the Pleadian’s had guardianship over your planet. They had, however, become decadent and tyrannical in their rule. The beings of the Inner Earth manipulated volcanic eruptions in an attempt to transmute the damage from the nuclear explosions, but there was too much damage.

First, the animals ventured into the newly restructured world. You were warned about the possible dangers from radiation to your bodies and your consciousness. With the help of your forefathers from the system Sirius, a layer of protection was developed against these rays. You call it the ozone layer.

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The ozone layer has been damaged recently by the abuse of fossil fuels and chemicals, threatening the life forms of the entire planet. As a result of this damage, the Sirians, and other like-minded beings, were allowed to intervene, and this intervention continues to this day. This was done to allow your continued development, so that you might be able to fulfill your destiny to attain Christhood.

Over the past five hundred years there has been a decline in your magnetic polarities. Science is aware of this phenomenon. Today this is so serious that it is affecting electrical devices necessary to continue your technology.

Your magnetic poles continue to decline as they return to their natural positions. This, combined with the artificial conditions on Earth and the incoming effect of the Photon Belt which activates Scaler Energy waves, will cause a severe disruption of energies. This is becoming more and more evident and will continue to affect you more and more. (Have you had computer problems lately?)

As you approach the Photon Belt and align with the natural cause of Earth energies, increasing the metabolic rate of the Earth as She readies Herself for emergence into fifth dimensional reality, these occurrences will escalate. In the end, the archaic technology currently being used by the industrial powers of Earth will be neutralized entirely.

Many truths will be revealed within the next five years of your counting. An ancient pyramid will be discovered in Turkey. It will appear near the surface as a result of Earth activity (earthquakes) there. It will be discovered nearly intact and will reveal the technology used to built the pyramids. We will learn of their magnificent nature, their intricate design and their precise architecture which has yet to be achieved in your contemporary world.

Information will be discovered beneath the Great Sphinx that will reveal truths about your origins, and these truths will shatter the misconceptions that have manipulated you throughout this civilization. Through their discovery it will become evident that you have been here for a very long time and that you have interacted with beings from other galaxies from the beginning. This evidence will shake the scientific world.

Your concept of extraterrestrials will be altered far beyond your present comprehension. Evidence will be discovered that they have lived with you in many civilizations before this one, civilizations whose grandeur and beauty shadow anything you can imagine in this present world. A discovery in Alaska will reveal an ancient advanced civilization that existed there before the last shifting of the poles.

The truth about Jehovah’s reckless, irresponsible, adolescent and warring nature will be inarguable. The true relationship between the Gods will be unveiled, and you will come to understand the true intentions of Lord God Yahweh, ID, Ishamel, and many, many others. You will remember much, and through consciousness, reconnect with your Star Brotherhood. All in all, it will be a splendid show.

There will be many more landings of inter-dimensional craft beginning in 1996 and 1997. The frequency and visibility of these landings will make it virtually impossible for the world governments to continue with their present policy of official denial. You are being prepared through a manipulation of the media for the visitations, and you are being readied for the government’s admission of their cover-up. That is why you are seeing so many programs and movies about UFOs and aliens. The contracts your governments made with the aliens during the Roosevelt, Truman and Eisenhower years are running out. Under contract, your government “sold you out,” so to speak. Your government was given technology in exchange for non-interference and easy abduction of the population.

These contracts run out in 1997. This is why the Hubbell Telescope was placed when it was. It is actually an early warning device to warn you about the return of the Wormwood People. Remember the Hopi Prophecy. It refers to the final days and says that “one of the signs of the End Times is when they build a house in the sky.” Well, it’s there. It’s the space station and there are people living aboard it right now.

Soon the truth behind the dissolution of the Soviet Union will be known. The Soviet Union has spent billions of dollars on research on the subject of extraterrestrial life and other paranormal phenomena. The truth is, they were ready to announce their discoveries to the world. Secret meetings were held in South America and Switzerland, and the decision was made by the leaders of the New World Order that this was premature and the results might disrupt the plan for the New World Order. The simplest solution was to dissolve the USSR, and this was accomplished within 90 days. An entire nation was dismantled for the purpose of withholding information until a more convenient time. There is a high probability of a war in the Middle East. When the evidence discovered in Turkey and Egypt is released, the true nature of your reality as a holographic projection will be revealed. This will cause millions to fall into panic and fear. One consequence of this chaos will be the final fall of all archaic religious institutions.

As you merge further with the Photon Belt in 1996 and 1997, there will be many occurrences of light phenomenon. The effect of the Photon Belt will be the restructuring of light as you perceive it. Your will see colors in sunsets and evening skies that have never been seen on the Earth plane during this civilization.

New species of flora and plankton will develop to help with the realignment of Earth energies, so that life can be supported in it’s next stage. Many new species of insects are already appearing and new crystal formations will occur within the mineral kingdom. These new crystals are formed by the harmonics of the higher octaves.

Appearances of Light Orbs will become quite frequent, especially in more rural areas. This will happen as our dimensions continue to merge and our brothers and sisters from other dimensions attempt to communicate with us as the veil between the dimensions continues to thin and fracture.

Many of the Old Ones are utilizing this thinning to slip through the veil, to use Native American understanding. The old ways are done and as the Old Ones realize their time is past and they have done, what they came to do, many will slip through this veil rather than experience the ending of life upon the plane they loved so much.

We will not dwell upon the acts of inhumanity to man, nor the oppression that will be attempted by the World Government. According to the terms of contracts written fifty years ago, the government is to deliver the mass population to alien interests, while a privileged few who consented to the agreement are permitted to enjoy the wonders of the new technology.

Certain things have not gone as planned. At the time of the agreements neither your consciousness nor your technology was capable of discerning or understanding the information about the shifting of the poles, the existence of the Photon Belt or the Wormwood Planet and its intentions for Earth’s inhabitants. All attempts by the World Government to show defiance against these alien beings have met defeat. However, there is now help coming from Sirius and other inter-dimensional task forces. They have surrounded the planet and have successfully prevented full-scale retaliation against you.

The Nephilim and others who are aligned with Jehovah are determined to harvest all they can by their own free will. They intend to continue manipulating the consciousness of those who they regard as their personal property.

The Sirians have enjoyed a long and sometimes painful co-existence with human beings, the Children of the Sun. They were among the first beings to help with the development of physical embodiments that could survive the conditions of the planet.

Earth was not the first home of human beings. You had origins in the Pleiades and on the planet Mars. Each culture grew self-destructive, due to your competitive natures. When you inhabited planet Earth, you needed an improved model, so the speak, one that could exist in harmony here. This was after the destruction of the stratosphere which caused the waters to fall to Earth, causing the creation of the great oceans that you have to this day.

The Sirians were from a water world and so they had the necessary experience to undertake the task. Consider, if you will, how it is that your bodies are basically designed to run on an electrical network that functions in water? Human bloods is, after all, basically the same composition as sea water. Essentially, you are fish that can survive on land. You are far more closely related to the dolphin and the whale then you are to the ape. Once again, this will be realized as soon as the pyramid of Turkey and the underground chambers and anti-chambers of the Great Sphinx are explored. Within the next seven years, the impending effects of the Manasic Radiation Belt will be announced. This belt is presently merging with the Earth’s atmosphere. There are two reasons you must understand this. The Manasic Radiation Belt is interacting with the Earth’s own radioactive waste that has been released into the atmosphere after multiple nuclear explosions over the last fifty years. The effects of this contamination are now evident within the Earth’s inner atmosphere, affecting everything from trees to oceans and rivers.

Earth and your solar system are rapidly moving into the Manasic Radiation Belt and as a result, the planet is experiencing global warming. This radiation is also creating increased deformities within the human consciousness. Ironically, as the planet is warming and the ice caps are receding, there is a scarcity of water and drought in many areas.

Although some Humans who are feeling the effect of the Manasic Belt are definitely moving in the direction of Christ Consciousness, there are many more reverting to Neanderthal Consciousness. This is especially obvious in the cities where the there is pollution, as well as manipulation of the population through constant inundation of electromagnetic frequencies. The expansion and contraction of Human consciousness will intensify the geophysical changes as dimensional realities merge.

Your religious institutions will have no answers and their failure to assist people during this time will act as the catapult for the emergence of a being who the desperate and gullible general masses will decree as the “Savior of the World.” This false “Messiah” is already amongst you. Remember, YOU manifest your fears.

He is approximately 35 to 40 years of age and, although he is aware of certain abilities he possesses, he has not yet been thrown into the role of Messiah. It is the mass consciousness and the constant creation of the events, over and over, that will occur in the drama of the Armageddon, that will cause much grief to those who cannot let go of this thought pattern. It will be the their own patterns of thought, through the laws of manifestation which brings forth this false Messiah.

The emergence of the Anti-Christ will coincide with the renewed outbreak of war in the Middle East. At this time, the world societies will become paralyzed by fear. It is the very patterns of their beliefs in the Armageddon that will call forth his being. He will be viewed as a last hope by the crumbling religious organizations that will fall around you. Although his reign will be short-lived, he will be regarded as a spiritual wonder by millions and he will emerge as the crowning glory of the New World Order. He will be a charismatic politician, spiritually advanced in his grasp of ancient knowledge. He is being trained by the negative side of the surviving mystery schools, what you might call the Dark Brotherhood. Through these teachings he is being given a very powerful understanding of the forces of nature. This is the Dark Brotherhood’s last attempt to control billions of vulnerable people as the final days of third dimensional reality come to a close.

It is the increasing intervention of extraterrestrial forces in the next three years that upset the plans of these dark forces, however. Eventually, this entity will be confronted by these ambassadors of the galactic legions. The years between 1997 and 1999 will be years of great revelation as the awareness of the masses expands to comprehend the presence of this extraterrestrial involvement in your world.

Ultimately, the true nature and essence of this Anti-Christ, who is no more than a master manipulator of human consciousness, will be revealed. This Anti-Christ will possess the knowledge and abilities of an avatar, and he will seem to perform miracles. His emergence into world prominence will be a signal to those who work in the light that this is the time for them to step forward.

As those who work in the light use their abilities to access a level of consciousness that aligns with the Christ Consciousness, they will expose his weaknesses and cause him to return to his true natural state as he is confronted with an energy of a non-destructive nature. This effort will be unified and accomplished with the assistance of those from the higher octaves, in an attempt to preserve the hologram of human consciousness.

It is necessary, as you bridge the dimensions and enter fifth dimensional existence, not to cause the destruction of the alternative Earth. The alternative Earth must be saved as a landing pad for those who do not choose to embrace the fullness of Christ Consciousness. These light workers, in cooperation with the Grand Council, are slated to dismantle the Manasic Radiation Belt. Through the understanding of the higher octaves of human consciousness (the Christ), they will create a natural group Merkabah around the planet Earth to allow the final stages of the transformation to take place.

It should be noted here that your planet, as a living entity, has already evolved into the fifth dimensional vibratory field. In her nurturing way she has never given up on her children. She is allowing humanity to move ahead by their own free choice at this time. All of the galactic bodies in the heavens, even the stars, possess consciousness. All is connected to the Divine Source.

As we draw closer to the year 2000, the people of Earth will witness the re-emergence of the Inner Earth and from the Hollow Earth of those beings who dwell there. These are the beings who helped you in your transition after the destruction of Atlantis. Some of them are human, the ones who chose not to return to the surface world after the destruction of Atlantis. These beings have evolved far beyond your present ability to understand science and technology. For the most part, they rely on the abilities of the mind, rather than external technology and devices, as you have chosen in your reality. They have chosen a parallel path, but they are connected to you in consciousness.

Many of the ships you will witness in the heavens are not the ones created in Nevada and New Mexico with the assistance of the Grays, nor are they, for the most part, inter-dimensional craft. The majority are the ships of those who inhabit the Inner Earth.

They have monitored our development here for eons, and they have their own agreements with the Nephilim. Although they also possess superior technology, like the Grays and the Nephilum, they are a peaceful people whose origins have well-established links to human beings through genetic lines. These beings are also preparing themselves for the emergence into Christ Consciousness.

The beings of the Inner Earth have often been sighted on Earth. They are known as Yeti or Sasquatch. These are the beings who appear at Mount Shasta, who come and go through the “windows” in some of the vortex areas of the southwestern and the northwestern United States. They interact and communicate with the Trans-Himalayan Brotherhood, the Ascended Masters and with beings from beyond the stars. Unlike those of you on the surface, they have not fallen prey to the artificial reality in the biosphere. By your current definitions they would be considered immortals.

There have been countless experiences with these beings reported throughout England, Ireland, Siberia, and South America. While their existence is accepted with only mild interest in these countries, they are at least not the subject of sensational tabloid attention as seen in the U.S. Much evidence is purposefully being withheld from the American public by the American media.

For example, in 1994, over a million people witnessed a UFO over Mexico City. Also during that year many government officials and tourists visiting ancient sites in South America simply vanished. There were two major volcanic eruptions that year, so large they threw pumice stones the size of small boats into the waters off Mexico. Almost no news regarding these occurrences reached the American public. Why?

The people of the Inner Earth have remained an enigma throughout most of our history. The reality is, they simply chose not to participate in the destructive consciousness of the surface people. On the other hand, the people of the Hollow Earth, a land also known as the “Land of the Smoky Sun,” are a very ancient race of beings who have inhabited this Earth from its inception. Inter-dimensional by nature, they possess tremendous powers of the mind. Their form is not like yours at all. These are fifth level beings who have no desire to experience the limited reality of those who chose to emerge onto the surface world.

Your government in America is aware of their existence. It was the government that sponsored Admiral Byrd’s exploration of the North Pole where he was taken into their world. His private journals speak of his encounters and that material is available from several sources. Why, you ask, have we not heard about these beings through the media? Why have they not made contact with our race as a whole if they are truly so advanced?

Consider this. With all the prejudices between the peoples of your world, based on different cultural and spiritual views, why would advanced beings, who do not choose to control you, expose themselves to such a savage race of destructive beings? We are not yet ready to hear them, let alone accept or appreciate their existence here. Remember that it has been less than one hundred years since the chief mode of transpiration for humanity was the horse. If you cannot overcome your own self-hatred, why would you be expected to act differently to others from another planet, or from within your own Earth? You must understand, these are beings whose physical appearances are quite different from your own. Be assured however, that you will witness their existence before the end of this century. As the activities of the Pacific Rim intensify, great ships will emerge from the openings located at the poles of your planet. Also a great ship will emerge off the Western Coast of Central America.

Another phenomenon will occur. A great funnel of water will rise up from the ocean. At first it will be a total mystery to your scientists. Your scientists will identify this phenomenon in the ocean as the “G Force.” From within it a great ship will emerge, a mother ship. It will host thousands of beings from the Inner Earth. They will make a statement to your surface world as they, themselves, prepare to leave this plane on their inter-dimensional craft.

Their ship will virtually block out your sun. It will be witnessed by millions, and their message will be projected to the entire population of the surface world. Accompanying its presence there will be heard throughout your world a great hum, an Om. The frequency and the methods by which their ships are powered are beyond your present understanding. These are the great light ships remembered only in your mythology. There will be many other ships that emerge by the same method. The region in which this will occur was once your homeland, the land of Mu, or Lemuria.

Within the next few years racial tensions in the United States will escalate. Initially, this will be a war resulting in great strife in the streets of America. Ultimately, the revolution will swell and include people who are not in agreement with the philosophies of the New World Order. You must use your inner strength to avoid involvement in these situations. Conflicts will be agitated by those who would establish a One World Government. The inner cities will be unapproachable. The degree of human degeneration will produce a state of complete collapse in urban areas, just as the Elders of the Hopi foretold 12,000 years ago. The following is taken from the Hopi Prophecy:

In these times [end times] most of the people will be as hollow vessels. They will not remember their Mother, nor will they be connected to their own spirits…

They [modern mankind] will find themselves lost within great caverns that are made of strange stone and mica; they appear as mountains that touch the sky itself. There will be no connection to the Earth there at all, for everything is stone, even the dark rivers they walk upon. No plants or trees will exist there, and the sun will always be behind a dark cloud, even the sky will have no color. From inside one of these caverns you will not even be able to see the mountains or the stars…

There will not be Human beings there. The people will be as monsters that exist by killing themselves. They will have become worse than wild animals that are sick with the frothing sickness…

There will come a day when a Great Star appears, so bright that it will outshine the sun. When this happens, these people will stare into the sky, for there has been no light there for so long, and upon seeing the Great Star, they will become filled with fear. Then in a moment they will disappear, as smoke rising into the sky. It will be as if they never were…

Then the Earth will bury what these monsters have created. She will make herself clean. Only those who sought refuge in the mountains and kept away from the sickness and hold the memory of our ancient teachings will have survived. Their numbers will be few…

As you approach the year 2000, many regions of the United States will expel noxious and highly explosive gases. This will result from the movement of the tectonic plates. This will be so intense that your government will have to severely restrict the use of combustible engines.

Your weather experts will create a new term–Fire Storms. The air will literally catch fire.

There will come a time during this next decade when a different kind of fire will be seen in your skies. It will appear as if the whole of the sky is engulfed in flames. This, however, will be the reaction to the massive shifting of the dimensional fields which will happen when you come fully into contact with the Photon Belt. This fire will be cold in nature, and is what is meant by those who have seen visions of the Red Dawn.

This phenomenon will be similar to what some have experienced as St. Elmo’s fire. It is the field of illusion that you have created around yourselves literally burning itself up and dematerializing.

There will be many such displays in your skies in the coming times. These will be hard times of adjustment for many. However, humanity will survive. As a whole, humanity is creating its own experience. What is not understood by enough of you in this time is that each individual’s thoughts will and must manifest. They always have; they always will.

T You have known about this event and been in preparation for this time for eons of human development. You knew about it when you were Angels. The human reality is only one of your dreams in the Unified Field of Eternity.

The key to making it through these times is your ability to get out of your own way allowing the God Force, the I AM, to do its thing. There is too much belief in the notion that you must be in control of your human destiny, when, in fact, humanity has never really been in control of anything, especially itself. There is nothing to achieve and no place to go. It is more important to allow reality to occur, to be in the world, but not of it. There will be many people losing it all around you, but that does not mean you have to. If the energies of a particular place or relationship do not harmonize with creating your happiness, then acknowledge that, and break your patterns of creating the limitation and allow the change. If all you did was follow your joy, you would find that things would work out in your lives with much less resistance and friction. Part of being out of balance is the resistance itself. If something isn’t working out, or if your relationship is failing, it might be your God desperately trying to communicate with you, to change your situation. The situation might just be your attitude.

If you want to love God, then you must first love yourself. For it is within yourself that you and God meet. It happens every day. It has been happening all your life, but you’ve excused it as madness and run away to linear reality.

If you want to change the world, then change your attitude. Become unlimited. Think about it. Even with everything occurring within the human drama, mankind has never been so free. Now, it is only a thought that can bind you. Only a thought!

Desire and thought are one and the same. What you embrace with your thoughts is what will manifest in your future. Your bodies are, after all, simply recycled earth, water and air. Fire is controlled by our emotions, the Breath of Life.

All fear is simply the fear of mortality, and mortality is only a thought. You are eternal Spirit; you can go beyond trivial experience and mortality. You can go on to I AM. All thought returns to the creator of the thought. We are all, no matter the nature of the being, born of the Creator.

The outcome of tomorrow will be determined by what you decide this moment. The whole of every prediction of this coming time/space event, every prophecy that has ever been foreseen, is all predicated by your decisions and your thoughts. As you enter the Photon Belt, it is your own chosen truth that will prevail. The emphasis must be upon each individual becoming and allowing sovereignty.

Interaction with the lesser vibration is also a matter of choice. The fish that does not swim will not experience the ocean. Life was meant for living. You created this reality for experience. Go out into the world; go within yourself. Work at it, and the nature of your reality will change.

This can be a time of great magic, or it can be a time of great sorrow. What is your choice? Follow your joy, but not at the expense of everything around you; that is not true alignment with Divine Harmony. Watch your thoughts, qualify them and re-quantify them as you realize their error. Remember, the action always follows the thought. When you truly learn to love yourself, enjoy yourself, then the universe will respond accordingly. It is Divine Law.

You live in a 3-D world. Discrimination. Discernment. And Desire. (detachment?) You exist in a field of infinite possibilities. You are the one having the thought; you are not the thought. Follow your desire. Use discrimination and discernment, and the results will be in harmony with your thought. You are not responsible for the thought patterns of others, nor are you responsible for anyone else’s choices in their time/space event. You have the right to pick and choose your experiences; that is discernment, not judgment.

Everything around you responds to vibration. If you raise your vibration, then reality will respond accordingly. That which is of a lesser vibration will fall away as you come closer to standing within your truth. Your truth is not in your past experience, nor in your future experience, it is in the now. If you alter your reality by raising consciousness and exist fully in the now, you will alter the outcome of your future events.

The old, archaic consciousness that is locked in its own prison will fade with the passing of planet Earth through the Photon Belt. Consciousness will be renewed like a clean slate. What you put into your dreams will become your new reality. Everything in your reality is the result of thought.

Matter itself is not solid. Matter is particums of light, responding to willful thought. You see a tree and you identify it as a tree, therefore, the energy that makes up that experience, responds to your perception as a tree. The shaman who sees it as the God Force, sees a totally different reality.

How you construct reality is mainly based upon your attitudes. Disease, for instance, is a total manifestation of your attitude. Your attitude determines the degree of clarity in the perception of thought. Divine thought can only be experienced by having no attitudes. The natural state of human experience is joy. When you enter the House of Joy, dis-ease-ment ceases to be.

To heal the mind is to open the heart. The pain you will or will not experience is equal to the love you withhold from yourself. You are the crucial element that causes the whole of your perception of reality to have the results you are experiencing. Tomorrow is going to be determined by the next step you take today.

We bid you farewell. Go forth with love; know that you are the Children of the Sun.

Y GWIR YN ERBYN BYD The Truth Against the World

COPYRIGHT © Wolf Lodge 1997

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