1984 Riadys meet Gov. Bill Clinton
-Nov Riady/Lippo & Worthen Bank buys Hongkong Chinese Bank Ltd.
-Mar Jian-Nan (John) Huang named VP at Lippo and Hongkong Chinese Bank;
becomes Worthen’s vice president for the Far East.
-Oct Bill and Hillary meet Huang during Arkansas/Asian trade mission.
-Jan Huang a director of Lippo/USA; vice-chm. Lippo Bank of California.
Huang leads Clintons’ California Asian fundraising. James Riady and his wife contribute $200,000 to the DNC.
-Nov Clinton elected President. Communist owned China Resources Holding Co. buys controlling interest in Hongkong Chinese Bank. Huang writes Clinton asking him to place fellow Lippo executive Charles De Queljoe in the National Security Council, State Department or Commerce Department.
-Jan James Riady represents Lippo Bank at President-elect Clinton’s economic summit in Little Rock. Riadys attend Clinton’s inauguration. That night, Mochtar Riady meets privately with Clinton.
-Mar Mochtar Riady writes Clinton asking him to normalize trade relations with Vietnam, extend most-favored-nation status to China and strengthen trade ties with Indonesia. -Apr James Riady and a senior adviser to Indonesian President Gen. Suharto visit the White House to persuade Clinton to let Suharto participate in Seattle Asia-Pacific summit in November. Riady & Huang visit Clinton at the White House. Clinton forwards Mochtar Riady’s letter to National Economic Council Director Robert Rubin. James Riady calls Associate Attorney General Webster Hubbell, whose Rose Law Firm represented Lippo. Days later, Riady calls Hubbell again from the White House office of Clinton’s most trusted adviser, Bruce Lindsey. Lindsey’s Little Rock law firm Wright, Lindsey & Jennings also represented Lippo. Yah Ling “Charlie” Trie, meets with Clinton in the White House.
-Jun U.S. trade representative Mickey Kantor ends a review of Indonesian labor law standards. Indonesia retains special low tariffs. Kantor’s Los Angeles law firm Manett, Phelps & Phillips also represented Lippo.
-Aug Lippo opens offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.
-Nov James Riady attends Clinton’s Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Seattle; shares a breakfast table with White House chief of staff Thomas “Mack” McLarty. Clinton meets privately with Suharto.
-Dec Clinton appoints Huang deputy assistant secretary for international economic policy.
-Jan Huang gets a top-secret federal security clearance six months before his Commerce Department job and without the usual full FBI security background check.
-Feb Clinton lifts U.S. embargo against Vietnam.
-Mar Hubbell resigns over defrauding legal clients.
-Apr Commerce creates a new general license category, allowing dual- use (civilian or military application) telecommunications items to be exported to civilian customers in China without licenses.
-May Clinton renews China’s most-favored-nation trading status. Trie meets
Clinton in the White House.
-June Clinton sets up Whitewater/Paula Jones defense fund. Riady meets with Clinton for five straight days. The next week, Riady’s Lippo pays Hubbell $100,000. Entergy Corp. business manager Chris Brown meets with Commerce Deputy Assistant Secretary Jude Kearney, a Clinton appointee, about Entergy’s China projects. (Louisiana-based Entergy owns Arkansas Power & Light.)
-July Huang collects $878,700 in bonuses from Lippo; joins Commerce payroll; calls Little Rock offices of Entergy from his Commerce office.
-Aug Huang again calls the Little Rock offices of Entergy. Huang and Commerce Secretary Ron Brown take 24 U.S. executives to China; net $6 billion in new business contacts, including $1.3 billion deal between Entergy and Lippo to manage and expand a power plant in northern China.
-Sep Commerce approves export of machine tools to China. Tools are shipped to Nanchang Aircraft Co. (fighter aircraft and cruise missiles for the Chinese People’s Liberation Army).
-Oct Hubbell flies to Indonesia to visit the Riadys.
-Nov Republicans win Congress. Bill & Hillary visit Indonesia with Ron Brown and an Arkansas business entourage. The business group signs $40 billion in new contracts. Clinton meets with Suharto, as well as China’s president, Jiang Zemin. He also meets privately with James Riady.
-Dec The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. orders Lippo Bank of California to comply with federal safeguards against money laundering. Mickey Kantor names Lippo’s De Queljoe to the Investment and Services Advisory Committee.
-Mar Huang is briefed by Commerce’s CIA intelligence liaison officer; Huang
then calls Lippo Bank of California in Los Angeles.
-May Huang again briefed by Commerce’s CIA intelligence liaison officer.
Again calls Lippo Bank of California in Los Angeles. U.S. District
Judge Royce Lamberth orders Commerce to turn over more than 30,000
pages of documents on trade missions to Judicial Watch. Commerce
withholds 3,000 pages.
-June Hubbell sentenced to 21 months in prison; fined $135,000.
-July Huang’s California friend, Commerce aide Melinda Yee, becomes a senior
adviser to Ron Brown. Clinton fully normalizes relations with Vietnam.
-Aug Hubbell enters federal prison.
-Sep Huang, James Riady and Joseph Giroir, former Rose Law Firm managing
partner, meet with Clinton and Lindsey in the White House. All agree
that Huang can better serve the president as a fund-raiser. Huang gets
another briefing from Commerce Department’s CIA intelligence liaison
officer; phones Lippo Bank of California. Riady meets again with
Clinton and stresses the importance of renewing China’s MFN status.
Clinton meets with Long Beach, Calif., officials in support of leasing
an old Navy base to Beijing-controlled China Ocean Shipping Co.
-Oct Ron Brown leads another trade mission to China. Brown, Trie, Antonio
Pan (a former Lippo executive) and Ernest Green hold a fund-raiser in
Hong Kong. (Earnest Green is Managing Director of the Washington, DC
offices of Lehman Brothers, Mr. Rubin’s old firm, and the man who
furnished a letter of reference for Chinese weapons dealer Wang Jun to
have coffee with President Clinton in the White House). Huang attends
two meetings at Chinese Embassy; takes cab from Chinese ambassador’s
residence. Thai businesswoman Pauline Kanchanalak meets with Brown as
part of an official Thai government delegation.
-Nov Huang takes big donors to the White House for photo opportunity with Al
Gore. Keshi Zhan attends. She works for Trie’s Daihatsu International
trading firm.
-Dec Bruce Lindsey arranges Huang’s transfer to DNC; Chairman Don Fowler
creates a new position — “vice chairman for finance.” Huang takes
unpaid leave from Commerce on the 4th; on the 19th, he gives $1,000 to
the DNC and lists (on his FEC report) his employer as “Lippo Bank-
Lippo Group.”
-Jan Huang spends his last day on the Commerce payroll (according to the
Commerce press office). With Clinton aide Doris Matsui, he begins
mapping out a strategy to raise $7 million from Asian-Americans. In a
33-page memo, titled “National Asian Pacific American Campaign,”
Matsui urges party leaders to reward big donors with meetings with the
-Feb Clinton meets with Wang Jun, one of China’s top weapons dealers. Trie
and Earnest Green paved way for White House meeting. Huang visits the
White House makes 21 White House visits. Huang organizes DNC fund-
raiser at Hay-Adams Hotel in Washington. Clinton attends. The event
raises $1 million from 150 guests. Donors: Buddhist monks ($11,500
total); Keshi Zhan ($12,500 – more than half her $22,000-a-year
salary); Maryland restaurant worker Yue F. Chu ($20,000).
-Mar Ron Brown is granted a delay in his scheduled testimony in a civil case
brought by Judicial Watch. The suit charges that the Clinton
administration used Commerce as a vehicle for overseas political fund
raising. Trie delivers $460,000 in hundreds of checks and money orders
to the Clintons’ legal defense fund, many with identical handwriting
and sequential numbering.
-Apr Trie brings another $179,000 in gifts for Clintons’ legal defense fund.
Clinton appoints Trie to his commission on U.S.-Pacific trade and
investment policy. On April 3, during a trade mission to Bosnia, Brown
dies when his Air Force Two plane crashes into a Croatian mountain.
Huang’s boss at Commerce, assistant secretary Charles Meissner, also
dies. The next day, legal defense fund trustees inform Hillary Clinton
and top White House aide Harold Ickes of Trie’s suspicious donations.
On April 29, Gore hosts a fund-raiser at Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple in
Hacienda Heights, Calif. The event, organized by Huang, nets $140,000
(which the DNC later returns). (Temple master Hsing Yun met with Gore
in the White House on two previous occasions, as well as in Taiwan
during an ’89 trip with Huang.)
-June Clinton meets with Kanchanalak and Khun Dhanin, head of Thailand’s
biggest conglomerate at the White House, to discuss U.S. policy in
China. Huang, who arranged the event, attends with other top DNC
officials. (It’s illegal to raise money in the White House or other
federal property.) Kanchanalak, a permanent U.S. resident, gives
$85,000 to the DNC. Her partner, Duangnet Kronenberg, gives $50,000.
-July Kanchanalak gives another $50,000 to the DNC. On July 22, Clinton
attends Los Angeles fund-raiser with Asian-Americans where he praises
Huang’s “aggressive efforts.”
-Aug Huang visits the White House 10 times.
-Sep Trie joins president’s commission on U.S.-Pacific trade and investment
policy on a two-week junket across East Asia.
-Oct On the 3rd, Huang makes his last recorded White House visit.
-Nov Clinton meets with Dhanin in Thailand. His firm, CP Group, has extensive holdings in China. Huang is “laid off” by the DNC, which returns a $427,000 gift Huang solicited from an Indonesian couple. Attorney General Janet Reno again rejects requests for an independent
counsel to probe the fund-raising scandal.
-Dec DNC returns $253,000 given by Kanchanalak after she says the money wasn’t really hers. (It’s illegal to make donations in the name of another.) Hubbell goes before a federal grand jury in Little Rock to answer questions about the six-figure payment he got from Lippo before going to prison. Yee, Brown’s close aide who helped arrange his China trade trips, admits throwing away notes two months after Judge Lamberth subpoenaed them.
-July Thompson Senate hearings into DNC fund-raising begin. [Sources: Investor’s Business Daily; Conservative Consensus]
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