While doing some petitioning work a few years back , I ran into a fascinating person who knew much about the new world order. I was just learning about the Freemen and George Soros and several other things, and we had some brief conversation. I have received several e-mails from this person, and they have had interesting and what appears to be “valueable” information. They are all reproduced as follows :

Hi Josh I am the person you met at the store, who knew Shul Eisenberg.

You left some things out of your Masonic stuff

Under 3

You forgot the Triads of China-Tong, Black Hand, Kung fu, Falundafa-Triads mean Heaven-Earth-Man.

Under 13 you forgot the key to everything-There is 13 Lunar Months. The lunar calendar must be correlated to the solar calendar to correctly understand space/time. This has been done since Babylon. The holiday is familiar to many of us as “Rosh Hashanah”. It uses the autumnal equinox as the reference point. Moses attempted without much success to change this to the spring equinox (Passover). He wanted to create a “Hebrew” calendar without contamination of the Babylonian Gods Marduk and Ishtar (Esther and Mordecai? And Daniel’s name was Belteshazzar or Bel will protect)There was not sufficient records kept on this equinox so Hebrews were forced to return to their true Homeland in Ur in present-day Iraq to correct calculations.

This is still terribly important to humanity today. Time is idiosyncratic to each nation. All-time must be reconciled back to the horizon event at the flooding of the Black Sea and first records solar-lunar found at Shanidar cave. You know the problem by another name- Y2K.

You see the INTERNET is an artifact of an ancient clock that used as it’s power source the earth’s magnetic fields and the flux between the cold fusion produced by the earth’s oceans and the fusion/fission of the sun. Excess energy is blown off when the earth ‘wobbles’ on it’s axis. (this is why Polaris and the tail of Draco were charted). What is not blown off is stored as a byproduct under the earth’s crust known as petroleum. Surrounding petroleum deposits are Magnetic rock formation that forms the basis for the magnetic ethernet that governs all our satellites both natural and artificial. The ancient controls that unified clock broke apart about 5000 years ago starting on the Thai Cambodian Border and spreading globally.

This is what we worked in China on with Shul Eisenberg.

It is a little more complicated but if you get this I will finish. Let me know if you get it.

The eye in the triangle- that is how you predict the wobble Toward the end of July Sirius peers down into the queen’s chamber of the Great Pyramid. You count 3.5 lunar cycles from that time and records showThuban on the tail of Draco would then peer down into the queen’s chamber.

The earth would wobble within days.

Most Pyramids mark the progression of equinoxes BTW (Editor comment: Here this person talks about “zeroing out” the accounts. That is precisely what Roger Elvick is talking about. This person knows what they are talking about.) a better way to pay off debt legally is through government-issued zeros.

During the Great Depression, veterans tried to use war bonds that had not yet matured to save their property. The Supreme Court ruled A bond is a bond.

As long as it comes due within 10 years of the mortgage and pays off the entire debt the institution must take it, even if the government is paying the lion share in interest. Hence you can use zeros. Not only that but the bank can clear the debt from its books immediately. The banks would become stronger in essence. This was upheld during the Carter Admin. Not as cheap as Schweitzer but more airtight.

(Blanked out) worked at Goldman Sachs under Bob Rubin. You would not believe what he is doing. Notice that he refuses to tell anyone how he and Greenspan saved the world economies? That is because he doesn’t know. He didn’t do it. Nor would he have wanted it done if he could have stopped it.

Soros is slime. Eisenberg set up a false drug legalization program through Soros. He also sent a man named Cuny to Chechneya with the Soros Foundation to set up a humanitarian aid program. Cuny is not dead. He just went underground to cement the heroin connection through Caucasus and Russia. The Caspian has no outlet and Soros is trying to gain control of one faction.

Oil pipelines move drugs worldwide (Pemex was seized by the Fed after the PRI gained control of all lands the pipelines cross. The Fed now has control of Mexicos cartels via the Pemex land routes. The Fed then moved all Mexico’s treasury to Spain via Holland.) Soros wants to control from the Caucasus and he is trying to buy the old Fanto oil holdings in Russia and Hungary. The Fantos fled Hungary to Sweden during the war putting everything in of name the Wallenberg bank. This is one of the reasons’ Wallenberg disappeared.

Sorros need the those and the claims through out Yugoslavia and Kosovo. You will also find organ trafficking in all this. That is really ugly.

Click here: Shoul Eisenberg

This is a phony obit that Mr. E wrote in 1997. He actually died in May about a month later. He was in Cambodia with Pol Pot when Hun Sen started an uprising. Pol Pot was injured. Pol Pot is not dead BTW.

(blanked out) had been involved with one of Mr. E’s hacker groups- Heaven’s Gate though he did not hack. This is not the first fake obit he wrote. He was supposedly killed in Berlin at the close of the war 

The man that posed as Shul was an actor. Shul was considerably older. He was reborn in Munich after serving time in the German army in WW1. He was actually born in Austria. The 1938 date is a time following a meeting Shul had with Goebbels with a man known as the “boss”.

He went to China following the war to supervise his operations in Pyonyong Korea. Germany had sent reactors to Japan before they surrendered. He built a synagogue in Shanghai and sent some money from German and Polish Jews who believed they could immigrate to Manchukuo. No jews ever went. The money was used to move reactors and human guinea pigs. The Rape of Nanking was part of the human experiments necessary to nuclear projects. The Nazi Doctors never stopped the experiments just moved to China.

Click here: Israeli tycoon’s power plans go haywire

Look at the date on this.
There is no mention that he died.

Click here: Israel’s Eisenberg opts out of the Haryana power project.

Still going strong in Jan of 1998.

The Erwin to my knowledge is named for Irwin Schiff though Irwin did not know him. Shul Eisenberg never paid taxes anywhere.

His name is variously spelled Shoul- Hebrew for Soul he said- Shul- Shuel- and Sheol. Jim Garrison had him subpoenaed as Shaul.

You will notice that Shul was in being questioned for selling nuclear secrets from the US to Israel and China. That is part of the scandal now. It was willing on all sides. No one will ever investigate it. Both Pollard and larry Wu Ti Chin worked for him. Vannunu worked at his facility in the Negev and actually was one of the only people to ever challenge him.

This “fertilizer” is used in the manufacture of semiconductors
“$100,000 invested in 1968 is returning to its investors as
$330 million”
– from the February 1999 issue

Reaping Riches from Investing in Israeli Natural Resources Over the years Israel has been portrayed as a country rich in human but poor in natural resources. Lack of oil resources in an area of the world which contains more than half of the world’s reserves of oil was grim confirmation of the scarcity of natural resources. Some considered investing in the search for black gold as associated with prophetic ideas related to the mention of oil in the Old Testament. This was the  rationale behind the many efforts to find oil near the Dead Sea.

In the first 20 years of the country’s existence, economic progress was made by the sheer efforts its citizens, assisted by international support in the form of grants and gifts. In 1968 the wily and charismatic then Finance Minister, Pinchas Sapir staged in Jerusalem what was appropriately named as the Millionaire’s Conference. He invited the best known global names in industry, trade, and finance. As a journalist, in the cigar smoke-filled Finance Committee Room, I recognized some of these leaders which included Sigmund Warburg from England and Edmond Rothschild from Geneva. These indeed were the captains of the global business community. Finance Minister Sapir unveiled the idea of a corporation whose founders were each asked to invest $100,000. The funds would be invested in projects aimed at expanding Israel’s economy.

This conference marked the birth of the Israel Corporation. One of the investors at the time was the late Shaul Eisenberg. A self-made millionaire who escaped from pre-World War II Europe and settled in Japan. In 1968 he was already known as an international business tycoon who could put together projects in tens and hundreds of millions of dollars. Sapir and Eisenberg found a common language. The Finance Minister cajoled Eisenberg to make his Israel his international business headquarters. To entice him Sapir was instrumental in passing what has been known as the Eisenberg Law whereby a 30 year tax holiday for Eisenberg, was promulgated. In the 1980s the Eisenberg Group acquired control of the Israel Corp. Subsequently, many of the original investors withdrew, leaving the chairmanship to Eisenberg.

By 1998 The Israel Corp. had investments in more than 100 businesses. The jewel in the company’s crown is its 43% holding in Israel Chemicals, a diversified manufacturer of chemicals and fertilizers which focused on exploiting the natural reserves of rare chemical compounds found in the Dead Sea and the Negev Desert. The company is in the process of implementing a $2.0 billion investment program. Next month will mark the second anniversary of the death of Shoul Eisenberg. Since his death there has been much discord among the heirs who insisted on cashing in the family’s Israeli investments. Shoul Eisenberg’s son Erwin, who assumed the chairmanship of the Israel Corporation, had entered into negotiations for the sale of the 43% holding to the Canadian Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan which cast its eyes on the Dead Sea Works, the world’s second largest source of potash. However, in an unexpected maneuver the Israeli Ofer Brothers, whose wealth is estimated at $1.5 billion, signed a deal to purchase the Eisenberg 43% share in the Israel Corporation for $330 million.

Assuming that this deal will be done it marks an incredibly high yield from an investment in Israeli natural resources. $100,000 invested in 1968 is returning to its investors as $330 million, free of tax. The Eisenberg Law has less than a year until its lapse and the timing of the sale was indeed propitious. Looking further ahead it is to be assumed that the Ofer brothers are investing with a view of reaping further capital gains. The former Finance Minister Yaakov Neeman, recently returned to his law practice, acting on behalf of the seller undoubtedly was able to convince the Ofer brothers of the very high intrinsic value represented by the Israel Corp.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report
February 1999

This particular Canadian potash was used in the construction of semiconductors for Gerald Bull’s supergun


Monday, January 11, 1999 23 Tevet 5759

Updated Mon., Jan. 11 09:39

Eisenberg, Canada’s Potash Corp. in talks over Israel Corp. stake


TEL AVIV (January 11) – The Eisenberg Group yesterday confirmed it is holding negotiations on the sale of its 53.26-percent controlling stake in Israel Corp. with Canada’s Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan.

In an official statement the company said that “at this stage the companies have not reached any agreement and they are also exploring other possibilities.”

The sale comes against the backdrop of an internal dispute among the heirs of the late tycoon Shoul Eisenberg.

Erwin Eisenberg, Shoul’s son and the company’s chairman, said the family decided to sell its stake so as to bring an end to the bitter struggle among its members. “Under the current circumstances the negotiations for the sale of Israel Corporation shares are, if they materialize, the best solution for the company’s employees and shareholders,” he said.
As for his future plans, Eisenberg said he intends to remain active in Israel, but declined to provide further details.

The main question which remains open is whether the Canadian company received government approval to acquire control over Israel Chemicals (ICL), the country’s largest chemicals manufacturer. The prospective deal must win the approval of the government, which holds a ‘golden share’ of the company.

Analysts said, however, that the government is not expected to block the deal. “If the company is professionally managed there is no reason for thE government’s objection,” said Gaby Arbib, an analyst at National Consultants. “Considering the fact that the ministers are currently busy with the elections, I find it hard to believe there will be any problem.”

For Potash Corp., the world’s largest potash producer, buying Israel Corp. is the best way to gain control of Israel Chemicals, analysts say. Last month Potash purchased 9% of ICL for $91.3 million.

The buyout would also give the Eisenberg family an opportunity to leave Israel while making a profit and subsequently focusing on the Far East, according to Martin Geifman, an analyst at Nessuah-Zannex. 

Ultimately, said Geifman, it is good for the chemical industry. As part of the Israel Corp. holding company, Israel Chemicals was too highly leveraged to offer satisfactory financial backing.

Now it is widely believed that Potash Corp. will shrink, if not altogether shed, Israel Corp.’s 26% stake in Oil Refineries, as well as its 49% holding in Zim and 16% in Tower  Semiconductors. “Israel Chemicals needs additional investment to increase efficiency, develop new products, and break into new areas,” Geifman added. The Israel Corp. sale is “very positive” for ICL, said Avital Bar, an analyst at Ilanot Batucha Investment House. “The ins and outs of manufacturing won’t be changed,” but decisions will be made differently.

Potash Corp. “knows what’s happening in the market,” said Bar. While the company competed with it, ICL’s many interests didn’t help the chemical company, she added. It is still too early to tell what kind of restructuring to expect at the Potash-owned ICL, said Geifman, although he does expect Potash Corp. to refocus ICL’s efforts on processed potash instead of raw materials.

Geifman also anticipates better management at the company, which has been poor on investor relations and had disclosure problems.

The Israel Corporation is Israel’s third largest holding company, after Koor Industries and Clal Israel. The group’s portfolio consists of investment in over 80 companies which span most of Israel’s economy – including chemicals and fertilizers, industry, shipping, energy, trade, services, finance, property, tourism, and high-tech.

Established in 1969 and led by legendary billionaire Shoul Eisenberg until his death in 1997, the Israel Corp. was among the first to realize the potential of buying state assets, and buying minority stakes in the Oil Refineries and Zim Israel Navigation Company, both of which are now jointly owned by the investment company and the government.

The latest move came in 1995 when the company purchased a controlling stake in Israel Chemicals, the country’s largest chemical manufacturer, for $115 million.

The group’s interest in ICL was further accentuated in March 1997, when the Israel Corporation increased its stake in Israel Chemicals by exercising its option to buy an additional 17 percent stake from the government for NIS 667 million, just days after the death of Shoul Eisenberg.

The annual turnover of the 16,000-employee Israel Corp amounted in 1997 to approximately $6 billion.

Eisenberg, Canada’s Potash Corp. in talks over Israel Corp. stake Shohat: Labor would take away NIS 4b. from haredim, settlers Kitan to open Karni plant in 2 weeks, others to follow
Eisenberg owned

Iron Mt Recordkeeping

Iron Mtn mining



Israel Chemicals

Eisenberg Industries of Israel


Legacy foundation of Nevada

Eisenberg Satellite and Telecom

He was part owner of ATT and Lucent




This is from a book called JFK, China and Israel. Notice the date of death is March 27th, 1997. The date is wrong. My husband and I knew him very well.

I knew probably better than anyone alive today. Shul was in possession of some gold bearer bonds from the US treasury issued through Goldman Sachs and MIke Armelono who is now a CEO or something. They were issued in Aug-Sept of 1963. They were all keypunch coded and signed by John, and Robert Kennedy. 

Ted Kennedy was a witness on some of the accompanying docs. The story was that they were issued to MAO. Japan had China’s gold in the FED and Kennedy needed it to buy his way out of the recession of 1959-60. Gold of course was worth considerable less then than now so the bearer bonds were worth today some $5 trillion US.

I am sure of the time of Eisenberg’s death and his place of death as my husband was on-line with him and Beijing at the same time. He was in Cambodia. He did not die of a heart attack. He was very old and he was on Oxygen that he carried around on his wheelchair. The Chinese who claimed the body said he was beheaded when his computer screen imploded (there was fighting going on outside) It ruptured the tank and took his head off. There is more to this story. Pol Pot was with him. He is not dead but probably wishes he were. PP is in China

We also knew a man named Rafi Eytan who worked as a middleman for Eisenberg. To our knowledge, Eytan is in Cuba
“What, then, is the connection ? The facts are that in 1963 Red China and Israel were secretly engaged in back-channel joint nuclear weapons development. And what’s more, the key figure in the joint Red Chinese-Israeli dealing was none other than the late Shaul Eisenberg, longtime business partner of Mossad arms procurement and finance officer, Tibor Rosenbaum, the driving force behind the PERMINDEX Corporation [Permanent Industrial Exposition] that was central to the JFK assassination conspiracy.”


Israel’s longtime middleman in the Mossad’s secret dealings with China – Shaul Eisenberg – was so deeply involved in the dealings with China that when he dropped dead of a sudden heart attack at age 76 on March 27, 1997, it was not even in Israel, but in Peking.

Eisenberg – whom we first met in Chapter 7 – was closely and directly connected (at the time of the JFK assassination) to the PERMINDEX [Permanent Industrial Exposition] operation which spun the web of conspiracy in the JFK assassination. Once described by an Israeli writer as “the richest Jew in the world” [986] Eisenberg was, as we have seen, not only a key figure in Israel’s nuclear development programs but also a partner of PERMINDEX banker Tibor Rosenbaum in the Mossad financial operation known as the Swiss-Israel Trade Bank.

Dan Raviv and Yossi Melman describe Eisenberg and his long covert history as Israel’s contact with Red China as follows:

“Israel’s wealthiest businessman, Eisenberg was born in Europe and found refuge during World War II in the Far East. He settled in Japan, where he married a Japanese woman and made his fortune selling war surplus and scrap metal.”Eisenberg quickly established himself as one of the leading middlemen in the region. He never lost his awareness of being a Jew, however, and his emotional ties led him to set up businesses in Israel and then to move his family there. He kept his interests in the Far East and in the late 1970s was able to pave a pathway to Beijing for Israeli military exports.

“His most formidable tool was his private jet, on which he could ignore the official hostility between the two nations and fly high-level Israelis directly to China. Eisenberg made dozens of trips, carrying [security assistance] officials, army advisers, financiers, and military salesmen for what the Israelis described as their ‘toughest negotiations ever.’

“After making solid initial contact, Eisenberg would leave the coordination of hidden deals and shipments to the Mossad, which acted in its traditional role as Israel’s secret alternative foreign ministry.” [987] Eisenberg, who ran 20 companies doing business in more than 30 countries [988] was clearly a figure of central and critical importance to the survival of Israel and its positioning in the world arena.

The WASHINGTON TIMES described Eisenberg’s ensconcement in Israel after his years abroad: “Moving to Israel, Mr. Eisenberg became the most powerful tycoon in its history. The ‘Eisenberg Law’ was passed in the 1970s to free him of the country’s massive tax burden so he would continue to operate from there… He controlled the giant Israel Corporation holding company and held a 49 percent share in the national shipping company, Zim, one of the largest shipping and transportation companies in the world. He also dominated Israel Chemicals.” [989]


Eisenberg’s major role in Israel’s chemical industry is interesting, of course, inasmuch as we noted in Appendix Four, that in 1957, in partnership with the Rosenbaum and Eisenberg-controlled Swiss-Israel Trade Bank, Michigan industrialist Max Fisher – the political king-maker behind the Warren Commission member Gerald Ford – bought a controlling interest in the Israeli conglomerate that dominated the petrochemical industry in Israel. 

So Eisenberg himself had a direct link with one of the so-called “mystery  men behind Gerald Ford” who told Ford “what to do and when to do it.” 


In reference to the Zim shipping company, it will be recalled, as we noted in Chapter 9, that it was Zim, jointly owned by Eisenberg and the Israeli government, that hired French General Maurice Challe, one of the leading conspirators in the PERMINDEX-backed OAS, after Challe was released from prison for his involvement in plots against Charles DeGaulle. So clearly, Eisenberg was most definitely a “man in the middle” in many ways in relation to key players and events that have been linked to the intimate circles of conspiracy that led to the JFK assassination.

However, despite all of Eisenberg’s vast wealth, according to the Washington times, “What made [Eisenberg] most interesting were his links to the Israeli secret service, the Mossad. Israeli intelligence sources say he shared information with the Mossad for decades and employed many former senior intelligence and army officers.”


The “official” story is that Eisenberg’s dealings with China (at least in the realm of arms transfers) began only in 1979. Uri Dan, writing in the NEW YORK POST, reports that at that time, then-Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin got U.S. approval for authorizing Eisenberg to undertake a $10 billion 10-year deal to modernize the Chinese armed forces thereby “strengthening the counterbalance to Soviet military might.” [991] Dan describes this deal as “one of the most important in Israeli history” [992 and that “the Chinese insisted on absolute secrecy… [but that] secrecy was no problem for Eisenberg.” [993]

It appears that Israel had already calculated that it simply could not open up direct diplomatic relations and business deals with Red China until – at first – the United States had already opened the door. In 1969, Yigal Allon, then Israel’s deputy prime minister, had said publicly, “Perhaps, when a positive change occurs in the relations between the USA and China, some sort of change will occur in the Chinese attitude toward us.” [994] Thus, after Richard Nixon, as U.S. President, did open the door to Red China, Israel’s maneuvering began and Eisenberg launched on the secret “official” deals that ultimately became part of the public record.

In fact, it was only well after Eisenberg’s secret (but really not so secret) arrangement of the first arms sales to China was set in motion in 1979 that the major media in the West began reporting (without comment) at the revelations of Israel’s arms deals with Red China – the giant Asian colossus that we had otherwise been told was hostile to tiny Israel.


The first notation of an important arms relationship between China and Israel came in the staid and little-read (but highly influential) British journal, JANE’s DEFENSE WEEKLY, in November of 1984 [995] – five years after Eisenberg’s “official” entree into dealings with China on behalf of Israel. While Jane’s estimated that the Israeli arms trade with China might be as high as $3 billion, Israel’s annual arms exports were approximately $4 billion [996] at that time, which means that fully 75 % of Israel’s arms exports were headed for China, clearly its best customer.

It was some three months later that the general public heard mainstream media report about Jane’s revelations of the Israeli-Red Chinese arms deals. 

On January 24, 1985, for example, the WASHINGTON TIMES reported that “Israel is believed to have about 200 military advisers in China and to be filling arms orders from Peking worth more than $1 billion.” [997]

The TIMES reported that a Chinese Embassy spokesman said that his government was not buying arms from Israel; at the same time an Israeli Embassy spokesman in Washington said he could “neither confirm nor deny” [998] the reports about joint Chinese and Israeli arms transfers.

Thus, after nearly forty years of covert dealings between the Mossad and the Chinese intelligence service that had never been reported in the press, the Western media began to advise its readers that – lo and behold – Israel had been selling billions of arms to China since the deal was first set in place by Shaul Eisenberg in 1979.

READ  2017: Secret Operations, Hidden Knowledge and Ancient Civilizations 

However, the secret relationship, as we have seen, was one which seems to have been cemented firmly by about 1963 – probably on November 22 when John F. Kennedy’s plans for a military attack on Red China’s nuclear facilities came to an abrupt end. And less than one year later Red China exploded it’s first nuclear bomb.

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