Twenty percent of college students believe physical violence is acceptable when you disagree with someone on politics.

And 44% believe hate speech is not protected by the US Constitution.

Of course, liberals define hate speech as any right of center speech they disagree with.

The Brookings Institute conducted a survey of 1,500 college students around the nation and found fully 44 percent think hate speech — whatever that is — isn’t a First Amendment right. About half that think violence is an OK form of protest.

The indoctrination of the next generation is nearly complete.

The left’s years and years of hard work at shutting down dissenting political views is paying off big time.

What is hate speech, anyway?

That’s not an American notion. Founding Fathers, after all, incorporated the First Amendment for the very reason of protecting political speech, words that irked, rhetoric that seemed more rabble-rousing than diplomatic and nice.

But a slow creep from the left to label talk from the right — talk from the right that was specifically bold and blunt in its counter to progressive-slash-socialist viewpoints — has resulted in a widespread acceptance of the phrase “hate speech.” As if it means something in America.

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