First Published August 15 2004

This is book Two of the “The Mars Force – Pat’s Story”. If you have not yet read Book One, please stop reading now and go and download Book One and read it, because Book Two will make little sense unless you have read Book One first.

During the original biofeedback meter sessions with Pat, I discovered that she periodically went into a trance for several minutes, where she could hear and see everything but could not move a muscle or speak. She did this three times in my presence, the first when I was driving her back to her hotel. It was quite an eerie feeling to be with someone who had to all appearances turned into a living statue. Several months after the sessions,

After Pat completed the ten hours of biofeedback meter sessions that are recorded in Book One of “The Mars Force – Pat’s Story”, and returned home, she reported that these trance states had decreased in frequency so much that she rarely experienced them anymore. She also reported that she was more motivated and able to get projects completed. In fact, her physical energy and mental focus had significantly improved.

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