How much evidence is required before a human being acknowledges that a crime has been committed?
Each day brings to us new information about “voting irregularities” during the 2000, 2002 and 2004 elections. Mark Crispin Miller has written an entire book outlining the evidence of a stolen election for us. Brad Freedman of reports election fraud related news virtually every day. Yet people walk around as if we are living in a “politics as usual” environment!
The current leadership, all of the executive and much of the legislative, are enemies domestic. They are invaders who have taken over our government by illegal means.
This is not a matter of political differences. This is a matter of a stolen democracy. These people stole America from us and most people don’t even care!
The latest little piece of evidence indicating Bush administration involvement in election fraud came out yesterday and you heard nothing about this on TV or on the radio. Are we living in a dream world?
Let’s understand something once and for all…the current administration has stolen 3 elections (including the midterms), played a key role in the events of 9/11, and have systematically dismantled every aspect of government that is designed to protect, provide or help the citizens of this nation. Virtually every one of the policies they have implemented is designed to end life on earth and most people don’t even notice.
The longer we treat this situation like it is political and we fool ourselves into thinking that there is a political solution the less of a chance we have of surviving the madness. We can not remain silent. We have to inform the rest of the unaware public of the madness that goes on under the cloak of the media. We have to start getting loud before we are completely silenced for then it will be too late! Think about it!

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