Greetings my brothers and sisters, I don’t write real clear sometimes and need to redo my writings so here it is…thanks for listening with an open heart…blessings to you all…Blue Thunder

Message to Humanity from Minnesota,

by Blue Thunder

September 25th, 2005

Greetings all my relatives, I am here in Minnesota today thinking about the weather situations and the prophecies, message of my dreams, visions. My message to those that have been following my work as a peacekeeper is of love, peace and harmony for Mother Earth. There are many messages of how Mother Earth will reflect her power on the areas that are causing pain and sorrow to the earth, wind, fire and water. Mother Earth herself will benefit from the consequences of nature forces, bring harmony. Many places upon Mother Earth will be purified of the greed, anger, hatred, alcoholism, drug addiction, jealousy, ect and in the construction and plundering in the development of Mother Earth’s resources. Universal protocols need to be understood. Universal laws of how the earth works need to be reflected upon by all nations of the world.

Those that do not come back into Universal Law in using the right thought forms and speaking the Spoken Truth will come under attack by those energies of their own making in thought forms and their actions. Cause has an effect, either positive or negative, one or the other it will prevail, light or darkness we have two choices. What is your choice? Spiritual Law is the Universal Law of how the spiritual laws of thoughts work in all of nature’s creations. This magical energy used in our minds manifests harmony or disharmony, most evident at this time in history, called prophecy. What we sow is what we will reap in manifestation, reflecting this into the environments of nature and our families across the world. Humanity is slowly awakening to what is being reflected upon Mother Earth and how things really work on Turtle Island in Universal Laws, spiritual law of the land and not the Man Made Laws.

These Man Made Laws have taken Mother Nature out of balance, out harmony and into what is happening now in the environmental changes of the world. Universal Laws are fixing what is wrong now; Natures Laws are in charge not the Man Made Laws. Using the thought forms of having the right to prosperity is the curse. Thinking that Mother Earth is a material thing in the thoughts of humanity and not recognizing our Mother will be the downfall to those in humanity now in those negative thought forms. The reconnection is need to become grounded to Earth Wisdom, this knowledge is needed now to help our children, animals, insects, mammals, four legged, winged ones, all of creation.

We manifest all that we get, if we think we are sick then we will be sick, if we think we are not sick we won’t be sick. This is the universal law in the thinking processes, what we think will prevail. As the saying goes, ask and you shall receive, our thoughts are powerful, universal law using our minds in sacredness, prayers, we get what we think, in prayers. There is hope for us all as many Native Americans join the other that are awake, as others awaken from a deep sleep in the consciousness need, including all cultures. Nature is here to remind us of exactly that, prophecy. The Native American’s hold the fail-safe connection to heal Mother Nature for all of humanity, prophecy. As many awaken from this deep sleep and go to work on Mother Earth environments everywhere in the America’s we take stewardship once again. Indigenous Nations will lead the way in harmonic ceremonies for all of humanities cultures.

What we reflect upon the surface is what will be reflected above and below us in the weathers environments healing the Mother Earth’s, Soil, Wind, Fire and Water. Working together co-creating with the holy ones, our ancestors and other spiritual beings. Working with the many different spirits and they are waiting impatiently, this is the messages from across the Indigenous Nations in the America’s at this very moment. Many messengers are coming, relaying the messages, coming from the European Nations, Black Nations, Yellow Nations, Brown Nations and the Red Nations around the world. Just as our ancestors did in the past caretaking those sacred sites in prayer are the messages of the Europeans and other cultures messages; giving and asking for forgiveness of the ancestors of the white, black, white, brown and red nations for peace. It is apparent this is what is needed to have peace, freedom and the love needed for our fellow brothers and sisters.

When we do this we can re-educate all cultures on Earth Wisdom, this is prophecy, knowledge. Now is the time to act as Indigenous Nations, including all cultures to help our children of the future that are arriving everyday. There is hope and as strong belief in wisdom, within us all. It needs to be understood where this is going, and why it is needed and who the stewards really are carrying the wisdom for all of humanity, All Nations together as one in true sovereignty.

What we are seeing now in nature’s fury and her forces are taking out those that no longer serve a purpose. Called repurification time, prophecy. No one can deny this now. Our powerful thoughts need to be understood how the mind works and how powerful it really is in thought forms. Those that do not heed the messages from prophecies and many messages from Rainbow Warriors in the new sacred teachings will have a hard time. Those that do not awaken now in these teachings will suffer greatly in their families; homelands and this will be a wake up call for those not listening. The message has to be given. Forecasting the future to those that will see what will happen when they are asleep finding themselves in trouble in nature, in their homes and homelands. Like the tsunami, hurricane, tornadoes, floods and earthquakes around the world taking place as I write this. This is only the beginning…stay tuned…more is on the way…if we work together repairing the sacred sites together the families of humanity we will soften the blow from nature’s forces.
My message of how to soften the blow of nature is in my Medicine Wheel Ceremonies and our Indigenous Earth Wisdoms. This knowledge is one way; there are many ways and the Indigenous Nations hold the key. I have been calling upon all nations to open up in peace and to forgive what has happened in the past, present and into the future. Joining forces together healing the sacred sites. In doing so we will heal the Mother Earth and teach all cultures how to do this with our sacred vibration in sound using the colors of the rainbows to heal all of Mother Earth with the Indigenous Wisdoms. Utilizing the light, sound and vibration the Creator blessed us with in our ceremonies. Using one heart, one spirit, and one mind working together in this manner of thought forms in peace, side by side one another, all cultures working together.

This is what Mother and Father intended for us to do and we will heal the sacred sites and our relationships. The elements are in trauma because of greed in mining, construction, cutting of the trees, building dams, railroads; they hold consciousness just like us. These elements hold us together in positive thought forms, harmony, thinking patterns in negativity for materialism and greed has caused the effect of natures weather to come down upon us in these last days of this time period on Earth. Mother Earth will not disappear only those the do not work with her in peace, prophecy, repurification is here and many will leave the planet.

Mother Earth will always be here for those that work with her and those that don’t work for her in materialist way will way leave now and in the times ahead…those that support the oil and gas industry control the world in darkness…they are being impacted right now and the rich and the poor alike that are in anger and hatred will leave the planet leaving a powerful message to the rest of us in what not to do. This and many more messages are what I was instructed to give to those that will need our help as Native Americans and other Indigenous Nations alike. The Indigenous Nations hold the fail safe Earth Wisdom and Knowledge for the World. This is why it is so important for the tribal nations to heal one another and stop blaming themselves and others on the terrible things that happened in history. Let it go, I ask respectfully get over it and move on in helping healing Mother Earth as we were intended to do. Using our ceremonies teaching the other cultures how they work so each and every person understands how Universal Laws work, Mother Earth’s Ceremonies, Universal Laws.

Those that choose the path of the Rainbow Warrior Prophecy…many blessings to you, my prayers are with you and yours. Mother Earth and Father, our Creator and ancestors are awakening our many cultures from a deep, deep sleep. Many blessings to you my fellow sisters and brothers, for we are all related together to one another. This means everything in nature everywhere forever and forever so be it as it was intended in beauty. Many blessings to us all, not forgetting that we are the ones we have been waiting for.
Blue Thunder, aka Bennie LeBeau, Eastern Shoshone, Wind River Indian Reservation, Ft. Washakie, Wyoming, Egan, Minnesota, Sept 25th, 2005.

Please send this message to our sacred sisters and brothers everywhere…of the brown, black, white, yellow and red nations of the world, coming together like the five fingers of the hand of creation, in oneness.

The Eagle, Condor and Buffalo Nations of the America’s are uniting the awareness as you read this message many thank you’s,

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Many zahaunts

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