The possibility of a 60′s era space alliance between the United States and the USSR’s died with President Kennedy’s assassination and Premier Krushchev’s banishment. In the decade that followed, NASA’s amazing successes were rivaled only by the Soviet’s failures.

Although a CCCP cosmonaut was the first human to the orbit the earth, it was America’s astronauts who ultimately achieved mankind’s manifest destiny. The world rejoiced as Apollo 11 touched down upon the Moon’s surface, but the communist party seethed – suffering a series of humiliating catastrophes.


The Kremlin applied pressure to its scientists and engineers to
restore national pride and prevent the rival capitalists from
establishing lunar military bases. Unfortunately, those desperate
efforts resulted in series of catastrophic disasters which could no
longer be disguised by smoke and mirror propaganda nor the obligatory
waving of hammer and sickle flags of the past.

As NASA’s Apollo manned space missions became ever more frequent,
industrious and covert, a paranoid Premier Brezhnev demanded an
immediate Soviet presence on the moon. All available resources were
poured into the top-secret N-1 heavy rocket program – a massive and
highly unstable machine that would seal the fate of the Soviet cold war
cosmos platform forever. Its four known test launches all ended in
complete calamity. The July 3, 1969 explosion which occurred 23 second
after launch remains the worst space disaster in human history.

Finally, in 1974, the Soviets abandoned their manned lunar agenda and
surrendered their separatist ideals by finally joining the American
space effort. Prior to this the only public example of co-operation
between the two programs occurred to prevent the collision of NASA’s
Apollo 11 craft and the unmanned Luna 15 satellite.


Kennedy’s vision of a joint space program finally materialized in the
mid-seventies when the two nations teamed for a historic space mission.
Clearly the Soviets needed the aid of NASA’s precision equipment. But
what did the US need from the Soviets? Why would President Ford violate
Nixon’s doctrine and welcome such an alliance in the midst of nuclear
arms proliferation, and the violent expansion of communism throughout
Asia and the Americas? What was more foreboding, more threatening to the
United States than the dreaded red menace? The answers to those
questions laid in deep space. And on July 15, 1975, a team of cosmonauts
and astronauts set out to find them. Their mission…



After the efforts of President Kennedy and Premier Khrushchev to
form a joint space program were sabotaged and ultimately failed, the two
rival cold war governments accelerated their competing and covert
manned moon rocket agendas.


By the late 1960′s, investigating the lunar surface for alien life suddenly had become an urgent matter. The United States dedicated no less than five government agencies – Majestic 12, Project Sign, Project Grudge, Project Blue Book and the CIA to identify, analyze and conceal evidence of alien encounters. Between 1965 and 1966 at least six NASA astronauts had reported orbital run-ins with space bogeys and gave detailed descriptions of UFO sightings – specifically Gemini 4, Gemini 7 and Gemini 11. Unexplained classified images from U.S. unmanned lunar landers urged NASA scientists to install top-secret fiber optic cameras hidden within the frame work of their Apollo vessels – and create a private radio channel through which mission control and astronauts could communicate covertly. NASA committed to such deceptions after the government committee authored Brookings Report warned the agency that public UFO disclosure would “probably disentegrate stable earth societies (otherwise sure of their place in the universe) or at least cause the public to suffer extreme changes in values, attitudes and behavior.” The report also predicated artifacts left by intelligent life forms likely to be discovered within next twenty years through space activities on the moon and mars. After Apollo 11′s accidental admission of an UFO encounter enroute to the moon and Surveyor 3′s classified photos of the moon’s Mare Cognitum, NASA executed its first lunar black-ops mission. The crew of Apollo 12 conducted a dark 19-minute S-EVA at the location Statio Cognitium, “THE KNOWN BASE.”


The Soviets had also encountered lunar alien anomalies. Following
the Lunokhod 2 moon rover’s mysterious “disappearance” during a
classified lunar transmission, the CCCP invested maximum effort into
their N-1 manned rocket program. Officially, the N-1 never reached the
moon, but several reports cite “missing cosmonauts” and suggest the USSR
did indeed reach the lunar surface, but buried the mission as a covert
failure since no cosmonaut returned to earth alive – a huge
embarrassment given the US had successfully returned a dozen moonwalkers
to terra firma. (An example of this Soviet refusal to generate negative
space propaganda was illustrated in 1961 when the nation announced
cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin the first man to orbit the earth aboard Vostok 1. Two previous Soviet attempts which resulted in the horrific deaths of those cosmonauts were never publicized.)


In 1972, NASA, the Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence
Agency received orders from President Richard Nixon to schedule 100%
covert manned lunar missions. To accomplish this remarkable feat,
“Tricky Dick” publicly announced the cancellation of future planned
Apollo Missions Eighteen, Ninenteen and Twenty – “unfortunate budgetary
cuts” was the excuse given, although the total amount saved totaled less
than a mere $42 million. Since those missions didn’t officially exist,
on paper, a clandestine launch site was established off the West Coast
near Lompoc, California at the U.S. Space Command’s Vandenberg Air Force
Base – one of the few viable remote staging grounds that could
accommodate a heavy rocket lift off.


Two years later, Apollo 18′s lunar module “Liberty” touched down on
the surface of the moon’s dark side. It’s DoD crew secretly carried out
their top-secret EVA’s as planned but, unfortunately, Apollo 18 never
safely returned to earth. Whatever data Apollo 18 had collected and
whatever alien discoveries were made remained a mystery.



On November 12, 1963, President John F. Kennedy reached an agreement
with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev on joint space missions and
sharing classified UFO files. Both leaders instructed their respective
UFO working groups to share information. Kennedy issued a National
Security Action Memo to the Director of the CIA ordering the agency to
share classified files with NASA and the USSR since the agency. The CIA
had taken charge of all UFO files following the closure of Project Blue
Book and had insisted it remain solely in charge.

Kennedy’s NSA MEMORANDUM 271

In his final months as CIA Director, Allen Dulles made it clear that
under no circumstances would any U.S. President or his national security
staff be briefed or given access to classified UFO files. Days later,
the President was assassinated. This was likely a direct result of
Kennedy’s efforts to gain access to the CIA’s top secret files.


JFK & CIA Director Dulles

Unknown to Kennedy, a set of secret MJ-12 directives issued by Allen
Dulles, proscribed any cooperation with Kennedy and his national
security staff on the UFO issue. It was Dulles and another six unknown
MJ-12 members who sanctioned the directives in a document – including a
political assassination directive against non-cooperative officials in
the Kennedy administration – which was subsequently burned.

While Dulles and his six associates pre-authorized the assassination
of Kennedy, it was the CIA counterintelligence chief who gave the final
orders that culminated in Kennedy’s assassination. In doing so, James
Angleton arranged for a communist defector – U.S. Marine Corp.
sharpshooter Lee Harvery Oswald – to be recruited by known CIA “asset”
Clay Shaw. This was designed to implicate the Soviets, ensuring that
any federal investigation or congressional hearing would be misled. It
also allowed the CIA to successfully argue to the Warren Commission,
through Allen Dulles who was a member, that a thorough investigation was
too dangerous due to the risk of nuclear war.

Ford was the last surviving member of the Warren Commission, appointed to investigate the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  Ford is at far left;  Chief Justice Earl Warren, head of the panel, is seated at center. obitfile
Ford was the last surviving member of the Warren Commission, appointed to investigate the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Ford is at far left; Chief Justice Earl Warren, head of the panel, is seated at center.

Warren Commission

CIA officials complicit in the Kennedy assassination were likely
acting to preserve the CIA’s institutional power and influence through
its control of UFO information. Trigger man Oswald’s testimony would
have certainly confirmed the grim facts behind the assassination, so he
too was conveniently executed during a prisoner transfer amid
suspiciously lax security.

john_f_kennedy_oswald_shotOswald shot by Jack Ruby

The CIA’s extreme efforts to prevent a Soviet-American UFO alliance
would be short lived, however. A few short years later, astonishing
discoveries by NASA and the USSR would cement the co-operation of the
two cold war space programs and governments. But the CIA’s culpability
still remains shrouded in secrecy…


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The Cerebus Station 9 Remote Terminal just posted an internal
document from the cold war space program of the Union Soviet Socialist
Republics or the OBK-1.


The memo is addressed to Vasily Mishin from his Soviet political
arch-rival (and ultimate replacement) Valentin Glushko. Mishin was a
Soviet rocket scientist and one of the first Soviet specialists to see
Nazi Germany’s V-2 facilities at the end of World War II.

images Sergey Korolyov & Vasily Mishin

Mishin worked closely with his mentor Sergey Korolev as his deputy in
the development of the first Soviet ICBM and in the Sputnik and Vostok
programs. Korolev’s permature death in 1966 – officially reported by the
CCCP as stomach cancer but was actually a botched operation to relieve
hemorrhoids -catapulted Mishin to head of the Soviet manned space
program and most specifically the development of the cursed and
extremely dangerous N-1 lunar rocket – which used 30 volatile main
engines and over a dozen more. Four catastrophic test launch failures
spurred the removal of Mishin and sped the US-Soviet space program
alliance both publicly and privately. This memo gives fascinating
insight into the OBK-1′s desperate situation and the pressure applied by
Moscow to match the successes of NASA.

^BValentin Glushko^b (1908-1989), Soviet rocket scientist. Glushko was one of the most important scientists in the development of the Soviet space programme. His early years after graduation were spent experimenting on liquid-fuelled rocket engines, largely without success. In 1938 he was arrested in one of Stalin's purges but, as with so many scientists, allowed to continue his work in prison. He was released before the end of the Second World War and, with the Cold War beginning, enjoyed the vast resources given to rocket research. The engines he designed powered all of the early Soviet space missions, including the first manned orbit of the Earth, in Vostok 1.
^BValentin Glushko^b (1908-1989), Soviet rocket scientist. Glushko was one of the most important scientists in the development of the Soviet space programme. His early years after graduation were spent experimenting on liquid-fuelled rocket engines, largely without success. In 1938 he was arrested in one of Stalin’s purges but, as with so many scientists, allowed to continue his work in prison. He was released before the end of the Second World War and, with the Cold War beginning, enjoyed the vast resources given to rocket research. The engines he designed powered all of the early Soviet space missions, including the first manned orbit of the Earth, in Vostok 1.

Valentin Glushko

According to my iGoogle translator, here’s the body of text in english…

AUGUST 15, 1972
















n1-1 N-1


MAJESTIC 12 was the alleged code name of a secret committee
of scientists, military leaders, and government officials formed in 1947
by an executive order of U.S. President Harry S. Truman.


mj12_01PROJECT SIGN was an official U.S. government study of
unidentified flying objects (UFOs) undertaken by the United States Air
Force and active for most of 1948.


PROJECT GRUDGE was instituted by the U.S. Air Force to
investigate unidentified flying objects (UFOs). The project formally
ended in December 1949, but actually continued on until late 1951.


PROJECT BLUE BOOK, created in 1952, was one of a series of
systematic studies of Unidentified Flying Objects conducted by the
United States Air Force. It’s objectives were to a)determine if UFOs
were a threat to national security, and b) to scientifically analyze
UFO-related data.

After collecting 12,618 UFO reports, Project Blue Book’s termination
order was given in the late 60′s. All classified UFO files were now to
be the secret property of the CIA and the DoD departments.


However, President Kennedy had other ideas. Not only did JFK want to
wrestle control of these UFO files away from the covert agencies of the
United States government, he also intended to share them with its
citizens and even aimed to ally with the Soviet Union, proposing total
classified file disclosure and intelligence co-operation.
Unfortunately, his decision met with with tragic consequences.

According to Michael Salla, the founder of the Exopolitics Institute –
the study of the key individuals, political institutions and processes
associated with extraterrestrial life – “a newly released video
interview reveals that Robert Kennedy, while U.S. Attorney General,
received a classified briefing on a crashed UFO that was
extraterrestrial in origin, and whose technology was secretly being
reverse engineered. According to Lt Colonel Philip Corso, who served as
head of the U.S. Army’s Foreign Technology Desk from 1961-1963, he
personally briefed Kennedy about the Army’s effort to seed
extraterrestrial technologies into the private sector. Interviewed
shortly before his death in 1998, Corso revealed for the first time that
Bobby Kennedy contacted him for his knowledge on highly classified
national security information. Corso from 1953-1957 had served in a
number of National Security Council committees during the Eisenhower
administration as the Army Liaison reporting directly to Lt General
Arthur Trudeau who was head of U.S. Army Intelligence. Corso’s
revelation is further evidence that President Kennedy was aware of the
extraterrestrial origins of UFOs. Kennedy sought to gain information on
UFOs from various sources in order to re-establish direct Presidential
control. It is very likely that this is the reason Bobby Kennedy sought
Corso out. Corso’s revelation adds to evidence that President Kennedy’s
efforts to gain oversight over UFOs played a role in his 1963
assassination. Importantly, Corso provides an insight into how the UFO
issue may have also been a factor in the death of Marilyn Monroe and the
1968 assassination of Robert Kennedy.”


In his interview, Corso said…I discussed this very thoroughly
with Bobby Kennedy, the attorney general, the President’s brother… He
knew about the flying saucers, I talked to him about it. I used to meet
him when he was attorney general right in his office… What went to Bobby
went to the President also.

“Corso was aware that Robert Kennedy was a direct conduit to the
President who was constantly briefed by his brother. Corso further
explained in the interview that the meeting(s) happened in 1962, soon
after Corso had testified on a Senate Committee about classified
national security issues. At the time Corso was in charge of the Foreign
Technology Desk, and reported directly to General Trudeau who then
headed the Army’s Research and Development Division. Corso explained
that he agreed to testify on the condition that his testimony was to be
relayed directly to the Kennedy brothers. According to Corso, he was
soon after contacted by Robert Kennedy who wanted to learn more about
Corso’s knowledge and activities. Robert Kennedy’s role in learning
about UFOs made him a key figure in ensuring that classified information
the Kennedy brothers had gained about extraterrestrial life and
technology would not be leaked to the public.”

“Dr Robert Wood who is the foremost expert in analyzing MJ-12
documents using forensic methods, has concluded that the burned document
is an assassination directive. There is evidence suggesting that the
assassination directive was carried out by a secret unit under the
control of Angleton’s CIA counterintelligence division against President

Corso’s revelations about briefing Robert Kennedy on UFOs suggests
that the Kennedy brothers were sufficiently informed about
extraterrestrial life and technology, to pose a direct challenge to
those managing extraterrestrial affairs. The ensuing struggle between
the Kennedy brothers and the controllers of UFO/extraterrestrial
information was a very high stakes affair. While Robert Kennedy may have
been involved in the silencing/assassination of Marilyn Monroe over her
threats to blow the whistle on the President’s secret visit to see a
downed UFO and alien bodies, Robert Kennedy may himself have been
ultimately assassinated due to his UFO knowledge. The 1968 assassination
of then Senator Robert Kennedy put a final end to the Kennedy brothers
efforts to restore direct Presidential control over extraterrestrial
life and technology.”


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The Apollo 12 spacecraft touched down upon the Moon’s surface on November 19, 1969 in an area known as the Ocean of Storms.
Official NASA mission records indicate two EVA’s (Extra Vehicular
Activities) were conducted, totaling about 8 hours of mission time.


Astronauts Pete Conrad and Alan Bean performed just over one day and
seven hours of lunar activity “officially,” but there is at least one
undeclared activity that has never been publicly disclosed – called an “S-EVA”
(Stand-Up EVA.) The main purpose for this procedure is to collect data
about the Lunar Module’s surrounding location and to photograph the
Moon’s immediate landscape.

Strangely, the exact location had previously been thoroughly recorded
by NASA’s Surveyor 3 probe in 1967. The US space agency labelled the
region “Statio Cognitium” (The Known Base!) An S-EVA procedure
requires the astronauts to open up the hatch located on the top of the
Lunar Module, then climb up it and peer outside, giving them a
bird’s-eye view of their surroundings. Much more detailed than though
the capsule’s thick windows.


This type of EVA was publicly conducted during other missions (Apollo
15,) however, forty-two years later, still no official mention of this
secret EVA was ever made by NASA – even though a recently released NASA
document from 2006 accidentally includes direct references to this third
EVA conducted during the Apollo 12 mission. Even more suspiciously,
prior to EVA #1 – btw the S-EVA would have most likely occurred before
the Conrad and Bean’s first moon walk since the capsule would not have
to be re-pressurized – the Apollo 12 audio goes out for 18-minutes and
43-seconds (between 111:40:00 to 112:00:00.) But during this “hard
blackout,” the official NASA mission transcript timeline reports “the crew were describing and photographing the lunar surface through the lunar module’s windows.”
That could only mean one thing – the astronauts were communicating
with Houston through a private radio loop. Inexplicably, when the
public audio feed was finally reestablished – NASA’s Mission Control was
heard informing the AS-12 crew that “they’ve got some very happy geologists down here.


And here’s the most bizarre piece of this confusing Apollo 12 puzzle… After stepping routinely onto the lunar surface, Alan Bean “somehow” disabled the Module’s Westinghouse stationary camera, rendering it useless and thus preventing any video feed from reaching Earth’s satellites.

Questions abound! Why did the Apollo 12 crew have to conduct an extra EVA during their mission to Statio Cognitium, and what tasks were accomplished during this covert journey outside the pressurized security of the Lunar Module? Why did NASA erase the existence of this event from the mission flight plan? Why was this particular EVA classified Top Secret, thus resulting in any mention of it being omitted from the “official” Apollo 12 historical record for nearly 40 years? And finally, why would the Apollo 12 investigate an area previously explored two years earlier when there’s a lot of undiscovered moon still available?

The obvious answer: NASA was hiding something of such a scientific importance and/or such a controversial magnitude -probably UFO related – that it demanded a covert investigation. It was probably NASA’s first lunar black operation. But it certainly wouldn’t be their last…

On February 25, 1994. one-million eight-hundred thousand digital images were taken of the Moon from the Clementine Deep Program Science Experiment satellite, which launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base. This marked the first time in human history the Moon was revealed in its “full and
natural color.”

On the matter concerning whether or not astronauts landed on the Moon – without a doubt, yes. What the documentary below, “MOON RISING,” exposes is what was waiting when man got there and the conspiracy put in motion to conceal the findings of NASA researchers and explorers for over forty years. The facts contained within Jose Escamilla’s investigative film are both amazing and shocking…

NASA has conspired to conceal or manipulate its cache of high
definition images of the lunar surface as early as the mid 60′s when
they installed secret Westinghouse Fiber Optic cameras aboard the Apollo
Saturn lunar modules…


The suppressing of the evidence that there may have been
civilizations existing on the Moon, or even more incredible, the
possibility they are still there brings into question why we have been
kept in the dark. The biggest insult is we’ve been led to believe the
moon is a grey – colorless rock. On the contrary, the Moon appears to be
a small planet teeming with life and structures the likes of which you
have never seen before until now. At least that what the Clementine
photos suggest…

Phoebus Veritas


Following the retirement of NASA’s space shuttle program on top of
Obama’s moratorium of its project moon-base, the future appears a bit
bleak for America’s space agency. Deep orbit exploration missions and
manned heavy rocket visits to Mars appear far off in the distance.

One immediate agenda has somehow slipped below the radar, though.
And, its success is critical to the very survival of our civilization.
NASA – by Presidential order – must land astronauts upon an asteroid (to
be determined) within the next 15 years. Not only would this be a
crucial stepping stone to reaching Mars, but

even more importantly, it may enable scientists to redirect future “planet killer” asteroids which may, and probably already are, heading directly toward Earth.


The giant asteroid “Apophis” has a 1 in 250,000 chance of striking Earth in 2036. Many more smaller asteroids frequently threaten Earth. NASA reported that on Feb. 4th, asteroid 2011 CQ1 zipped past Earth at a record close distance: a mere 3,400 miles away. It was discovered by scientists only 14 hours before the rock approached Earth!

Asteroid 2011 MD was discovered just four days prior to its
final approach on June 22th by the Lincoln Near Earth Asteroid Research
discovery team in New Mexico. A small asteroid, estimated between 16
and 65 feet

in diameter, whipped past Earth on June 27th – missing by a scant 7,600
miles. According to NASA, an object the size of asteroid 2011 MD is
expected to come this close to Earth about every six years on average,
and when 2011 MD makes another pass in 2022, an impact with Earth is possible.

A larger, 1,300-foot asteroid, asteroid 2005 YU55, is expected to flash past Earth on Nov. 8, 2011.

Every 100 million years or so an asteroid six-miles wide – one that might create massive craters and tsunamis, threaten our planet’s atmosphere, or even cause mass extinction – will strike the Earth if its orbit is not readjusted. How long has it been since the dinosaurs were wiped, huh? If Nasa can get astronauts to an asteroid, they can figure out a way of changing a potential killer’s orbit. Getting to an asteroid will be tough – huge powerful rockets are needed to launch spacecraft and parts out of Earth orbit. NASA will announce its design idea for these rockets by the end of the summer and Congress has ordered that they be built by 2016. They will most likely be some version of the SpaceX heavy lift…


But sending astronauts to an asteroid poses another complication. People can’t land on an asteroid because they’d simply bounce off – it has virtually no gravity. Astronauts couldn’t even walk on it because they’d float away. So reaching it might require an additional NASA spacecraft to harpoon it.

NASA is considering everything from jetpacks, tethers, bungees, nets and spiderwebs to allow explorers to float just above the surface of it while attached to a smaller mini-spaceship.

Beyond all those obstacles, NASA will still have to to choose an appropriate space rock to target.

And, all this has to be launch ready to launch by 2025. Godspeed, gentlemen.

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