Unusual rock art has been discovered in Egypt on the west wall of a valley in the Kharga Oasis, located in Egypt’s western desert.

Experts have tentatively identified the rock carvings as spiders, despite the fact spiders do not appear in any other rock carvings in Egypt.

Looking at the images, I’m having a hard time seeing them as spiders, but more as stars.


From the original article:

The main panel shows what appears to be a few spiders, with a “star” that’s possibly meant to depict a web next to the spider on the far left. There are also comblike drawings that are more enigmatic; Ikram said they could be insects being trapped by the spiders, plants or even silken tubes spun by the spiders.

A piece of rock that appears to have been broken off the main panel depicts creatures drawn in a different style, their limbs not flexed, but rather have a flat appearance. This could be an attempt to portray a harvestman, an insect that looks like a spider.

The discovery leaves archaeologists with a mystery — why did people in the Kharga Oasis create rock art showing spiders, especially when no other examples are known to exist elsewhere in Egypt or, it appears, the entire Old World?

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