ARNICA OIL – for bruises,muscle pain,& sore feet


CALENDULA CREAM – for inflammations,sunburn,&skin disorders


CEDAR LOTION – for general skin treatment & facial care


CORN SILK – for kidney & bladder pains & infections


ECHINACEA CAPSULES – & tincture for colds & infections


ECHINACEA -GOLDENSEAL SALVE – for chapped skin & lips


PUFFBALLS –  for headache treatments,styptics &wounded dressings


SAGE LEAVES – for smudging, purification ,and antiseptic use


SLIPPERY ELM BARK POWDER – for coughs & digestive problems


SWEETGRASS BRAID – for smudging ,purification,& antiseptic use


WITCH HAZEL LOTION – for rashes & skin problems


YARROW POWDER – for pain relief,anesthetic,& antiseptic use


YUCCA ROOT – for soapy cleansing & hair care

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