Why fingerprinting is flawed:
“Take the case of Brandon Mayfield. He was arrested for the Madrid train bombings when the world’s top fingerprint experts said he was a perfect match for a print found at the scene.” 
“It’s been shown that fingerprint analysts can unconsciously change their evaluations depending on the details of the case.” 
Why lie detectors don’t detect lies:

“Humans are complicated. The truth isn’t something you can detect with a machine… Back in the Dark Ages, they would force criminals to hold a red hot iron to see if it burned them. If it did, it meant you were lying.”

Truthful people fail polygraphs all the time, just because they’re sweaty and nervous. And all you have to do to beat it is stay super chill. Criminals do it all the time. Some infamous examples include Gary Ridgway, aka the Green River Killer…”

“Larson [the inventor of the polygraph] became so horrified by law enforcement’s unscientific use of his device, he would go on to call the polygraph machine, ‘a Frankenstein’s monster.'”

“And that’s awful because this BS is still embedded in our legal system. Massachusetts uses [the polygraph] to establish probable cause. Florida requires sex offenders take the test.”

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