Below is a devastating 36-minute US government suppressed video that is eye witness testimony by international business consultant George Hunt

 George Hunt was present at globalist banking cartel-sponsored planning meetings just prior to the Earth Summit (UNCED) meeting in 1992. 
Those involved in these planning meetings involved — among others — international banksters Edmund de Rothschild and David Rockefeller, UN Environmental Program Director/Earth Summit Coordinator Maurice StrongChair of Bruntland Commission on Sustainable Development/Norwegian Prime Minister/UN World Health Organization Director Bro Harlem Bruntland and first US EPA Director/Chair of Washington State University’s-University of Washington’s Ruckelshaus (Environmental) Center/Member of the Board of Puget Sound (Environmental) Partnership William Ruckelhaus and the heads of several international environmental organizations, including the World Wildlife Fund.
Among the “lowlights” of this recorded eye witness testimony, corroborated by recorded evidence: 
  • Secret globalist allies David Rockefeller being cynically cast as “Mr. Development” and William Ruckelshaus being cast as “Mr. Environment” in a good cop/bad cop scenario;
  • Edmund de Rothschild sarcastically suggesting that profits can be made by shipping spuriously destructive CO2-based dry ice to the polar regions during equally spurious “global warming”, and by shipping recycling wastes to the deserts of the world to be buried rather than actually recycling them;
  • Indigenous peoples and wildlife being referred to as worldwide “problems” to be dealt with;
  • We the people being referred to as “cannon fodder”;
  • The fall of the Iron Curtain 1989-1990 exposed as being orchestrated by the globalist banking cartel seeking to make profits from a “second Marshall plan” instituted in the present Russian Federation just as they did with the first one they deployed in Europe just after they financed both sides during World War II;
  • Globalist plans for The First, Second and Third Worlds to be subsumed into their Fourth World:  a green global dictatorship with most of the earth a wilderness due to massive depopulation they will engineer using multifarious nefarious means. This includes using corrupted centrally controlled national/international (as opposed to decentralized authentic local grassroots) environmental organizations as a Trojan horse.

I have been amazed at how many could not see this coming. Here is evidence they cannot deny!

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