Samuel Foster

We live in strange times. Suffice it to say I am a captain (not my actual rank, but at least that) in the National Guard; but I can’t tell you which state, as that information surely will be the quick road to my demise. I have faithfully served my country in Desert Storm and Panama, both events having nothing to do with the National Security safety of this Great Country of ours. My wife has the same disease I have, and the doctors are still telling me I have the flue. Does a flue last eight years? We’ll get to that later. We both are under the age of forty, but we no longer look young.

Nothing can change my mind that my superiors-so-called officers and gentlemen-have murdered us. One of my duties requires me to train through the rotation with other units, the ongoing guard staff of various clandestine Prisons many Americans that over-sight committees do not know to exist. These prisons, or “camps” as we call them, were built for no other purpose than for the common American taxpayer. I know. I helped build three of them.

Somewhere along the way, I have lost my soul in the process. I know for a fact that this government of ours plans to turn America into a wasteland of proportions that stagger any imagination. It is the Pentagon and Wall Street’s ambition to create no less than a slave state by the year 2001. They will do it too-with the media’s help-because in many ways, they have already succeeded in destroying our civil liberties and making the middle-class an ancient idea.

How can I say these things? From where do I speak? A few years ago, I was called to a meeting in Fort Mead to join the augmenting of a unit that would report directly to FEMA in the event of a national disaster. Did we discuss earthquakes, tornadoes, or flooding? Not on your life.

After obtaining several new written security clearances and after having signed no less than eleven documents-all giving away my life and liberty should I ever speak out-I was let in on the following plan?

Before giving out the structure of this plan, I beg anyone who reads this document to share with as many people as possible what I consider our last, best chance to reverse the horrible course this country is going to take very soon. The outline is as I remember it, as everything was verbal-nothing was ever written down.

Troop movements, orders, and materiel were all coded with words that meant something other than what they were. For example, if we needed 150 new prison cells, we didn’t call them prison cells. They became “Cfood units, CIV”. Given a code sheet, we could then interpret and act upon any written order. Most were email in our net and were to be destroyed once the order was carried out. This was routine policy and is still in effect today.


1. Establish a network of prisons to deal with the estimated twenty million Americans who will not go along with the New America. This new country will no longer resemble the USA we all grew up in. It will be a dictatorship with institutionalized and mandated slave labor.

2. Schools will no longer teach actual history. The schools of the future will mainly be warehouses for the young. They will teach the party system: that family is dead, and that work is good. Discovering this point made me so violently ill I became incontinent.

3. Voting will be suspended. Many of us already know that the American vote is a sham. Officers above the rank of Major are well aware of who gives the orders in this country. Not the White House, but the CIA. The White House and its changing occupant are merely the visible servants of something much darker and the President’s sole purpose is to create laws which lower real income, create war states, and keep the military machine running with ever-expanding budgets. I know. I was there at many meetings where foreign policy was dictated by four-star generals.

4. Gun owners will have their guns taken, by force if necessary, before many of the plan’s points are made operational.

5. The enforcers of the plan will be NATO and UN forces working in cooperation with the US Military and headed by the product from the Intel groups and FEMA.

6. Use the lists compiled by the FBI and NSA and round up all those men and women who have ever shown any inkling whatsoever in the constitution on civil rights. This especially includes gun-owners and religious persons.

7. Using lists obtained from grocery stores and banks, individuals with income spent in stockpiling of goods will also be rounded up and their property absconded.

8. The Teachings of Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam will be considered anti-American. Pastors, preachers, and holy men and women are to be rounded up for “re-education.”

9. The establishment of work colonies and the takeover of the media by the Pentagon.

10. Free trade of stocks will be frozen and the assets of many individuals outright taken away.

11. The creation of mass crematoriums in Arizona, Texas, and Washington. The dead will no longer be buried, but will be sent to a place where they will be “cleansed.”

12. The creation of a national police force with complete power. This point, as with many others, has already occurred and the force is now 80% operational.

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Friends, there is little more than I can say, except to give you my promise that I will constantly provide as many facts as possible to lead you to the truth. Do you want camp locations? I’ll get them out. You want dates and places, I’ll get them too.

God help us in our time of need.


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