While documentation of the widespread existence of Satanic human sacrifice cults is lacking, evidence of other forms of systematic human sacrifice is available. Two examples in modern history are the Catholic Inquisition, a human sacrifice cult of a religious- theological nature, and the Third Reich, a human sacrifice cult of a military-political nature (an organized group driven by a well- elaborated theological doctrine, which for the Nazis was Aryan racial mysticism). The fact that the Catholic Inquisition and the Third Reich were both run by middle-class, Caucasian, educated individuals from Judaeo-Christian cultures suggests that it is psychologically possible for ordinary middle-class citizens to be perpetrating such crimes in North America today, especially given the high level of violence in contemporary Western societies. (Ross 1995) A fuller treatment of this perspective is provided by Ross 1995 at the end of this paper.

While Ross (1995) asserts that documentation of the widespread existence of Satanic human sacrifice cults is lacking, the basis of this article is written from the viewpoint of a ` participant observer’ of a nation’s systemic activity in the lives of otherwise normal, unremarkable people, and emphasizes evidence of other forms of systematic human abuse and control.

First, by way of summary, attention will be paid to what is common amongst secret societies, then the question will be asked `What is secret to their existence.’ In the course of doing this, a profile will be built, having its basis in the lives of numerous citizens, many effected by the secret organization Global Technology World Alliance (GTWA).

What is common amongst Secret Societies?

It is known that the Cult of the Assassins existed at the end of the 11th Century. Quite apart from any activity of a terrorist nature, the Assassins lead the way in current recruitment training and practise with degrees of initiation, emulated more latterly by the Masons. In addition, The Great White Brotherhood was founded in 1118. It is asserted that the Masonic Movement appears to have practised and carried forward the ritual and spiritual activity of The Great White Brotherhood. (Ross 1995)

A link group formed in Afghanistan in the 16 th century practised nine degrees of initiation. They, too, exist to this day in two factions: military and religious.

A movement which still exists in the Balkans, Lebanon and Turkey originated in Russia in 1757 and was known as Skoptsi. The group is of hierarchical structure with a charismatic/prophetic leader.

*It has a mystical doctrine, and *Concerns itself with the accumulation of wealth and political influence by infiltrating business and governments at high level.

One could ask `Has the newly-elected Mr. Putin been swept to power through the fundamental influence of Skoptic political influence and wealth? In particular, one must reacquaint with the Illuminatithe movement which originated under Professor Weishaupt in Germany, and quickly spread west to Switzerland and France, east to Hungary, and south to Italy.

Today, it is apparent that the Illuminati operate at high levels of academe, politics, commerce and government with its major appeal toward globalization ie. one world government; or the reform of the social structure through power. One remembers that ex Australian Prime Minister Hawke was intensely interested in the Swedish system of social reform. One questions what has been absorbed through osmosis since that time.

The Whitlam years of social reform have, in many ways, been an obstruction to getting balance in the Australian political economy structure. Ex Prime Minister Keating brought his own brand of individuality to policy and politics and is currently involved in influencing power politic in S. E. Asia.

Two developments post World War I are important: –. The Thule Society was formed in Munich in 1918, and around that time also, Aleiester Crowley established his headquarters in Cefalu, Sicily. His rituals became known as a `Gnostic Mass.’ His vision harked back to the Great White Brotherhood and gave instructions about a new world order based on occultism. Nature worship and New Age rituals are a current manifestation of earlier occultic practices.

The Nazis had an aversion to Ordo Templii Orientalis from which the Sicilian sect was derived. Also, in addition, their aversion included the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Order of New Templars, as well as Theosophy, and in 1937 they, the Nazis banned them all.

At an earlier period, after the First World War, the Thule Society emerged due to pressure on the Masons by Communists. Communism and Freemasonry are an antithesis. In 1919, one of the early people to join the newly-formed (Thulist) German Workers Party was young Adolf. Adolf Hitler became leader of the fledgling Workers Party, rose to power, and in 1920 renamed it the National Socialist Party.

It was Thulist philosophy which enunciated *Racial superiority *World domination *Anti-Semitism/Aryan destiny *Secret rituals.

Although the esoteric knowledge of the banned cults was eschewed by the Nazis, the Nazi movement retained widespread interest in the occult as a major driving force behind the Third Reich. Ross (1995) alerted the reader to being in denial about the elements of social reform and One World Government driven by occultism on a global scale. The Illuminati being people of position, power, influence and wealth were uniquely the complement of the Workers Party, and still are, to this very day.

What is common amongst the secret societies of the last 1,000 years is a credo of *World domination by a ruling elite; with *Ends justifying the means; and *Driven by a mystical doctrine of `playing at God.’ Today, Science and Technology, though good in itself, is elevated above the more aesthetically-pleasing and creative expressions of life. A generation of young I.T.graduates are the nouveau-riche. After a period of being exported to sites overseas, some are returning with the rewarding credential of `overseas experience.’ Others who are successful hold faculty appointments in biomedical and I.T. fields in the United States. Science and Technology is the `new’ God and there is a subtle pull to worship at the new shrine of discipline-specific purists who are getting a hook into ruling the world with superiority and power.

`Australia is positioned at the absolute forefront of countries capable of grasping this opportunity. We have the base in a strong education and a culture of creativity.’ `Also, Australia is a nation of renowned early adopters. Australia today is already the second- most-connected country in the world. That means our next generation of young Australians is right at home with the new era and a fantastic source of talent’ (Z. Switkowski, 1999). Being called `a new testbed market for software applications’ is one area but simply deleting the word `software’ brings the reality home, that Australia is well-resourced and well-placed for anything in the nature of an experiment or research.

Hitler’s obsession with the `Spear of Longinus’ (alleged to have been the spear which pierced Christ’s side) was the symbol, for him, of ultimate Aryan powerhis hatred of the Jews and anti-Semeticism as like a spear in the Creator’s side.

Amongst those similarly obsessed, the God of Science and Technology has displaced the Creator, God, and humanity can be deluded that it is not happening.

What is secret about Secret Societies?

What is secret about the developments of Globalization is `the wolf dressed up in sheep’s clothing’ nature of the progress of humanity. It is asserted that what looks so much like the advancement and betterment of civilization in genetics, heart-lung and brain applications, reproductive technology, and the promise of gene therapy to defeat a class of chronic inherited diseases, is the woolley sheep’s coat, but the bark of the global wolf inside is likely to be vicious.

Again, take the mergers of the communications industry. The technology which made CNN great has teamed up with Time-Warner. As citizens of the global village, visual and audio transmission carriers bring the world before our eyes nightly. With skill and subtlety, our minds are being manipulated to accept `the Secret.’ The Turner-Murdoch-Packers, as Communication moguls, have covered (or smothered) the earth.

Speaking about mass communication to the `global village,’ it is with a sense of privilege that the name McLuhan can inform the reader in connection with a 20th Century Secret Society. The Society is the Bilderbergers who, although replete with its own members, have an eye for inviting guests who are in the ascendancy in their chosen fields. Having attended Bilderberg 1969,a Canadian media expert went on record as saying he `was nearly suffocated at the banality and irrelevance’ of it all.

But just what is Bilderberg? Formed in the 1950s, the wealthy and the elite on both sides of the Atlantic commenced meeting by invitation annually at a different secret location every year. Bilderberger Conferences, as well as the complimentary Trilateral Commission are held with the tightest security. Robert Eringer, a distinguished journalist went to Bonn, W. Germany in October, 1977 to cover the fourth Trilateral Commission conference. He found himself to be the only foreign journalist present. In addition, one of the organizers said `We can tell you nothingthis is very private.’ `The Bilderbergers have always insisted upon clothing their comings and goings in the closest secrecy. Until a few years back, this was carried to such lengths that their annual conclave went entirely unmarked in the world’s Press’ (Eringer, 1980).

The Bilderbergers certainly fit C. Wright Mill’s definition of a Power Elite being `a group of men, similar in interest and outlook, shaping events from invulnerable positions behind the scenes.’ The Trilateral Commission, the brainchild of Zbigniew Brzezinski and David Rockefellar and begun in 1971, is the money-manipultation arm between the nations of Europe, America and Japan. Considering Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands (the first Chairman of Bilderberg between 1954 1976) disrepute over bribe allegations to influence the aircraft industry to the Netherlands, the reader can come to grasp that huge amounts of money are used to put weight behind influence and position. An example of a more recent scandal by influential people of many countries is the wheeler-dealering by members of the Olympic Organizing Committee in choosing Olympic sites. Prince Bernhard’s forced removal from leadership of the Bilderbergers coincided with the years between mid to the end of the 1970sanother very significant period in foreign relations, also.

Is there any further proof needed of how secret this Secret Society is?

There is, however, a further point needing to be made for the reader to pick up another strand being followed earlier. A forerunner to the Bilderberg foundation in the 50s was an era of Round Table Groups meeting in Britain and the United States.

In Paris in 1919 the U.S. Council of Foreign Relations and the British Royal Institute for International Affairs emerged out from under a cloak of secrecy (Eringer, 1980). Concurrently with the forming of the German Nationalist Socialist Party in 1919-20, Thulist philosophy was carried forward by the Nazi movement, and the Illuminati in the pre-Bilderberger era. Today, world domination by the giant octopus of networks, driven by fanatical anti-God religiosity is present in every democracy of the present day. The newly-elected leaders of Russia, Japan and New Zealand, as well as whoever will succeed President Clinton in the U.S. and John Howard in Australia, are just an example of influential leaders being placed in critical positions to influence One World Government and Globalization. It was the Trilateral Commission that provided the support and power to have Jimmy Carter and George Bush elected to President of the USA. What is happening behind the open campaigning to get George Bush Jr. elected as President in 2000? With the emergence of a new pope at The Vatican, individual citizens are merely spectators as the perceived sheep changes into a wolf of Trojan horse dimensions.

The secret is out and enlightened readers may make their own connections to this state of affairs. While the Nazis ruptured from Thule Society connections due to Communist tensions, Communism as an entity has retracted. Capitalism, which we no longer hear much about has lost its teeth, because the old Proletariat of Communism has been given a cosmetic face-life with the new technology of the Illuminati. It is salient, also, to question how much the Masonic movement has affected all of the hitherto developments.

The powerbloc of the Bilderbergers, assisted by the Trilateral Commission are the entities of the Trojan horse of the future.

By linking what is common amongst Secret Societiesa philosophy of Global domination and the exploitation of secret advanced technology for controlling the masses, the reality of one world-wide network has been identified as the Global and Technological World Alliance (GTWA). The emergent Trojan horse ofBilderberger membership and Trilateral influence manipulators houses the research and development of G.T.W.A. within. It is there for all to seethe eyes of the masses in the global village are the spectators.

Case Studies: (Gillin 2000)

(a) The year is 1985. Mother, daughter and step-father had returned from the mission field. The father’s anger outbursts and compulsive acts began to coil around the body and mind of the then vibrant and intelligent daughter. Years afterward, after strenuously combining an Arts/Sociology degree with admissions to psychiatric hospitals and later extending the degree to become LL.B., this young woman has learned to tame her reactions to her chaotic life, from insights about the step-father’s dominance.This male predator who was her step- father has been identified as a leader in a paedophile ring out from Melbourne. Another adult female from the same area identified a State politician with similar carnality and linked at a broad level with the same ring, thought to be abusing minors. Paedophilia is generally associated with secret society activity.

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(b) Post 1986 after a number of years in marital counselling and Family Court proceedings, the custodial parent of two primary school- age children became a displaced person. She moved to a country town and took further rehabilitation under a senior socialworker/therapist in a Community Health Centre. Significant memories emerged of having been in a child trafficking racquet out to the Phillipines and back. The preferred means of transport was by private jetcourtesy of a major newspaper magnate.

(c) Across the years 1995 and 1997 a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferer sought to recover her psychological health. In the process it became apparent that she had been the patient of a circle of five medical advisors who were actively keeping her at a sub-normal level of healthy functioning.The young woman in particular was in the Royal Childrens Hospital at age fifteen for corrective heart surgery which had not been totally successful. Although she went to university and qualified as a health professional, she had been unable to practise. During this time she had been advised to see a psychiatrist who acted as a coach while preparing for school and university exams.

The psychiatrist is alleged to have said `Can’t you see I am the only one doing you good?’ You won’t function without me.’ No one will employ youbut I will get you a job!’ I’ve been sending you messages all weekYou’re a walking disaster.’ The young woman felt on a merry- go-roundnever going forward. She had lost much in the social transition into adulthood but embarked on her own get-well crusade. A move interstate to Queensland lead her to a bizarre set of circumstances, initially as a patient of the Psychiatry ward of a major hospital, and later in a semi-private outpatient setting but still subject to mind control activity. On another front, this process also revealed that connections through her local parochial church were active in supervising the regional (as far as Singapore) implementation of a likely secret entity of an ecclesiastical organization of a world-wide structure.

(d) What else would bring a career missionary all the way back from Ethiopia if it were not her mental health? Because a responsible approach is taken in the selection of mission representatives, and other networks have to be completely satisfied also, the circumstances for someone to return from the field have to be unusual. This was the case with this 32 year old female. Amnesia about traumatic childhood events had begun to break. Her minister father and other religious were replete with using church buildings and personnel to sustain their ritualistic involvement in cult practices in both country Victoria and Sydney, N.S.W.

(e) Consider, also, the experience of a mature-age woman who telephoned Triple Zero [Australian Equivalent to 911] for the Police on account of property damage. When the Police came it was said `You need the Crisis Assessment Team.’ Once in action, the regulatory psychiatrist’s assessment and nightly home-visits to administer drugs was followed; a Community Treatment Order was filed, a date set down for a Mental Health Review Board hearing, and subsequent detention at a regional hospital psychiatric locked ward. There appeared to be many inconsistencies prior to this person’s discharge from hospital, one of which was the false information given to the patient’s ageing mother and siblingsfurther confounding the confusion whipped up since the emergency telephone call. Upon reflection, the person above could recall strenuous harassment in the workplace some ten years earlier. Other events across that period would suggest that the woman had been a prime target for cultist colleagues. This was an attempt to cause her to become `a missing person.’ Many character sketches could be written about individuals in both the fields of Politics and Psychiatry and much fiction and films has been produced around the dark side of such interactions.

In the fields of banking and finance major Organizational players are bolstering up the infiltration of personnel and funding.

Law enforcement and policing cannot be excluded, either. There have been Royal Commissions and allegations of widespread corruption in Australia at the National Crime Authority and at State Police levels. It is a fact that Victoria Police expended many tax-payer dollars using helicopter bombardment of another target person, a defector from G.T.W.A., consistently across two to three years. Because of air turbulence and rotor noise in a suburban neighbourhood, other residents noticed the intrusion on private life. When an enquirer telephoned the Police, he was told that a perpetrator of theft was hiding in the area under surveillance! Strange this was happening on such a regular basis! Australia’s own Intelligence organization A.S.I.O. [Australian Security Inteligence Organisation] seems linked to other acts of bullying and thuggery, also.

Within the Justice system critical documents or whole files go missing which bring into question due process through the system of court hearings.

To the majority of Australians who remember the siting and implementing of the Joint Research Facility, Pine Gap, there was a blip of media attention when its purpose was questioned by the Whitlam government. At the time there was public disquiet about its existence, and resistance by individuals was raised for quite some time. But after the moon-walks and space tracking at Tidbinbilla `Why shouldn’t we as a nation help the Americans who had launched the world into a new era of science and technology?’ And so its media presence faded. Then, also, there is the restricted base at Geraldton. Who could know the real purpose of an Over-The-Horizon radar pointed at the north-west oceans and centred in Central Australia?

When one’s fingerprint touches these out of the way, all but forgotten bases, one has identified the submerged presence of the organic heart of the country’s defence! The people who work there or go there or are linked in a myriad of support ways are the heart-beat of this great Australian heart- organ. Like the human heart, it requires a scalpel to cut down through the structural breast of the country to ascertain the life of the organizationa Secret Society Organization.

One affidavit claims Canberra is the brain and nerve-centre of these secret operations, and senior members of Defence and the Defence Science and Technology Organization are involved. They monitor and support active research using advanced technology at laboratories in Melbourne, Salisbury S.A., Pine Gap and at major medical facilities in capital cities around Australia.

From the case studies already presented and extant affidavits, It appears medical academics and Defence Science personnel were active in the 60s and 70s visiting State psychiatric centres on `hidden projects.’ Senior Australian representatives in Washington D.C. were active in many programs with the USA Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), amongst others. Indeed research personnel on rotation have the means to advance the ideology of the secret organization.

On 16 th August, 1999 (Hughes and Ryle), the Age newspaper carried the feature article under headlines `Australia Recruited Nazis.’ Investigative journalists Hughes and Ryle wrote `Nazi scientists, including S.S. members and Hitler’s stormtroopers were secretly brought to Australia under the employment of Scientific and Technological Enemy Aliens scheme.’ `More than half the 127 scientists and technicians worked directly for Commonwealth Government Departments or Agencies.’ A memo, (Hughes 1999), written on 1 st March, 1951 by Dr. W. A. Butement, Chief Defence Scientist, serves to show the advice-giving between the Defence arm and the then Australian Prime Minister under whose name these key Germans came. Butement himself mentored his GTWA successor with his own personal ideology. A recent affidavit claims Butement was associated with the occult and Nazi R & D before coming to Australia to establish a Defence research organization. He used his position and international networks to create and develop the Global Technology World Alliance (GTWA).

It is claimed a number of these Nazi scientists and technicians domiciled in Adelaide have been known mind control/manipulator experts at Salisbury Defence Laboratories and at Pine Gap. The current stalling by senior politicians brings into question what vested interests are in Australia seeking to keep secret the existence of G.T.W.A.

It is alleged that the Department of Immigration had been a `safe haven’ for Konrad Kaleijs to operate out of when he was employed at `points-of-entry’into Australia and reviewed documentation particularly associated with incoming migrants. [Konrad Kaleijs, who was deported back to Australia from Britian after it was discovered that he was as a Nazi War Criminal. Keleijs is also under investigation by the Australian Federal Police after a photograph surfaced here in Australia showing a young Kaliejs in full Nazi dress uniform. There is also an extradition request from Latvia still pending, for the deportation of Kaliejs for Nazi war crimes.] It is also stated that he was given access to a number of Institutions, mainly in South Australia and Victoria, containing `wards of the state’ and particularly those who were orphans from England and Europe

A newspaper review across the year, 1999, reveals that the fields of biomedicine and genetics have dominated product enhancement. In addition to a gene to defeat inherited congenital abnormalities, and development by a Sydney research team which has discovered a gene which provides the naturally-occurring insulin- growth factor 1 for heart muscle growth, another group in the U.S.A. is attempting to build a simple organism from synthetic genes (The Age, 26 Jan. 1999). Reports about cloning animals sensitize the reader to the prospect of humans being cloned notwithstanding. Pacemakers and ready-to-wear microchips (Barker 1999) bring the age of convergance between computers and human beings very close. News of the Icelandic genes pool snaffled by a pharmaceutical company for its experimental purposes appeared, also (Maiver 1999). In addition artificial intelligence is a big frontier. Like so many of these technologies this is not new, but its time to bloom has arrived. Computing is also pervasive. A ride to the airport, or systems of payment via credit card make the user aware of a giant electronic system assisting and controlling the user in this ‘brave new world.’ The conditions, resources, influence and established international networks for a secret society in Australia are all present. In reality it is the GTWA. A Theoretical Postscript: Human beings are at heart, optimistic, so that contradictory information and beliefs create doubt and uncertainty. It is precisely at this point that conjurers of falsehood and secrecy cry ‘conspiracy.’ For too long people in senior appointments have dismissed things as ‘conspiracy theory,’ The fact is that there is a foundation of truth at the basis of conspiracy about hidden, covert activity. On the basis of case study material associated with secret society abuse and which strikes a cord with Ross, Van der Kolk, Freisen, Still and others working in the field of trauma, much more material could be corroborated. During the years preceding the Second World War, 1930s, the Frankfurt School of Thinkers was active in disseminating their brand of Critical Theory. Communism was active and the rise of the Nazi machine was prevalent. These key figures dared to assert that the ‘good life’ (which people in the 21 st Century aspire to), is illusory: that widespread repression prevails, which prevents participants seeing through the multiple contradictions which exist. A Critical Theory aims at producing enlightenment on the cultural crises-since the 1930s-with a view to people becoming freed both consciousley and unconsciously-emancipated. Marcuse (1955) and Adorno (1944) claimed that ‘modern industrial societies exercise such extensive control over even the inner life of human beings as to prevent them from becoming fully aware of the fact that they are frustrated and miserable. Marcuse claimed that a state of anaesthesia occurs when the machines of education and entertainment unite the individual together with other human beings.’ It is a commentary of the Age to reflect upon the restriction of consciousness which occurs in the individual due to a lack of cognitive structure. The ‘social’ emphasis is very strong in schools and the socializing factor is an important part of the law- enforcement and law and order of the wider society The evolutionary demise of ‘christian’ values has been replaced by a preoccupation with the humanistic Self and/or occultish practices (Weimann, 1985). The advance towards Post Modernity in philosophy and theology in the 80s has become permeated with an ideology which has acted like a drug on the consciences of participants in the society and called by Switkowski as ‘an ideal test-bed market’ in the 90s. The ideology which has ushered in ‘the way things are’ in academe, industry, &c is one of false consciousness of bad faith. People are lulled into a state of false consciousness through mass culture, and then exploited (dominated). What better bedfellow could there be between false consciousness and secrecy in high places? Every time ‘natural’ assumptions are challenged the challenger will discover absences and silences within the framework-gaps that ideologies cannot fill without contradicting themselves (Hall, 1983). That this paper has been written and presented to the reader is with the hope that a lively debate will spring forth to further expose the domination and bring a groundswell tide from people of goodwill to emancipate and set-free minds and lives of this and future generations. Within earshot of Nazi oppression the Frankfurt philosophers talked about domination occurring in an illusory way. Subtle electronic forms of control, a genetic register and a range of technology threaten to undermine the citizens of the global village worldwide, today. Repressive forms of Government appear before us nightly on the world stage of television as represented by politicians and knowledgable persons of all kinds. Only those who disbelieve this is happening or that it cannot happen are deluded. The deception of G.T.W.A. is real. The call of this paper is to all upright men, women and youth to become emancipated from the tyranny of the master who threatens to rule the world-Globalization, Science and Technology are a Godless reality!

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Secret Societies Throughout History

Extracts from Ross 1995

The Skoptsi: The Castrators of Russia 1757, known as the Sect of the Skoptsi are just one example of the way in which a cult may perpetuate even after a leader has been sanctioned. Apparently the idea of flogging and abusing oneself physically in order to attain an ecstatic mystical state appealed to cult followers. The Skoptsi infiltrated high-level business and government. The cult still has an active membership in the Balkans, Lebanon and Turkey.

The sect had many of the structural features of contemporary destructive cults, including a hierarchical leadership, with a charismatic prophet at the top; elaborate mystical doctrine identifying the leader as Jesus returned; accumulation of wealth and political influence; stages of initiation; and special costumes, buildings, terminology and rituals.

The existence of such a bizarre and deviant cult still known in the second half of the 19 th century should temper our skeptisism about the possibility of Satanic ritual abuse in the 1990s.

The Assassins: The cult of the Assassins illustrates several characteristics of documented secret societies. It has existed for almost a thousand years, with a membership estimated at 40,000 to 70,000 at the end of the 11th century. The cult’s ongoing existence was documented in a British trial held in Bombay in 1866, and derivative organizations are thought to be active at present.

The Assassins were extremely well organized militarily and successfully carried out numerous difficult assassinations. They are described as stemming from the split of Islam into two factions in the 7 th century, with the orthodox branch following Mohammad, and the Shiahs regarding Ali as Muhammad’s first successor. From early on, the Shiahs relied on secrecy in the organization and initiation.

They formed a university in Cairo which was heavily endowed from many sources but although modelled on other Arab universities, the Abode of Learning was really a cult recruitment and training centre. Students passed through nine degrees of initiation, each accompanied by oaths and rituals. The doctrine revealed to ninth level initiates was that only action mattered, and only the chief of the sect knew what made certain actions necessary. Hasan who revived the sect early on used a recruitment technique that contemporary destructive cults call ‘love bombing.’ (The new recruit is bombarded with attention, affection, positive feedback, and the company of attractive young members of the opposite sex). After certain affirmations by the initiates the rigorous training would begin thereafter.

The Illuminati: A secret society called the Roshaniya, or ‘Illuminated Ones’ is known to have flourished in Afghanistan in the 16 th century, and may have existed for several hundred years before that. The first identified leader of the cult was Bayezid Ansari, who gathered together a group of fifty disciples over a period of three years and then moved his headquarters into the mountains of Afghanistan. From there he conducted a series of highly successful military actions, which brought the cult into conflict with the ruling Moguls.

There were eight degrees of initiation in the Roshaniya, the highest of which was called ‘malik,’ or king. Initiations involved meditation, repetition of special phrases, and various mystical, hedonistic and magico-religious beliefs. Although the history of the cult is somewhat nebulous, it is known that the cult was widespread, influential and troublesome to the authorities in Kabul. The Afghani segment of the cult split into military and religious factions, and it is believed the religious division survives to this day.

Although its connections with Afghanistan are uncertain, a German branch of the society was founded on 1 st May, 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, a Jewish professor at the Bavarian University of Ingolstadt. The original name of the Illuminati was the Order of Perfectibilists, and its first meeting was attended by only five people. The size and influence of the Illuminati spread quickly, however, with lodges founded in Italy, Hungary, France and Switzerland. There was extensive infiltration of Masonic lodges by Illuminati.

The degree of involvement of the Illuminati in the French Revolution of 1769-99 is uncertain, but could be considerable since prominent members of the Revolution, including the Comte de Mirabeau, were Illuminati. The overall philosophy of the Illuminati was one of social reform and creation of a world government. It has been suggested that the Illuminati, Masons, Rosicrucians and Knights Templar are intertwined in history, and that these secret societies have had an influence on world events up to the present. Henry Wallace, the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture who proposed the Illuminist-Masonic symbol to President Roosevelt was influenced by a Russian mystic named Roerich. Roerich travelled widely in Nepal and Tibet, where he studied with a group of occult adepts known as ‘the secret Chiefs,’ ‘the Hidden Masters,’ or ‘the Great White Brotherhood.’ According to occult rumour, the Great White Brotherhood was the spiritual force behind the Freemasons, Knights Templar (founded in 1118, which was active for two hundred years), Rosicrucians, Sufis, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Theosophical Society.

The Illuminist-Masonic-Rosicrucian tradition is intertwined with the history of Western civilization, but we have no conclusive knowledge about the political influence of this tradition.

The Thule Society: [The Thule Society] was established at the end of the First World War by Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorf. In 1918, it had more than 250 members in Munich, and a further 1,500 throughout the Bavarian countryside. Von Sebottendorf was initiated into a Masonic Lodge in 1901, but created his own society after the War because of pressure on the Masons by the Communist Party. The German Workers’ Party was founded by the Thule Society in 1919; Hitler was recruited to the party, became its leader, and changed its name to the National Socialist Party in 1920. A leading Thulist named Dr. Frederick Kohn provided Hitler with the final design for the Nazi flag, and many leading members of the Third Reich belonged to the Thule Society. Thulist philosophy was one of racial superiority, world domination and anti-Semitism, and the society engaged in secret rituals of an unknown nature.

Von Sebottendorf published a book entitled ‘Before Hitler Came,’ in 1933. The Nazis confiscated both editions and were likely responsible for von Sebottendorf’s murder. Hitler’s propaganda machine required a different account of the Fuhrer’s political origins than that put forward in the banned book. However, another source claims Sebottendorf’s death was by suicide in 1945 when he heard of Germany’s defeat; so the time and cause of the death of the Thule Society’s founder are uncertain. Rather than being original, the Nazi doctrines of racial superiority, Aryan destiny, and the malevolence of the Jews were well established and widely adhered to before Hitler rose to power.

As did the Nazis, von Sebottendorf hated the Freemasons for two reasons: he thought that they had lost the original Aryan wisdom and that they were run by the Jews. Nazi propaganda was vehemently anti- Masonic as well as anti-Semitic. The structure of the Thule Society, like that of many other cults, was derived from Masonry, so there may also have been an element of envy in Nazi hatred of the Masons. Howard (1989) Sklar (2977) and Ravenscroft (1973) provide the history of Nazi interest in the occult, which, according to them, was a major driving force behind the Third Reich. Howard states that this material was suppressed at the Nuremberg trials for fear that the Nazis would be found not guilty by reason of insanity. Sklar says it is rumoured that the inner circle of the Thulists actively practised Satanism, while Ravenscroft states it as a fact.

According to Ravenscroft, Hitler was intensely interested in the Spear of Longinus, which had been passed down through a succession of European rulers, (and was thought to be the spear that pierced Christ’s side). Hitler studied the spear intensively while living in Vienna before the First World War, and frequently went to view it at the museum where it was housed. The spear was intertwined with the legend of the Holy Grail and symbolized the ultimate Aryan power, to Hitler, who believed that the man who possessed it could rule the world. When Hitler had the spear transported to Germany from Austria during the Second World War, many of those who attended the first viewing were former members of the Thule Society.

It appears that beside their interest in Teutonic mythology, astrology, and the paranormal, the leading Nazis may have been involved in secret-society rituals. If this was so, then a destructive secret society has had an enormous influence on the 20th century. Given the rise of destructive neo-Nazism in unified Germany today, it would be prudent not to forget the role of the occult in the Third Reich, since such denial might foster emergence of a Fourth Reich, also driven in part by mystical Teutonic racial supremacy.

The Ordo Templi Orientalis: Crowley established a headquarters called ‘the Abbey of Thelema’ in Cefalu, Sicily, at the end of the First World war, where he held orgies which may have involved blood rituals and human sacrifice. He called his rituals a ‘Gnostic Mass,’ and regarded himself as the Beast of Revelation. At age 28, while in Cairo, Crowley had a vision of a guardian spirit named Aiwaz: the entity identified himself as a representative of the Great White Brotherhood and instructed Crowley in a new world order based on occultism. Crowley was unsuccessful in establishing a new world order, however, he became addicted to cocain and died in poverty in 1947.

The OTO was one of several secret societies banned by the Nazis in 1937, others being Theosophy, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and the Order of New Templars. Crowley was also peripherally involved in the British intelligence plan to lure Rudolf Hess to Britain, and at one point it was proposed by British Naval Intelligence personnel that Crowley interview Hess about Nazi interest in the occult. The British hired a Swiss astrologer to infiltrate the occult circles in Germany frequented by Hess, which was done successfully. Hess was told that 10/5/1941 was an astrologically significant date, and that the Duke of Hamilton wanted to meet Hess on that date, leading to the German occultist’s parachuting into Great Britain. Crowley’s life illustrates how the themes of Satanism, secret societies, the Great White Brotherhood and the Illuminati are intertwined.

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