The Kennedy family fortune was born through the illegal bootlegging of booze during Prohibition (1919-33).  Did this eternally doom their heirs to the following litany of tragedies???




? Joseph “Joe” Sr. Allegedly had an affair with actress Gloria Swanson, which his wife Rose ignored.
1941 Rosemary
(daughter to Joe Sr.)
Joe Sr. secretly ordered that his daughter Rosemary have a lobotomy because she was retarded. Rosemary is still alive in a Wisconsin institution because of the effects of the failed lobotomy.
1944 Joseph P. Jr.
(eldest son of Joe & Rose)
Died in a plane crash during World War II on a dare-devil mission he was warned not to undertake. He was 29.
1948 Kathleen
(eldest daughter of Joe & Rose)
Hadn’t spoken to her father in years because he didn’t approve of her husband, William John Robert Cavendish, the Marquess of Hartington. A year after her husband died in a plane crash during WWII, she was flying back to reconcile with her father when her plane crashed in France, killing her. She was 28.
? John F.JFK It is little known that JFK was married in a civil ceremony before ever meeting Jackie, and later got the marriage annulled and destroyed all evidence from existence.
various President JFK Allegedly had an affair with Marilyn Monroe – and maybe others, including prostitutes in the White House – while married to Jackie.
8/1963 Patrick
(son to JFK)
Born prematurely and died two days later (three months before his father’s assassination).
? Jacqueline “Jackie”
(wife of JFK)
Had at least one miscarriage and gave birth to a stillborn daughter, before she and John had Caroline.
11/22/1963 President JFK Assassinated in Dallas. He was 46.
6/5/1968 Robert F. “RFK” Assassinated as he campaigned for the Democratic party’s presidential nomination. He was 42.
? Robert F. “RFK” Jr. Found in possession of marijuana while a juvenile.
1984 David
(son to RFK)
Died of a drug overdose in a hotel after being ousted from the family vacation home at Palm Beach.
1973 Joseph “Joe” II
(eldest son to RFK)
Involved in a car accident that left a female passenger paralyzed for life. Now a Massachusetts congressman, Joe announced in 1997 he was dropping plans to run for governor. That same year, his ex-wife wrote a book, “Shattered Faith,” depicting him as a narcissistic bully and criticizing him for asking the Roman Catholic church for an annulment (instead of a divorce) to erase their 12-year marriage. Supposedly Joe wanted to remain in the church, so he was willing to say that because he’d lacked “due discretion” he had never really been married. The annulment got overturned and his next marriage was not within the Catholic church.
12/31/1997 Michael
(son to RFK)
Killed playing “ski football” in Aspen, Colorado, after being told to stop because it was dangerous. He was 39. Drew negative publicity for an alleged affair with his family’s underage baby sitter. This ruined brother Joe II’s chances of being elected Governor of Massachusetts.
7/18/1969 Senator Ted M. Sr.
Drove a car off a bridge on Massachusetts’ Chappaquiddick Island after a party, killing aide Mary Jo Kopechne. Controversy over the incident effectively ended the senator’s presidential aspirations.
1973 Ted Jr.
(son to Ted M. Sr.)
Had his right leg amputated due to cancer.
1983 Bobby Jr. Overdosed on heroin while aboard an airplane. He was arrested upon landing.
1986 Patrick
(son to Ted Jr.)
Sought treatment for cocaine addiction as a teenager. Later elected to Congress.
1991 William Kennedy Smith
(nephew to Ted M. Sr.)
Accused of rape at the family estate in Palm Beach, Florida, after a party with Uncle Ted. He was acquitted.
7/16/1999 John F. “JFK” Jr.
(son to JFK and Jackie)
Killed when the plane he was piloting crashed off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard island, Massachusetts. Also killed in the crash were his wife, Carolyn Bessette, and her sister Lauren.

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