This is an instrument designed to give the answer of any question as a numerical readout between 0 and 100. It is useful for finding out such things as the percentage of a color in someone’s aura or the strength of a radionic transmission.
What you will need:
– A print of Plate2
– 18 ceramic magnets (usually available from Radio Shack)
– 1 Potentiometer (value unimportant)
– 1 piece of aluminum foil
– 1 cardboard box
– 1 length of wire
– 1 knob
– 1 plastic can lid
1. Glue the pattern to the top of the cardboard box.
2. Punch a hole for the stem of the potentiometer at the center of the large, calibrated area.
3. Punch a small hole at the center of the box marked Witness.
4. Attach the wire to the potentiometer at any of its points.
5. Attach the potentiometer to the box so that the stem comes out the center of the calibration.
6. Bring the wire out through the center of the witness box and lay it flat in the box. Cut any excess.
7. Glue the foil square over the witness box.
8. Attach the knob to the potentiometer stem.
9. Glue the ceramic magnets to the small circles around the central circle.
How to use this device:
1. Decide what it is you want to know, such as the amount of blue in the aura of a friend.
2. Place the witness of the subject to be analyzed on the foil plate.
3. While turning the knob, rub the plastic lid with your thumb until you get a stick (you will know it when it happens).
4. The numerical reading on the dial will be the answer to your question.

Plate 2plate2aClick image for printable image


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