hehheisonoonin neniitoneino’, noh hebesiibeih’in.
Let them hear us, our fathers and our grandfathers.

Hee3ei’iinoh’oeseihiit, noh nohkunihiitowoo;
I say this in conjunction with all the heavenly lights;

Hiisi’ niihooyoo’, heseisen hii3eti’,
The yellow day, the good wind,

Neeyeici’ hii3eti’, biito’owu’ huu3eti’.
the good timber, the good earth.

Cese’eihii heetihceh’e3tiin he3oowowu’!
You animals who live below the earth, I pray that you hear my words!

No’xuutowu’ cese’eihii, neci’  cese’eihiiho’, cihbehceh’e3tii’!
You animals who live on the earth, and in the water, listen to my prayer!

Heciiyowooninoo, heetwonibiini’ heetih’i3eihit,
Your surplus is going to be eaten so that the people will prosper,

Heetihcihkoutee’ hoowu3oow hiine’etiit,
so that the breath of life will endure for a long time,

Heetih’iihooho’owoo’ hinenteeniit, tei’yoonehe’ heeneicxooyeiht,
so that the tribe will be numerous: the children of all ages,

Hiseihihi’ noh honoh’oehihi’ noh hinen heeneicxooyeiht,
the girls and boys and men of all ages,

Hisei, beh’eihehi’ heeneicxooyeihin betebi.
he women and old men, and you old women, of all ages. 

Heetniini’o’xonei’eenou’u, bii3iwo, hooniikoohu3i hiisiis.
(we pray that) these foods will keep us healthy as long as the sun follow s its path in the sky. 

Hee3o’ neixoo! Cihceh’e3tii, nebesiwoo, neinihii3ooo.
I say to him “my father, listen, and my grandfather,” the one I am praying to. 

Kokoh’u3ecoot, betee, bixoo3etiit honowuune’etiit.
(We ask for good) thoughts, a (good) heart, love and a joyful life.

I am now going to share this feast with you, (Man Above).
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