Barry McEwen

Phoenix, Arizona
30th November 2000

On April 5th, 1909, there appeared a front page story in the Arizona Gazette.

It told of an archeological expedition in the heart of the Grand Canyon funded by the Smithsonian Institute. (a full transcription of the article can be found at: It is a rich story of finding a labyrinth of man-made tunnel systems high above the Colorado River, a virtual citadel filled with ancient artifacts, hieroglyphs, armor, statues of deities and even mummies. Anyone contacting the Smithsonian Institute will receive a polite “no records found” reply to an inquiry about their supposed role in the Grand Canyon.Picture-3-300x225

The following narration shows how I came to be convinced of an exact location in the Grand Canyon that is a key to this story (regardless of whether the newspaper article is a hoax or not) and contains mathematical proof.

This story also reveals an ancient cartographic code that led me to this conclusion and the meaningful coincidences that unfolded as I pursued this mystery. The location is known as “Isis Temple” and is paramount in a well-kept secret that is just now being uncovered in ways far richer and more important than material wealth. The cherished gem of Arizona, the Grand Canyon, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, contains a legacy and a link to a history known only by a few; suppressed not only by greed and politics but by a forgotten code hidden right beneath our very feet. It is all beginning to come to light now.

I first came across the information about the newspaper article in 1998 via the www. To satisfy my curiosity, I went to the Phoenix Public Library, found the article on microfilm and made a few photocopies of it. I didn’t give it too much thought at the time, other than mentioning it from time to time to people who attend free speaking engagements and classes I offer. As a 30 year independent researcher in the field of sacred geometry, (sometimes known also as hyper-dimensional geometry, living geometry, and alchemical geometry) and other related subjects, I found the topic relating to Egypt synchronistic, since a lot of my studies revolved around the ancient schools of thought and geometry of sacred sites and temples of Egypt. Like others, I thought it was rather odd, if indeed the article was not a hoax, that evidence of ancient Egyptians would be found in Arizona, of all places!…..

After all, the Egyptians did not explore the Americas, everyone knew that, and it was not taught in any school. We thought this also of the ancient Romans, until ancient Roman headgear, armor, swords, coins, and other artifacts were found just North of Tucson, not far from Interstate 10!

Now that the subject has come up about suppressed information, if indeed that is what it is, there is a well researched book of 914 pages by Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson titled Forbidden Archeology, which can open anyone’s’ third eye to a history of mankind that has never been taught, except in those ‘mystery schools’ so well cloaked in myth, secrecy and ridicule. Some good information can be found by searching the archives of also.

Then in October of 2000, I came upon another web site that had lots of information and photos of Egyptian hieroglyphs found a hundred years ago in Australia! The hieroglyphs were on the stone wall next to a cave entrance and told of ancient Egyptian explorers getting lost and stranded, left to die in Australia. (see: )

At around the same time I happened to read in a book titled Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life, Vol. II, page 302, the story of two backpackers who ventured into the Grand Canyon. What they claimed to have found first, while on their way to a location known as Isis Temple, (see photo at [Link broken, see: was a rather large pyramid made from the native rock. Once at Isis Temple, at an elevation of about 800 feet, they claimed to have seen several cave entrances, just as reported in the newspaper article.

They also noticed that they all seemed to be sealed shut or destroyed as if to keep everyone out. (the question here arises, why deliberate sealing of caves in such a remote, hard to access, area?) Because they were also expert rock climbers, they climbed the 800 feet to the most promising looking cave entrance. Upon reaching the entrance they discovered that it too had been sealed off several feet in with the native rock. They did notice, however, that the entrance seemed to be man-made and that there was a 6-foot circular pattern clearly hewn into the ceiling. This story was told to the author of the book, and from the context of the material presented in the book and from the nature of the author’s character, of whom I am familiar, I could not for the life of me imagine why such a story would be fabricated and told to him unless it was absolutely true.

And yet, Isis Temple (which can be seen from the South Rim visitors areas) is at least 40 miles from the location given in the newspaper article. So, if the newspaper article was not a hoax, and Isis Temple was the reallocation, the other location could have been misinformation to keep people away. Then again, if the newspaper article was a hoax, what they had the two backpackers stumbled upon? And why were extremely remote cave entrances sealed?

A question arises here also: why are there so many geographical locations in the Grand Canyon named after Egyptian and Hindu deities?

Then, approximately two weeks later, on October 13, channel 10 (one of our local t.v. stations), did a short segment on their weekly t.v. news magazine show about the 1909 article and some local people actively looking for it out at the Canyon. I contacted the producer of the segment and left my name and phone number, telling him to give it to a couple of the people he had interviewed, as I could supply them with this information regarding Isis Temple. At the very least they could go with good telescopes and look for cave entrances from the Rim to confirm their existence. Simple.

As of yet, no one has called me back.

I plan to check the condition and strength of my old telescope and go there myself soon. A severely damaged disc in my back prevents me from an actual backpacking trip to Isis Temple, as the trip is extremely arduous and requires at least six days of backpacking in some of the most challenging terrain on the planet.

The next thing I did was call the “Back Country” information line (520-638-7875) at the Grand Canyon, where permits are bought for backpacking and extended hikes, both on and off trails. The lady was very talkative, polite and helpful. She even suggested two books I should read on possible routes to Isis Temple since there are no trails to it. Then I casually brought up the subject of possibly exploring caves I had heard about at Isis Temple and asked her if she could confirm their existence.

Her reply was a simple, but emphatic “NO”. Then a long pause. Then very curtly she said the Park Dept. was about to engage in a Canyon-wide research project into the bat population and habitation, to make sure they were not being endangered. Everyone was to stay out of caves she said. That ended our conversation. Interesting, but not conclusive.

In the meantime, this whole thing was getting under my curious skin a bit. I decided to approach the subject a little differently. I was going to see if there was a geometrical connection between Isis Temple and the Great Pyramid of Giza. Why the Great Pyramid? From my knowledge of sacred geometry, I knew it to be a central figure in a planetary grid system. As a former, avid backpacker myself, and having some knowledge of cartology, it took me no time to get the exact longitude and latitude of the center of Isis Temple. I then began searching on the www for the exact coordinates of the center of the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

That’s when things started to turn REALLY curious and informative.

My web search brought me more than I could have hoped for. It led me to the work of a man named Carl Munck. (see: Over ten years ago he had started doing a similar thing that I was attempting, but he had started at Stonehenge, trying to find a longitude/latitude relationship with the Great Pyramid. His continued work led to the discovery of what is now called Archeocartology, and the key to the system is using the Great Pyramid as Prime Meridian rather than Greenwich. What he had done was eventually find a whole code system that the ancient’s knew about and had used in determining where to place sacred temples and sacred sites. It is simply known as THE CODE, or Code of the Ancients. He has several books out on the subject, a newsletter and several videos.

From THE CODE we get factual, mathematically provable evidence that all ancient sites, megaliths, temples, stone circles, effigies and certain natural formations and vortexes across the entire face of the globe are very precisely located on a global coordinate system in relation to the Great Pyramid. ( I know, this is hard to believe, but read on) Not only that, but an ancient numerology system known as Gematria (used by Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, Babylonians, Romans and others of the ancient world) is used in the manipulation of the numbers that relates the numbers to other key locations, mathematical constants such as Pi and the radian, and the positions of the sites themselves given in the geometry of their physical construction.

GEMATRIA and THE CODE can be considered to be “whole brain” methodologies. In other words, both the bi-lateral functions of the brain must be employed to reach applicable and functional results. Or, the left, rational/verbal/linear, side of the brain and the right, intuitive/imaginative/non-linear, the side must work together, in much the same way as when viewing stereo-gram images, sometimes known as ‘Magic Eye’ pictures also. (Those pictures that were popular a few years back that looked like just a mass of colored dots when first seen, but after gazing in a particular manner for a while a complete 3-D picture or scene ‘popped’ out to your vision. Usually, children and young adults have an easier time seeing the pictures because they are not yet as completely absorbed with just left brain, rational, thinking habits, and their right brain, the creative, this side is more flexible.)

THE CODE of Carl Munck dovetails perfectly with the planetary grid system and the related Platonic Grid Lines found by Ivan Sanderson, Bruce Cathie, William Becker, and Bethi Hagens. The world grid system ( is commonly known as the Unified Vector Geometry 120 Polyhedron. Interestingly enough, THE CODE also is applicable to the Planet Mars, when the North/South Prime Meridian passes exactly through the nose of the famous “Face” in the Cydonia area and the “D & M Pyramid”.

Still with me? I hope so because this is all mathematically verified.

Aside from the obvious question that this arouses regarding how such ancient people could have knowledge of such a system and implement it for thousands of years, (which, because there is no short answer for that question, I will not address here) there is also the question of how such feats were accomplished with so much accuracy without the aid of modern technology, like our Global Positioning System (GPS) which uses satellite telemetry and computer accuracy to achieve what the ancients accomplished with … what ?

When this sort of question arises in my talks and classes, I pull out an object to demonstrate the dynamics of geometry and simplicity. It is a solid object with no moving parts or batteries, and it fits in your hand. It has a unique property about it that no mind on Earth, that I am aware of, can explain. (and it has been under heavy scrutiny by some of the best minds of engineering and physics at University levels) It absolutely defies one of the basic laws of physics and motion. (and this is not my imagination! Just ask my wife.)

People usually gasp and don’t believe their eyes when they first see what this object does. And it does this without high technology. I show it to them over and over again and let them try it for themselves, and it always works. And the key to the object is in its proportions, its shape, its geometry…the mathematics involved. Plain and simple. (Ask me and I’ll show it to anyone at any time, anyplace. It is not my invention and it has been around for almost 30 years, yet few people know of it.)

If you know the key to something or have something that employs the key, optional methodologies are available to use. It is obvious the ancients had optional methodologies in finding, plotting and implementing building sites based upon a longitude and latitude, not all that dissimilar to our own. It is also obvious from the data that the ancients knew exactly where the equator was and employed it.

Another device that should be mentioned is a survey and navigational tool designed by Crichton Miller, who received a patent on it just recently in the United Kingdom. The device is nothing more than two pieces of straight wood formed into a cross with a pivot point where they meet, a plumb line coming down from the pivot point, and a semi-circular scale (similar to a protractor) attached. It looks very much like a Celtic Cross. It is very accurate and requires no batteries. ( for complete details ) A book about the device is due in the Spring of 2001.

It is believed this device, or similar, was used in surveying for the Great Pyramid, and also employed as a navigational tool for ocean-going explorations. And speaking of accuracy, as well as the complexity of problem-solving capabilities with no complex technology or batteries, think for a minute of the slide rule and the abacus.

Anyway, back to the story here…

Well, now I had the longitude and latitude of the Great Pyramid and a mathematical system for finding a relationship between Isis Temple and the Great Pyramid. But, I got lazy here. I contacted Michael Lawrence Morton, who I had found through another web site. ) also ( )

I gave him the coordinates for Isis Temple and let him do the math and find the mathematical correspondences. Since Michael was very familiar with THE CODE, also familiar with all the mathematical constants and numerous other sites and their mathematical connections, and had also discovered and applied THE CODE to the local stars and astronomy (the Archeo-Sky Matrix ), I felt confident in his abilities and expertise.

In his words, Isis Temple is a “…major….major site !!!” This he could safely say with confidence because the numbers related to so many other major sites, including the Great Pyramid, and with numbers typically accurate to complete whole numbers, to within 7 and 8 decimal places, and decimal harmonics from 7 to 8 decimal places!

The following is a brief synopsis of just some of the mathematical connections to Isis Temple. The search is still ongoing. Statistics relating to certain “dates of occurrences” and the Gematria of a personal nature that was found have been left out. The math proof of the following findings is attached at the end of this narration, with full credit graciously attributed to Carl Munck and especially Michael Lawrence Morton, without whom this search would have come to a dead halt.

Isis Temple is mathematically connected to:

  • slope angle of the Great Pyramid
  • grid point value of the Great Pyramid
  • derived height of Great Pyramid with capstone included
  • decimal harmonic of the East longitude of the Sphinx at Giza
  • decimal harmonic of the West longitude of the Chephren Pyramid at Giza
  • decimal harmonic of the tangent of arc-distance from Earth’s equator to either pole
  • radius of Moon
  • ratio of radius of Stonehenge’s Sarsen Circle and Radian (deg)
  • decimal harmonic of generic area of a circle
  • grid point value of the star Sirius, circa 2000 a.d.
  •  grid point value of the star Regulus, circa 2000 a.d.
  • East latitude, in arc-min., of the “Face” at Cydonia on Mars

At this point, it doesn’t matter if Isis Temple is the location mentioned in the 1909 article. At this point, it doesn’t matter if the article was a hoax or not. Maybe it doesn’t matter if archeological information has been withheld from the public. Maybe it doesn’t matter if there are or are not sealed caves in Isis Temple. But I, for one, continue the search. There is still a vast treasure to behold that makes that which we carry in our pocket quite moot when compared to the big picture.

Archeocartographic findings of ISIS TEMPLE based upon THE CODE of Carl Munck and the ARCHEO-SKY MATRIX Code, mathematics and correlations found by Michael Lawrence Morton.

location of Isis Temple N. of Equator and West of Great Pyramid, Giza:
36 deg 08 min 27 sec N.
143 deg 16 min 14.8-sec W.G.

36 x 8 x 27 = 7776 N.
143 x 16 x 14.8 = 33862.4 W.G.

33862.4 / 7776 = 4.3547325 G.P. (grid point)

4.353957151 (G.P.) = Pi x 1.177245771 x 1.177245771
( 1.177245771 = ratio of the radius of Stonehenge’s Sarsen Circle in British feet and Radian (deg.)
…..1.177245771 = 57.29577951 / 48.6693441…also the decimal harmonic in arc-seconds of the West longitude of the Chephren Pyramid at Giza, the East longitude of the Sphinx at Giza, and the tangent of arc-distance, adding to actual statute mileage figure, in statute miles, from Earth’s equator to either pole….6214.85528 )

4.353957151 (G.P.) x 248.0502134 = 1080
(248.0502134 = grid point value of Great Pyramid…..1080 = mean radius of Moon in statute miles, and 1080 is also the feminine gematrian number for alchemical fusion where 1080 + 666 = 1746 )

33862.4 (W.G) x 57.29577951 x 57.29577951 = 10.31324031
( 10.31324031 = decimal harmonic of the square arc degrees of a circle, the generic area of a circle, where Pi x 57.29577951 x 57.29577951 = 10313.24031)

10.31324031 = 4.3539557149 (G.P.) x 2.368705056 ( 2.368705056 = grid point value of the binary star Sirius, circa 2000 a.d. )

270 / 4.353957149 (G.P.) = ( Pi x 19.7392088)
( 270 is an average number of human gestation days…divided by Isis’s Temple grid point value of 4.353957149 = the grid point value of the binary star Regulus, star in the heart of the Lion constellation Leo, or 19.7392088 x Pi. Also, 270 = 9 x 30, and 30 is the grid point value of the intersection of 7th Ave. and Indian School Rd. in Phoenix, Arizona, which is where, on March 13, 1997, 8:30 p.m., the “Phoenix UFO” was witnessed to hover for 4 minutes. March 13, 1997 is 5764 days before December 21, 2012 a.d., end of the Mayan calendar. 5764.166073 is the derived original full height, including capstone, of the Great Pyramid in regular British inches. )

30 / 4.353957149 (G.P.) = 6.890283706 (6.890283706 = arc-minutes East of Mars Prime Meridian = latitude of “The Face” at Cydonia. )
(see also: for all of the above)

Permission is granted by the author to copy and forward this article, provide it is copied in its entirety, with no alterations, and proper credit given to the author.


Part 2 Ancient Egyptian Treasure in Grand Canyon

Alice Dorothy at the Abyss December 11, 2000

Barry McEwenn TETRA-MATRIX @

Michael Lawrence Morton Milamo @

Alice naturally exclaims “Curiouser and curiouser!”. While Dorothy proverbially says “We ain’t in Kansas anymore!”

The first article has been posted on three different web sites that I am aware of so far. (if you missed that one, the links are given below, as well as additional links and the full correct link to Michael’s web sites) By the response of the email, Michael and I have been receiving it looks like we hit a nerve. So we continue with lots more math data to pour through and decipher, and some very interesting and enlightening information from some of the readers, some of which we can share ( and some of which cannot be released yet at the request of the responders).

A radio interview is also in the works.

Let me first restate something for clarity sake so as not to confuse my intent or my stand in relation to certain aspects of this research.

I regard that there is no conscious conspiracy, per se, by the Smithsonian Institute or the government, but rather that it is a condition of society in which information is filtered for the purpose of self-fulfilling prophecy and as a survival instinct. But then, I have been wrong before… just ask my wife.

Anyway…where to begin?

One email I received gave me a link to some information regarding the 1909 Phoenix Gazette newspaper article and the supposed Smithsonian connection that was researched a bit by David Childress.

Although interesting, what struck me was the photo at the top of the page… it was ISIS TEMPLE; in fact, the exact same photo that I had given as a link in the last article. It struck me that of all the photos that could be used of a portion of the Grand Canyon, and of all the different photos of Isis Temple, it was the exact same one. One prone to the values of meaningful coincidence will file this away for later use. For me it was yet another ‘prompt’ to keep focussing on Isis Temple.

Are we really on to something here?

Another email response was from someone who suggested he would rent a double-seated ultra-light aircraft, take me along and we could do a photo recon of Isis Temple. Hmmm.

I quickly wrote back explaining that the Grand Canyon is strictly a no-fly zone area. (really!) The only exception is rescued helicopters. (which I do not care to prove)

Another email informant told of an area in the United States where a film crew from Discovery t.v. was looking for yet another ancient site of some kind near where he lives. It too is linked to Egypt but in a vastly different way. Maybe more on this later, after the site has been found and the claim to it is secure by this man who knows where it is and wants to take steps to protect it, rather than exploit it. Just another tall story? By the amount of verifiable evidence this man gave me it seems to be legitimate so far.

One man emailed that he had realized a connection between the height of the Great Pyramid and the ancient Hebrew calendar.

I just now, at this writing, received permission from contact to release some information from him regarding a vast subterranean system in the United States that he has been confirming and researching with hi-tech equipment for over 10 years. I will bring that to light in Part 3 of this series.

It will blow you away.

Last weekend I went to my tiny cabin in Northwestern Arizona. One reason was to check out my old telescope, the other reason being to spend uninterrupted time with some geometry papers I had just received from a man I consider to be a master geometer. He had just mailed me around 250 pages of privately printed, unpublished material that he has compiled during 20 years of research. Needless to say, I feel very fortunate to have made such a valuable contact. This was not an email contact, but rather, someone I had tried for a year or more to try to contact. The timing of receiving the material and the information contained therein was extremely valuable.

So, my telescope proved to be too weak for viewing Isis Temple from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. My cabin is located such that I can see the crest of a highway around 6 miles distant. Pointing at that spot, and viewing cars passing over the crest, I realized not only was this telescope not powerful enough, but that extremely clear atmospheric conditions must exist to see anything with any amount of clarity (you would have to be pretty lucky, or coincidental, to find such clarity at the Grand Canyon these days I am told) and also, the lighting conditions would have to be such that it would enhance any cave entrance you might spot.

By the time I returned on Sunday, the number of emails from Michael on further CODE information was piling up quickly. We had decided early on that the research would continue if I were to supply him with more coordinates from, what seemed to be, key geographical locations within the Canyon. Isis Temple was just the first. I had gone to Phoenix’s largest map store and purchased the best map I could of the Grand Canyon. It turned out to be 3 feet tall and 5 feet long, and a scale of 1:62.5k.

Not the most accurate scale, I know, but I wanted one map to work with, not several.

I mounted on a large piece of heavy cardboard and placed in my garage and began finding locations and getting the coordinates. This map will also be valuable when I begin to work on the geometry aspect of this area from the positions I am finding.

Starting with Isis Temple, I began locating other positions that had Egyptian names. They were all in the same general location. I then fanned out and began picking other sites with Oriental, Hindu, Arthurian, and Roman names. Here is a list of the names we will be working with. It should also be pointed out that all of these locations are in the heart of, and comprise the heart of, the Grand Canyon area (the largest, widest area where tourism flourishes on both the North and South rims), and that Isis Temple is very well centered among all of the sites listed below, which seems suspiciously symbolic. Also, these are basically the only names of geographical locations in the heart of the Grand Canyon.

Isis Temple, Osiris, Tower of Set, Horus, Cheops Pyramid, Ra, Holy Grail, King Arthur’s Castle, Excaliber, Guinevere Castle, Elaine Castle, Masonic Temple, Freya Castle, Dragon Head, Little Dragon, Thor Temple, Zoroaster Temple, Manu Temple, Buddha Temple, Deva Temple, Confucius Temple, Krishna Temple, Angels Gate, Solomon Temple, Sheba Temple,

Tabernacle, Roma Shrine, Brahma Temple, Vishnu Temple, Shiva Temple, Vesta Temple, Diana Temple, Apollo Temple, Venus Temple, Jupiter Temple, Juno Temple, Pollux Temple, Castor Temple.

An inquiry into the history of those fellows who named the geographical spots in the Grand Canyon will tell you that they were named by the early explorers, and the names they chose reflected areas or periods of history and deities they had special interests in. That I can accept (on the surface).

But then I have to ask myself, if we accept the reality of the Global Grid System, and the CODE, and we accept the reality that over 80,000 sacred sites, monoliths, stone circles, mounds, kivas, temples, cathedrals and churches were built on the nodal points of this grid system, over a period of several thousand years, by people and cultures of extremely different mindsets, different beliefs and myths, different everything (on the surface), what “prompted” or motivated the shamans, priests, architects and builders to place their structures on these exact locations? At certain locations these structures are built over other long abandoned, ruined sites and temples even more ancient. If we accept that reality, then we also must ask if that same “force” or “prompting” or “sub-conscious motivation” was at work with the men who named these sites within the Grand Canyon ( if indeed we find evidence that these locations are also linked to the World Grid somehow).

Are there sources in the deep mind (that perhaps the ancients personified as deities) that release, under certain conditions, knowledge, and information normally not obtainable? If it is non-linear information, then left-brain, rational linear thinking alone cannot process it completely or accurately.

Are the myths and deities of the ancients their way of describing the ‘prompts’ of the deep mind and higher self? And are not possibly the names of these geographical areas in the Grand Canyon a “prompt” to gain our attention?

Very much food for thought. And I suspect this food is actually a ‘bread’.

I believe we are on a cosmic bread-crumb trail. I suspect it is a whole-brain bread-crumb trail. (remember the analogy of the whole-brain methodology of stereograms? where a picture pops out when the dual functions of the brain are working in sync? and each eye must focus on one of the two distinctly different overlaying random dot patterns for the brain to interpret?)

I am also reminded here of the only hieroglyph in the entire structure of the Great Pyramid (excluding the cartouche of Cheops in the upper regions above the King’s Chamber, probably left by workers during Cheops’ reign). It is the hieroglyph for bread! It is located somewhere just before you enter the King’s Chamber that contains the initiation sarcophagus.

(here I must humbly admit that the concept of “bread-crumb trail” came from my wife…just ask her)

At this point, I begin to think of our research as the development of Geomantic Cartology. I am beginning to view what we are doing is learning the language of Mother Earth. (Isis is a mother goddess) Can it be that we are just beginning to see and understand a language, of sorts, made up of lines of force, like a vast geometric,crystalline-like network of energies, that the ancients were compelled to respond to sub-consciously or unconsciously over the many centuries of their temple building? And were some perhaps capable of ‘tuning’ into that language through the different methodologies through ritual, chant, dance, trance, or even psycho-active ingestion? Are we just now becoming aware, through our evolved left-brain function, of the energy grid that was once only sensed sub-consciously, or intuitively, or as an evocation of the pantheon of gods?

Can it be that “numbers are the links pointing the way to a potential understanding of the unified field”? (a quote from Michael Lawrence Morton) If the numbers are the links, then is not the geometry the graphic picture of the numbers? In our age, it seems obvious that our left-brain math and geometry, if melded to the right-brain intuition, is our key to the language of Mother Earth.

Once we begin to understand that language, what will she speak?

We believe we know. But we will let you see for yourself as this story unfolds in real time.

SYNOPSIS of the CODE found in Tower of Ra:

36-08-27 North

143-20-8.809174825 West of Giza

36 x 8 x 27 = 7776 N

143 x 20 x 8.809174825 = 25194.24 WG

GridPoint Value = 25194.24 / 7776 = 3.24

The North latitude (7776) is exactly the same as that of Isis Temple…. their distance North of the equator is exactly the same. The line between Isis Temple and the Tower of Ra forms a perfect parallel line with the equator. This tells me that this might be a unit of measure (between Isis Ra) to be used later with the continuing geometry. It also might be a unit of measure for a radius or diameter of a circle. Or a unit of measure of a triangle or square. We’ll see later, but it seems very significant for the geometry aspect already at this point of the investigation.

In the Egyptian pantheon of gods, Ra is the creator god, shown with a human body and a falcon’s head. Resting on his head is a sun disc, encircled by a cobra. Ra is said to be self-created, and he created humankind from his tears. The sun was considered his body or his eye. Recall that Osiris is the husband of Isis and that Osiris also exists in the Grand Canyon. In fact, Isis, Osiris, and Ra form a triangle in the geometry of their location, with no other locations/deities within that triangle. Here is a link to a short synopsis of the major Egyptian deities:

More on that as this unfolds.

For this next part please note that I had mentioned to Michael to keep in mind Nineveh’s Constant. Because I knew somewhere along the line there would be a DNA connection to all this. See the next link for Nineveh Constant is 195,955,200,000 or rounded off, 19.5 x 10 to the tenth power. (Keep 19.5 filed away for later)

And also note that 1959552 is a decimal harmonic of Nineveh’s Constant.

What is Nineveh’s Constant? short answer: it is a number that was found in the ancient Library of a King Assurbanipal, an Assyrian/Sumerian King, in the capital of Assyria, also known as Nineveh. Sumer was at a peak of its civilization over 6000 years ago. By using this number one can calculate, down to the exact second, the time it takes any celestial object, comet or planet in the Solar System to complete one full circuit around the Sun! short answer.

1959552 / 3.24 = 604800 (Nineveh Constant harmonic divided by Ra grid point value)

604800 / 25920 = 23.33333333 (result divided by Earth’s equinox precession cycle in years)

23.3333333 / 7.3333333 = ( 10 / Pi ) (here, the 23.33333333 figure is being divided by the DNA/RNA “un-zip angle” of 7.33333333 arc-degrees
[see Buckminster Fuller] resulting in a form [reciprocal, times 10] of the classic approximation of the Pi constant [22 / 7] )

It is important to note that the numbers and equations relating to Pi and Radian (deg.) etc. ‘prompt’ us to the perfect concepts of the circle, and in sacred geometry one of the axioms is: God is a circle, whose circumference is nowhere (infinite, limitless) and whose center is everywhere (holographic).

“We ain’t in Kansas anymore!”

Keep in mind that it does not matter if we are mixing up units of measure. In this methodology, it is actually part of the process, because we are following the numbers as links, not the units of measure.

In other words: let’s say we are lost in a forest and trying to find our way through, following vague paths here and there. We come to a fork in the path we are on and wonder which way to turn. Then we notice on one path there are 3 marshmallows. We follow that path. Then we come upon 6 pencils in the path. We continue on and then discover 12 spools of thread. At this point, we feel confident that we are on a path that has been traveled before by folks of our likeness. We also figure out that the NUMBERS of the items have some significance and realize it is a binary sequence. 3, 6, 12, etc. If this sequence continues we can safely assume that the next number of items will be 24.

It does not matter what the items are, it is the numbers that start to make more sense and seem to have more significance than the items themselves. Although it was the items that caught our attention initially. We feel confident that there are intelligence and purpose behind the numbers (obviously more than the items themselves at this point) and also that we are on a path that will bring us through the forest, and at the same time, bring our attention to a set of parameters that we had not encountered before, but will surely enhance our potential somehow. Here we begin to wonder what the significance of the numbers are, and what the message is. Curiouser and curiouser.

For complete mathematical analysis of Michael Lawrence Morton’s work see:

We encourage suggestions and comments. You may see correlations and ideas that we may miss, or have information and leads we can use.
Your input is valued.

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READ  2004: The Anthills of Orion: Ancient Star Beings of the Hopi

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