By Daisy Dumas
Gloria Vanderbilt has spooked her son and even a professional psychic by being ‘contacted by Marilyn Monroe‘ – and has revealed that she believes she is psychic herself.
The actress, socialite, artist and mother of TV presenter Anderson Cooper, met with psychic John Edward who revealed that Monroe had something to tell the veteran star.
On the host’s daily talk show, Anderson, Mr Cooper spoke about his and his mother’s unnerving experiences of visiting the medium.

I knew Marilyn: Gloria Vanderbilt – who is looking remarkable for her 87 years – revealed that she knew Marilyn Monroe and that she believes she is a psychic

‘Was the experience different than you thought it would be?’ Mr Cooper asked his 87-year-old mother.
‘Well, for example, that Marilyn came up was fascinating to me’ the oft-troubled heiress replied.
A clearly bemused Mr Cooper then said: ‘I didn’t know you guys were – I didn’t know you knew Marilyn Monroe.’
‘Yes, I did. So she kind of came suddenly into this amazing conversation,’ Ms Vanderbilt replied.
But it is medium Mr Edward’s response that tellingly highlights how unusual a message from the late pop icon is. ‘For me, I get some pop cultural references,’ he said.
‘So I was doing a reading for somebody who’s not a known figure and I’m seeing Marilyn Monroe. So I would say who’s Marilyn? They would say, that’s my aunt. That’s my grandmother. Not Marilyn Monroe. So it’s kind of a little bit — it’s freaky for — it’s freaky…’
‘I was a friend of hers,’ explains New York local Ms Vanderbilt. ‘I’ve always felt the whole world identifies in some way with her, which is why she’s such an incredible – I mean, she’s with us today, and we all have things in us that we identify with her and relate to her.  And I felt very close to her for many reasons.
Mr Cooper, for his part, sees the irony in the strange revelation. ‘I find it interesting that you freaked out John Edward.’
The psychic also appeared to contact Mr Cooper’s father who had a 200-acre farm in Mississippi.
Mr Cooper said that the conversation – and Mr Edward’s correct knowledge of his past – ‘really caught me by surprise… I don’t think I ever told anybody that anywhere.’
Ms Vanderbilt, who said she is ‘somewhat psychic,’ is clearly at odds with her son’s opinions on the subject.
The sceptical show host admitted that ‘I’m still not sure I’m a believer,’ although Ms Vanderbilt has a fan in the medium.
‘I think we all have the [psychic] ability,’ Mr Edward told the intrigued mother and doubtful son.

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