World events in the recent years have reached a dangerous threshold and possible boiling point. What started as an ongoing economic skirmish between the West and Russia led to a bloody armed conflict in Ukraine and the dispatch of US and European military personnel to Ukraine.


These events were later put to the backstage in light of the after-effects of the Arab Spring as Syria escalated from a protest for a more noble government to a full-on bloody war which lasted for years till present. Security of the world was at stake when ISIS was born of that conflict and formed its own extremist state which supported and funded global terrorism. Russia and the US now face each other in another possible proxy war in Syria and both sides have stepped into the conflict, with many differing goals. US wanted to see the end of the Syrian Regime and ISIS. Russia wanted ISIS out of the picture too but considered the Syrian president an ally.


In light of the events, Anonymous has posted many videos and reports, highlighting the possible arrival of World War 3. Anonymous is a collective of tech-savvy hackers who use both the internet and information to fight injustices in the world and oppressive regimes.

The collective has posted many videos condemning the system of the United States and its handling of recent events, from the wars in the Middle East to the upcoming Presidential Elections. In the video below, they urge the population to stand up to the current decrepit system in the US and have summed up their views in the opening statement:

“When you have a government that operates without limits when you have a government that militarises the police, a government that views you, the people as the enemy when you have a government that lies to you.”

They have also warned of the Pentagon’s view on World War 3.


It would be good to know that the Pentagon does not think that World War 3 would happen tomorrow morning or anytime soon. However, all the other views from Pentagon are devastating to the human mind and perception of the war.

World War 3 is believed to be fought with Artificial Intelligence and smart weaponry. This would lead to unparalleled destruction and a hefty death toll. Speed and lethality would be key points in the conflict, and the human mind may not be able to keep up with the conflict itself.

Machines and robots are already introduced into the military systems. These mechanisms far outweigh humans in terms of decision-making speed. Their different thought processes and function are also different from humans and may lead to a type conflict that has never before been seen, where man and machine have to learn to fight and coexist in a new system.

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In short, World War 3 may make the horrors of World War 2 seem like a stroll in a ballpark.