By Lisa Seelandt

One outstanding characteristic of those of us who are actively participating in this new age of discovery and intention is that we are on the cutting edge of science and spirituality. There is an inter-connectedness within the combination of Science and Spirituality. At present the collective “we”, as we exist within the confines of this particular time frame and within duality, have not yet made that connection. For the sake of accuracy, let us just say that not all of us have realized that there is a definite connection between science and spirituality.

However, we do not dismiss the possibility that Science and Spirituality could be integral components of each other. This openness and lack of judgment allows wonderful possibilities to enter our fields of knowledge. It is this lack of judgment that allows Lightworkers to weigh what is appropriate for us to initiate within our own lives. This non-judgmental approach opens us to a myriad possibilities and potential benefits that otherwise would have been excluded by the iron will of an inflexible mind.

In this age that has ushered in the new millennium, we are reminded to refrain from placing judgment on theories that have not been “proven”. We do not immediately discount ideas; we consider them and we reflect upon them, and we then discern whether what we have read resonates as true for us. If we choose to explore further we consciously accept responsibility for further personal exploration.

I became interested in ascension-promoting products, such as Isis White Gold and Etherium Gold, after scanning the classified sections of new-age periodicals and finding ads claiming “… this remarkable product assists in the facilitation of light-body awareness and infiltration…”

These ads refer to vibrational energies and electromagnetic technologies that create well-being, assisting in purification and light body awakening. These preparations are designed for Lightworkers who want to awaken to their own higher consciousness.

What are these transformational resources that can enhance your vibrational fields while assisting emotional, mental and transformational awareness? What can enable these products to claim light-code activation? How do they create acceleration of spiritual growth? Can your body be rejuvenated? Can you extend your life?

I confess that I was unprepared for the results that unfolded, because product research uncovers background information about the particular product that inspires new thought. My research into these products was an incredible experience; one idea led into another. The ideas presented herein are not new, nor do they follow conventional standards or orthodox beliefs. The basic idea behind this article is to provoke new thought considerations.

Background information for this two-part article is extensive, and reference materials will be acknowledged at the end of the second part.

Within this text you will foray into divergent areas of thought and meet perspectives of information that eventually converge. Upon reaching this “junction of convergence,” it is hoped that you will gain knowledge from this information and glean your own conclusions. The expression of this information and the thought provoking content of the ideas presented herein are worthy of consideration.

Who is David Hudson?

David Hudson was a successful Arizona farmer. He became interested in extracting gold and silver from old mining sites adjacent to his 675 acre farm. It occurred to Hudson that a powdery residue, referred to as “ghost gold” by many miners and metallurgists, could possibly be the reason that portions of gold and silver were lost during the recovery process. Hudson made inquiry to various laboratories to ascertain the existent elemental compounds in this powder. This project endeavor appealed to Hudson as it was a direct complement to hiss interest in the science of alchemy, with which he had been inspired by his grandfather.

Hudson enlisted the assistance of spectroscopists at Cornell University to determine the nature and origin of this powder. During initial tests, findings determined that the sample consisted of silica, iron, and aluminum. When the spectroscopists extracted upon these elements, 98% of the powder remained intact and it appeared that 98% of this powder was unidentifiable.

The elements were identified through fractional evaporation. The Soviet technique of a 300 second spectroscopic burn versus the 15 second burn utilized in the United States was applied. Hudson’s lab reported sample findings which yielded palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, platinum, irridium, and osmium.

This discovery was unusual because each of the remaining elementals were superconductors. Superconductors are substances that allow electric currents to flow without resistance. In superconductivity there is a complete disappearance of electrical resistance in various metals at temperatures near absolute zero.

Electrons that flow through a superconductor pair off. They are then converted to light frequency. Hudson queried whether this might be true within the processes of human cells.

Hudson’s later work in the areas of monoatomic elements suggested that monoatomic elements could act as super-conductors on the DNA of the cell, having profound benefits to the human body and enormous influence in the science of anti-aging and promotion of longevity. It is recognized that the composition of superconductors obviates the need for energy to flow through conductive means so long as the vibrational patterns are resonant. They function as one. The body of a being with superconductivity is filled with light. This light is recognized as the light of the God force within us.

During the course of his research, Hudson obtained papers published by Bristol-Myers-Squibb Laboratories. The BMSL research made reference to experimental trials in cancer treatment using precious elements, the theory being that these elements were able to interact with the cells through vibrational frequencies of light transference. These could stimulate and correct the invading mutant DNA.

Hudson also obtained papers from the U.S. Naval Research Facility, which illustrated that the cells of living tissues communicte with each other. The source of this process was unidentifiable; however it does bear mention that there is marked resemblance to the process of superconductivity. The overriding difference is that the source of the superconductivity substance was unknown.

What is the Philosopher’s Stone?

The ultimate goal of an alchemist is to upgrade and transform less valuable metals into higher quality elements. Alchemists know that to engineer harmony within the various systems and states of the body encourages an increased interaction of resonance and vibrational flow. This manifests itself in the form of improved health quality and increases life extension capabilities for the human being. Whether or not the Philosopher’s Stone is an actual stone, a substance, or chemical preparation is unknown; however, the Philospher’s Stone is believed to have the power to transmute base metals into gold. Will the discovery of The Philosopher’s Stone contain the elixir of life that will activate the DNA and promote life extension? Will this discovery provide cures for all dis-ease and illness and heal imperfections of the human spirit?

The search for the “white powders of the Gods” is also referred to as the search for the Philosopher’s Stone, referred to many times in the history of alchemy. Historically, a man known to the Hebrews as Enoch, to the Egyptians as Thoth, and to the Greeks as Hermes, is said to have been one individual who discovered the elixir of life. This character has been described throughout the ages. He has been depicted in ancient drawings, especially in the burial chambers of the ancient Egyptians. It was claimed that Enoch/Thoth/Hermes was alive for thousands of years; some believe that Enoch/Thoth/Hermes is still alive.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Papyrus of Ani, written by Budge, was authored approximately 3500 years ago. Within its texts are repetitive questions that follow statements that ask the question “what is it?“ The literal translation of the Hebrew word “manna ” translates to the question “What is it?”

The texts of the Dead Sea Scrolls mention the white powder of gold mixed in water, which was known as the “golden tear from the eye of Horus”. Its literal translation is “that which is issued from the mouth of the creator”. The description is symbolic because of the implied interpretation referencing the mixture as the “semen of the Gods”. This is probably because the gelatinous mixture resembles the consistency of semen.

Ingestion of this mixture is said to regenerate every cell in the body and perfects the DNA, enabling the light body to exceed the physical body. It perfects the spiritual essence, or animating spirit, within, known as the “Ka.” The “Ka” too must receive nourishment so that it can grow within the body and assist the individual’s enlightenment by directing the flow of light within, to the exclusion of magnetic and other fields.

When an individual arrives at this level of enlightenment, s/he has the ability to transcend the present dimensional experience of space-time and become a fifth dimensional being. In this transcended state he is able to tune in telepathically and experience thought projection and levitation. Healing with the laying on of hands is also possible. It is the higher vibrational frequencies, coupled with the exclusion of gravity and other fields, that provides for higher operational frequencies. This enhancement speeds light intensification throughout the body and radiates outwards.

The Biblical references to white powdered gold are many. An example of one such reference was when Moses was informed of the Hebrew’s deliberate disobedience of the laws contained in the Covenant. Moses was told that because of these acts of defiance against the Covenant the “manna” would be taken away from them.

References to manna are found in Judaism as the powder available to the high priests of Solomon’s temple. This powder was considered to be the “Food of the Gods”, and was said to afford protection to the priests as they approached the Ark of the Covenant. After the destruction of the Ark the formula for the powder was lost; we suspect that it has not been made since the destruction of the Temple of Solomon. Even today, Rabbis are familiar with references to the sacred white gold powder,

David Hudson’s domestic and universal patents for white powdered gold state that usual dosage is started incrementally. Two milligrams to start; the dosage in clinical trials was increased to fifty milligrams over a 60 day period. Hudson has reported positive results during trials with the powdered samples. The increased light is claimed to repair and correct the DNA of the cells. The goal for the user is to achieve the superconducting body state.

Hudson plans full production of his product. He intends to build a refinery that will produce sixty-five million milligrams per day.

These various products, such as Isis White Gold and Etherium Gold, claim to assist the lightbody in preparation for activation and are known as “supplements for the spirit.” The manufacturers and distributors of Etherium Gold claim that the essential properties found in Etherium Gold strengthen the connection to one’s higher self. The user is said to become more open and receptive, thereby opening channels to higher wisdom and guidance.

Energy field formulations are purported to increase the effectiveness of bio-energetic re-patterning. Mono-atomic analysis of Etherium evidences the presence of the following compounds: gold, silver, chromium, platinum, iridium, and rhodium (author’s note: the research does contain a reference to Hudson disputing Etherium’s findings concerning gold content). As is the case with all preparations that will interact with one personally, it is important to practice and reflect upon individual discernment. Some mono-atomic preparations have been cited for basic ramifications and limitations. This is probably because of the many far-reaching aspects of the product which extends into physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, philosophical, and religious areas.

Etherium Gold received praise and validation by one other-worldly entity. (How many products can boast that kind of an endorsement?)

On February 18, 1996, during a live channeling session conducted by Pat Roedergast, the channeled entity Ramtha verified the electromagnetic properties of the capsules by stating, “…the energetic properties of those capsules will become known in a new science evolving in space/time reality. It will be known as “electromagnatheria.” This will be the study of devices, substances, and techniques that have the ability to raise the human vibrations to be more at one and more in harmony with the universal vibrations that surround you. This substance and others to come forth will assist man in the transformational process.”

Ramtha concluded, “…the isis white powder has no discernable healing power other than that of a placebo.”

In recognition of the inherent ability of the mind to provide assistance to the body in the process of healing, it is imperative to remain mindful of the “placebo effect.” Interestingly, the word “placebo” is derived from the Latin “I shall please”. What the mind thinks it can accomplish can be accomplished.

The manufacturers of Etherium make claims similar to those made by Hudson, namely, optimized DNA function and enhancement of the receptive abilities of higher consciousness to access and receive higher frequencies of information.

Etherium Gold is categorized within those of the advanced “superfood” technologies. It is claimed to consist of a combination of unique natural trace mineral deposit properties imbued with electromagnetic frequency wave patterns, which raise the vibrations of the natural energy fields and chakra centers of the body. One is said to revert to the natural state of the body, and return to the original state of electromagnetic patterns existent prior to introduction into third-dimensional programming.

It is theorized that this science seeks to facilitate a change from the physical body to the lightbody, assisting ascension into the realms of higher consciousness. When electromagnetic frequencies are raised, the mind becomes more acute.

The manufacturers of Etherium have submitted for public approval a scientific analysis and accompanying report of electromagnetic frequencies and soil properties of etherium gold electromagnetics.

The analysis states, “…this material seems to divide its energy into two opposite projected and polarized units. Then the wave forms unite by centripetal compression. These wave forms carry a close resemblance to the body’s energy channels, referred to as white spirals, pingala or nadi solar, and dark spirals, or ida nadi lunar. There seems to be a high electrical potential created around the sample, with high standing waves being produced. Information that makes up the human body could be translated (moved) in time and space when this material is ingested.”

Studies in age reversal and longevity have long confirmed the vital role of minerals in longevity and evolution. Etherium Gold is 36 percent silica. Silica appears to stimulate cell metabolism, inhibt aging, improve structure and functioning of connective tissue and stimulate the immune system.

Trace minerals assist the human body in maintaining proper vibration. It is believed that humans now vibrate with these higher energies. The increase in vibratory rate creates shifts in the body; meditation is easier, thinking is more clear and positive, and major manifestations come true. Traumas become cleared from cellular memory banks and energy shifts will be realized.

It is interesting to note that while silica is the one of the most abundant elements found in the human body, by the time the same body attains the age of sixty it is one of the least prevalent of all elements. Etherium gold contains one hundred milligrams of easily absorbable silica. Silica supplementation has been shown to be non-toxic at levels as high as 20 miligrams per kilo of body weight.

Etherium is available in both powder form and capsules which should be “…consumed with reverence and pure water”.. Homeopathic sprays are sprayed into the mouth “…with conscious intention and pure water”. Dosage is suggested at one dose per day until your “…relationship with this magical powder is developed”. Then you can distinguish proper dosage requirements for yourself.

Patrick Bailey is the founder of Etherium Technolgies. I was unable to interview Mr. Bailey for this article. However, I did receive assistance to inquiries from Lorraine McGorry ( one of the largest distributers of Etherium products. She provided me with insight into Mr. Bailey’s initial introduction to Etherium and provided background information on the product.

Part II: Sitchin’s Theory of Man as a Genetically Engineered Species and Our Golden Heritage


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The well-respected and noted scholar, Zecharia Sitchin, learned to read ancient Sumerian texts and to interpret these ancient works. He provides us with another interesting theory concerning the earliest recorded historical references to gold and its elemental importance to the Gods.

First let us examine what we recognize to be true concerning the human relationship and gold. Gold has been a source of decoration and veneration throughout the ages. Gold adornments were indicative of higher social classes. The properties of gold have been used to make adornments of finery for thousands of years. During the Renaissance, massive quantities of gold were fashioned and crafted by skilled artisans for use in cathedrals and castles and in the courts of kings.

Veneration of God has been expressed through works of art fashioned in gold. Is it coincidence that gold, the finest of all metals, is the metal used most often to depict God? Whether the gold was fashioned for use in tribal masks, ceremonial instruments or pocket watches, gold has alway been highly prized. Gold, and the loss thereof, has been both the impetus behind kings’ claims to land, as well as the cause of the loss of life. It has decorated altars and propelled forth many pirates.

Sitchin’s work has been applauded by some and ridiculed by others. Some people, mainly those who sit in opposition to his interpretations, view them as a self-serving platform for Sitchin’s delusions and distortions of the existent Sumerian texts. Others view Sitchin as a great illuminator who has cut through scientific speculation about the true nature of our origin, and who has provided us with species identification, while forever altering the definition of what we believe a human being to be.

Within the volumes of ancient texts and clay tablets are inscriptions that contain numerous references to the “Anunnaki” who came to earth from the planet Nibiru. The Sumerians stated that the planet Nibiru was designated by the sign of the cross. They explained that the name Nibiru means “planet of crossing”.

The Sumerian texts describe Nibiru as a planet that periodically enters into the pathway between Mars and Jupiter. The Sumerians were indebted to the Anunnaki; they credited them within the content of these texts, stating, “… all that we know was taught to us by the Anunnaki.”

Interestingly, more than six thousand years ago the Sumerian writings contained accurate information about astronomy and the positions of the stars in the heavens. The Sumerians claimed they were given this knowledge by the Anunnaki Gods. These preserved texts also reference advanced medical procedures directly contradicting our limited perception of what we think the ancients knew. There are references to the creation of Adam, the first homo sapiens, and accurate information about individual planets, such as the watery composition of the planet Neptune.

This highly technical information was obtained thousand of years before the invention of the telescope. According to the Sumerians, the Anunnaki Gods were the all knowing source of the texts. These Gods were literally giants who came to Earth from another solar sytem on the planet Nibiru. Nibiru was said to be the tenth planet in our solar system. Nibiru is later referred to in the writings as the planet “Marduk” (and will be referred to hereinafter as Marduk.) Four-hundred and-fifty-thousand years ago, Marduk orbited the sun with accompanying shuttlecraft containing intelligent beings on board, destined for Earth. These beings were proficient in diverse areas of concentration with scientific skills in the areas of genetics, biology, anthropology, astronomy, medicine, and education.

The texts explain that through genetic engineering, we were created by the Anunnaki and encoded to bear physical resemblance to them. The Anunnaki also patterened our emotional response mechanisms after their own. However, the brain function of the genetically created humans was altered, allowing them only partial functioning capabilities.

So What’s the Deal With the Gold?

The highly evolved technological beings from Marduk are the Anunnaki. The twelve Gods were known as the Nefilim. Planet Marduk relied on precious metals to seed their planets’ atmosphere. The rich minerals of Earth provided Marduk with renewed life. The arrival of intelligent life forms on Earth held the purpose of staking claim to the abundant minerals necessary for Marduk’s atmosphere, such as silver and gold. Earth’s natural resources literally preserved the atmosphere of the dying planet Marduk. These resources were mined by the Anunnaki because Marduk’s atmosphere could not survive without the precious metals needed to sustain life and balance their planet’s atmospheric conditions. The mined resources literally extended the dying planet’s life. The Anunnaki took to the mining operations themselves but the toil proved difficult for them. The Anunnaki mined for the metals without the assistance of human beings; because four-hundred-and-fifty-thousand years ago there were no human beings.

The Legend of Marduk

The King from Marduk was named Annu. A governing body was formed. later known as The Council of Twelve. The members of the Council of Twelve were all related to one another. King Annu had two sons, the oldest of whom was Enki, the son of Antu and Annu. The second son was named Enlil. Enlil was the son of Annu by his half sister. It was felt that the blood lineage of a son sired by Annu and his half sister accorded the younger brother, Enlil higher status within Marduk society than his brother Enki.

Each of these sons were given reign over two different areas of Earth. Enlil remained as overseer to the operations in the valleys of Mesopotamia, while his brother Enki remained with the gold mining operations in South Africa.

The Sumerian texts relate how Enlil, while visiting the South African mines overseen by his brother, was informed of a revolt of the Annunaki miners and their intention to abandon the mines. Enlil summoned his bodyguards in an attempt to find the leader of the rebellion and order his swift execution. It was hoped that the death of the traitor would permit continuation of the mining operations without further interruption.

When Enlil was informed that his brother, Enki, was responsible for the Anunnaki uprising, he summoned his father, Annu, and convened the Council of Twelve to settle the dispute.

After years of elemental mining, the Anunnaki expressed to the Council of Twelve their refusal to work in the mines. Enlil explained to the Council that for 150,000 years, his Marduk brothers had toiled to save the atmosphere of Marduk. The Anunnaki could not continue to withstand the long, grueling hours necessary for the continuation of successful mining operations. They refused to endure the toil, sweat, and dust.

Enki also asked for the Council’s intervention, as well as for permission to allow his half sister Ninhursag, who was also the Chief Scientist and Engineer, to experiment and create through genetic engineering a mutation of existing animal life on the planet. This manufactured genetic creation would be known as a “lulu”. Its primary purpose would be to work in the mines as slaves laborers to the Anunnaki.

These slaves would be genetically engineered with the necessary intelligence to comprehend and take orders, but they would be significantly altered for submissiveness to maintain order within the mines and eliminate future rebellion. The Anunnaki would never have to toil the mines again with these genetically engineered mutations as their obedient slave laborers. The Council agreed, and as time passed the first lulu was created without procreative properties. These beings were the prototypes for the first human beings.

Readers may remain mindful that this incredible story is taken from the ancient Sumerian texts and is reported as interpreted by Sitchin. Readers who wish to further explore these writings are directed to Sitchin’s book The Earth Chronicles.

Sumer is the oldest civilzation known to man. The ancient writings attribute the beginning of Sumerian civilization to the Marduk Gods. This civilization was said to have begun long before humans beings were created. After the creation of the humans the giant Marduk Anunnaki became as Gods to the humans. The humans were taught basic skills and were provided with the contents of Anunnaki writings. These writings were given to the Sumerians to provide them with a historical account of the beginning of human origin.

Ownership of the lulus presented a continuing battle between the brothers Enlil and Enki. Enlil captured some of the lulus and brought them to an area of Sumer known as E-din. (Could this be a reference to the biblical Eden?) The captive lulus had the same fate as the other manufactured lulus; they became servant laborers to the Marduk Gods and labored in the gold mines of South Africa for thousands of years.

After much time had passed the God Enki bestowed the gift of procreation upon the lulus. Enki had fallen in sympathy with them; no doubt because of their similarities to the Gods. The gift of procreation made the lulus full-fledged human beings and assured them a continued lineage of human beings to come. The lulus considered this gift of procreation to be a blessing from their God, Enki.

Enlil was not pleased with Enki’s decision to further alter the lulus and provide them with procreative capabilities. Enlil felt the slaves were not as productive as they had been prior to being given the gift of procreation, and he felt that the slaves had became a nuisance. He decided there was no other option than to drive the slaves out, far removed from his sight. The Adamu/lulu (humans) were driven out of the garden into the Zagros Mountains.

Enki took pity upon these exiled creatures. Sitchin paralels this story with the biblical account of Adam and Eve being exiled from the Garden of Eden. The new homo-sapiens, those with procreative ability, were driven from Enlil’s presence away from their homeland Edin. (The Sumerian records and Sitchin’s interpretation of same implied that there were many Gods.) As history evolved, the idea of many Gods could have evolved into the condensed image of one God.

Previously, we mentioned Marduk’s planetary cycles wherein the planet would periodically align itself within the pathway between Jupiter and Mars. (Which is strangely reminiscent of the “…the dawning of the age of aquarius”.) This planetary realignment occurred in cycles approximately every thirty-five hundred earth years. It was at about the time of the advent of the next thirty-five hundred year cycle that Enlil knew that Marduk’s alignment would create earth changes of tremendous proportions.

The Anunnaki scientists predicted an enormous tidal wave the magnitude of which would threaten the survival of all inhabited parts of the world. Enlil did not want the lulus to know of the ensuing disaster. He persuaded the Council of Twelve to supress this knowledge from them. He was apprehensive of the panic and fear that would be generated throughout the land.

It was also at about this time period in Sumerian history that the new breed of Earthlings began to increase in numbers upon the face of the earth. The Sons of the Gods took as their wives the daughters of the earth-human beings, hence mixing the blood of the lulus with the blood of the Gods from beyond the heavens. Enlil discouraged this and thought of a way to destroy all flesh. This also is a strange parallel to biblical references to “…the end of the way of all flesh”.

Enki was protective of his creations but because he wanted to avoid panic and maintain control he refused to tell the humans of the ensuing floods. He formulated a plan and Ziusudra (Author’s note: striking parallel to Biblical story of Noah) was summoned. Enki told Ziusudra to stand behind a wall of reeds and converse with the wall.

Enki told the wall to relate to Ziusudra that there would be a horrific flood. Ziusudra was told to “…gather your family together and all of you shall make a secure boat. This boat shall be made of the best quality materials to secure it from the seeping waters yet to come. Put enough food on the boat for all of you to consume freely and two of each of the animal creatures who co-habitate upon the land with you then shut-up the door. Do not open the boat until all signs of the raging flood waters are gone and the sea is calm.”

Enki was satisfied that he had protected part of his creations and, unbeknownst to Enlil, had assured the survival of at least one of the families of the genetically engineered human beings – Ziusudra and his family.

The Anunnakai Nefilim would also have to leave the Earth because of the torrential flood waters that would engulf its entire surface. They remained in orbit until such time as the Earth could again be inhabited.

After the great flood was over the Earth was repopulated by Ziusudra and his family. The family had been blessed with the knowledge of agriculture, and the Earth yielded plentiful food and bounty for its inhabitants.


The Sumerian texts state that the Nefilim returned to Earth after the deluge. Although they retained ultimate power and control as the stewards of the Earth, they also formed a benign alligience to the surviving human beings. Later, they helped the human beings to build the ancient royal cities. Even modern archieologists cannot fathom how ordinary man-power could have moved gigantic pillars and slabs and set them to such exacting specifications. The Nefilim also held Councils, which would pertain to the future of the Gods and their continuing association with Man on Earth.

The God Enki initiated a race of human leaders further enhanced with Anunnaki genes. The Gods taught these future leaders the advanced scientific knowledge of the Anunnaki. Even today this royal blood line is alleged to come down through the bloodline of David and the annointed messiahs.

If we are ever able to positively determine the existence of a tenth planet then we can logically assume the existence of the planet Marduk/Nibiru. Further, we can then assert that the stories of the Anunnaki are true. Sitchin has suggested that the small grey aliens so often reported are actually Robots and androids developed and used by the Anunnaki to continue to monitor the Earth and its human beings.

Is it possible that our limited brain function capabilities have stripped us of our ancient memories of the alchemical elixirs from the Gods? Can the re-discovery of white powdered gold actually improve our vibrational frequencies and promote life extension as we achieve ascension status? What, if any, is the link between the necessity of gold to save and secure the atmosphere of a planet and its beings who are threatened with extinction? How did gold enrich the Marduk atmosphere? Why was gold so necessary for our presumed ancestors, star people from the tenth planet Marduk? If we are the likely descendants of these Gods, then to what extent can gold further enhance our lives? Did we lose all of this knowledge? Can it be hypothesized that the needs of our ‘ancestors’ can also be our needs? Did we just get it partially right by wearing gold, assuming that its properties would be absorbed into our skin?

As has been discussed, precious metals and their subsequent effects on human beings is presently receiving the attention of top scientists and researchers who diligently seek cures for cancer and other virulent forms of mutating viruses with no known cure.

In a strange synchronicity, David Hudson patented his invention in both the United States and in Europe. He received domestic and universal patents for his formulation of white powdered gold. The name that he gave to his patents was “ORME.” The Bible makes reference to “…the man who will plant the golden tree.” This tree is literally known in Hebrew as the “ORME tree.”

“Orme” is the identical name that Hudson chose for his patents even though Hudson states at the time that he filed for his patents he had never before heard the name “Orme”, nor was he even aware of the biblical references to the word “ORME.” Is this mere coincidence? Do we believe in coincidence anymore?

In the book “Holy Blood Holy Grail” reference is made to the DeGuies family. The DeGuies family worked with the prophet Nostradamus. David Hudson’s thrice great grandmother was Hanna Deguies. Nostradamus predicted that by the year 1999 occult gold would become known again to science. He said that the re-discovery of this gold would be made by a direct desendant of the Davidic bloodline. The Davidic bloodline is continued today in France with the de Guise family name..

Referencing Sitchin we have already learned that the God Enki initiated a new race of human leaders through further enhancements with Anunnaki genes.

The Gods taught these future human leaders the advanced scientific knowledge of the Anunnaki. This royal bloodline is alleged within the ancient texts to have come down through the bloodline of David and the annointed messiahs. Is David Hudson one of the Chosen?

Does there exist a connection between the prophecies of Nostradamus pertaining to the re-discovery of white powdered gold and the gold that seeded the atmosphere of the planet Nibiru?

Does the mining of our Earth by the Anunnaki, as recorded within the ancient Sumerian texts, and the later genetic engineering of human beings as slaves for the Gods, tie into all of this?

Has David Hudson found the philosopher’s stone?

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Should we chalk all of the aforementioned up to coincidence?

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