First, there is no absolute “right” way. That is why there is so much division. Every one wants to be right.

After all, if you are right, then you are assured of what? …. salvation?

But ask yourself… who will save you from yourself and save others from you and your ideas of right?

Each of us has our own light and voice to follow.

The knowing within comes from listening to that voice… that Clear Light voice…not the voice of dogma.

If your path and beliefs cause you to harm others or yourself then it’s time to re-think the pathway and look closely at the beliefs you hold.

There are those that have wisdom who can help guide but ultimately, the choice is up to you.

You have to make the decisions on what to believe and how to act.

You alone are responsible for your thoughts, your words, and your actions.

We can learn from those who have come before and those who are here on this Earth now.
But again, one must choose wisely.

There is not a single person or path with all the answers.
And, the questions do not always have answers.

One must look to the wisdom of the ages, not to man himself or technology.

One must see with the heart.

Progress is not always the way forward.
Sometimes it leads one into a false sense of security.

More is not always better.
Sometimes less is more.

Think about it.

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