The Physics of Self Organizing Life, Information and Cosmos Science has moved from simplicity to complexity. The article and the site tries to bring the simplicity behind the complexity. It leads to a certain physical phenomenon that is responsible for all the complexity of life and the Cosmos

  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. The Logics of New Realm
  4. A Short Review of initiation of Time in Biology [For the sake of physicist]
  5. Exploring the space and understanding Dynamic Information
  6. The Great Secret of Nature
  7. A short hint how nature reverses the time direction and initializes
  8. Arguments for Centromere as the Seat of Living Matter
  9. Proof, Conclusion and what the New Knowledge means to human life and its suffering and survival

1] Abstract

Under overwhelming influence of early physicist biologist have come to visualize life as information its evolution and its expression. However observation of life from a point of freedom tells us that life is more than information. Information is a developed aspect in the process of survival. Something beyond information, possibly a particle or a system seem to exist, that is capable of perceiving even minute changes, making decisions, functions relentlessly by selforganizing it self to perpetuate in nature. It is capable of making qualitative changes in addition to quantum changes. This particle or systems seems to control the initiation of winding and unwinding phase of the DNA multiplication and every other process of life. The complexity of living system seems to emerge from this particle as a result of its interaction with nature and flow of energy in it. In other words the whole information, its development, its enfolding and unfolding expression from time to time, is held up in a particle as quantum waves of energy. It is subjected to constant qualitative and quantum changes in relations to energy changes in nature in which it survives.

This conclusion is not only perceived from nature but also is arrived at after in depth review and study of quantum world and fundamental process of action and reaction and energy flow in it. It is presented based on discovery of simple design, principle and process of interaction between life and matter, which at length answers many fundamental questions of physical science and gives science a new platform to understand the unity and oneness of nature.The knowledge that a particle exists behind life and the wave associated with it is responsible for the whole process of life has great significance to influence every field of human interest .

The fundamental nature of quantum action and reaction and energy flow discovered in the site, adds further dimensions to our knowledge of nature. It unites the ancient knowledge the spiritual ones with modern scientific knowledge. It can take physical, chemical, medical, agricultural, social knowledge to a new realm. It has the potentials to answer the secret of Cosmos.

2] Introduction

Science has explored life falling line with physicist. Biologists have always played a second fiddle to physicist when it came to explaining life and process. Newtonian worldview seems to be the one that is still influencing biologist. Biologist kills a system and seeks its secret in its body, by dissecting it. The approach has led to discovery of information system and exposed immense complexity of structure and process in biological system. Yet the fundamental questions have remained and are lost in the complexity being discovered. As new minds emerge they are being killed in the competitive world, which under the name of division and specialization is going away from simple roots to more and more complexity. As a farmer residing in a interior villager, with a hobby of observing living system in nature, as a researcher trying to clone many living systems thus observing thousands of living system in test tubes, I felt that the fundamentals of biology is wrong.

I felt serious flaws not only in our understanding of the functioning of the information in biological system but began to feel that life is more than just information. Information seems to be built up one to facilitate the survival of some thing more than information with in life. Information and the whole body are supportive of some thing else that is surviving. Life seems to be built on and is functioning on some universal principle of space and time in which it exist and there exist some simple fundamentals on which nature is selforganizing and perpetuating .

As I freed my self from “Plato’s science Chair” and became freelance researcher, nature began to reveal her pages. I began to perceive certain fundamental design and principle that accounts for nature and the process going in it. I have lived with it for more than two decades as I write this article. I reviewed science attempted to put it on a new sensible foundation and found the possible roots of life from its premises. I am only speaking to you the foundation as and time permits I hope to extend it to various branches of life, specially the fruit bearing ones.

3] The Arguments and Logics of New Realm

It is beyond this article to take you along all the tracks my mind traveled. Let me however lead you through some major arguments, facts and logics that are very much sensible.

1] Life exist in an environment [Space/time and energy flow] and it constantly selforganizes to survive in this environment

2] In the process it continuously takes input [energy], exchanges and produces an out put [energy]. The process is assisted by elaborate information developed by the system. In other words it has two phases an input and out put. In the middle there is a third phase of exchange, which we often overlook. This is reflected in all living system and in all living process, For example, inhaling, exchange and exhaling, food intake, digestion /absorption and out put, active state [day] and inactive state [night] and so on. This means life needs to be understood in terms of energy flow and assimilation.

3] Information seem to assist the process but some thing else seems to perceive and control selforganization process.

4] If you observe a living system from a point of freedom, one notes that all living systems by instinct are antigravitational. When space/time and energy flow in the environment is gravitational or centripetal and pointed towards compression of space/time, life is opposite to it. It struggles to grow out in to space/time causing an unwinding of the system. Thus life is opposite to gravitational force and gives the sustenance to the environment. In short it is the breath of the living universe. There appear only two forces in nature gravity and antigravity.

[ Note The great patent office clerk to whom year 2005 is dedicated, struggled for nearly 4 decades to introduce Antigravity. He did it once and retreated ]

5] This opposition of life and matter is well proven by science in the context of application of second law of thermodynamics to living and material system.

6] When you review the development in science one notes that the gravitational concept and its law are built on the assumption of nonequilibrium. Nonequilibrium is a sensible aspect of nature. It should exist in the fundamental particle as well as nature as a whole to account for the fundamental characteristic of nature  the flow. Without out nonequilibrium no flow can occur in nature. If nonequilibrium is at the basis of gravity then there should exist the opposite concept [some sort of equilibrium] behind the living system. It means there should exist a particle or system, which has some form of equilibrium in space and this particle, or system is constantly struggling and surviving against gravity, building information, perpetuating the information and selforganizing it self.

Note – nonequilibrium and flow is fundamental to nature. Yet little thought has gone to understand non equilibrium and flow in space. A review of the subject becomes fundamental. The site concentrates on this fundamental aspect to lead you to the unity of life and matter and its perpetual existence

7] Closer observation of nature shows that all life has two phases, it accepts gravity [input phase] and produces antigravity [out put phase]. This means all biological system exists in two phases, gravity and antigravity together they form one. These phases should exist as ratio , one of them being dominant at any moment the other being recessive. [this aspect of ratio at the fundamentals of nature is discussed in the site and form the core of system design fundamentals]. If we imagine one living system and an environment , we note the environment also should exist in two phases that are alternating with the life. In other words when life is producing the output or exhaling then the environment should feel the winding pressure, which after some critical point gives way to unwinding pressure and viceversa.

Here life seems to act as a channel to turn the force of gravity back to nature. It has two phases, in one the gravity is acting and in another anti gravity is acting. This means life and the environment exist in certain ratio one dominant the other recessive at any moment and the flow occurs between the two. Thus energy flow occurs inside life, inside the environment and between the two. This takes us to the direct conclusion that motion and energy flow in nature or the truth of nature cannot be understood in isolation of life from matter. This brings us one circle back to the foundation of science and forces us to move into higher level of knowledge that brings the unity of life and matter.

[Note  science began its search to understand nature by isolating mind from matter and went about searching the secret of nature in matter. But the evolution of science [material pursuit] to quantum science has led to conclusion that some how mind and consciousness of human being influence motion].

8] The basic energy flow, applicable to every system and the whole, now can be depicted by number 8 where the two arms exist in a simple ratio 4:3, one being dominant the other being recessive. [See fig below]. A intrinsic winding force occurs between the dominant and the recessive after a critical point a quantum of energy flow occurs from the dominant to the recessive and the system goes into unwinding and gets reversed and the process of flow continues. The system thus exists perpetually pulsating between two states, between two limits.

[Note – Closer observation and the knowledge of quantum action and reaction discussed in the site has shown that this winding goes in three steps. [Each of which in turn possesses three more minor steps]. As it reaches third critical point the system collapses and goes in to unwinding state]

The force and flow here is spiral. Every thing about life and nature both in its structure and function does uphold the spirality, centripetal and centrifugal flow.

9] An important aspect that arises when we look at life and environment as one, is the control of the process. There should exist some thing that is unique and perceives and acts to initiate the reversal. By all possibility the perception and control of the whole process should exist to the center and therefore should exist in life than the material world. This means there should exist a particle of life or a system beyond information that perceives and controls the process of information and develops information and self-organizes life This should be true for the universal system.

10] Since there is some form of equilibrium in the living particle and it instinctively works to oppose the non-equilibrium, we can visualize information and the whole body as constructed out of this matter as addition and deletion of matter in space as we add and delete substance to a balance to balance it. 11] The most perceivable fact about nature are time cycles or energy cycles that are overlapping. Most evident time cycle of nature is 24 hour day and night cycle. This is overlapped by monthly cycles, yearly cycles, 24 month cycle, 12 yearly cycles and so on. The day and night cycle is notable from the fact that when the darkness is at peak the seed of light gets sowed in it and vice-versa. The seeds exist preconceived with in the system. These cycles are nothing but the energy cycles of nature that has an expanding phase and contracting phase that alternate. All these cycles are interrelated. This means there is a Local Time and a Directed Time or Universal Time. All these cycles should exist as pulse with a contracting phase and expanding phase. This also means the universal time has an expanding and contracting period. To understand these imagine a cone. [See figure below]. The circle depicts the day and night pulse. And the direction to the tip of the cone and away from it presents a greater pulse in which everything else is enclosed. This reality is not new; science tells us that we are in the expanding state. Every thing originated in a big bang and since then it is expanding. But it has failed to understand, the cause for collapse and the first three moment of origin.

This directed time cycle, how it is reversed is the realm of theCreation scientist.

The point of the cone is the big bang origin and the other end is the initialization. But the scientists have failed to visualize how the origin of time occurs and how it gets initialized. However to me as a biologist, searching for truth from a point of freedom, perceiving spirality, dominant and recessive and the concept of ratios in all aspect of life and nature this question appeared simple. Note – the above argument opens the possibility of re inventing the big bang origin from a single particle or system of life Note “Anti-gravity, ratios, cosmological constant, etc., are concepts Einstein, brooded over for nearly 4 decades of later part of his life but failed to deliver. Writing a spiral with in the cone and visualizing another recessive pair to it solved my questions. In fact the very idea of writing spiral within the cone, gave me an explanation to the three great evolutions of science ” Newtonian, Einsteinian and Uncertainty. The following figure explains it briefly. It led me to review the world of physics and develop a new foundation of force and force interaction that explains the quantum reality of nature.

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Newton dealt with Euclidean geometry and visualized force and motion in straight line [AB]. Einstein visualized curvature in space and visualized the path ADB. [Introduced Riemenn’s geometry]. A choice to the left or right introduced the uncertainty. The second law of thermodynamics applied to the above picture showed that the system can go to a point or to a periphery where turn around becomes necessary. The big bang origin of Time and end of Time or Initialization thus became a necessity to account for cyclic existence.

9] From a biologist point of view, Time and its initialization were not a problem.

Environment is characterized by flow. Flow has a direction left to right or vice-versa. This flow is constantly perceived by the particle of life, which exists behind information. The flow in the environment, leads to flow between the dominant and recessive genes leading to the build up of stress. The release of this stress becomes a necessity. The particle of life responds by mitotic division. Mitotic division is a process in which left and right changes. In the process the stress acting on it is nullified and the system gets initialized. In other words the non-equilibrium within the system gets initialized or growth occurs against the flow in nature. It is a continuous process. Against the stress that is generated by directed time life responds by INTIALIZING itself though a process of meiotic division .

Thus there exist two types of initialization, initialization against Cyclic Time or Local Time and initialization against Universal Time. Thus, through mitotic and meiotic division life seems to conquer TIME and perpetuates. They form the self – organizing principle of living system. By meiotic division and union resulting in embryo formation the gravitational phase of life ends and anti-gravitational phase begins. A new time is formed that perpetuates. This means every disturbance in nature is perceived by the particle or system behind information in the form of energy. As the mitotic division happens it is showing qualitative changes in relation to forces acted on it. Much of the information on which the system seems to build and give shape to the body appears to be the secondary aspect that probably is developed as the product of survival instinct of the system at the uncertainty state before the critical point and explains the qualitative states of living system.Information is simply a means by which a balance is balanced by adding or deleting weights to balance.

One must note meiosis and the reproductive process and initialization of time is done half way through the life cycle of a living system. Major changes and reorientation is done in this process. This results in crossing over and other phenomena observed in genetics. It seems to adhere to the great secret of 24-hour dark and light cycle – The seed of light is sowed in the height of darkness and vice versa.

This secret of flow of energy appears to be beautifully represented in Chinese philosophy in the form of unity of Yin and Yang or the diagram of the Supreme Ultimat.

“The Way gave birth to unity,
Unity gave birth to duality,
Duality gave birth to trinity,
Trinity gave birth to the myriad creatures. The ten thousand things carry yin and embrace yang.
They achieve harmony by combining these forces.”
– Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu, # 42, c 500 BC

Translations by Victor Mair, Gia-Fu Feng, and Jane English

The question remained whether this initialization process is applicable to the Universal System, If so how the universe or cosmos initializes it self? By our simple logical picture of energy flow between a life and environment tells us that the existence of even one Living Particle can stop the collapse of Universal System, for it can take the winding of gravitational energy and return it back to nature. A casual review of all the knowledge systems, specially the ancient spiritualistic ones, showed that all of them depicted nature as living one capable of perceiving and reacting just as life does. Modern science also appeared tending to it. Implication of Quantum Science, the findings of great and acknowledged scientist like James Lovelock and Marguilis Lynn [ Gaia Hypothesis], Ilya Prigogine. et.all, clearly upholded it. But in a world of science that separates parts and studies it by breaking it down, overlooks the basic relationship and oneness, this simple and sensible truth that exist next our skin has remained elusive to a scientist. Since forces of nature could be deduced into spiral winding force or unwinding force and all forces are perceived at the genetic level, a review of genetic process becomes a necessity.

4] A Short Review of initiation of Time in Biology [For the sake of physicist]

All life renews its information and thus initializes against the cyclic time. The is achieved by mitotic division. Against greater cycles of time it initializes through meiotic division by which it produces a new off springs and thus perpetuates the information and the body.

Mitotic cycle

1] Interphase – The genetic information is spread out on a thin strand that exist spread out in the nucleus in an apparently random manner. This forms the stable phase of the system almost taking 90% of the cell life. It is called interphase. The inter phase is further classifies as G1, S and G2 phases. Here G1 phase is dominant and is variable. It represents the existence stage. In the S phase the DNA begins to duplicate. It is also variable. And G2 the winding process starts leading to cell division phase. G2 phase also related to appearance of Centrioles. Both S and G2 phase is constant. Suggesting that once the cell division is activated it proceeds with out any hindrance. The cell division phase has four distinct phases prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase

2] Prophase– In early prophase strands wind up becomes thick and compact and becomes visible chromosomes of the cell. Each chromosome has two chromatids and they are attached at the Centromere. In the late prophase, the nuclear membrane disappears, centriols divide and move in opposite direction and spindle fibers appear from them. Note- In animal cell the pair of centriols by division give rise to another pair and move in opposite direction. In plant cells no clear centrioles has been observed but the two poles of the cell takes the function of centrioles

3] Metaphase – Pairs of chromosome come together towards center from the poles and attach at the centromere. The spindle fibers that originate from centrioles becomes prominent and get attached to the centromere the place of attachment is called kinetochore. The pairs of chromosomes are stressed by the centromere by the force being applied from the spindle fibers. Note – Centriolees are cylindrical structures that are composed of groupings of microtubules arranged in a 9 + 3 pattern.

4] Anaphase – The force applied by the spindle fibers generated from centrioles relaxes and begin to withdraw. The centromere separate and thus paired chromosomes begin to separate and move to the poles. Later the chromatids separate to take independent life. 5] Telophase – Chromosomes separated to the pole develops nuclear membranes and the cell divides to form two. The chromatids begin to uncoil and go into interphase

Meiotic DivisionIt is the process by which haploid cells [n] are produced. Ordinarily all cells are diploid [ 2n]. The meiotic division is similar to mitotic except that there is second division with out DNA multiplication such that sister chromatids separate. Following are the steps of meiosis

First division of meiosis

Prophase 1: Each chromosome duplicates and remains closely associated. These are called sister chromatids. Crossing-over and other forms of mixing of genes can occur during the latter part of this stage.

Metaphase 1: Homologous chromosomes align at the equatorial plate.

Anaphase 1: Homologous pairs separate with sister chromatids remaining together.

Telophase 1: Two daughter cells are formed with each daughter containing only one chromosome of the homologous pair.

Second division of meiosis: Gamete formation

Prophase 2: DNA does not replicate.

Metaphase 2: Chromosomes align at the equatorial plate.

Anaphase 2: Centromeres divide and sister chromatids migrate separately to each pole.

Telophase 2: Cell division is complete. Four haploid daughter cells are obtained. 

One parent cell produces four daughter cells. Daughter cells have half the number of chromosomes found in the original parent cell and with crossing over, are genetically different. Meiosis differs from mitosis primarily because there are two cell divisions in meiosis, resulting in cells with a haploid number of chromosomes.
    1. Mitosis: Homologous chromosomes independent
  • Meiosis: Homologous chromosomes pair forming bivalents until anaphase I
    1. Mitosis- identical daughter cells
  • Meiosis- daughter cells haploid
    1. Mitosis: identical daughter cells
  • Meiosis: daughter cells have new assortment of parental chromosomes through crossing over and other forms of mixing of information
  • Meiosis: chromatids not identical

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