From: Gary Hart

Date: Tue, 24 Dec 1996 02:08:19 -0500

Subject: Black Forest, CO

I received a video from the people who live in Black Forest, Colorado. You may have seen it on Sightings the last few years. They have extreme levels of portal activity and a Government presence. The Government agents operate out of a neighbor”s house, move equipment in-and-out, and generally harass the Lees. This harassment includes death threats, legal action of various types, and break-ins where the power to their house is shut off and then the agents walk in the front door. Nothing identifiably was taken, so the sheriff”s department won”t investigate further even though the battery-powered burglar alarm is set off.

Sightings wanted to do their own filming and did not want to see the Lee”s own video evidence. So they did not see the best that has been developed by the Lees and an electrical engineer by the name of Bill Gibbons. They have an hour-long tape of an apparition that appeared in their living room. They tried viewing it with multiple broadcast quality cameras (Bill installs security systems in casinos and arenas and has 25 of them), back- and front-lighting it, and walking through it. At one point, Bill walked through and the Lees said that “half his body disappeared”. Other times, a person”s fingers inserted into the apparition would disappear. The main apparition was of a stationary “mountain man” figure made out of fog.

As shown on a very recent Strange Universe, they have had a state congressman visit their house and take pictures of phantom light beams and light-emitting spots in the picture of a mirror adjacent to the strongest anomaly area. Another picture exists of a man and a woman in the mirror who had glowing eyes. The congressman was called to look into government activity as a cause of some of the phenomena. NORAD admits having “surveillance units” in the area. The witnesses see soldier figures in full battle dress with M-16s pointed directly at the observer — motionless and disappearing when approached more closely. Another case involved Steve Lee”s brother and Bill walking into the woods and several other people see soldiers carrying 50mm cannons walk in after them. They have also seen an apparition of a person in a full decontamination suit!

Hopi and Navajo tribesmen have approached the Lees to say the Indians know of-and-about the area, and the legend of the “time-walkers” refers to this situation. There is a keystone with inscription that is holding the portal open. I hope to discuss further experiments that could be conducted to study this portal area that cannot (or will not) be done at the other locations I am aware of. A golden opportunity!

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One clip shown on SR that blew me away was a security camera video of zigzagging globes of light just outside their front door. Historic! They have several thousand photos and 30 cases of videotapes already. I will appreciate working with people who take this phenomena as seriously as I do and can work with at a distance. I plan to make a trip there the next few days.

In addition, I have obtained arguably the best ghost photo ever taken, three sequential images in fact. Taken by a person near Terre Haute (Indiana), they show a clear human form that moves in front of a shadow generated by the camera”s flash! I will send you more info as time permits. Have patience.

By the way, Steve Lee was driving his truck in NM one day recently and experienced 12 hours of “missing time”.


Gary Hart

[Editor”s note: the following paragraph is from a second note that we received from Gary on the Lee family in Black Forest, CO:]

One thing two, actually. The Lees figure that they have been broken into 150+ times as their burglar alarm records the entry of intruders. The FBI knows who the people handling the surveillance are but aren”t talking, of course. They supposedly have a written document that offers an “obscene” amount of money to buy the property and put the family in the ”Witness Protection” program! Never heard of that one before. –Gary

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