An African American man in Dayton, Ohio was recently pulled over by a Caucasian police officer. His “crime”? “Making direct eye contact” with the officer.

That is no exaggeration.

John Felton was driving in Dayton when an officer pulled him over.

The Dayton Police trailed him for two miles before finally pulling him over in front of his mother’s house.

Knowing that he had done nothing wrong, and having been mindful of the officer following him, Felton asked the officer what he had done to warrant the stop.

The officer claimed that Felton had failed to use his turn signal a full 100 feet before the stop sign he had just stopped at. The officer acknowledged that he, in fact, had signaled, but he said it was just shy of 100 feet.

Eventually, the officer admits that the real reason for the stop. After running his license and finding out that there was no reason the officer arrest Felton, the officer acknowledges that he really just pulled the man over for not being intimidated enough by him to look away.

We contacted the Dayton City Police for comment on this matter. After being transferred three times we were “disconnected.” We called back and were put on hold indefinitely. I guess that means “no comment” from the Dayton Police on their new policy of pulling people over for not being intimidated by them.

Watch the video for yourself and help us SPREAD THE WORD!

(Article by M. David and Shante Wooten)

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