“…O wonderful spirit of gentleness…touch, calm and embolden all men.  Take from our frightened hands the bomb…Arm us with wisdom and love instead.  Let life, not death, enter no matter where we walk…”

The BlueBird was once a very, very ugly color. And, nearby where he lived, there was a lake. Now, this lake was where no river water flowed in or out. The Bird bathed in it four times every morning for four mornings. And, on each of these times, it sang. ” There is blue water, it lies there. I went in, I am all blue.”

On the Fourth morning, the bird shed all of it’s feathers. He came out of the lake in his bare skin. But, on the fifth day, oh the fifth day, he came out all Blue. Now, all of this time Coyote had been watching the Bird. He wanted to jump in and get the Bird but he was afraid of the water. On that fifth morning Coyote asked, “How come your ugly color is all gone and you are now blue, pretty, and happy? You are more beautiful than  anything that flies in the air. I want to be Blue too.”

300px-Coyote_portraitCoyote at this time was green, a very bright green. “I went in four times,” said Bird and he taught Coyote the Song. So, four times Coyote went in singing. The fifth time he came out as Blue as the little Bird. This made him very proud.

Coyote began to walk around. And, as he walked along, he looked and looked on every side to see if anyone noticed how wonderfully fine and Blue he was. He looked to see if his shadow was Blue also. Because he was looking at everything, Coyote was not watching the Road. Soon he ran into a stump so hard that it threw him down in the dirt and he became dust colored all over.

To this day all Coyotes are the color of Dirt.

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