Mythology regarding the forces of light and the forces of darkness has a long history of debate. However, there is a faction which has not been discussed so much. This is the story of shadows.

In Romanian witchcraft, witches used the little known samca dolls with a desire to influence people’s shadows. It was believed that, by inflicting harm upon the shadow, the person would also suffer. Some beliefs even state that by killing someone’s shadow, one could actually kill the individual as well.

Shadow Guardians

English has many phrases and expressions related to shadows. For example, it is said that “power accepts no shadow”. Other sayings include: “to fear one’s own shadow”. Fearing one’s shadow dates back to Antiquity when shadows were regarded as guardians, thus influencing an individual.

While shadows can be seen as projections of individuals, people can be seen as projections of shadows too. Some old books have different interpretations of shadows and claim that demons actually fear humans and their powerful shadows.

Humans are social individuals and they often feel the need to interact and socialize. As for shadows, they are believed by some to be capable of existing alone for eternity. As guardians, shadows have power and influence over human souls. For example, it is said that when the Grim Reaper comes for a human’s soul to take it to the afterlife, the shadow is the one who must first allow the Reaper to claim the soul. Without the shadow’s explicit permission, a human soul cannot be taken.


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